It was just a bit of fun. When younger the girls had set up a virginity tontine. Last virgin standing would win the biggest box of chocolate they could find.

It would have stayed that way, just a bit of fun, but for Judy. The girls were all around nineteen or twenty now, and there were two remaining contenders for the prize.

Mary -- A nice girl, friendly and intelligent and reasonably pretty. She was still a virgin by chance rather than choice, as the tontine didn't worry her. She had just failed to meet the man who would cause her to lose the tontine.

Judy -- Not quite such a nice girl. Apparently friendly, very intelligent, quite lovely and with the ability to knife a competitor in the back from forty paces. She was a virgin by choice, because she wanted to win the tontine. She'd said at the start that she'd win it, and by god, win she would. She had already set up several situations that had 'helped' rival contenders to drop out of the tontine.

Judy was feeling quite narked about the whole situation. She was ready to get laid, and if it wasn't for Mary keeping her panties on she'd have already won and been able to make time. Something would have to be done.

"I am going to get Mary laid this weekend," she informed Suzie, "and you're going to help me. Not only am I going to get her laid, I'm going to arrange for some of the girls to be there to witness it."

"Really," said Suzie, doubtfully. "And how are you going to arrange that? She doesn't even have a current boyfriend."

"I am going to set her up with Colin, and arrange with him to liberate her," Judy stated.

"Colin? You mean big, thick Colin? All she'd have to do would be to look at him and say no and he'll back off. He's a lamb, and you know why they call him thick. "

"I know both reasons he's referred to as big, thick Colin," sniggered Judy. "But he's susceptible. If I tell him precisely what to do, he'll do it, and quite efficiently. He loves being able to follow simple instructions."

"So what are you going to tell him to do?" asked Suzie. "You can't just tell him to go and bonk her in front of witnesses."

"Watch and learn. By the time I'm finished he'll be happy to bonk her and ignore her protests," smirked Judy. The way it's going to work is like this - You know that girls only party I've arranged for next Saturday night?"

"Yes. You're allowed to have it at that new house your father bought, right?"

"Right. The previous owner must have been a bit kinky, because they're two bedrooms with a large glass wall separating them. If the lights are on in only one bedroom, the glass acts as a one way mirror from the other room. There's also a communication system so you can talk from one room to the other. I'm going to sucker Mary into the lit side where Colin will be waiting, while the rest of us get to see him screw her arse off."

"That's rather mean to Mary, isn't it, and Colin could get into awful trouble."

"Nah," scorned Judy. "Once Mary finds out why it all happened she'll be far too soft-hearted to cause trouble for Colin, and he's not what you call a reliable witness anyway, so we'll have no problems."

The next Saturday, Judy and Suzie sat with Colin while Judy painstakingly went over Colin's instructions again. Finally satisfied that Colin had them down pat, Judy had him repeat them back to her.

Colin breathed deeply. This was hard, but he thought he finally had it.

"Suzie will take me to a dark room and I have to sit and wait until my name is called. When I hear my name, I turn on the light. There will be a girl in the bedroom with me."

Colin paused, and then continued with relief when Judy smiled and nodded.

"I have to take the girl's clothes off. I'm allowed to tear them if I want, because Judy will buy her new clothes."

At this point Colin gulped and looked a little unsure. "The girl is in the room with me because she really wants to have sex with me because I have a big dick." Colin blushed furiously at this, not used to mentioning this sort of thing to women.

"The girl will pretend she doesn't want to have sex with me, but I have to ignore that. She's just doing it so that it seems she is not being naughty."

Another pause, and another nod of approval from Judy.

More confident now, Colin continued apace. "I then put girl on the bed and have sex with her. I'm to do it slowly, because she wants it to last a long time." Colin nodded, looking confident. "I can do slow. I like doing it slow when I do sex. I can make it last a long time."

"And she'll be very appreciative of it once you finish, Colin," Judy told him. "When you see her you'll know her. She really likes you a lot. What's the most important thing to do while you're in there with her?"

"I'm not to listen to a word she says, because she won't really mean any of the things she says. Even if she's wriggling when I poke her, it doesn't mean anything. She really wants me to poke her and that's why she's arranged this," Colin finished triumphantly.

"Very good, Colin," cooed Judy. "Now Suzie will take you along to the room for you to wait. It shouldn't be too much longer."

Suzie departed with Colin, returning shortly. "It took you nearly three hours to hammer that into his head. Are you sure he won't forget again?"

Judy shook her head. "No. My dad uses Colin for various jobs. He says that once Colin knows what is required, he'll stick to the plan like glue. Dad finds him quite useful."

Suzie, shook her head. "If he'd taken any longer to learn the party would be over. The girls will be here shortly. You've arranged for Mary to be a little late?"

"I have. When the girls arrive, you shepherd them into the witness room. With a bit of luck, some of them will have their phones and will film it all," she added viciously.

"OK. We'll move in when we see Mary on the way. Just remember that Colin is in the first room, so shove Mary in and hurry over to our room to watch the fun."

Things went smoothly at first. The various guests arrived, and spotting Mary rolling up a couple of minutes later Suzie hustled them out and down to the witness room.

Mary came trotting up to be met by a brightly smiling Judy, who smoothly escorted her down the corridor. "In here," she murmured. "Excuse the dark but there's a small surprise in store for everyone."

Closing the door firmly behind Mary, Judy darted down and into the witness room. "OK, Colin," she called. "Over to you."

The lights snapped on.

Mary, seeing Colin standing there in the nude, was impressed. She'd heard some of the girls snigger when referring to big thick Colin, and now she realised the second meaning of those words. He had what she would call a most impressive member.

Judy was not quite so impressed. In fact, she was horrified, not having expected to see Colin in the buff two paces from her. Her hand flashed to the door, intending to make a rapid departure, only to find no door handle.

Colin beamed. "Oh, it's you all the time, Judy," he cried, delighted. "Don't worry, I'll take good care of you."

"No, Colin," she said hurriedly, "There's been a mistake. Forget everything I said."

Colin smiled triumphantly. "Not listening," he said, and reaching out pulled Judy's blouse open, buttons snapping loose as he jerked.

Not too smart he may have been, but big and strong he definitely was. Judy found he just wasn't listening to a word she said as he swiftly took her clothes off. Any struggles she put up were casually ignored, like a child trying to stop being undressed for a bath.

While Judy wriggled and tried to get away from him, Colin yanked and peeled, buttons popping, zips tearing open, cloth giving way in some places. It wasn't long before Judy was naked, with Colin holding her hands behind her back in one of his big paws.

Colin ran his free hand up and down Judy's body, feeling her breasts and squeezing her pussy. "You have a nice body, Judy," he told her. "I'll try to make sure you enjoy this."

In the witness room Mary was puzzled. "What's going on," she asked. "Why are Judy and Colin in there? Judy went in fast enough but now she seems to have changed her mind."

Suzie giggled. "She may have changed her mind, but she made damn sure that Colin wouldn't. She can't back out, now. She set this up to show us all that the tontine is over."

"Um," Mary said hesitantly. "She needn't have bothered. I was going to tell you all about Chester today. We're engaged among other things."

Suzie sniggered. "Well done, Mary. I'm sure Judy is going to be absolutely fascinated by that bit of news. It means she's won and we get to buy her chocolates."

Mary gave Suzie and the others an odd look, as they all seemed to find this bit of news hilarious. Then they were all turning their attention back to the other room.

Judy was still frantically trying to get Colin to listen to her, and was still being determinedly ignored. After playing with her lightly for a few moments, Colin just picked Judy up and held her to him, his mouth muzzling her breasts. Then he started lowering her, sliding her down along his naked body.

Judy was starting to panic as Colin moved her lower. Suddenly she could feel that she was straddling his cock, and Colin held her there, effectively sitting on him.

"See," he told her. "It's not too bad. Now we do a little more."

Lifting effortlessly, Colin moved Judy slowly up, and as she moved she could feel his erection moving up, standing straighter, aligning itself with her slit. Then his head was butting gently against her pussy, and Colin reversed direction, pushing her suddenly down so that his head pushed sharply against her labia, forcing them to one side as he started to penetrate her.

Judy gave a sharp scream on finding herself suddenly on the verge of being take, twisting and wriggling, trying to move back up Colin's shaft.

"Stop worrying, Judy," he told her. "It doesn't really hurt when it goes in. I have stuck it in other girls you know." At that point he gave a sudden downward jerk on Judy's hips while at the same time giving a firm upward thrust with his hips, neatly spitting Judy on his shaft.

That sudden upward thrust had split Judy's hymen, leaving Colin's cock pressing into her vaginal passage. Now, instead of pressing home hard, Colin just relaxed, leaving Judy partially impaled.

Swearing slightly, Judy was trying to pull herself up and off, with no success. What was worse, from her point of view, was that every time she relaxed her weight was driving her further down onto the thick shaft that was starting to fill her.

Colin just stood there, contented. He was doing as instructed and enjoying it. Let her wriggle, he'd been told, so let her wriggle he would, knowing that her every wriggle and squirm was actually helping her descend onto his cock.

It wasn't long before Judy knew that she'd long lost the fight. The damned man's penis was fully inside her, and from the feel of it going in she expected to feel it in her throat. She finally relaxed and sat there fuming, completely in Colin's power.

Walking over to the bed with Judy straddling him, Colin laid her down, coming over on top of her. Not bothering to speak he started moving slowly back and forth, slowly stirring up Judy's passions.

Judy lay there, trying to resist the feelings, but after a few minutes of this sweet torture she gasped, and started rocking her hips in time with Colin. Then Colin change tactics.

He calmly withdrew, leaving Judy gasping. "What are you doing?" she gasped. "Why did you stop? Not that I didn't want you to stop," she added hastily.

"I'm just taking my time" she was told, "as instructed."

Judy looked at him in shock as he pulled her to her feet, turned her around and pushed her forward and over the bed. Moving up behind her, Colin eased her thighs apart and then drove vigorously home again.

Judy screamed at this turn about, but was helpless to stop his continuing to have his way with long slow strokes. She swore at him (and was ignored) as Colin moved slowly into her and then pulled slowly out.

Judy was quickly able to meet this new pattern, but found herself frustrated at the slowness of it all. Her body was now crying out its need and it wanted that need attended to, right now.

"Please. Colin, go faster," she begged, to be met with a stoic refusal.

"I was told to not listen and take it slow," Colin reminded her, as he casually repeated his long slow slide.

Judy was on the cusp. She knew she only need that little bit of extra oomph to lift her over it, and she was twisting her hips and wriggling, trying to force Colin along.

Colin liked slow. He was naturally slow at everything he did, but he did it well. As far as he was concerned, this rule applied now.

Judy was frantically gasping, her whole body was shaking with the need that was just out of reach. She was almost screaming with the tension, wailing with her need for relief. "How much longer," she pleaded.

Colin moved slowly within her, considering the question. Finally he answered, "Not long now," he told her. "Perhaps another ten minutes."

It was at that point that Judy did scream. Ten minutes was an eternity when she felt like this. She begged, she swore, she raged, she screamed in frustration, and Colin moved placidly along, thoroughly enjoying the way their bodies came together.

It was probably the longest ten minutes of Judy's life, and she was crying from need before it finished. Then she was screaming indeed as Colin started moving a bit faster, hammering home his final strokes, letting her have her release as he came into her.

Leaving Judy lying on the bed, Colin stood there, considering.

"Um, Judy," he said, "you didn't tell me what to do after."

The intercom snapped to life at that stage. "You did a marvellous job, Colin," Suzie told him. "You remembered all your instructions and carried them out well. The bit that Judy forgot to tell you was that she has been a naughty girl, and has to be spanked. She wants you to do that as well."

Colin thought this over. "But a spanking will hurt," he said.

"We know this, Colin," Suzie said, "but a spanking is like medicine. You give it to people even though they don't like it, because it will make them better."

"Oh," said Colin, trying to take this in. He looked at Judy.

"You were being naughty, weren't you, and you knew it. You told me you were trying to make it seem you were being not naughty."

Judy looked at Colin appalled. "Ah, Colin, I wasn't really being naughty, or only a little bit. I was trying to tell you no. Honest."

Colin nodded his head solemnly. "Like medicine," he mumbled. "Makes you better."

"OK, Judy," he said with a big smile. "I'll give you the best spanking you've ever had."

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