tagNonConsent/ReluctanceToni's Torment Ch. 4

Toni's Torment Ch. 4


Toni woke up alone the next morning. She blinked her eyes and began to recall the events of the past night. She had been fucked like a whore by her husbands two new bosses and loved it. She was disgusted with herself and just wanted to get home.

She got up and saw a robe place on a chair. Recalling that her dress had been ripped to shreds the night before, she put it on and went downstairs. Tom and James were sitting at the table eating breakfast.

"Hungry baby?" asked Tom.

"No, I just want to go home. Can you get me some clothes?" she replied.

"No, you need some breakfast" Sit down." replied Tom.

Toni sat down as Tom called out to the kitchen. A young Latina girl appeared at the door. She poured Toni some coffee and brought her some food. She ate in silence.

"I really need some clothes. And I need to go home." She said to Tom.

Tom smiled and said something in Spanish to the cook. "Maria will help you. Follow her upstairs." He told her.

Maria led her upstairs to the bedroom. She opened the closet door and motioned for Toni to look inside. Toni picked out a simple dress that looked her size and then turned to Maria who was just staring at her. She motioned for Maria to leave, but instead she approached her.

Maria reached for the front of her robe and undid the strap holding together. Toni grabbed her arm and tried to stop her, but Maria quickly began to grope the housewife. Toni tried to push her away, but Maria was quite strong for a woman and quickly had her pushed against the wall.

Maria hands explored Toni's body as she fought to get the young Latina girl to leave her alone. Just then the door opened and Tom and James stood there.

"Stop her" asked Toni.

"Why?" was Tom's reply as both he and James entered the room.

Toni could not believe what was happening. She struggled as Tom and James grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed. Tom held her arms as James held her legs. Maria quickly undressed and laid on top of Toni forming a perfect 69.

Toni struggled, but the two strong men held her in place. She begged them to stop, but they ignored her. Maria began to lick her pussy while Toni turned her head to avoid Marias dampening pussy placed near her face.

Toni struggled and struggled, but Maria would not be denied. Her tongue danced all over Toni's pussy and soon it was wet and dripping juice. Toni fought against what she was feeling, keeping her head to the side and her eyes closed, but Maria knew how to please a lady, and soon Toni was holding her legs apart, so the young Latina could pleasure her.

Toni suddenly felt James hard cock being pressed against her swollen opening. She gasped as the first few inches entered her. Maria bean to focus on her clit as James began to slowly fuck her with his huge black cock.

James could see the glistening of juice coating his cock. Her knew the housewife was now into the pleasure Maria and he were giving Toni. He let go of her legs and she held them high as she pulled him deeper and deeper into her steamy pussy.

Toni had lost all control again. Her pussy was on fire. Maria was doing things to her clit no one else ever had. Her breath began to come in short pants as Maria's pussy moved closer and closer to her face.

She opened her eyes to see Tom was now fucking Maria slowly. She could see his cock entering her and the glistening of juice coating his large cock. His balls brushed her face as she was overcome by the feelings welling up inside her.

Maria began to fuck back against Tom's cock and press her pussy closer to Toni's face. Soon it was pasted on her face. Maria began to lick Toni's pussy and move her pussy on Toni's face at the same time.

Toni's opened her mouth and began to lick Maria's pussy in the same manner Maria was licking hers. She felt the young girl shudder and felt the same happening to her.

James was now completely impaled in Toni's pussy. She was fucking him back and from the motion of her body and the sounds she was uttering, she was ready to cum. So was he.

James pressed hard and deep as his orgasm built. Toni's pussy was an inferno of lust and wetness. Maria was doing things to her clit that was making her lose control.

James pumped deep as the first jet of cum shot out. He heard Toni scream a muffled scream as her orgasm peaked. Toni worked Maria clit and the young girl exploded in wetness all over Tonis face.

Tom slowly fucked Maria until her orgasm subsided. He told Maria to turn around and jack his cock. She did as she held it close to Toni's face. Tom soon exploded all over Toni and Marias face. Maria milked cum out of his cock as she kissed Toni and they rubbed cum all over each ones face.

The two men laid back and relaxed and took in the scene. What a wild fucking night they thought. One of many to come after they used the tapes to blackmail the little bitch. Damn, the fun they were going to have.

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