tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTony Surprises Alicia

Tony Surprises Alicia


Tony stood anxiously in his back yard looking up at the full moon. Earlier in the day he had shut off the breaker to the lights in the back taking the first step to his plan. The squeaking hinge had even been oiled something he had been meaning to do for quite a while. He had complained about the squeak a few times over the past week to help throw Alicia off from his plan.

It had all started innocently enough. Shortly after Alicia and Tony had become intimate they began sharing their erotic dreams with each other. When they shared them it never failed, they would both get very hot and bothered and would act out the dream together. The dream that brought this on was different though. Alicia had shared it in great detail to Tony almost 6 months before. What made this dream different was the fact that the dream involved him breaking into the house pulling her out of the shower and attacking her. In the dream he wore a mask and she had no idea who he was. He had duct taped her wrists, had slapped her ass when she didn't cooperate immediately and called her names. The dream scared and excited both of them. A week later Tony began making plans for this very night because he would only get one shot at doing it right.

Three months ago he had bought the black boots and black cargo pants he had on now at an Army Navy store and hid them in the garage. He had picked up the black leather gloves and long sleeve black turtleneck at a local chain store just a week before about the same time he had made arrangements to have the dogs stay over a friend's house for the night. It certainly wouldn't do to have him sneak into the house only to have the dogs wagging their tails looking for attention! The big thing was getting ready for the big night. Tony told Alicia that he was working late and not to wait up. He had worked late a couple nights during the month so even that wasn't a surprise. After work he parked a block away from the house at dusk and walked to the house cutting through a wooded lot to come out behind the garage. Their back yard was very private and partially bordered wetlands so Tony could work his way to his house without anyone noticing. Alicia was already home and of course had chosen then to call him on his cell phone and check in. The conversation went fine and she had no idea that he was only fifty feet away!

Tony pulled his black clothing out of the backpack he stashed in the garage and changed into them keeping a wary eye on the back door of the house. The last thing he could do was have her come out to the garage unexpectedly to ruin what he had been planning for so long. He tried to relax for an hour as the cloudless night got darker. Tony checked his cargo pocket a half dozen times making sure the roll of silver duct tape was easily accessible. Eventually he watched as the bedroom light upstairs was turned on. Tony knew that meant Alicia would be taking her shower soon. He had contemplated pulling her out of the shower like in her dream but thought she might realize it was him. Instead he would wait until after her shower. When he saw the bathroom light turn on Tony slipped out of the garage and walked quickly but quietly to the back door. The screen door was unlocked and opened easily. He used the piston stop to keep the door open and checked the back door. Alicia had locked it so he used his key to unlock it. Tony took one of the credit cards from his wallet and pushed it between the latch and door frame. He used a heavy duty rubber band and wrapped it around the knob using a thumb tack to hook the door to the frame. It would look locked to Alicia but would open quietly and quickly when he needed to "break" in. Best yet the door would close relatively quietly behind him and be locked again.

Alicia showered completely oblivious to anything Tony was planning downstairs. She didn't like it when he worked late but he didn't do it too often so it wasn't a major concern yet. If it went on further though she'd have to put her foot down. Alicia relaxed in the steaming shower taking a few extra minutes to pamper herself. She sat on the edge of the tub shaving herself allowing her fingers to linger around her pussy when she was done. Despite their active sex life neither one of them had given up self pleasure. It wasn't uncommon for either of them to watch the other masturbate. Alicia frowned a little at the thought of masturbating alone but continued on anyways. She came hard leaving herself breathless and tingling.

"I wish Tony was here." Alicia said quietly as she dried herself and savored an aftershock.

Alicia wrapped her hair in a towel and walked into the bedroom. She pulled on an oversized green cotton sleep shirt and a long cotton robe before heading downstairs. It was getting late, she thought about calling Tony again as she walked into the kitchen but decided against it. She had no idea that Tony stood a mere six feet away and was now pulling on a black wool ski mask. In the minutes before she had come downstairs he had taken some camouflage cream that he had picked up in a hunting supply store and blackened out his eyes and mouth.

Tony squatted with a hand on the door knob and waited for the opportunity he needed. He could see his hapless victim going about her business in the kitchen and felt his heart pounding in his chest. Just the idea of what he was going to do started to get him hard. Tony reached up with his right hand and undid the rubber band from around the frame. Alicia was almost done and soon would walk right past the door with her back to it. He watched for a moment as she pulled the towel off her head and tossed it over her shoulder. She flipped the kitchen light off so the room was now only lit by the light in the livingroom. Tony pushed the door open quietly and stepped inside closing it just as quietly as he entered. His heart was in his throat as he approached her. He was now inches from her and she still had no idea.

He had thought out his movements for this very moment for the past few months but now that it was time to do it Tony was wondering if he could. Alicia and he had done some light bondage but nothing like this. Tonight he would be grabbing her and taking her against her will, she would have no idea it was him. He knew that in order for it to live up to her fantasy that he'd have to make it good but also knew deep down it would be a stretch for him. With his window of opportunity rapidly closing Tony sprung.

Tony's right arm went around Alicia's side pulling her back by her midsection hard into his body almost knocking the wind out of her. His left hand grabbed and twisted into her long blond hair. The towel on her shoulder fell to the floor at her feet. Alicia was breathless needing to stand on her toes while in his grasp.

"Not a FUCKING word!" Tony growled in her ear. "You open your mouth and I WILL fucking kill you!"

"No please!" Alicia begged.

"I said SHUT UP!" Tony said in a deep voice so she wouldn't recognize it as he yanked her hair back sharply. "You fucking little slut."

Tony held Alicia tight by her hair and ripped her robe open with his other hand. He could see tears welling up in her eyes and wondered if he should stop. There was a voice in his mind that told him if he stopped she would be relieved but then disappointed that he had ended it. He knew she wanted this to happen and when it was over she'd thank him for it. With the robe pulled open Tony reached around and roughly grabbed Alicia's left breast squeezing it and making her wince.

"You like that slut? Tony said roughly man handling her breasts. "You're going to like what I do to you even more!"

"Please," Alicia pleaded, "my husband will be home soon."

"I SAID SHUT UP SLUT!" Tony growled loudly while pushing Alicia forward and smacking her ass hard through the sleep shirt.

Tony held her tight, twisting his hand in her hair, ripping the robe off with his free hand. He was a bit surprised to see the sleep shirt underneath. Typically Alicia slept naked and didn't often wear anything other than a robe after her shower. He pulled her back into his body positioning his mouth next to her ear.

"Don't you fucking move." He whispered hoarsely.

Releasing her hair Tony reached with both gloved hands around Alicia's front grasping the deep V neck of her sleep shirt. He pulled hard amazed that the material of the sleep shirt gave way. It tore down to her belly allowing Tony to yank it off her shoulders and shove it to the floor at her feet.

Alicia sobbed quietly to afraid to move. She couldn't believe this was happening. They lived in a quiet country area where everyone knew everyone else. How could this be happening? She felt the man behind her pull her arms back crossing her forearms behind her back.

"Please." Alicia said weakly feeling the tears stream down her face.

A gloved hand held her wrists together like a leather vise.

"I said shut up slut!" Her attacker hissed. "You're going to fucking love this you fucking slut!"

Tony fished the silver duct tape from his right thigh pocket and pulled out a length. Alicia heard the sharp sound of the tape being pulled and immediately recognized it. She tried to struggle but was slapped hard on the ass for her efforts.

"I SAID DON'T FUCKING MOVE!" He bellowed from behind her.

She felt the tape being wrapped tightly around her wrists. Her attacker thrust her towards the kitchen table which slid as her thighs crashed into it. The attacker was right on her grabbing her with his right hand and pushing her forward with his left until she was leaning over the table helpless.

"Look at you." He grumbled taunting her. "You slut, you're fucking soaked."

Alicia felt his bare hand roughly rub through her pussy and clit. She was shocked to feel how right he was. Her pussy was soaked and swollen. Here she was in fear for her life while her pussy had a mind of its own. The attacker slipped two fingers into her without effort.

"I told you that you'd love this," Tony growled lowly, "didn't I?" Alicia couldn't speak. "DIDN'T I?"He bellowed as he hammered her pussy with his fingers.

"No," Alicia pleaded, "it's not what you think! Please don't! Please stop!"

Her words betrayed her real feelings, Alicia was on the verge of orgasm. Even her hips started rocking with each hard thrust.

"That's right slut," his low cocky voice oozed, "tell me anything you want while you cum. Tell me how you hate it while you cover my hand with your slut juice!"

Tony watched and marveled in Alicia's reactions. He reached up with his left hand and grasped her hair again tugging her backwards. That was all she needed to push her over the edge. Tony watched Alicia's entire body tense as she tried to hold back her orgasm. She tried to shake her head back and forth, to do anything that might stop the waves of passion from overwhelming her, but it was no use.

"Pleeeaassseeeeeee NOOOOOOOO!" Alicia screamed as she came hard against Tony's rapidly moving hand.

Tony slowly released Alicia's hair setting her head down on the table gently; she was too far gone to notice this act of kindness. She was still fearful for her life and had no idea when her attacker would finally leave her be. That's when she heard his zipper being undone.

"Please God no!" Alayna cried despite the yearning in her pussy.

Tony was almost too lost in what was going on to notice. Despite his original reservations it was obvious that she was sexually enjoying this. He leveled his rock hard cock at her pussy and grabbed her hip with his left hand.

"You're really going to love this you fucking slut!" Tony groaned ramming his cock into her pussy in one hard thrust.

"No! Please! No!" Alicia grunted with each hard thrust.

Tony's hand twisted into her hair again yanking her back with each bludgeoning thrust forward. He could see the distorted reflection of Alicia's face in the kitchen window in front of them as he fucked her. Tony would have loved to do all the other things that she loved right now like teasing her ass or spanking her but he knew that Alicia would eventually realize that no attacker would know how to drive her wild like that.

"I told you slut didn't I?" Tony barked barely remembering to keep his voice deep and unrecognizable. "Didn't I you fucking SLUT!?!" He bellowed.

"NOOOO!" Alicia screamed hardly meaning it.

It was no use Alicia was on the verge of another massive orgasm and this one would be even stronger than the first one. Her attacker's cock was hammering her pussy mercilessly impaling her with each violent thrust. It hadn't helped that she was in the mood for just that this evening. After the orgasm in her shower she had hoped to be able to stay up until Tony got home and have him fuck her raw. Now she was being fucked like that but by a total stranger that may actually kill her when he was done. Alicia was disgusted with herself as the fear she felt added to her excitement. She tried desperately to keep from cumming. Whenever she tried to move her feet in to protect her battered pussy his large boot would kick them further apart.

"UUGGGHHHHH GOD NO!" Alicia groaned loudly cumming so hard it hurt.

Tony pushed his cock deep inside Alicia letting her ride out her orgasm.

"You slut." He said over and over again as one aftershock led to another.

As her attacker pulled his massive cock from her pussy Alicia felt relief but also the incredible emptiness.

Alicia's attacker pulled her up to her feet by her hair and shoulder standing her up against while still pressing her thighs against the kitchen table. His right hand came around again and roughly teased her breasts and nipples until they ached. She wanted to look down and see his hand which she knew was no longer gloved but he was holding onto her hair too firmly. The only thing she could see was the ceiling and a bit of his black wool mask.

"Please," she said softly, "my husband will be home soon."

"Does he know what kind of a slut you are?" Her attacker asked with an evil laugh. "How you came so hard while being fucked by a complete stranger?"

"No it wasn't that." Alicia cried. "It's not what you think."

Her attacker spun her around so quickly Alicia almost fell. Suddenly he was facing her but he quickly obscured her vision with his gloved hand while grabbing her ass hard with his right. He pushed her back onto the table until she was laying back. Alicia pulled her legs up squeezing her thighs together tightly trying to protect herself. Unfortunately by squeezing her thighs Alicia had another sharp aftershock that took her breath away.

She wondered how she could ever explain her body's reactions to Tony. He had always been all she ever needed. Amazingly enough he had been her first but their closeness and openness had brought them far beyond vanilla sex. They enjoyed experimenting together and she knew he was all she ever needed. Now she was being attacked and degraded in her own home by a stranger who saw her as nothing but something to use and discard and her body was reacting to it in a way she felt it shouldn't. Alicia heard the sharp pull of duct tape again and wondered what was next. She had closed her eyes when her attacker had pressed his fingertips against them and had yet been able to bring herself to open them. She felt the duct tape being wrapped around her thigh and ankle pinning them together tightly. Another strip was pulled. Then another which she felt being wrapped around her other thigh binding her upper thigh and ankle together. She tried to pull them together but it was only a token effort, there was no way she could protect herself. Her inner thighs ached already.

"So you never told me," came her attacker's low grumbling voice, "does your husband know what kind of a real slut you are?"

"Please sir don't." Alicia replied.

"I'll bet he fucks that ass of yours too." He taunted pulling her closer to him until her ass hung almost completely off the table.

"No please." Alicia pleaded.

She could feel his hands grasping her knees and begin to pry them apart. Alicia tried to resist but her energy was almost completely spent. Her inner thighs were almost cramping from being held together so tightly and trying to pull them together when he fucked her earlier. They burned and strained under the intense pressure. She felt the head of his cock poke against her asshole and momentarily lost concentration. Before she knew it her thighs were spread wide open and his cock was again being rubbed against her pussy. It wasn't done to tease her and she knew it. A moment later she was once again impaled on his hard shaft.

Tony had wanted to fuck Alicia's ass. Under normal circumstances she would have loved nothing more but he knew that tonight she would resist which would only hurt both of them. So instead he thrust his cock into her pussy again and would be completely satisfied filling her with his cum.

"Please!" Alicia pleaded one more time.

"Shut up slut!" He growled at her reaching up and squeezing her left breast hard. "I'm going to fuck you like a slut should be fucked, not like that faggot husband of yours does it."

Alicia winced in pain as his fingers pinched her nipple hard and squeezed her breast. He began ramming her again with his rock hard cock bludgeoning her pussy. She had no more energy to fight him but could not let him know that she was enjoying it. Alicia kept her eyes locked tight only allowing herself to grunt slightly with each ravaging thrust. Her body ached all over. Her hands were pinned under her rubbing against the table and her back while her shoulders were pushed awkwardly upwards. The only sounds that filled the room were of his body slapping into hers and his animalistic grunts. He wasn't fucking her for her enjoyment; he was fucking her for his. She just happened to be enjoying it and she hated herself for it. One more time she felt her orgasm approaching. She didn't think she had it in her after his first violent fucking but she did. Alicia knew it would be huge, still bigger than either of the previous two. She couldn't think she could only react. At that it wasn't a mental reaction it was purely physical. She had become an animal in response to the animalistic fucking she was receiving.

"UUGGGGGGHHHHH YOU FUCKING SLUUTTTTTTT!" Her attacker bellowed loudly as he pushed into her with all of his weight pressing into her and came.

"Noooooo PLEEAASSSSEEEEEE!" Alicia screamed as she orgasmed.

They tensed and convulsed together as their juices exploded out of their bodies. He thrust into her several more times just as hard milking the last vestiges of cum from his body and depositing them inside her. Alicia could feel the steady stream of warm bodily fluid seeping from her pussy down her ass and back. He collapsed laying his head on her heaving chest eventually slipping out of her pussy.

"Please," Alicia said breathlessly struggling to form words, "you need to let me go. I won't tell anyone just please don't hurt me."

Tony could hear the genuine fear in her voice. He only needed another moment before he ended the dream for her.

"Why?" He taunted in his gravely voice. "If I left we wouldn't be able to have any more fun. You're not done being fucked. I'll bet that slut pussy of yours wants more!"

"No please!" Alicia replied as her body trembled uncontrollably. "My husband, please."

"I thought I might come back," his taunting continued, "you seemed to enjoy this soooooo much. What do you think slut? Tomorrow night I'll come and do the same and your hubby can watch."

"No you can't!" Alicia cried clenching her pussy tightly. "Please just go. PLEASE!"

Tony reached up and pulled off his mask and removed the glove on his left hand. His voice took a slightly kinder tone as he tugged on the tape on Alicia's left leg. He had placed the first strip of tape sticky side out to keep it from tearing her flesh and placed another strip over the top of it sticky side in so if she looked she would be none the wiser.

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