tagNonConsent/ReluctanceToni's Torment Ch. 5

Toni's Torment Ch. 5


It had been more than two weeks since that awful night for Toni Thompson. She had survived and endured, and she was now ready to put her life back together. Unbeknownst to her husband, she had visited their lawyer. He had assured her the contract was airtight. She left office confident that she would never have to deal with her husband's bosses again.

Then the phone rang.

"Hey baby." came the voice of her husbands black boss James.

"Don't call me baby. And I think I need to tell you up front, that I've been to see a lawyer. We have a valid signed contract, and there is nothing more you can hold over our heads. So I think this conversation is over." was her reply.

Toni had expected silence, but what she got was a deep long laugh.

"Damn baby. Did you think we'd let something like you get away?"

"I told you. You cannot hold my husbands job over my head. So we are through talking. Goodbye."

"Hold on, just one second. Come on, hold on. There's something I want you to see. Check your email baby. Then call me back. I'll send you my number."

Toni had no idea what he was talking about. How did he even know her email address? She went to the computer and logged onto their internet account. There were six emails from her husbands boss James, and they all had attachments. She was beginning to get nervous.

She opened the first mail to just see a single picture. Her stomach began to tie up in knots at what she saw. The first picture was her sitting on top of James cock with a look like she was about to orgasm.

She opened the second. It was a picture of her getting fucked by James from behind while she sucked off the other boss Tom. Again, she looked like a total slut.

She opened the third. It was her and Maria while they were 69ing each other.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth email had short movies attached. When she played the first, it was her asking Tom to fuck her and showed her coming on his cock. The second showed her coming on James cock. The third showed her cum covered face as James cock was jacked off on it.

She sat and cried. Those bastards taped it! Her stomach was all tied up. Tears ran down her face. She did not know what to do. Then the phone rang.

"You waiting to call me?"


"You like the pictures and movies baby? I especially like you begging for cock, don't you?"

"You bastards!"

"Now now. Just calm down. The deal is this. Get your ass dressed and get over to my place. I'll expect you within an hour. If I don't see you, those pictures and movies will be released all over your sweet daughters college, your church, and anyone else who has a computer and can get on the net to see it. You understand?

Toni just sobbed.

"Quit the fucking tears and get your ass dressed. I'll expect you by 2PM. No later" And he hung up.

Toni cried and thought to herself. She was trapped. She allowed herself to be used like a slut and now they had tapes and pictures that could ruin her. She had no choice.

At 2PM, the doorbell rang and James answered it wearing a smile Toni wanted to smack off his face, but could not. He invited her in and made her a drink.

"So what am I to become, your whore?" she asked.

"In a way baby, in a way. But today I got just one small job for you. Get up."

James led her back into the back area of his house. As he opened the door, she saw a young black man playing a video game.

"This is my son Jamal. Jamal, Mrs. Thompson."

Toni looked at the boy and then at James. Her look asked the question in her mind.

"Yes, you stay with him awhile and entertain him. And you better be nice. Because if you aren't, I'll hear about it." Then he left.

Toni just stared at the wall unsure of what to do.

Jamal stood up and smiled as he approached her. Toni put up her hands and said, "No, please." Jamal ignored her.

He dragged her over to the couch and pushed her down and got on top of her. Toni struggled for a bit and then just laid there. She felt Jamal undoing his pants and felt him lifting her skirt. She suddenly felt his huge hard penis laying on top of her bare pussy.

Toni turned her head as Jamal began to kiss her neck and he played with the outside of her pussy with his huge hard cock. He was being gentle and telling her how good he was going to fuck her for the next few hours. Toni tried to fight back the tears.

Jamal opened up her dress and began to suck on her nipples while still probing her pussy with his cock. He did not seem to be in a hurry and soon, in spite of herself, she began to feel wetness forming in her pussy. Jamal felt it too.

He placed his cockhead right at the opening and began to slowly fuck her while he sucked her nipples and kissed her neck. Toni fought the feelings as best she good, but soon she began to wetten more and slowly began to adjust her body to make his cock enter deeper.

"That's it momma. Move for me. I know you want to."

Jamal fucked her slow and steady for many minutes. Each thrust went a bit deeper into her. He kept us kissing her neck with soft kisses and gently sucked her nipples as he slowly fucked her.

Jamal felt her begin to slowly fuck him back. He felt his cock being coated by her wetness. He knew she was getting into what he was doing.

Jamal leaned back and removed his shirt. Toni looked at the young lean boy fucking her so gently. He took her hand and placed it on the pussy.

"Play with it baby, for me." he said

Toni felt a spark as her finger grazed her clit. This young man was fucking her so sweetly, so slow and gently, she could not help but succumb. She began to rub her clit.

Jamal kept up his slow steady pace while he looked at the housewife playing with herself beneath him. He could see the look on her face. She was so getting into this. He grabbed her legs and raised them over his shoulders. He was going to fuck her slow and deeply.

Toni felt so slutty, so dirty, but this young man was fucking her so sweetly, so wonderfully that she began to lose control of herself and played with her clit while he fucked her.

She could feel herself getting closer to a wonderful orgasm and could not wait much longer. Jamal saw it in her eyes and began to pick up his pace. Toni reached down with her other hand and spread her pussy open for Jamal as he continued his sweet slow pace. Her mouth opened as her orgasm approached.

"That's it momma. Give it up for me." he said.

Toni head leaned back and her body convulsed as she began to cum on Jamals cock. She screamed

Oh God!

Oh God!

Oh Fuck!


Jamal looked down at the housewife coming on his cock. He was ready too. He began to fuck her a bit harder and quicker and soon he felt the cum ready to shoot.

Jamal moaned deeply as he shot his load into the housewife. Toni grabbed his ass and held him deep as he pumped his cum into her. It felt so wonderful to her and she felt her pussy spasm as Jamal pumped the last of his cum into her.

They laid there for several minutes and Toni began to cry.

"I'm such a slut. I hate myself" she sobbed.

Jamal kissed her and told her she was wrong. He held her tight and began to feel sorry for her. His father was a prick. He knew that. Toni sobbed and sobbed in his arms.

Jamal stood up and told her to get dressed. Toni dressed as her crying subsided. He took her by the hand and told her to leave. Then he kissed her. She hugged him and thanked him.

As he led her to the door, he heard his father coming.

"Where the fuck is she going?" he bellowed.

"I'm sending her home dad. I'm done with her." Jamal replied.

"What? You only going to fuck her once? What's the fucking problem" asked James.

"I'm just tired of this shit dad. She's a nice lady and I think you ought to just leave her alone." replied Jamal.

Toni looked at the both of them wondering what would happen next. James quickly moved in front of Jamal and pushed him back. Jamal tried to stand up to his father and James quickly backhanded the young boy back against the wall.

"Listen you young shit! I'll leave her fucking alone when I fucking want to." bellowed James.

Jamal looked at his father. He thought for a second about challenging him, but knew he could not. He lowered his head.

James looked at Toni who was now terrified.

"Get the fuck over here." he commanded.


Toni moved closer to the large black man. He raised his hand and quickly backhanded her. She fell to the floor, her cheek stinging.

"Stand up and strip bitch." NOW! he yelled.

Toni looked at Jamal and then back at James. She knew she had no choice. She stood up and slowly removed her dress and underclothes. She stood nude in front of James.

"Now get on your fucking hands and knees in front of me." He commanded.

Toni got down on her hands and knees facing James. James quickly removed his clothes and got behind the housewife. His cock was already hard.

James reached between Toni's legs and felt the mixture of his son's cum and Toni's wetness. He took some and rubbed it on his hard black cock.

"Pussy's wet. Did you fuck her good Jamal?" he asked.

Jamal just stared at his father.

James took his cock in his hand and rammed it into Toni's pussy. He was bigger than Jamal, so even though she was wet, he had to push hard to get his cock in.

"Damn baby, you as tight as I remember." He grunted as he fucked her.

James grabbed her hips as he began to fuck the white housewife hard and deep. Toni began to scream on every stroke. She felt like she was being split apart.

James fucked her hard deep and fast. Toni's pussy felt like it was being torn apart. She looked up at Jamal pleading with her eyes. But the young man knew better than to challenge his father.

Toni closed her eyes and just let the huge black man fuck her. She felt his balls begin to slap against her pussy as James was now fully impaled inside her. Tears formed in her eyes as she felt the man fuck her harder and deeper.

James looked down at the white housewife. He had a hard grip on her hips and was slamming his cock into her as fast and hard as he could. He felt Toni slowly begin to fuck him back, and knew in spite of what she wanted, she liked the way she was being fucked.

James fucked her hard like this for 15 minutes. He was covered in sweat and saw Toni's back covered too. He felt her now pushing back against him as he thrust himself into her. He also heard her breathing and gentle moans escaping her mouth.

James grabbed her hair and lifted her head.

"Look at this slut boy. This is how a whore likes to be fucked." He told Jamal.

Jamal looked at Toni. Her eyes were closed and her face twisted and her mouth was open. She did look like she was enjoying the brutal fucking.

"Want my cum slut?" he asked.

Toni said nothing.

James slapped her ass hard and pulled her hair and screamed at her again.

"Want my cum slut? Tell me you want it!

Toni opened her mouth and softly said, "Yes, cum in me."

James slammed his cock deep into Toni and moaned as he began to pump his cum into her. Toni moaned softly as she felt her pussy spasm as she accepted his cum. Jamal looked at her as her mouth opened in a large OOOOOOO. She was cumming and he knew it.

"Oh shit. Oh shit." was all Toni could repeat over and over again as she came.

James let go of Toni's hair and told her to turn around and clean his cock. Toni did, taking his softening cock into her mouth and licking and sucking it clean. James let her do it and then grabbed her hair and pushed her away.

"Come back fucking tomorrow whore, and I'll have more for you to do."" He told her. Then he got up and walked away.

Toni began to cry again. Jamal leaned over and held her. He lifted her up and helped her on with his clothes. He walked her out to her car.

"I hate that asshole," he told Toni.

Toni sobbed in his arms and told her the entire story of why she had to do what she did. Jamal held her and kissed her and wiped away her tears. She had no way out of this hell, she told him.

He smiled and said, "I'll call you tonight and talk to you. I have an idea you might like to hear about."

Toni stopped crying and asked him what he was talking about.

"Tonight baby, tonight I'll tell you." He replied.

Toni drove home in a fog wondering what was going to happen next.

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