tagNonConsent/ReluctanceToni's Jail Rape Ch. 02

Toni's Jail Rape Ch. 02


After the sheriff and deputy were done with Toni, she was allowed to shower. Toni sobbed quietly as the water washed away the cum that had sprayed on her by Sheriff Brown. She recalled what had happened to her in the past two hours and she felt sick to her stomach.

She heard a noise that startled her and she turned to see Deputy Maggie leering at her naked body. Maggie was smiling and slapping her big black nightstick into her palm while she looked at her with the evilest of grins. Toni quickly finished and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her body.

She was allowed to dress and then was taken to a cell where her daughter was. Her daughter was upset and wondering what was going on. Toni held her as Melissa sobbed and told her about the strip search with Deputy Maggie. Toni told her nothing of what happened to her. She wanted to protect her daughter.

Toni slept restlessly that night and her and Melissa were woken up early for breakfast by Deputy Maggie. Toni asked to speak to the sheriff and Maggie told her she would send the message along.

About an hour later, Maggie returned and opened the door. She handcuffed Toni and told her to come along. She told Melissa to wait. Toni was led into the sheriff’s office where Sheriff brown was sitting behind his desk talking to another man that was sitting in a chair. Toni was made to sit down next to him.

“This is my brother, Elston. He’s your lawyer and we’ve been talking about your case.” Said Brown.

Elston Brown was the only lawyer in town. He was also a fat disgusting man, just like his brother. And he loved what the two of them could do to out of towners.

“I want my own lawyer.” Replied Toni.

Brown’s face suddenly turned angry.

“Well we ain’t got no other lawyers girly! And you are in a heap of trouble. So you had just better be grateful Elston is taking your case.” Yelled Brown.

Brown turned towards his brother and said. “Look what I got to deal with. Damn stupid ass Yankee women.”

Elston smiled and turned towards Toni. “I’ve been reviewing your case. It’s quite serious, and you and your daughter are looking at some serious charges.” He said to Toni.

“Those aren’t my drugs. I told your brother that.” Replied Toni.

“They was found in your car. That’s enough for the judge and prosecutor. You are looking at serious time for you and your daughter.” Replied Elston.

Toni thought about telling Elston about what happened with his brother and Deputy Maggie. But she thought he probably already knew about it. She had to figure a way out of this. A way to get a hold of her husband. But she felt so helpless.

“Please. I’d really like to be able to call my husband. Don’t I get one phone call?” Asked Toni.

“No you don’t girly!” Yelled Brown as he stood up and walked around his desk to Toni.

“What you seem to not understand is that you are in a heap a lot of trouble.” Said Brown as he moved closer.

“Now you can either cooperate, or things can get real rough for you and your little girl.” Said Brown as he touched her face and rubbed his fat ugly thumb around her lips again.

Toni’s stomach turned. She knew what was coming. Brown and his disgusting brother wanted her for sex. And if she did what they said, they would help her and not hurt her daughter. She turned her head to the side as a tear slid down her cheek. She knew she had no choice at the moment, but prayed she’d find some way out of this mess later. She had to protect her daughter.

“What do you say girly? You up for more play like yesterday?” Asked Brown.

“Yes. But only if you promise one thing.” Said Toni very weakly.

“And what is that girly?” Asked Brown.

“If I do this, you’ll promise to not lay a finger on my daughter.” Said Toni

Brown looked at his brother, who nodded, and then he turned back to Toni.

“Sure girly. But you better be pretty damn nice.” Said Brown.

Toni thought for a second about what that might entail and quickly decided she needed to protect her daughter above all else.

“I will.” She replied

“Well all right then! Let’s get comfortable.” Said Brown.

Sheriff Brown moved back around his desk and began to disrobe. Toni watched as Elston stood and did the same. Brown then walked around and grabbed Toni and lifted her up. He unlocked her handcuffs and turned her around.

“Now strip off those fucking clothes. And do it quick girly!” He commanded.

Toni looked at the wall as she disrobed. She briefly looked at the two disgusting men who were now naked and alone with her. She was resigned to her fate, as she turned to face them nude.

“Yee Haw! Ain’t she a sweet little thing? She’s got the sweetest little mouth little brother. Just wait till she gets a going on you!” Said Sheriff Brown.

Toni looked at Elston. He looked just like his brother. A big huge fat gut with a tiny penis almost hidden underneath it. She was revolted.

Elston sat down in a chair and waved for Toni to come over. She had tears in her eyes as she lowered herself onto her knees before him. She looked at his smallish hard cock, and almost wanted to laugh. It was smaller than his brothers. But she thought better of it.

“Suck me girly. And suck me good if you want you and your little girl to go free.” Said Elston.

Toni closed her eyes and leaned forward. Elston smelled horribly and she opened her mouth and took his penis into her warm mouth. She began to pump and suck, hoping he would finish quickly. Then she would do the same to Sheriff Brown.

“Yee Haw! She does suck a mean peter brother!” Yelled Elston as Toni sucked his cock.

Toni felt disgusted and cheap. She was doing something she had only done for her husband prior to yesterday. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She just wanted it over. Toni wrapped her fingers around Elston’s cock and stroked it while she sucked it. She figured this would get him off quicker.

“Oh yeah. Suck me you married whore. Suck my fucking cock good!” Commanded Elston.

Toni was repulsed by his words and she was disgusted by what she had to do. But she was determined to get through it to save her daughter. Suddenly she felt something probing her backside. She assumed it was Sheriff Brown and she briefly moved away from it. But stopped when his hand smacked her ass cheek hard.

“Don’t you fucking move away from me girly!” He yelled. “I’m going to fuck your sweet little pussy while you suck off my brother. Yee Haw!

The thought of Brown having intercourse with her terrified her. She knew he wouldn’t use protection and she had no idea if he had some kind of sick disease. She tried to lift her head and tell him she’d satisfy him with her mouth, but Elston grabbed her head and began to force fuck her mouth with his smallish cock.

Toni felt horrible as she felt something probing her dry pussy. It was still a bit tender from what Deputy Maggie had done and what Brown was doing hurt a bit. Brown ran his fingers around the outside of Toni’s pussy and then shoved them in hard and deep. Toni jumped and moved away from his hand.

“Shit! Dry as a fucking bone!” Said Brown as he ran his fingers in and out of Toni’s pussy.

Brown spat on his hand and rubbed it around Toni’s pussy. The he spat again and thrust his fingers inside her. He kept doing that until he had her pussy wet and ready for him.
Toni had tears in her eyes as she surrendered her body to the two disgusting men. She was doing this to save herself and her daughter, and she would survive it and free herself and her daughter. No matter what she had to do.

Suddenly she felt Brown withdraw his finger and then felt him push himself in. His cock was buried in her within a second and his big stomach resting on her ass as he pushed in and out of her.

“Yee haw girly! You got a tight fucking pussy. I’m going to love riding you!” Screamed Brown.

Toni again tried to lift her head and ask Brown to stop, but Elston’s grip on her head was too tight, and he held her head in place while he fucked her mouth roughly. At the same time Sheriff Brown began to pump her hard from behind. The men were just using her body and Toni was letting them.

Toni had never felt anything like this in her life. She was disgusted as these two fat men used her mouth and vagina for their own selfish pleasure. Toni felt Brown’s big fat hands grasp her hips as he began to fuck her hard and fast while Elston shoved his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Ain’t she a fine piece of ass brother?” Asked Brown.

“She sure the fuck is. She’s sucking my cock good. You’re loving this aren’t you girly? Asked Elston.

Toni closed her eyes so she would not have to look at the disgusting Elston. She was having trouble keeping balanced as the heavy sheriff pounded her hard from behind while his brother forced his cock in and out of her mouth.

She began to push back against Brown, thinking this might spur him on and make him finish quicker, but all it did was make him fuck her harder and faster. Elston meanwhile was fucking her mouth so hard his balls were slapping against her chin each time he thrust into her mouth.

“Yee haw brother! Look at this married whore. She’s fucking my cock off!” Yelled Brown.

“Shit brother. She’s about to suck my cock clean off. C’mon honey. Show me how much you like this!” Said Elston.

Toni was repulsed by their words, but knew she could do nothing to stop it. She could hear Brown grunting like the fat pig he was as he fucked her hard. She felt his balls slap against her pussy on every stroke. She wanted this horror to end and end soon, so she decided go for it.

Toni began to fuck hard back against Brown. Then she reached underneath herself to caress Brown’s balls as they hit her pussy. Brown responded by slamming his cock into her harder. She began to swirl her tongue around Elston’s cock and suck his cock hard as she could as it was shoved in and out of her mouth.

The reaction was immediate.

“Yee haw! Look at this fucking whore brother. She loving this! Ain’t you honey?” Screamed Brown.

Toni said nothing but kept her attentions on the two men. And they fucked her harder and harder. Toni felt sweat from Brown dripping onto her back as her body urged the two men onto orgasm.

Toni didn’t know how much longer she could take this. She could feel the passion rising in each of them and knew it would not be long before they came. She pushed back harder against Brown as he fucked her, urging him on, while she sucked and swirled her tongue around Elston’s cock as it was being shoved in and out of her mouth.

Toni was amazed at their stamina. She thought they would either tire or orgasm quickly, but they hadn’t. She could feel Brown’s hard little cock slamming in and out of her and an incredible rate and when his balls slapped against her pussy it caused a feeling that made her tingle slightly. She’d never been fucked so hard, for so long in her life, and her body was tiring as she began to totally surrender to these men.

While she was reaching back for Brown’s balls, her fingers grazed her clit, which had become swollen and sensitive. She caressed it softly for a few seconds while Brown continued to slam his hard little cock into her. She stopped and reach for Brown again, but missed and soon her fingers went to her clit and she began to massage it with urgency.

Toni felt like a total whore now. She bucked back against Brown as hard as she could, wanting every inch of his tiny cock inside her as she rubbed her clit. She sucked Elston deep as every pore of her body now was craving their cum. She moaned through her cock filled mouth as her own orgasm approached and overwhelmed her.

Elston looked down to see Toni’s eyes fly open and roll back as a guttural scream erupted from her cock filled mouth as she deep throated Elston. He and Brown watched as the housewife and mother’s body shuddered and trembled as her orgasm swept over her.

“Oh fuck girly! I’m going to shoot it in you!” Screamed Brown as he grasped Toni’s hips hard and shoved himself into her as hard as he could. The thrust pushed Toni all the way down on Elston’s cock as Brown lifted her off the floor as he unloaded into abused pussy. He held her tight against him while his cock pulsated as it shot cum into her.

Toni felt Brown’s cum shoot into her pussy as Elston exploded into her mouth a second later. She swallowed and drank as she pushed back against Brown, taking all of his seed. Part of her felt disgusted, but another part never so satisfied and decadent for what she had just done. They pumped and pumped until they softened.

Toni’s pussy never felt so wet, hot, and swollen. As Brown withdrew, she pulled back from Elston and collapsed on the floor, totally spent. Her body still trembling slightly.

“Damn girly! You suck a mean fucking cock!” Said the smiling Elston.

Toni lay here and a strange feeling began in her mind. She felt a bit strong, like she had conquered these two men. It was a bit exhilarating feeling the orgasms of two men in her at the same time. And she had never came so hard in her life. She also thought and hoped that her ordeal was over.

But she was wrong.

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