tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTony and Alicia Go to Vegas

Tony and Alicia Go to Vegas


Author's note: The Tony and Alicia stories are more about experimentation between a loving couple than hard core stories in a certain category. If you are looking for a hard core exhibitionism/voyeurism story this is not the one for you. If you want a story of a couple who go to a club designed for exhibitionists and voyeurs then please enjoy it!


Tony and Alicia met 5 years ago at a company Christmas party. Both had stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and begun talking, 3 hours later shivering and with numb feet they reentered the building to find the party had broken up and they were the only two left. Since that night they had hardly been apart a single day. Three years ago they married and moved into a quiet house in the country sitting on 5 acres of land. Their friends thought it was the perfect house for them because they both preferred the wide open spaces to city life and were always more comfortable in jeans and t-shirts. Tony and Alicia knew it was the perfect house for other reasons as well.

The property bordered wetlands which meant they had all the privacy they could have imagined as their nearest neighbors were over ½ a mile away. The 45 minute drive meant that their friends and family couldn't just drop in whenever they wanted and had to call first. Tony and Alicia took advantage of their new found privacy by sunbathing nude and skinny dipping in their large in ground pool as often as possible. On several occasions Tony and Alicia even bound one another too one of the lounge chairs teasing and fucking for hours.

Tony had just left the military when he started at the same company Alicia worked for in the sales and marketing department. He was 6'4" tall with an athletic but not overly muscular build. Alicia loved his deep blue eyes, long arms and large hands. He had a cocky attitude that she found attractive and felt that she and Tony were soul mates. She also loved his 7" cock which she nicknamed "the monster". After several years with the company Tony had become the sales and marketing manager, a position which required a bit of travel which ultimately turned out to be a very good thing.

Alicia was 5'9" with a long lean body, long blonde hair and voluptuous D cup breasts. Tony loved to comb, wash and stroke Alicia's long hair and made her promise more than one time not to ever cut it short. Alicia had grown up in the city she worked in but was always a bit of a tomboy. While she did prefer jeans and bare feet too dresses and heels she had a taste for tasteful and sexy lingerie which Tony enjoyed seeing her in. She started at the company as a bookkeeper and moved her way up getting her CPA just before meeting Tony on that fateful night.

To their friends Tony and Alicia were quiet and fairly average. None of them would expect that certain evenings of the week the couple would sit in their living room and watch porn or videos of themselves having sex on their 47" flat screen TV. Nor would they expect that when Alicia had the opportunity to accompany Tony on his business trips they would scout the area beforehand for new sexual adventures. It had started with trips to sex shops to buy toys and moved up from there. Tony and Alicia enjoyed expressing their love and trust of each other sexually. All one had to say to the other was "tonight I want to try something different" and no matter what it was the other went along with it willingly. Their trust for each other was so deep it didn't matter what the other suggested. After they tried something new the two would curl up in bed, or wherever they happened to be, and talk about what they had just done and what they enjoyed or didn't. It was rarely something they didn't enjoy.


Alicia awoke in the massive bed of the suite feeling wonderful. Tony and she had enjoyed a decent flight and an amazing afternoon in Las Vegas followed by an enjoyable reception. She only had to suffer slight embarrassment of people talking about the woman screaming with pleasure on one of the private balconies. Looking over at the clock on the nightstand Alicia knew that Tony had been in one of the training classes of the seminar for almost half an hour. As she climbed out of bed she reached and stretched still enjoying the slight tingling sensation in her ass from when Tony had cum inside her yesterday afternoon.

Strolling naked through the large suite Alicia looked through the room service menu. She ordered breakfast and relaxed in front of the TV watching the local weather report. Alicia was surprised how quickly the room service was delivered and had to scramble to the bathroom for one of their complimentary robes before opening the door. Of course as soon as the room service attendant left Alicia removed the robe again tossing it on the couch next to her. Before digging into her breakfast Alicia retrieved her cell phone from the nightstand as well. Both she and Tony had learned the embarrassing lesson of not telling of an unexpected return to the hotel room. During one of their last trips Tony brought a colleague back to the room to see something and he got an eye full of a very naked Alicia. Now Tony would text anytime he needed to come upstairs well before he got there.

After finishing breakfast Alicia decided to lay out on the balcony again. It was just coming up on prime tanning time and without Tony around she could use sun screen on her most delicate areas instead of wearing the g-string as she had done the previous day. Soon after finishing her breakfast Alicia walked outside with just a towel, a bottle of lotion and a bottle of sunscreen. Neither she nor Tony were big on tanning but Alicia like using his trips in the winter to get rid of her tan-lines. Tony never seemed to mind either. Alicia checked her cell phone and rubbed the lotion and sun screen on all the appropriate places. She had to remind herself as she put sunscreen around her pussy not to get too excited doing it, it wouldn't do her any good to have it all wash away as she put it on!

Alicia's mind wandered back to what they had done on this very lounge chair less than 24 hours earlier and after an hour when it came time to reapply her sunscreen she really couldn't seem to help herself. It had started innocently enough with her spreading the sunscreen on her nipples and having them get very hard and aching to her touch. Then she coated her clit with it and couldn't stop. Alicia rubbed her clit quickly with her right hand while tugging and teasing her nipples with her left. Her orgasm didn't take long at all as she relived her and Tony's tryst from the previous day. The two differences between yesterday and right now were she was alone and was able to remain much quieter.

When Alicia walked back into the suite 20 minutes after her orgasm she was shocked to see that the bed had been made up. Alicia looked back towards the lounge chair on the balcony and guessed that if the housekeeper had come in while she had been having fun they would have seen most of it. She had been concentrating so intently on her orgasm the housekeeper could have easily stood in the slider window and watched from a mere 3 feet away! Alicia was amazed how relaxed she was about that idea. She guessed that she had come to terms with the idea of some unknown person watching her have sex because of Tony and her plan to go to a club where people did just that. Rather than obsess over it Alicia went into the shower and came again imagining the housekeeper touching herself as she watched Alicia.

Later that night Alicia relived both of her orgasms with Tony telling him all the intimate details. After hearing Alicia's account, and with a little well placed rubbing of his pants, Alicia and Tony made their way out to the balcony again sending her voice screaming into the desert night.

Two nights after the seminar ended Tony and Alicia made their way to the club they had found online. While they always did stuff like this at his seminars they always made sure to do it after the seminar was over to lessen the chances of seeing anyone Tony may have met at the conference. During one trip Tony and Alicia had to sneak out of an adult movie theater as a couple guys Tony met that morning had ended up walking in the other entrance!

Alicia dressed for comfort picking out a light pink dress with a somewhat matching thong and demi bra while Tony wore a casual shirt, jeans and boxer briefs. To build up their nerve and resolve they split a bottle of wine before heading out. The driver seemed to know right where the club they were going to was located and almost appeared to size them up as he drove. They stood in front of the door for a moment holding hands tightly before walking in. The entry way was fairly plane with a nice brunette woman behind the counter who assisted them through check in.

The club was rather large and had several different areas depending on your particular interest. Alicia tried not to blush when she had to describe which area they wanted to go into. The brunette, Allison, was very friendly and put Alicia at ease informing her that all touching was consensual and that the other people would have to ask permission first but that most preferred to watch. She did warn Alicia that it wouldn't be uncommon to see someone watching them and openly touching themselves as they watched. While that thought made Alicia's stomach fill with butterflies it also excited her. That was after all the entire purpose of her coming with Tony on this trip.

Allison directed them through the appropriate door. The door opened into a large area with a number of open doorways on either side. There were no doors on the doorways just velvet ropes. In the middle area a number of couples in various states of undress roamed and mingled around looking into the rooms. Clutching Tony's hand Alicia and he walked forward to the first doorway. With her heart in her throat Alicia looked inside. There was only a bed inside the room but other than that it was empty. Going to the next doorway and looking in the story was a bit different. Inside the door was a shapely red head riding her lover reverse cowboy style while rubbing her clit with one hand and bringing her pert breast to her mouth with the other to lick. The woman looked up directly into Alicia's eyes and let out a loud wail as she orgasmed.

"Oh my God Tony," Alicia whispered excitedly, "I'm soaked already!"

"I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one enjoying this." Tony replied squeezing Alicia's hand.

They made their way past several other rooms watching the couples inside and growing more and more excited. Alicia had wished she had brought the eggs instead of leaving them in the hotel room. But as Tony pointed out the idea was to either be watched or wait to go back to the room. The eggs would only serve to release her sexual tension not his.

The two of them turned to walk to another room when Alicia saw a stunning strawberry blonde woman with her partner walking in their direction. She wore a black satin and lace push up demi with matching side string bikini. Alicia, who had always been bi-curious, instantly found her attractive. When the statuesque strawberry blonde made eye contact with Alicia she felt her stomach flutter and clenched Tony's hand tightly. The woman continued walking and when she neared Alicia she slowed momentarily, Alicia had already stopped in her tracks.

"Come and watch." The strawberry blonde whispered while almost sensually touching Alicia's free hand.

Alicia felt a shudder pass through her body as the woman touched her. Tony realized Alicia had stopped and turned to look back at her.

"What's going on?" He said to the back of Alicia's head as she watched the woman walk into one of the rooms with her partner.

"We have to go over to that room," Alicia said too softly for him to hear, "I want to see this."

"What did you say?" Tony asked stepping beside Alicia and following her gaze.

"That woman told me to come and watch her," Alicia said looking at the doorway to their room, "and the way she looked at me."

"How did she look at you?" Tony asked beginning to wonder if Alicia would get her first bi encounter.

"The same way you look at me just before you run upstairs and hide all my panties when you know I'm wearing a dress to go out." Alicia responded finally looking at Tony.

He understood and followed Alicia to the doorway the strawberry blonde had entered. When they got there Alicia stood in the center of the doorway watching, Tony stood closely behind her pulling her body to his. While Alicia could feel his hard cock pressing against her lower back her attention was focused on what was in front of her.

The shapely woman was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing only her black bikinis. Her partner was standing in front of her while she sucked and stroked his cock. Alicia followed her every movement. Behind Alicia Tony placed his hands on Alicia's hips pulling her body tightly to his and began to softly kiss Alicia's neck and ear. Alicia continued to watch intently growing ever more excited by the scene in front of her and Tony's attention.

"Do you like her?" Tony whispered in Alicia's ear.

"She's gorgeous." Alicia replied letting her hands roam over her body.

The strawberry blonde had her partner lay on the bed with his head closest to the doorway before removing her bikinis. Alicia immediately noticed the small tuft of strawberry blonde hair just above the woman's pussy, all she could think about was touching it.

Alicia's eyes covered the woman's body as she stood on the bed and walked around her partner eventually lowering herself onto his shaft facing the doorway. Alicia watched her every movement, every gyration and muscle contraction were studied by Alicia's watchful gaze. When the woman's orgasm began to build Alicia knew it and studied intently the look on her face and the movement of her hands over her body. Alicia wanted nothing more than to join her and be the one bringing her the pleasure she was currently experiencing. The strawberry blonde's eyes never left Alicia either, as Alicia studied her she studied Alicia and when she orgasmed their eyes locked. From the sound Alicia knew that the other woman had squirted splattering her cum over her partner's abdomen. All Alicia could think about was licking her clean.

Tony's hands were finding their way inside Alicia's dress and bra to her rock hard nipples. He knew that between sucking on a particular spot on her neck and toying with her nipples he could make Alicia cum.

"Oh Tony," Alicia moaned huskily, "I need you so bad."

"You may need me," Tony whispered finally finding Alicia's nipples, "but I think you want her."

Alicia couldn't even respond, her hands were rubbing her pussy through her dress and thong as she watched the strawberry blonde that was now on her back with her legs high in the air still watching Alicia intently.

"Uhhuhhuhhhhhhhhh!" Alicia groaned cumming hard.

Aftershocks ripped through Alicia's body while she watched the woman's pussy get hammered by her lover's cock. Their bodies slapped together like thunderous applause in the small room. The strawberry blonde's legs were held wide apart and through her and her partner's sounds and movements Alicia knew climax wasn't far off for both of them. By now Alicia's right hand had found its way behind her body and was rubbing Tony's hard cock through his pants. The man came first pushing with all of his weight inside the woman who tugged her own nipples hard with her fingers until she herself orgasmed again. He milked his cock into her pussy after setting her legs down and then crawled off her. Alicia watched as the woman slowly rolled onto her knees and then stood, her body mesmerized Alicia and before Alicia knew it the woman was standing in front of her separated from Alicia's body only by the velvet rope across the doorway.

"I'm glad you came to watch." The woman said lightly touching Alicia's hand again.

"You are so beautiful," Alicia said blushing at how frank she was being, "how could I not watch?"

"My name is Candace," she told Alicia letting her hand delicately glide up Alicia's arm, "hopefully I'll be able to watch you later."

"I'm Alicia." Alicia replied feeling Candace's fingers lightly touch the outside of her breast.

The light touch felt almost electric even through the material of her dress and bra. Then Candace leaned forward kissing Alicia softly on the lips. It was the first time Alicia had ever kissed another woman in that way. She was amazed how soft Candace's lips were and how elegantly they touched her own. Alicia found herself not wanting the quick but deeply sensual kiss to end; her body leaned forward slightly following Candace's mouth as it pulled away.

"Try the next room," Candace told Alicia, "you'll find the action in there even more intense. We'll see you in there soon."

"Okay Candace." Alicia replied softly.

As Alicia turned to walk away her fingers met Candace's again and lingered together even as their bodies moved further apart. Eventually they made their way to the next large room which had round beds surrounded by chairs. Just as Allison had described there were couples on the beds enjoying each other in every sense of the word while other couples watched and touched each other or themselves. Alicia could hardly contain her excitement as they watched a couple on one of the beds. He was quite muscular and was on his knees holding his partner up with his hands and cock while she had her legs wrapped around his hips and thrust down with all of her weight.

"Excited?" Tony whispered in Alicia's ear.

"You tell me!" Alicia replied pulling her dress bottom up enough to press Tony's hand against the saturated thong underneath.

"Holy shit you are soaked!" Tony replied rubbing Alicia through the thong.

It was then that Alicia saw Candace and her male friend enter the room. Candace had put her bikini bottoms back on but her bra was no where in sight. She gave Alicia a wink after making it obvious she saw where Tony's hand was and what he was doing. The woman riding the muscular man's cock let out a loud scream as she came and collapsed in the muscular man's arms. The man lowered the woman to the bed before pulling his cock out and shooting his cum over her body. Alicia was oblivious to it all as she could not take her eyes off Candace.

"Tony," Alicia whispered huskily, "we need to find that room."

"Now?" Tony asked slightly surprised.

"Yes now," Alicia said turning to look into his eyes, "or you're going to have to fuck me right here!"

Two months ago when they first went on the website to the club Alicia and Tony had discussed and agreed that if they decided to take part in being watched they would be most comfortable doing it in the third room of this section of the club. The third room had a massive bed on a pedestal that was surrounded by 2 way mirrors. The people inside the room would have no idea if they were being watched at all or if everyone was watching them. Tony and Alicia agreed that they would be far less nervous if they were not looking directly into the eyes of a total stranger else while they were having sex.

"It's over there to our right." Tony replied pulling his hand away from Alicia's pussy and guiding her towards the door.

"I hope it's empty because I don't know if I can wait!" Alicia said wantonly.

They walked through the door into the third section of the club. Before crossing into it Alicia looked over her shoulder and saw Candace watching them. She hoped deeply that Candace would come and watch.

Inside the third area Alicia and Tony's eyes adjusted to the darker room with three well lit mirrored chambers. They quickly saw that two of the rooms were occupied by couples in the throws of passion. The mirrors in the rooms allowed people to sit outside but see the couple on the bed from almost every angle. There were no ceilings on the rooms which allowed the audience to hear as well as see and the floors and bed were covered in an easily cleanable black material. A staff member was just vacating the unoccupied room with cleaning supplies. Alicia quickly pulled Tony in the direction of the empty room. Tony hadn't even closed the door behind them when Alicia's dress hit the floor. He quickly kicked off his shoes as Alicia pulled his shirt off. She was not just horny, she was ravenous. Tony knew this mood all too well; it was one he loved as Alicia was often insatiable when she was like this.

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