tagNonConsent/ReluctanceToni's Torment

Toni's Torment


The acquisition had gone well for Don Thompson. He was terrified he was going to lose his job like so many of his colleagues. He had two kids in college and the twins were ready to start this fall. It was no time to be looking for another job.

Not only was he keeping his job, but he was being made a VP of IS. It was unbelievable how much more money he was going to be paid. Toni and he would be able to afford all those things they could never afford. In the last few months, the fear of being out on the street looking for a job at his age was replaced with a feeling of such well being. The new owners were flying in to finalize the deal. They were taking him and Toni out to dinner and then the contracts would be signed.

As they dressed, Toni discussed all the great things that would be happening. She was so excited, as was Don. They arrived at the restaurant to find the new owners Tom and James already there. As Toni and Don walked to the table, Tom and James stood up to greet them. "My God they are both huge!", thought Toni

Tom Anderson and James Wilson looked at the couple as they greeted them. They smiled at each other because they knew what was in store for these two at the end of the night. Tom was white and 6'3" and weighed 250 pounds. He played baseball in the minor leagues, but never quite made it the bigs. James and he met in the minor leagues. James was the cleanup hitter. He was black, 6'5" and weighed around 280. During their time playing ball they had struck up a friendship that built into the businesses they now owned.

Tom and James owned several businesses and were quite wealthy. They loved making money. But something they loved more was what they were going to do tonight. They always picked out one poor guy at each company they bought for this special treatment. Don Thompson was perfect. They had examined his credit and found him horribly over extended. They knew he had kids in college and two more starting this fall. If he lost his job, his life would be shit and they knew it. The money they were offering him was ridiculous and knew that his wife was already spending it.

James looked over at Toni Thompson. She was a petite brunette, maybe 5 foot tall, and weighed possibly 100 pounds. She was a pretty, late 30's housewife. She smiled as she ate and drank. "Damn, I'm going to give this woman a ride she won't soon forget." He thought to himself. He smiled at Tom and they exchanged a knowing smile.

Dinner lasted two hours. The food was delicious and so were the three bottles of champagne that were drank. They wanted both Don and Toni a bit loaded before they sprang the trap on them.

After dessert was consumed, Tom announced that they were heading over to his new home for cigars and the signing ceremony. Don and Toni followed the two new bosses out of the restaurant and then to Tom's new house.

Toni looked at the large home. It was everything she had ever wanted. Tom got out brandy and cigars and got out the contracts for him to sign. He handed them to James and then offered Toni a tour of the house while James went over the details with her husband. Toni followed Tom as he took her on the tour. She was fascinated with the furnishings. They were so elegant.

James sat down with Don. He went over the contract. Don was practically edgy inside. He looked at the figures that they were willing to pay him. It was triple what he was making now, plus they had thrown in a bonus of $500,000 for helping with the transition. Don grabbed the pen and signed it. His hands were sweating. He handed the pen to James.

James looked at Don and smiled. He was ready to drop the bomb on the poor guy. He shook the pen and waved it over the contract, then put it down. Don looked at him and began to sweat.

"Don, we need to talk and talk frankly." He said. "Don, we could've picked any number of your colleagues for this position, but we selected you. We are prepared to pay you a lot of money for you to do you job. But there is one more thing we need before we'll sign this contract."

Don looked across at James and asked what that was.

"Don, you have a very attractive wife, and frankly Don, both Tom and I want you to give her to us for one night"

Don's eyes widened. He looked at James and said "what?"

"Don buddy, Tom and I want to fuck your wife. The deal is as follows. We get your wife for one night, tonight. She does what we want and we sign the contract. You get a shitload of money and all your pretty wife has to do is spread her legs for one night"

Don's stomach was in knots. He couldn't believe what was happening. He looked at James. He was speechless. This whole night was crashing around him. He thought about all the money, thought of his wife, thought of his children, and thought of all the money he owed. He wanted to get up and run. Get his wife and run away from this. But she was occupied right now.

Toni was pushed up against the wall. Tom Anderson was holding her while his hands roamed all over her body. "Stop" she said strongly and tried to push his away. Tom held her tight and let his hands roam all over her. She wasn't bad too bad for an old married broad. He pinched her nipples and gave as ass a few nice grabs as she fought him.

"Let me go" she said as she pushed him again. Tom backed off but held her wrist. She tried to slap him, but the large man caught it and held it firm. He laughed. That infuriated Toni and she tried to kick him in the crotch. All she got was part of his leg. That pissed Tom off to no end. He twisted her arm hard and she cried out and went down on her knees. "Listen, you little bitch. Don't you ever try to strike me. I'll bust your fucking arm." He looked down at the helpless petite housewife. "Right now James is laying out the deal to your dickless old man. So you be nice and you might even get some pleasure out of what is going to happen tonight."

"What are you talking about?" Toni asked in a small voice.

Tom let her go and let her fall on the floor. "Right now James is showing your husband the deal. He gets a five year contract at $200,000 a year. And as a sweetener, he gets a $500,000 signing bonus. All he has to do is agree to give us you for the night to do with as we please."

"You can't be serious." She said.

"Dead fucking serious bitch. This is the deal. We go downstairs. You and your husband talk. If you agree to our terms, you come back to this room with James and I and do what we ask. If you walk out the door, the contract is torn up and your husband is fired, fucking fired. Your choice." Tom sneered as he said it.

Toni was terrified. Her mind was reeling. She wanted to run away. "I need to see Don." She said. Tom lifted up with one arm and led her down the stairway. Her stomach was churning. She wanted to run and hide. As she approached Don, she saw a look of despair in his eyes.

"We'll leave you two alone." Tom said as he picked up the contract and handed it to Toni. "You got 5 minutes to decide. We'll be upstairs waiting." He said as he walked away with James. They snickered at each other as they went up the stairs.

Tears were in Toni's eyes as she hugged Don. "My God what is going on?" She said.

"Honey are you all right?" Don asked.

"I'm fine. What are we going to do?" She asked.

The couple talked. Toni was in tears. Don held her as the discussed what was happening. They talked about the money they owed. What they were going to need to put the kids through college.

Toni all of a sudden stopped sobbing and straightened up. "I'll do it." She said. "It's the only thing we can do. It's only one night. I can do this for us and our children"

Don's gut felt like he was shot. He looked at his wife. "I can't let you do this. I love you."

"We don't have any other choice. I'll do it. Don't worry. Those bastards won't give me one second of pleasure. They can have me, but they won't have me. I love you honey too much." She said.

Just then Tom and James walked back into the room. Toni stood up and said, "I'll do it."

Tom and James smiled. They looked at Don. "You going to watch or leave and come back?

Don lowered his head. Toni spoke up, "Leave honey, I'll be fine." Don looked up and weakly smiled.

"Come back tomorrow morning Donnie boy" Tom said and then laughed.

Toni went to him and kissed him. "Don't worry. I won't let them give me any pleasure. It's only one night and then it's done. I love you." He watched as Tom and James led his wife upstairs. He headed to the door and out to his car.

Toni was led into the bedroom where her and Tom had been just a few minutes ago. She asked if she could freshen up and was directed to a bathroom. She looked in the mirror. "You can do this baby. You can get through this. It's only one night." She thought.

She exited the bathroom and saw that Tom and James were already undressed and laying on the bed. She knew they were both large, but undressed they looked even bigger. They patted the bed between them and invited her to join them.

She looked at them and sighed. She reached behind her back and unzipped her dress. She quickly undressed and got on the bed between them. Tom and James began to slowly kiss and caress her. She closed her eyes and tried to think of something else.

Tom and James were taking their time. They knew they had to warm up the housewife a bit before they got too wild for her. They spent time caressing her softly and kissing her most intimate parts.

Don was standing next to his car. Tear in his eyes. "What am I doing? How can I allow my wife to do this? He pounded the top of his car. "I can't let her do this." He turned and walked back to the house.

Toni was on her back. Tom had now moved down to her pussy and was caressing it all over with his tongue. James was lightly kissing and sucking her nipples and then trailing those kisses up her neck. "They're being so gentle." She thought. She tried to relax and think of something else. Something else other than what she as beginning to feel.

Tom pulled back the hood covering her clit and began to caress it softly with his tongue. He could feel her moving slowly against his tongue. He slid his finger down to her opening and began to caress it. Quickly, he felt juice begin to leak from her pussy. James sucked, nibbled, and caressed her nipples. They got so big and hard. He could hear the sweet housewife's breath coming shorter now. He knew Tom was a great pussy eater and would soon have her out of control.

Toni kept her eyes closed. She was furious. She was trying to think of these disgusting men and the disgusting things they were doing to her. Her body was betraying her. She loved her husband, but these men were doing things to her that she'd never imagined. She felt herself spread her legs to allow Tom to get at her easier. "God how could she be enjoying this?"

Tom felt her open herself to him. This was his cue to pick up the intensity of his efforts. His tongue began to work magic on her pussy and clit. His fingers probed her pussy and he felt more and more juice leak out of her.

James decided it was time for him to get in on the fun. He shifted his weight and stood on his knees and placed his hardening penis near her mouth. He rubbed it across her lips. Toni almost involuntarily opened her mouth and began to suck the large black head.

"My God. What am I doing?" She was almost screaming to herself. She felt as though she was two people. One disgusted with the things that were happening and another who was allowing it to happen and beginning to like it. "God how could she betray Don like this?"

Tom began to lick Toni's pussy with an intensity she had never known. He legs were now as wide as they could go and she was lifting them up letting Tom have more access to her. Tom fingered her hard and fast. He felt the wife humping back against his fingers and knew something was building up inside her. He worked her clit like she had ever felt before in her life and knew he had her.

Don entered the house and walked to the stairs. His stomach was in knots. He wanted to run upstairs and drag his wife out of there. "To Hell with them and their money. This is my wife." He thought. He slowly walked up the stairs and walked down the hallway to the bedroom where he could see a light on.

Toni was beside herself. Her body was betraying her. "This man. This filthy disgusting man was making her feel something she swore she wouldn't." Small orgasms have made her body begin to shudder over and over, but she felt an even bigger one building up in her. She'd fought it, but could no longer stop it. It was not to be denied.

Tom knew it was coming. He pulled back the hood of her clit and bore down on it. He felt her body jump and shudder. She was beginning to come and he knew it. He shoved his fingers deep inside and pushed her over the edge as a huge orgasm hit her.

Don peaked inside the open door. The sight he saw effected him like nothing he had ever seen before. His wife was nude on her back. Tom was eating her pussy like a mad man and her body was jumping like he had never seen. James was fucking his wife's face with a huge black dick. The scene was surreal and he couldn't believe what he was seeing. These two rich assholes were using his wife as their fuck toy and she looked like she was enjoying it!

At that moment Toni's body betrayed her as her first orgasm hit her.

Don watched as his wife's body shook and shuddered. A muffled scream was escaping her dick filled mouth. Her body shook as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. "That bitch! That fucking whore bitch!!!!" Don thought. "The fucking whore is coming. I can't believe it!"

Toni's legs relaxed, as did the rest of her body. Tom left her pussy alone and slid up her body. He pulled up her legs and placed his large cock at her opening. He looked down at her. She was sucking James's large black cock with her eyes closed. He placed his cock at her opening. He felt the heat and wetness surround the head. He moved into position and shoved his cock in as hard as he could.

Toni's eyes flew open. She felt like her insides were being ripped open. Tom's cock was larger than Don's, much larger. She let go of James's cock and looked up at Tom. Tom began to pound her pussy hard deep and fast. "Oh God" she muttered. "Oh God."

Tom looked down at the housewife who just awhile ago tried to slap him. "Like my cock bitch?"

She looked at him.

He slammed her harder. His cock was ramming in and out of Toni at a pace unlike she'd ever experienced. Tom felt her clenching down against his cock fucking him back.

"Like it whore?"

She looked at him.

He slammed her even harder. Each hard thrust was met by the housewife as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. Her pussy was an inferno of heat and wetness. Tom could feel the orgasm building again in her. Tom fucked her even hard and faster. Toni met every thrust.

Tom fucked her like that longer and harder than she had ever had it. She was getting close and he knew it. Her pussy was on fire and it was seeping juice.

Suddenly, Tom slowed down and almost pulled out. Toni's body convulsed over the loss. She tried to pull him back into her. Her body was out of control. Tom held tight and then slammed it hard into her once and then withdrew.

"Want it whore?"

She tried to pull him back into her, but he was too strong.

"Tell me you fucking slut, or you can fucking get out of this bed right now! Now fucking tell me!

Toni's body was desparate for satisfaction. "Yes" she said weakly.

"Yes what?" Tom demanded.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Now please." Toni surrendered.

Tom slammed his dick into her hard and fast. He had this slut right where he wanted and she knew it. He fucked her harder faster and deeper than she had ever been. He talked to her as he fucked her.

"Like my cock whore?"


"I can feel your slut pussy loving my cock"

"Yes fuck me"

"You fucking whore. You're loving a strange dick in your cunt."

"God fuck me"

"You our little fuck whore tonight cunt?"


He called her a whore, slut, and cunt. He made her say things that she never thought she could or would. Don saw it all from the hallway. Tears were in his eyes. He had watched his wife being treated like a slut, and she was enjoying it. He slowly turned away from the door and slowly walked down the hallway. As he reached the top of the stairs, he heard his wife scream as she reached her second orgasm. He sat down and cried.

Tom looked down at Toni Thompson as she came on his dick. She was out of control. He could feel juice oozing out of her pussy and the look on her face told him she was loving everything he was giving her. He felt it building up in his nuts. He had a load of cum for this hot bitch and he was ready to drop it. He picked up his pace and was slamming her as hard as he could.

Toni looked up at the man who was fucking her. "God I'm acting like a whore, a fucking whore." But wave after wave of pleasure was hitting her body. She saw that Tom was close to coming and that made a third orgasm build.

Tom pounded deep as he shot his huge load up Toni Thompsons waiting pussy. Toni felt her pussy spasm as she heard herself scream. She was out of control and loving it. Tom pumped load after load deep into her. She could feel every squirt and her pussy spasm each time.

Tom collapsed on top of her and she wrapped herself around him. "Damn, I can't believe what just happened." She thought. "I hope Don never hears about what just happened."

She laid the wrapped around Tom as the combination of his cum and her pussy juice oozed out of her. Her body began to relax and her drifted as a euphoria swept over her.

Just then the peace she was feeling was broken up. James was pushing Tom out of the way. She opened her eyes to see James stroking his huge black cock. She had never seen anything close to it in size. He moved closer to her as Tom moved away. "My God, I can't take anything like that." She thought. But James had other ideas.

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