tagNonConsent/ReluctanceToni's Jail Rape

Toni's Jail Rape


For Toni, it was a bittersweet journey. She was driving her oldest daughter Melissa to college. Melissa had selected a college in the Deep South that specialized in pediatric nursing. That was what she wanted to be. Toni decided she would drive her from their home in the Midwest. This would give her time to say goodbye to her daughter.

The trip would take five days. Two days to drive down, with one day staying over, and then two days back. Toni's husband Don stayed home to care for their other children.

One the second day, Toni and Melissa got off the highway because of a detour. It was late and they really needed to find a place to stay. They followed the signs, hoping to get back on the highway soon, but the detour seemed to be quite long.

Toni was a bit nervous driving on the backcountry roads at night, and was relieved when she saw a large lit sign of a diner up ahead. She decided to pull in and get a cup of coffee and directions back to the highway.

As they sat in the diner, Toni noticed a police car pull up. A large fat sheriff got out and walked into the diner. Toni smiled because he seemed to stereotypical. He came in and sat next to Toni and her daughter. Toni introduced herself and asked directions. The sheriff smiled and said he would show them the way back to the highway after he'd eaten his pie. Toni was pleased and felt better.

She shouldn't have.

Sheriff Buford Brown was a corrupt and horrible man. He used his position for two things, to make money and to abuse prisoners. He was the law in this county. His brother was the judge, and his cousin the only lawyer for miles. It was a sweet arrangement.

Sheriff Brown finished his pie and then got into his car. He told the ladies to follow him and they did. They soon approached a small town. Brown pulled up and parked in front a building and Toni parked next to him. He got out and informed the ladies they should come inside. He had one thing he needed to do before he showed them back to the highway.

Brown told the ladies to have a seat and he would be right back with him. The only other person in the office was a large nasty looking woman in deputies uniform. Toni nodded at her daughter as Brown and the woman talked. The woman walked past them towards the front door.

Toni began to get a bit impatient and was about to get up and go talk to Brown when the large woman reappeared. She was carrying a small bad and took handed it to Brown. He got a very disapproving face as he walked toward Toni and Melissa.

"Where you all from?" He asked in a heavy southern accent.

"We're from Minneapolis." Replied Toni.

"Where you all headed?" He asked again.

"Atlanta. My daughter is attending school there. Is there a problem?" Asked Toni.

"Well hell yeah there is." He replied lifting the bag that the deputy had handed him and holding it in front of Toni.

"What the hell is this? Is this drugs?" He asked.

Toni sat there shocked for a second and then looked at her daughter who had the same shocked look.

"My deputy found this in your car, in plain sight. You want to explain this?" He asked.

Toni again looked at her daughter. Her daughter nodded no.

"That isn't mine and that doesn't belong to my daughter. I don't know here it came from." Said Toni.

"Well I suspect when we test this, we'll find out what the hell it is. But for now, I think we need to separate you two and get to the bottom of this." Said Brown.

The deputy quickly moved behind Melissa and grabbed her from behind, lifting her out of the chair. She screamed as the deputy twisted her arm behind her back. Toni screamed for her to stop, but was herself grabbed by the sheriff. Melissa was dragged away as Toni was pushed against the wall and handcuffed.

"We don't take too kindly to you northerners coming down here peddling your drugs. You in a heap of trouble lady." Said Brown.

"It's not mine. It's not mine." Toni repeated as she tried to see where her daughter had been taken.

Toni was drug into a small room and pushed in a chair. The sheriff sat on the table in front of her, his big gut extended over his belt as he leaned forward.

"You better come clean missy. It's better for you and better for your little girl." Said Brown.

"I told you, it's not mine. It's not my daughters. We need to talk to a lawyer." Said Toni.

"Ain't no lawyer around but my brother. And he's sleeping right now. You just tell me what you know and we'll see what we can do." Said Brown.

Toni thought and thought. She knew the drugs weren't hers. Were they her daughters? She hoped they weren't.

"Please I need to make a phone call." Asked Toni.

"No call." Replied Brown.

"Please, where is my daughter? I need to see her." Asked Toni.

"Well missy, right now your daughter is being interrogated by my deputy Maggie. Right now she's probably checking her out to see if she has more drugs on her." Said the smiling Brown

"What do you mean?" Asked Toni.

"I mean, right now, you little girl is probably being searched. And to search her proper she's got to be naked!" Said Brown.

"Please don't do that! Please let me see her!" Pleased Toni.

"Oh sure. You can see her. Just she can't see you. You really want to see your little girl?" Asked Brown.

"Yes, please!" Begged Toni.

Brown got up and walked over to a window that was completely dark. He reached over and flipped a switch. The window suddenly illuminated and she could see her daughter in a room with the large female deputy. She was pushed up against the wall and a nightstick was pushed under her chin. Her hands handcuffed behind her back.

"Stop her!" Toni screamed.

"Stop her? Why the hell should I? You two were carrying drugs through my town. You two are in a serious heap of trouble. Your little girl is going to get stripped and then searched. And then the same is going to happen to you." Said the smiling Brown.

Toni watched as the deputy ran her hands over Melissa's body, squeezing her breasts and smiling as she did it. Melissa struggled, but with her hands handcuffed behind her, the huge woman could do what she wanted to her.

"Oh man, how I love a good strip search." Said the smiling Brown as he turned towards Toni and rubbed his crotch. Toni was shocked at what was happening.

"You're going to watch and do nothing?" She pleaded.

"Hell yeah, I'm going to watch. Your little girl is a sweet little thing." Said Brown.

"God, please stop her! Won't you stop her?" Toni begged.

Brown moved right in front of Toni, still massaging his growing crotch.

"I can stop her. But what are you going to do for me?" He said.

"God, what are you talking about?" Said Toni as she tried to peek around the sheriff and see what was happening to her daughter.

Brown smirked as he rubbed his crotch inches from Toni's face.

"I'm talking about you being real nice to me." He said as he ran his hand over Toni's face and then placed his thumb on her lips. "Real nice."

Toni closed her eyes as she realized what was happening. This creepy sheriff was blackmailing her. If she would give him oral sex, he'd stop the deputy from molesting her daughter.

"You can't be serious!" Replied Toni.

"Serious as shit lady." Said Brown smiling.

Brown moved aside and Toni saw the deputy now had Melissa's shirt open and was pinching her nipples through her bra. Melissa's face was filled with horror, as she was powerless to stop what was happening.

"You've got to stop her!" Pleaded Toni.

"I will stop her. But what are you going to do for me?" Asked Brown.

Toni looked and saw that the deputy was now unzipping Melissa's slacks. She then took her hand and shoved them down the front towards her pussy. Toni could see but not hear Melissa scream in agony. Toni looked back at Brown who was still massaging his crotch and then back to her daughter who was being molested by the deputy.

"Well missy? Do I stop her or not?" Asked Brown.

Toni felt she had no choice. She could see her daughter screaming in agony as the female deputy had now pulled down her slacks and had begun to run her large black nightstick around her panty covered pussy. She could guess what was coming next.

"All right! Stop her! I'll do it!" Yelled Toni.

"And you'll do what missy?" Asked the smiling Brown as he massaged Toni's lips with his thumb.

"I'll do what you want." Said Toni quietly.

"You'll do what?" Asked Brown again.

"I told you. I'll do what you want." Said Toni angrily.

Brown suddenly got a very serious look on his and he took his hand away from Toni's mouth and grabbed her hair in back and pulled it hard. He raised his right hand as if he was going to strike her.

"You fucking tell me what you're going to do now! Or Maggie's going to strip your daughter and then I'm going to go play with her. You got me? Now tell me what you're going to do!" Commanded Brown.

Toni began to weep softly.

"I'll give you oral sex." She said quietly.

"You'll suck my cock?" Asked Brown. "Say it damit!"

"I'll suck your cock." Said Toni softly.

"And swallow my cum?" Yelled Brown.

"Yes." Said Toni weakly.

"Fucking say it now!" Commanded Brown.

"I'll suck your cock and swallow your cum. Now please stop her! God please!" Begged Toni.

Brown smiled and released Toni's hair. He went to the window and knocked on it twice. Maggie turned toward the window with an angry look. She wanted this young sweet thing and now she had to stop so Brown could have his fun. No matter, there was always later. Maggie put her nightstick down and pulled Melissa's blouse back together and buttoned it. Then she pulled up her slacks. Toni was relieved.

Brown sat down in front of Toni and began to unbutton his shirt. Toni felt ill as she watched the fat man undress. He left on his sweaty t-shirt as he undid his gun belt and lowered his trousers as he kicked off his shoes. He was wearing some threadbare old boxer shorts.

Toni almost laughed when he pulled them down. His cock was already hard and it stood out a small three or maybe four inches. She'd only seen two cocks in her life, and both were much larger than this. Brown's belly cast a shadow on his cock as he moved in front of the sitting Toni.

"Now do your duty girl." Said Brown as he pushed his cock towards her mouth.

Toni felt sick to her stomach as she opened her mouth and let Brown push his cock into her mouth. Brown immediately grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth quickly. Toni struggled to breath and tried to control what was happening, but Brown was in total control and fucked her mouth unmercifully.

"Yee haw girl! You got a nice mouth bitch. C'mon suck my peter you whore!" Brown cried out.

Toni never felt so violated and used. Brown was using her and she could do nothing to stop it. Tears filled her eyes as she felt Brown's smallish cock push in and out of her mouth.

"Oh shit girly! Your fucking mouth feels so damn good. C'mon suck me you little slut. Suck me!" He commanded as he fucked Toni's mouth.

Toni did her best to manage an impossible situation. Her hands were tied and Brown had a firm grip on her head as he force fucked her mouth. Toni felt like a cheap whore as she willingly accepted his cock into her mouth.

"Oh fuck! I'm getting close girly! I'm going to shoot your slut mouth full of cum. You ready bitch? Suck it now!" Asked Brown.

Toni had closed her eyes so she wouldn't see the grotesque body of Sheriff Brown and him shoving his pathetic cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked on it gently hoping it would make him cum faster.

"That's it girly! Suck me like the fucking whore you are! Oh yeah!" He screamed as he pulled Toni's head forward and shoved his cock as deep as it could go.

Toni felt the salty sticky cum shoot into her mouth and she swallowed as she had promised. Brown pumped and shot until he was spent. He pulled back and ran his thumb over Toni's lips again.

"You suck a mean fucking cock cunt. Best blow job I've had in awhile." Said the smiling Brown.

Toni felt ill. She had just been forced to suck that disgusting man's cock to save her daughter. She hoped this nightmare would be over soon.

Brown leaned over and grabbed his pants. He put them on along with his shirt. Toni sat there quietly unsure of what was to happen next. She looked into the window and saw that her daughter was seated alone and she was dressed. Toni felt relief.

That was short-lived.

There was a knock at the door and Brown opened it to find Maggie. They talked briefly and then Brown left and Maggie moved in front of her.

"Shame you stopped my fun. I was just about to break in that cherry girl." Said Maggie.

Toni just stared at the disgusting looking woman. She felt hatred for her and how she had abused her daughter.

"You know, I'm still a little wound up from searching her. Maybe I should go back in there and continue the search. What do you think?" Asked Maggie.

"The sheriff told me you'd leave her alone." Said Toni weakly.

"Yeah, I know what he told you. And I know you sucked his pathetic little prick so I would stop searching your daughter. But what I'm telling you is that I'm still a little wound up from searching her. She's got a fine young body. I'd love to show her what real woman love is all about." Said Maggie.

Toni's stomach was now twisting. She looked at the deputy as she began to touch herself and look at Toni. Toni quickly realized where it was going and she began to weep quietly.

"Please let me talk to the sheriff." Begged Toni.

"You don't understand girl. He sent me in here. He knows what I want. Now it's either you, or your little girl in the next room. But I'm going to get me some satisfaction." Said the smiling Maggie.

"Oh God." Said Toni quietly.

"What's it going to be girl? You or your little girl?" Asked Maggie.

Toni sat there speechless. She couldn't believe what had just happened to her and now what was being asked of her. This had to be a bad dream, a nightmare. But it was real. She looked down at the floor and sobbed softly.

Maggie got up and said. "I guess my choice is made for me. Your little girl is going to like this. Believe me. When I finish with her, she'll be a new woman."

Toni quickly realized what was going to happen to Melissa. She lifted her head and said. "No! Wait!"

"You change your mind girly? What's it going to be? You or your little girl?" Asked Maggie

Toni looked up with tear filed eyes and whispered. "Me."

"Then let's get comfortable. Stand up and turn around." Said Maggie as she stood up Toni stood also and turned. Maggie reached behind her and undid her handcuffs. As Toni turned, she saw Maggie begin to undress. She slowly reached for the front of her blouse, totally cognizant of what she was about to do. And she felt sick to her stomach as she undressed.

She looked at Maggie as she removed the last of her clothes. She was grossly overweight, with large hanging breasts that lay on her extended stomach. Maggie approached her and led Toni over to the couch and pushed her on her back. She leaned forward and whispered in Toni's ear.

"You ain't never been with no woman before, have you?" Asked Maggie as she caressed Toni softly.

"No." Said Toni quietly.

Toni turned away as Maggie began to softly caress her. She kissed each of Toni's nipples, taking them gently into her mouth and sucking them as her hand made its way down to Toni's pussy. She softly opened up the folds of Toni's pussy and began to softly massage the outside as she sucked and nibbled on Toni's nipples. Toni closed her eyes and tried to forget about what was happening to her and what had just happened to her with Sheriff Brown.

Maggie knew she wanted to take her time with this one. Women know how to touch another women. Maggie never forgot the first woman who seduced her. How it seemed strange at first. But how that woman made her orgasm like she never could with a man. She'd do the same to Toni.

Maggie softly caressed Toni's clit, dipping softly into the folds of her pussy, getting some lubrication, and then returning to the clit. She felt Toni's nipples harden in her mouth and she felt the growing wetness of Toni's pussy. She knew exactly what to do.

Toni continued to stare at he wall. Then she closed her eyes. She wanted to not think about this grotesque woman and what she was doing. The thought repelled her. She thought about her daughter and how she was safe. How she could not wait to get out of this town and call her husband. How much she hated what this woman was forcing her to do!

Maggie continued to softly caress the outside of Toni's pussy while she sucked on her stiff nipples. She felt the increasing wetness and knew it was only a matter of time before she had Toni exactly where she wanted. She continued her soft caressing circles her finger was making on Toni's clit, while she nursed softly on her nipples.

Toni lay there trying to put what was happening out of her mind. This disgusting woman was trying to arouse her. She knew that. She would resist her. The thought of her touching Toni repelled her, disgusted her. Tears ran down her cheeks as she tried to put it out of her mind.

Maggie took her time. She knew the first time with a woman was not easy for another woman to accept. As she gently sucked and licked Toni's nipples, she felt them grow and stiffen involuntarily. She softly nibbled on them and then went back to working them with her mouth.

She moved her finger down to Toni's pussy opening and got more wetness. She recognized it was a bit wetter and warmer than it was a few minutes ago. She took that wetness back up to Toni's clit and began to softly massage it in a circular pattern, gently pulling back on the hood covering it as she did.

Toni kept her eyes closed and just let Maggie do what she wanted. Toni would not allow Maggie to pleasure her. She hoped that Maggie would just finish with whatever she wanted to do and end it.

Maggie could feel Toni's rising arousal even if she still seemed to be denying it. She knew it was now time to move things on a bit. She released Toni's stiff nipples from her mouth and kissed her way down her belly to her pussy. Toni became mortified because she knew what was coming next.

Maggie took her fingers and softly spread out Toni's pussy flesh. She saw it was now red and glistening with lubrication. The lubrication that had been slowly seeping from Toni's pussy. Maggie softly leaned in and kissed Toni's clit. And then opened her mouth and encircled Toni's clit in her warm wet mouth. She felt Toni's body slight jump as she did.

Toni now tried to focus on her husband Don. She wished she was in his arms right now, instead of with this terrible woman. She wished it were him touching her, making her feel safe and secure.

But it wasn't.

Maggie began to gently caress Toni's clit with her tongue. Then with her fingers she began explore the outside and then just inside Toni's pussy. Maggie felt Toni gently press up against her involuntarily. And each time she did, she pushed her fingers deeper into Toni's pussy as she gently licked her clit.

With each push of her finger, Maggie licked Toni's clit a bit quicker and a bit more intensely. Maggie felt more warmth and wetness inside Toni's pussy. She knew Toni's body was betraying her, that she could only hold out so long against her attentions.

Toni thoughts were getting jumbled now. Her eyes were still closed and she still thought of Don, but now Don was touching her, Don was licking her, and she was liking it. She pushed gently against Don's finger in her vagina and pushed up against his tongue softly licking her clit.

Maggie felt the surrender and she loved it. She reached with her free hand for her big black nightstick. Many a night she had fucked herself silly with the big black beauty. It was Toni's turn to now feel its strength. Feel its thickness. And feel its length.

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