tagInterracial LoveTonya's First Time as a Sex Slave

Tonya's First Time as a Sex Slave


(My girlfriend Tonya is a very hot and sexy 22 year old with a tight body and a cute butt. She stands 5'3" with large brown eyes and brown hair that hangs to her shoulders. She has very large breasts for a petite woman and her measurements are 36-23-34. She recently finished telling me what she had been doing to complete the sexual tasks I gave her.)

Tonya was just so damn busy lately that she could not think straight! She was babysitting from 5:30 a.m. until time for school and then off to class and then back to babysitting until bedtime and then she had to wake up at 1:30 a.m. to let the last child go back home. She was not only feeling tired but also horny. She had not seen her lover in months and she had not had any for several weeks. She was young and had needs. She was tired of masturbating and she needed a cock!

Tonya had a lover that had often thought up different things for Tonya to do sexually since she had agreed to be his sex slave. It was all in fun because she could not truly submit to him as she was too far away from him and she would not submit to any man in real life. She was strong, attractive and nobody's fool. Tonya had made her own way through the hard times and now things were starting to really look up for her and her young daughter Alyssa.

She said that she loved him but she was not going to give up her independence to him really, just for fun. He knew this too when she refused to sign his slave contract and also when she refused to dress as he asked, because she was not going to be a "slut" in front of her daughter. He knew this and assured her that it was all just for fun and if it was not going to be fun for her then they would not play.

Tonya recalled with a tingling and readily dampening crotch the four different scenarios he had thought up for her and how enjoyable they had been. In fact she had had many mind-blowing orgasms and had enjoyed her new found sexuality. In the first one she had, at his direction, gone to the local truck stop and picked-up a truck driver and had, with the help of her friend Beth, sucked his cock and fucked him in the back of his truck. She had enjoyed the hard fucking he had given her and had cum on his cock.

Her second task was to find and have sex with another woman. Tonya liked the idea but was a bit hesitant until she met up with a young lesbian woman. She had taken the sweet and innocent Tonya back to her house and had given her several extreme orgasms with her mouth, fingers and then with a strap on cock. She had even had Tonya cum for her in front of a group of onlookers. That was such a turn-on for Tonya that she could count that as one of her best orgasms ever.

Then there was the threesome. Tonya had hooked up with a black guy named Freak with a large cock and his white average hung friend. She had sucked them both, fucked them both and had had no less than three great orgasms with them.

Lastly, Tonya had started a short but truly wonderful relationship with a stripper named Ginger. Ginger and Tonya had really hit it off together and neither of them could get enough of each other's hot bodies. Tonya was genuinely addicted to Ginger's sweet and completely shaved pussy. She loved licking it, sucking it and making Ginger cum with her mouth. Of course the orgasms that Ginger gave Tonya were some of the best she had ever had as well. Even better than with any man's cock, even her lover's cock she finally admitted.

But she was in love with her boyfriend and lover Jeff and she had readily agreed that she wanted to be his sex slave and would do mostly anything for him, and that was the most difficult task. While she had enjoyed her threesome with Freak and his buddy, she had said she would not do them again, though she would not say why. This had given him an idea. He told Tonya, his love and his sweetie, that if she was going to honestly be his sex slave she would have to be available anytime for Freak, his buddy and anyone they brought along. Tonya said she would do it, because she loved to please him but also because Tonya just felt so wicked and naughty having her hot and sexy body available to these two guys. She agreed to do it and said "anytime" but she did not know what this really meant.

Tonya got her first test of "anytime" on a Thursday afternoon. She had just returned home from school and had sent her assistant home. She had just put the last of the four children, in her care, and her daughter down for their afternoon naps when she heard a knock on the door. Tonya was not expecting anyone so she went and opened the door. There standing in the cold and blowy winter weather, on her front porch, were Freak and his friend Dave.

"Hey Freak, Hey Dave, what's up?" She asked.

"Hey Tonya. We were just in the neighborhood and we want to tap that thing of yours momma." Freak replied.

"Um, ah...this is not a good time for me. Ah, the kids are all just taking their naps and I am really tired." She replied with both excitement and regret.

"But you said anytime!" Freak replied as he stroked his hand down her face gently.

"I did but ...okay but you have to be really quiet." She cautioned as she led them both inside and into her living room that was scattered with toys.

"Give me a minute to clean up and then we can play." She said as she left them on the couch and went to the bathroom to clean herself up.

Tonya felt very nervous and excited as she washed and dried her sparsely haired pussy that was tingling with excitement. She then brushed her teeth and hair and gave herself a quick shot of cologne. Tonya walked into the living room and found both Freak and Dave playing with baby toys while waiting for her. She asked them to follow her and she took them both into her brother's basement bedroom downstairs. As she led them down the stairs Freak rubbed and squeezed her sexy swaying ass.

Once downstairs Tonya helped Freak out of his clothes as Dave undressed her and then himself. Tonya felt nervous, shy but very turned on standing naked in front of these two men. Tonya bent over and started licking the tip of Freaks partially erect cock. This caused her shapely butt to be right in Dave's face. A large drop of clear precum appeared on the tip and she licked it right up savoring the sweet taste. As she was bent over she felt Dave approach her from behind with his erect cock. He nudged it around between her open thighs until she finally grasped it and pointed it between her wet pussy lips. Dave pushed and gradually his entire length was nestled within her snug little pussy. As soon as he was buried inside her he grasped her hips and started thrusting his cock into her wonderfully warm cunt.

Freak watched as Dave fucked the beautiful Tonya and he grasped her head and began fucking her lovely mouth as she drooled on his large fully erect black cock. Tonya loved the feeling of having a man in her mouth and one embedded inside her hungry pussy and she pumped her hips backward trying to force more of Dave cock inside her. Dave came first and Tonya felt his cock swelling inside her as his orgasm approached and she was almost there herself. Dave came inside Tonya's warm and wet cunt inside a latex condom. After a few more pumps he pulled out of her and Tonya felt emptiness inside her womanhood.

"Oh Freak, give me your cock baby!" Tonya begged as Freak withdrew from her mouth and rolled a Magnum condom onto his 9 inch black cock. She lay back onto her brother's bed and Freak quickly mounted her young white body and began easing his thick member into her tight little hole.

"Ah...slowly Freak, slowly." She moaned as Freak continued his assault on her. Soon his entire cock was inside the moaning Tonya and Freak began to pump her hard and fast. Her young soft white thighs were wrapped around the thickly muscled back of her ebony lover. Tonya began moaning and cumming as soon as Freak began pumping her as Dave watched with delight and voyeuristic fascination. Tonya orgasmed twice on Freak's large cock before she felt the head swell further within her tight wet confines of her pussy. She knew he was going to cum and this pushed her further into her third orgasm. Freak came with four deep thrusts that banged her

cervix and then laid his sweaty body on top of hers. Tonya loved the feel of the large black man on top of her and also the large black cock deeply embedded inside of her. Much deeper than any man had ever been in her before. She was enjoying the warm sexual after glow when she heard a noise upstairs.

"Quick, get off me." She ordered Freak and he pulled his now deflating dick from her cunt and she felt her own juices flowing out at the same time.

"You guys get dressed and let yourselves out the back door." She said as she stood up and found her panties on the floor. She swiftly pulled them up her bruised thighs and located her jeans bunched in a pile. At the same time Freak and Dave were getting dressed. As the three of them finished dressing Freak and Dave held up the two used and filled condoms.

"What do we do with these?" Freak asked as he held it before Tonya's pretty but flushed face.

"Tie them off and give them to me." She relied as she ran her fingers through her hair trying to look presentable for her charges upstairs.

Freak grasped the end of the large and stretched rubber and tied it off so that his large ejaculation would not pour out. Dave did the same with the much smaller Trojan and both of them handed the still sticky rubbers to the out stretched hand of Tonya. She examined both filled condoms as she held them.

"God you guys cum a lot!" She exclaimed with a grin as she ushered them towards the door.

"That was just great shorty, how about tonight?" Freak asked. "We want to bring around Marcus for sum o'dat great little snatch of yours."

"Whatever you want babe." She replied as she pushed them out the door and she began climbing the rest of the stairs up to her kitchen. She hid the two sperm filled rubbers in her left hand as she pushed open the basement door with her right.

Tonya left the bathroom and found 2 of the five children that she watched were awake and in need of changing for they both were very wet. Tonya thought to herself as she went about her tasks that this was not the glamorous life of a sex queen that she thought that they lived and she laughed out loud. She wanted a cigarette after the great sex as they always tasted great after sex but there were little children to watch.

The day was uneventful but all day long Tonya's pussy felt kind of tingly and a little sore from the hard fucking she had received from Freak, not a bad sore a good sore as it reminded her that she had been fucked and she liked that. At one point while sitting with the kids watching TV she began to daydream about good Freak's thick black cock felt inside her pussy and how she liked being filled with his hardness. She felt herself starting to become aroused but Alyssa's cries awoke her from her dream, Timmy was pulling her hair and Tonya had to leap up and stop it once again.

At seven o'clock Tonya marveled at how the day had gone. She had been paid by all of the mothers as it was Friday. She had paid her assistants and her brother was gone for the evening. Alyssa's Dad came and picked her up for an overnight visit with him and his mother, who he still lived with. She did not have the little boy whose mother stripped as she was sick and kept him with her this evening. Tonya had eaten with the kids and had just taken a nice hot bath. She had relaxed in the tub and washed her hair. She had shaved her legs and trimmed her pussy hair into a neat little patch.

Tonya was thinking about how nice it was to have a little time to herself and just relax in front of the TV. She was not convinced that Freak and Dave were going to be back that day, hey, guys are that way. She thought to herself. She was considering calling someone and going out for the evening maybe go to the Club and see Ginger when there was a knock at her front door. Tonya pulled her bathrobe around her naked body and went to the front door. She peeped through the peephole and there was Dave and Freak on the front porch. Hey now that will keep me busy tonight she thought as she unlocked the door. The cold winter wind slapped her in the face a she saw the two huddle men on her front porch.

"Hey Freak, hey Dave, come on in. Where's the other guy?" Tonya asked as she ushered them into her living room and shut and locked the door behind them.

"Hey Tonya." They both replied as they came inside and tried to shake off the cold Indiana winter.

"Marcus loaned us his ride to come see if you wanted to go party with us at his crib." Said Freak as he stepped closer to Tonya and hugged her young and sexy body. His hands immediately went down her back and began rubbing her cute little butt. Tonya liked the embrace and his squeezing of her buns excited her.

"Sure, I was just sitting here all alone, I would like that. Why don't you guys sit down and I'll go get dressed?" She offered as she tilted her head upward and Freak kissed her snaking his tongue into her open mouth.

"We don't have to go right now maybe we should fuck first." Replied Freak as his hands snuck inside of her robe and he grabbed one of her large but firm breasts in each hand. Tonya moaned into Freak's mouth as his hands squeezed and stroked her soft boobs.

"No Freak, Marcus wants us to come right back, we can tap her later." Replied Dave as he came up behind Tonya and began rubbing her ass through her robe the same as Freak had done. Tonya was now feeling her young pussy beginning to moisten and she wanted to have sex with both of them right now.

"Okay, right." Said Freak as his fingers found Tonya's perky nipples and began to run his finger over the pebbly surface. Tonya was ready and allowed the two men to molest her rapidly warming body. But for some reason both of the guys backed off and Tonya found herself turned on and ready but standing by herself.

Tonya left the guys watching TV and went into her room to dress. Because it was winter in Indiana she debated dressing sexy or dressing warm but she new that she should be smart and dressed in a pair of white panties with red hearts on them, a gift from Jeff, a pair of jeans, a lacy bra and a pull over sweater. She put on make-up, perfume, and brushed her long and soft hair. She looked at herself closely in the mirror and she noticed how flushed her face and neck were and she knew it was because she was going to go out and have sex with three men.

Tonya walked out of the bedroom, pulling her winter coat on as she went. Freak and Dave got up and the three of them left the house and walked out into the gently falling snow. Tonya noticed the clean fresh scent of winter and she felt warm inside. The two guys led Tonya down the block to a big old Chevy Caprice Classic with large shiny spinners on the wheels. She thought to herself that this was a definitely not a white man's car. Dave drove and Tonya sat in the middle of the big bench seat with Freak on the other side. His hand rested on her thigh and he squeezed and rubbed her jean clad leg as they made there way through the dark Ft. Wayne streets.

Tonya placed her hand on Freak's leg and he leaned over and began to kiss her again. Dave turned on the CD player and loud heavy bass hip hop music filled the car. Tonya recognized Jay-Z and thought that it sounded pretty good with this system. Freak placed his hand into Tonya crotch and began to rub her pussy gently through her jeans. This had an electric effect on Tonya and she placed her hand on Freak's crotch and the large growing lump in his pants. She gave the large black member a squeeze and a rub. She felt herself becoming more aroused.

Too soon they arrived on the Southside of town and pulled up to a large but old three story brick house. There were lights on behind the drawn shades in the windows. Tonya had never been to this part of town before in the dark and she knew it was a bad area but she did not feel fear with her two companions with her. They got out of the car and walked up the freshly shoveled walk to the large wooden front porch. They went to the front door and before they could knock the door opened and there before them stood the largest black man Tonya had ever seen. He was 6'8" and weighed over 240 pounds he smiled when he saw the beautiful white woman framed by the two men on his porch.

"Hey Tonya." He said as he grasped her hand and pulled her inside of the house. "I'm Marcus." Tonya tried to speak but she was only able to smile and nod as she felt his large black hand envelope her tiny white one. She was not sure if it was fear or excitement but she felt her heart racing in her chest threatening to beat right through.

Marcus invited her inside and she found herself in a tiled entry hall with dark wooden paneled walls. The room was lit by an overhead light that shed very little light. Marcus had a deep rich voice and he was quick to smile at Tonya.

"My, she is a beauty, just like you boys said." He said with large smile. He ushered Tonya into a large living room that was crowded with furniture, large pillows and it too was dimly lit. A large plasma TV dominated the room and a porno movie was playing on it. Marcus turned down the sound but did not appear embarrassed by the show. He offer Tonya a seat on the leather couch and he stood before her his body blocking the action on the screen.

"Can I fix you a drink Tonya?" He asked warmly.

"Sure, please." She replied as she felt herself sinking into the soft leather cushion. "What do you have?"

"I am drinking Captain Morgan and coke, want one?" He offered.

"My favorite! Yes Please!" She said.

Marcus went off to make the drink to a corner bar that Tonya had not noticed before. Freak and Dave stood off to the side watching the movie. Marcus handed the freshly prepared drink to Tonya and settled down beside her on the couch. Tonya sipped it and noticed that it was very cold and strong. She took a larger sip and smiled back at Marcus.

"Thank you it is very good." Marcus then looked over at his two friends and said.

"I was thinking that you two should go over to D-Man's and get me some party supplies, some smoke, some X and maybe some snuff." He handed them a wad of bills and they left. Tonya was kind of surprised by the order but sat looking at the action on the 72- inch screen that dominated the entire wall of the living room. On the screen a pretty white girl with large breasts was being fucked by two well hung black studs. Tonya wonder if this would soon be happening to her. Marcus pulled Tonya closer to him by placing his arm around her shoulders. He then kissed her neck.

"The brotha tells me you like making it wit da brothas?"

"Yes I like it." Tonya replied shyly.

"Good, good cause this brotha wants to tap that fine ass of yours myself." He replied with his deep sexy voice. Marcus placed his huge hand on Tonya's left breast and gave it a feel. Tonya shivered. Tonya was still holding her glass and she took another big swallow of the dark sweet drink. Marcus reached behind the couch and his came back with a joint. He lit it and got it burning and handed it to Tonya.

"I don't usually smoke." She said as she accepted the j and took a tentative hit. The dry smoke filled her lungs and she held it. She passed it back to Marcus and he took several tokes before he shot gunned Tonya deeply. He then handed her the joint and she hit it again as soon as she had exhaled. She held the smoke in her lungs and stifled a cough. She then exhaled and took a big hit on her drink almost draining it. Marcus got up and refilled both of their drinks. As he handed it to the grinning Tonya she thanked him and said.

"You don't need to get me drunk Marcus to fuck me." And then she giggled.

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