tagLoving WivesTony Stops By Ch. 01

Tony Stops By Ch. 01


I guess you could say life was good. I was making my way up the corporate ladder and had just been promoted. My wife Jill loved her job as well and things were pretty rosy. My wife and I met just after college, dated a couple years and then got married. We had been married five years, both having turned 30, when we decided we were at the point that we wanted to start a family. So we sold our condo in the city and found a great three bedroom home in a neighborhood near where I grew up. It was a modern home, outfitted with all sorts of cool gadgets and electronics. We could listen to music in any room of the house and on the porch through the speaker system and we had a video intercom system as well for every room in the house. The previous owners had a couple kids and they said it was a great way to keep track of them. We thought it would be great for us too since we wanted to start a family.

We were slowly putting the pieces of the house together and were out of the porch one early summer night having a cocktail when my wife came over and sat in my lap, gave me a kiss and said she felt like this was finally home. I was as happy as I could be. My wife was amazing, very attractive, petite, around 5-2, 110 and perky 34B chest, long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was very fit and had the flattest stomach and firmest ass of anyone I had ever been with or even seen for that matter. She was for lack of a better word, perfection to me.

We kissed a bit longer and she said she wanted to make a baby right now. Needless to say we never made it off the porch. It was the first time I had been with my wife without a condom, in fact it was the first time I had ever had sex without a condom. We had both been with a couple people before we met but I had always used protection. She said it was the first time she had sex without a condom as well and was equally thrilled by the different feeling. It was amazing how different it felt and I was done in record time. I apologized to my wife but she said it was fine, kissed me and said she understood and that we'd go for it again shortly. Which we did, and again, it wasn't long-lasting, but damn it felt great. She said she was getting what she wanted from the deal but I still did some other things to make sure she was sexually satisfied as well. We were far from sexual Olympians but we enjoyed each other. She loved kissing, always made each other happy orally and even though we weren't too adventuresome neither of us was a prude sexually either.

This went on for the next couple months, bareback sex that didn't last long but felt great. I had to make sure she had an orgasm before we had intercourse because I hadn't yet adjusted to the new sensations of her tight pussy and still hadn't gotten past 4-5 minutes inside her. There was just something about it that I couldn't hold back. She never complained because she was still having an orgasm and we were trying to get pregnant.

As the dead of summer heated up I got an email from my friend Tony. Everyone loved Tony, well everyone except his parents. Actually they loved him I'm sure; they just expected more of him. I went to junior high and high school with him and he was the most unique guy I knew. I was probably his best friend within our small group.

But Tony marched to his own drummer. I think everyone wishes, especially as they get older and work more and have families and such, that they had a little Tony in them. Tony was very free-spirited and the only organized part of his life was that he was totally unorganized. At least that is how it looked from the outside, but the reality is that for Tony it was his plan all along. He didn't like structure or play by any rules. He didn't really break any rules or laws either but even in high school if he wanted a drink, he'd have one, if he wanted to smoke some pot, he'd smoke it, but that was really about as far as his rule breaking went.

Tony was good-looking, kind of boy next door, incredibly bright and as fun as you could be. Everyone had fun around Tony, he wouldn't have it any other way. At 17 he invented some computer thingy-majiggy and sold it for a lot of money. If he'd had any business sense he would have held on a bit, hired a lawyer and sold it for a fortune. But he made good money from it and was kind of living off residuals. Plus he had come up with a few more things from time to time that he sold off. He traveled the world, went surfing, skiing, sky-diving, lived on beach for a while, in a cabin, etc. He just wanted to see the world. In the entire time I've known him he never had a girlfriend and said he didn't want one, it would just slow him down and may give him reason to change his grand plans. His parents were upset he didn't go to college. They knew he had the brains to be a doctor, lawyer, politician, whatever... he just didn't want to. He left home after graduation and set his unorganized course to see the world.

I mostly kept tabs on him from Facebook or an occasional email. I'd see where he was and what he was doing. He'd come back home usually twice a year, mostly because he had two younger sisters that adored him and he them and he wanted to spend some time with them. We'd always catch up and have dinner and hang out a bit. He came back for my wedding, another friend's wedding and a few other situations as well from time to time.

Anyway, Tony said he'd be in town the following week and wanted to catch up. I told my wife we should have him over to see the new house and we could cook dinner. She said that was fine. She didn't know him that well other than when he came to our wedding and a couple dinners when he was in town. Like everyone else she thought he was fun to be around and was a nice guy but also felt like he was kind of wasting away his life with no true direction. My wife wasn't a buzz kill but she liked having a plan.

It was a Friday night that Tony came over. We only live a couple blocks from where his parents lived so it was very convenient. He loved the house, we shot the breeze, he told us some stories from his travel that kept both my wife and I glued to his words. Like I said, everyone wished they had a little Tony in their life. After dinner we went out on the screened porch and had some more drinks and chatted. It was still hot and muggy even at 9 at night so the drinks were needed. I decided I'd switch over to liquor and Tony said he was good with that plan too. I asked what he wanted and he asked what we had. That was a good question as I wasn't sure. I turned on the intercom system and said I'd tell him what we had from inside and he could tell me what he wanted. I went inside and ran down our inventory list to them through the speakers and they both answered that a vodka grapefruit sounded great... ahh the beauty of technology.

After another couple drinks Tony asked if we minded if he smoked a joint but that it was no big deal if it was a problem. We both shrugged at each other and were probably too drunk to really care. My wife said as long as it stays outside. So he had one as we finished up our conversation. It was about 10:30 and my head was spinning and I could tell Jill was feeling it as well. Tony noticed and said he better head on back to his parent's house. We said our good-byes and he started walking back. My wife and I cleaned up a bit and headed up to bed. She asked if I wanted to get frisky and I was so tired I told her I'd take a rain check. She was fine with that so we got ready for bed. I stripped down to my boxers and she took off everything but her thong and I just admired her butt from behind as she stood at the dresser looking for a t-shirt. She found one of my oversized ones and put it on and got in bed. We kissed good night and just as I was turning over we heard the door bell ring. We looked at each other and I got up and said I'll check it out.

It was Tony and he said he got in an argument with his parents as soon as he walked in the door and wanted to know if he could crash at our place. I said sure and said he could have a guest room or the couch, whatever he wanted. I asked if he wanted to talk about it and he said no, he'd rather not. He was still on West Coast time so he asked if he could have another drink or two and just hang out on the porch as he wasn't tired. I told him sure, help himself to whatever and I'd see him in the morning. He thanked me and I headed back upstairs.

I told Jill what happened and that Tony got into an argument with his parents and we both thought it sucked that they all didn't get along better. I kissed her again and rolled over and was out like a light. I woke up later, my head spinning and ears ringing. I had to piss and got up to use the bathroom and after I got back in bed and rolled over I realized Jill wasn't in bed. She wasn't in the bathroom either. I started to hear what sounded like people talking and realized it was coming from the intercom speaker in the bedroom. I got up and went over to it and turned up the volume a bit. It was Jill and Tony voices but I couldn't really make out what they were saying.

Then I heard my wife say, "Oh my God". Then it was quiet. What was she Oh my Godding I wondered. I realized I could turn on the video monitor too and had to hit the button a few times and couldn't find where they were in the house as all the rooms seemed empty. I went through them again slower and stopped when I got to the view of the porch. I couldn't see bodies but there was something in the corner of the screen on the floor. I looked at it and then it dawned on me that it was my wife's t-shirt. What in the world. I could see everything in the room except for one lounge like couch that was back against a side wall. It was still quiet but I did hear faint noises. Were they kissing? Is that her t-shirt? Is my wife naked downstairs kissing my friend I wondered? There's no way. My stomach felt empty as I headed downstairs to see what was going on.

I was quiet as I approached the kitchen and could see outside to the porch. At my angle I could see most of them but they could not see me. And what I saw made my jaw drop. Tony was smoking a joint as my wife's head was bobbing in his lap. She was sucking his cock and it was obvious he was enjoying it. After a minute or so she raised her head and he put the joint to her lips and she smoked some and then they kissed for a bit before she went back to his cock. Her body was blocking his cock from my view but there was no doubt what was going on. On the floor I could see her t-shirt bunched up.

This spectacle went on for about 15 minutes, her sucking, smoking and them kissing. Then I saw his hand reach behind my wife saw her body wiggle a bit and next thing I knew he had her thong in his hands and he tossed it over to the floor where it landed by her t-shirt. She got up and straddled his lap as they started kissing again, slow but with passion and my gut felt like it was getting punched over and over. I went to the kitchen intercom video monitor, which was the master, and turned on the video screen and moved the camera to where they were now in the middle of the screen and I could see everything and also be sure they couldn't see me.

I watched as my wife leaned her firm ass back on Tony's knees as he expertly massaged her breasts as her head went back and side-to-side. Fuck she looked gorgeous like that. Then he started fingering her with one hand and she was moaning in ecstasy. My cock was straining in my boxers as I watched this unfold. What was happening and why was I letting it? And why did I drink so much?

Then my wife reached down and pulled Tony's cock up from between her legs. Now I understood what the "Oh my God" was from. That couldn't be real. I know I am not big, about 5", but that looked enormous, maybe 8, 9 even 10 inches long and very thick. She started massaging it and stroking it with both hands as he kept saying, "that's it, that's it" as she moaned to his continued digital work on her pussy. She had both hands stroking it up and down and there was still visible cock. Then she started arching her back and thrusting her hips towards him and she had an orgasm that I had never seen before, she was bucking and shaking and then she leaned into him and they kissed again as her body recovered from what Tony had just done to it.

My wife's body glistened with sweat and post-orgasm bliss. It still had to be hot outside and after that it was even hotter I'm sure. My wife stood up, moved even closer to Tony and reached down for his cock again and started giving it the two-hand treatment he had already enjoyed. And in the most clear words I had heard since this started, over the intercom came the words, "I want you to fuck me."

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cuck shit.

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re: Annette

Why, do they gang bang you silly? I bet you're having a good time with all your holes filled to capacity. Right?

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I love my husbands friends

I love it when my husbands friends drop by, always a good, hot time. Well done xoxoxo Annette

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So the asshole needs to crash and ends up fucking his buddy's wife.... some friend...

...time to change the world population a bit by reducing it by the count of one selfish asshole. Oh, and "I want a baby" just proved to not be mommy material.
Oopsie! Big mistake. Marriage over.
And thismore...

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