tagNonConsent/ReluctanceToni's Forced Seduction Ch. 02

Toni's Forced Seduction Ch. 02


“No Rick! I can’t do that!” Toni yelled into the phone. Her stomach now knotting up on her. “You told me if I was nice to Jack, you’d leave us alone.”

“Sorry babe. I just have to have some of you now that I’ve heard how sweet you were to Jack.” Said Rick.

Toni hung up the phone and started crying. The phone rang and rang and rang. She finally picked it up.

“Don’t you ever fucking hang up on me bitch!” Yelled Rick. “I’ll fucking tie you to a bed and fuck your ass raw if you do that again! Understand?”

“Yes.” Said Toni quietly.

“Now listen to me. Tomorrow, your ass is over at my apartment at 9AM. If you’re one minute late, your fucking son is going to get the shit beat out of him, and everyone in your little neighborhood, including your hubby and darling son will know what you did with Jack. You going to be here?” Said Rick

“Yes.” Repeated Toni quietly.

“Good. Be ready for the fuck of your life babe. I fucking mean it. See you tomorrow.” Said Rick as he hung up the phone.

Toni hung up and sobbed. Her stomach in knots she went upstairs and threw up. The rest of the night she was very quiet. Her husband asked her several times if she was OK and she told him she was fine, but she wasn’t. She barely slept that night and she kept watching the clock in the morning until her husband and son left.

Toni showered and dressed and drove to Rick’s apartment. She felt she had no other choice and felt sick inside as she walked up the stairs and knocked on his door. It was 8:55AM.

Rick opened it and smiled as he asked her to come in. He was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. He was lean and muscular and had tattoos over most of his body. Toni was repulsed as she entered his apartment.

Rick turned and sat down on his scruffy looking sofa. He lifted his hand and invited Toni to come over. Toni stood there, not knowing what to do. When she didn’t move quickly enough, Rick rose slowly and walked across the room until he was right in front of her.

He suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled it back. Toni screamed in pain as she looked up at Rick upraised fist. He held it high like he was ready to pummel her with it.

“Bitch, that wasn’t a suggestion! Get your ass by the couch and do it now! Or the next time I have to wait for you to do something I tell you, I’ll be knocking some of those pretty teeth out! Now fucking move!” Yelled Rick as he pushed Toni towards the couch.

Toni almost fell as Rick pushed her roughly towards the couch. He walked across the room and sat down again, his arms spread out across the back. Toni was standing next to the couch.

“Strip. And fucking strip now!” Ordered Rick.

Toni hesitated for a second, which caused Rick to immediately rise to his feet. He raised his hand up as though he was going to strike her, and Toni began to sob. Rick grabbed her by the hair and screamed for her to stop.

Toni looked up at him through tear-stained eyes and said weakly. “Ok. Please don’t hurt me. I’ll do it.”

Toni was humiliated. She softly sobbed as she slowly removed her clothes. She unbuttoned her blouse and then removed her slacks. Rick smiled as she reached behind her back and undid her bra. She kept her hands in front of her as she removed it, covering her breasts. Rick reached up and grabbed her panties, and with one strong tug, ripped them from her body. Toni was now nude before Rick.

Rick sat up briefly and put his hands on the side of his boxers. He pulled them down and Toni glimpsed quickly at his cock. It was already getting hard and she could see he was quite large, a lot larger than she’d ever seen, and it still was growing.

“Get on your fucking knees. I need some head, and I hear you suck a mean fucking cock. Show me.” Commanded Rick.

Toni felt sick to her stomach. She looked at Rick who was now stoking his large cock while he surveyed her naked body. She took a deep breath and then sunk to her knees in front of Rick. She knew she had no choice. She placed her hands on his thighs and watched for a second as he slowly stroked himself.

“Lick my balls cunt.” He commanded.

“Rick, please don’t talk like that.” Toni asked.

Rick suddenly stood up and grabbed Toni by the hair. He held her head in place and began to slap her face with his hard cock, hitting each cheek over and over again while he yelled at her.

“I’ll fucking talk to you like I fucking want to cunt. I’ll call you a cunt, a whore, a slut, and you’ll fucking like it! You fucking got it?” He yelled. Toni’s cheeks were stinging and tears ran from her eyes as she weakly said. “Yes.”

Rick sat back down and pulled Toni’s face towards his crotch. “Now fucking lick my balls cunt!” He commanded again.

Toni opened her mouth and began to softly lick Rick’s testicles. She’d never really done this to her husband, but tried to do it so Rick would like it. She noticed his balls seemed large and swollen, and had a powerful man like smell.

“That’s it baby.” Said Rick as he slowly stroked his cock. “Lick em nice and slow.”

She looked up and saw Rick looking manically down at her. He was still stroking his large cock. She thought she’d never going to get through this. She felt so dirty. And Rick’s cock was so much larger than anything she’d ever seen. She was petrified thinking what he was going to do with it.

“Now lick the shaft. I want it nice and wet. Lick it, you fucking whore.” Sneered Rick.

Toni knew better than to resist. She began to lick up and down the entire shaft of Rick immense cock. Starting at the base, she licked all the way up to the head and back down. Each time she did it, she became aware of just how long and hard Rick was.

Rick looked down at the humiliated housewife and smiled. He was going to give this bitch a good fucking. He knew if she liked his little brothers needle dick, she’d have a nice ride on his cock.

“Now, suck the head babe. Take it in your mouth and work it with your tongue.” Commanded Rick.

Toni complied and opened her mouth wide and took the large head of Rick’s cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue around the head and began to stroke the shaft as she did it. She thought if she pleased him, he’d finish soon and let her go.

Rick pushed up against Toni’s mouth and said. “Yeah baby, that’s it. Suck my cock like a good little whore.”

Toni hated the way Rick was talking to her. But she felt she had no choice but to comply with his every demand. She began to try and suck Rick quicker, hoping he’d get off and be done with her. As she sucked the large head, saliva from her mouth dripped out and coated the shaft, making her hand slide up and down easier. Soon she was sucking and stroking Rick’s large cock like a pro, and she could feel his arousal rising. She felt like it would be over soon.

“That’s it baby. Keep sucking like that girl. I got something for you.” Said Rick as his hands went to the back of Toni’s head.

“ARRRGGGHHHHH! Shit! Shit! Shit!” Screamed Rick as his cum began to shoot into Toni’s mouth. Toni felt her mouth fill with hot cum and tried to back away, but was held in place by Rick’s strong hands. She opened her mouth slightly and let some of it slip out onto her hands. The rest she swallowed as Rick pumped and pumped more cum into her mouth.

“My God. Is it ever going to stop?” Toni asked herself as she drank more and more of Rick’s cum. She heard his moans soften along with his cock as she drank the last of his load. She pulled back and wiped some of the cum dripping on her chin. She hoped he was finished.

“Damn baby. You sure can suck a cock. Jack wasn’t lying.” Laughed Rick. Rick reached down and pulled Toni up onto his lap. His hands went to her ass and his cock rested right against her pussy. Rick leaned forward and began to suck on Toni’s nipples.

“MMMMM” He moaned. “You got some sweet little titties.” Said Rick as he sucked and licked Toni’s nipples.

Rick’s hands held Toni tight on his lap against his cock while he sucked on each of her nipples. He’d suck and then play with one with his tongue for a minute, and then move the other. He also began to pump his cock against her pussy as he did it, he tightly gripped her ass in his hands, holding her tight against him.

Toni held her hands on the back of the couch as Rick did this. Her nipples were always sensitive, and Rick’s attention was making them very hard. Rick’s cock, still very wet from her saliva and the cum that has dripped out of her mouth was now getting hard again. And the wetness already there, made Rick’s cock slide up and down up pussy slit, opening up her pussy lips. And as Rick pushed hard, his hardening cockhead began to make contact with her clit.

Toni closed her eyes as Rick held her tight against him, nursing gently on her nipples while his cock slid up and down her pussy. She felt herself beginning to enjoy the feeling and hated herself.

“Rick is so disgusting.” She thought. “I hate him and I hate this.” Toni kept her eyes closed and tried to keep her mind focused on how much she hated Rick and what a disgusting animal he was to do this to her. But her thoughts kept drifting.

But Rick noticed a change in Toni. He looked up and saw her eyes were closed, and now her body was helping him pump against her. He felt her legs spread slightly and adjust the angle of how his cock was rubbing against her. He felt her ass flexing slightly as he pulled her against him. He heard her breath now getting shorter.

“Fucking whore. They are all the same.” He thought as he kept playing with the housewife and mother. He knew he’d be giving her the fucking of her life in a few minutes. Toni kept her eyes closed and tried to gather her thoughts. Rick’s cock felt so hard, so large as it was slowly rubbing up and down her entire pussy. She found if she pushed lower, it made contact with her clit. She hated that he was doing that, but there was no denying the feeling deep inside her pussy that was growing. She found herself almost involuntarily pumping back against his huge hard cock, adjusting herself so the feeling was even more intense. And she hated herself even more for what she was thinking.

Rick began to grip Toni’s ass tighter and pumped harder against her. He was feeling the heat too. It was fucking turning him on to have this older housewife and mother feeling like putty in his hands. He began to pull her tighter and higher against his cock, so the tip kept making contact with the opening of her pussy as it went all the way down. And her opening her was getting wetter and hotter.

Toni was now lost in her thoughts, filthy thoughts. She was losing control of herself, and she didn’t care she was rubbing her married pussy all over Rick huge cock. Her nipples were now sending waves of pleasure through her body and Rick’s steel hard cock had her pussy humming like never before. She’d never felt a cock like that in her entire life and she was thinking of things she would’ve never believed two days ago.

Rick could wait no longer and pulled Toni’s ass up high and pulled his cock down a bit and pushed it up as he felt it hit the opening to Toni’s pussy. Toni gasped as she felt it enter her. It felt like she was being impaled by a pole, but her pussy spread open and she pushed back down against his cock as Rick pushed it in.

“Damn, this bitch has a tight pussy.” Thought Rick. “Her husband must have no fucking dick at all.”

Toni began to moan as Rick held her tight and pushed deeper and deeper into her pussy with each stroke. Rick began to suck her nipples hard and she felt Rick hitting areas of her pussy never touched before.

“Oh my God!” Thought Toni. She couldn’t believe the feeling of Rick huge hard cock entering her. Her pussy was on fire and all she could think about was taking all of Rick’s huge cock into her pussy. She pushed down as Rick pushed up, and she felt more virgin territory hit. Toni mind and body were now totally betraying her. Her pussy was an inferno and all she could think of was getting more of Rick’s cock deep in her pussy.

Rick couldn’t believe how tight this older woman’s pussy was. “Shit! She is fucking something.” He thought.

One more thrust and Rick was totally inside Toni. She and Rick began to rock slowly at first, then picked up the pace. Toni kept her eyes closed as Rick continued to nurse on her nipples. She’d lost all control of herself and was now fucking Rick like a woman possessed. The only thing she cared about was the orgasm she felt approaching. One she knew would be the biggest she’d ever felt.

Rick felt Toni’s pussy become an inferno of heat and wetness. He no longer had to grip and pull the married ladies ass towards him. She was fucking him hard and fast, and he could tell by her moans and breathing, it wouldn’t be long.

All Toni could focus on was her impending orgasm. The only thought repeating itself in her mind was. “I hope he doesn’t cum before I cum, like Don always does.” She fucked Rick hard and felt herself reaching her peak, a peak she’d never reached before like this. Rick began to nibble on Toni’s nipples as her body began to shudder and her breathing almost stopped as her entire body seemed to shake violently at once.

“Oh God! Oh God!” She began to scream over and over again as the orgasm overcame her and shook her to the core. She pumped and pumped as the spasms in her pussy kept coming in wave after wave. Toni had never cum like that and she gripped Rick’s head and held him to her nipples as she came and came.

Rick was feeling the intensity and it drove him over the edge. He exploded into Toni’s pussy. Toni felt the wet hot explosion inside her and it caused her orgasm to last even longer as she felt Rick shoot more cum inside her. She finally collapsed on top of him, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Shit babe. You’re one incredible fuck.” Said Rick.

Toni began to come back to her senses and realize what had just happened and what she had done. A horrible wave of guilt swept over her, and she began to sob. Rick pushed her aside and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. When he came back, Toni was curled up on his couch sobbing softly.

He looked at her and felt no pity. The day as just beginning.

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