Too Big To Resist


The breath was being well screwed out of both of us by our two young boys, so our screams became slightly muted and breathless.

"FUCK ME....OH GOD....SO BIG...FUCK ME JAKE...ARRRGHHH...OHHHH...YES!" Susan cried out.

My legs stretched over Tyler's shoulders and held much of the weight when he thrusted himself deep into me. I was completely at his mercy. I could do nothing but wrap my hands up around his neck and hold on for the ride.

The hard slapping of our four bodies and the orgasmic screams of big-cock sex were enough to wake the dead.

After several more minutes of this relentless and very hard pounding, I heard my sister call out from across the room.


Tyler stopped fucking me and looked back over his shoulder. Then he returned his gaze to me and said, out of breath.

"Do you..mind...Aunt Julia?"

I shook my head and replied,

"No..go get her stud!"

He pulled his cock out of me and allowed my legs to fall from his shoulders. To be honest I was quite pleased to get the rest. My cunt was gapping wide open and I could feel my juices dripping out of me.

I watched in silence as Susan lifted herself up from the floor, pushing Jake out of her pussy.

"LAY ON THE FLOOR JAKE." She ordered and he abruptly followed, his big hard dick waving around like a flagpole on a windy day.

Susan threw her legs either side of his hips and came down astride him, taking his whopper in her hand and quickly shoving it back inside her pussy. She then leaned forwards, pressing her big boobs into my son's chest.

Tyler, sensing what he needed to do, got down on his knees and moved between Jake's spread legs. Susan reached her arms behind her back and took handfuls of her ample butt flesh in her hands. She roughly yanked her cheeks wide apart, displaying her ass-hole to her son's advancing cock.

I watched in awe of my sister, as Jake held her still on top of him while Tyler edged his fuck-tool forwards, the bell-end disappearing between the valley of her ass-cheeks.


In so many ways my sister and I were exactly the same. She loved to talk dirty while getting fucked, but today she seemed even more angry and insistent that she be given what she needed.

Tyler jammed his hips forwards, busting his cock through her hymen and filling her bowels.

"ARRRGGGHHHH FUCK!" Susan screamed, louder than ever as he was stuffed with two very large jackhammers.

Susan seemed to need no time to get used the feeling of having her pussy and ass reamed at the same time. Instead, within seconds she was telling our two boys to really go at it.


The boys took their lead from Susan and wasted no time in pumping and pounding her body. I felt a deep burning in my pussy as I watched her being wrecked by their big cocks. From my sideways-on view, I could not actually see them ripping her holes apart, so I got up from the sofa and walked across the floor.

I moved behind Tyler and looked down over his shoulder. I had never watched anyone getting fucked before, let alone DP'd and I must confess it was amazing to see. Tyler's big cock, pummelled at his mother's shithole, her tight puckered hole being forcefully banged into.

I then got down on my knees and lowered my head towards the floor. I could see, through Tyler's legs, the sight of Jake's big veiny prick as it slammed with power and force up inside Susan's cunt. I could also see how wet she was and the little puddle of goo that was forming on my carpet beneath them.


Susan's screams and the hard slapping of the bodies continued to echo around the room, probably right down the street as well!

I had to put my fingers onto my clit and rub myself hard as I watched the incestuous display before me.



Tyler raised his hands high over his head and then sent them crashing down onto his moms jiggling backside. He repeated it several times, powerfully whacking and spanking his mother's ass.

I stood up again to see the big red marks appearing on her ass as he kept on slapping her. Jake too, had moved his arms around behind her back and had replaced her hands in holding her ass cheeks apart. She had shifted hers up around my son's neck and was clinging onto him for dear life.

Her body shook and was so forcefully fucked forwards by their big pounding cocks, that I wondered how she was standing the onslaught. She must of cum numerous times over the next ten minutes, as her orgasmic and breathless, cries indicated.

I continued to frig off my pussy, using one hand to strum my tingling clit button and the other to finger myself. As I wriggled three fingers around inside me, I could feel my cunt muscles tighten up. I had to stand with my legs wide apart and my knees bent, so that I could really fuck myself to orgasm. The scene below me was all the visual I needed to bring myself to another raging climax.

"OHHHHHHHH MMMMMMM!" I groaned out, as pussy juice squirted out of my pussy and onto the floor. One jet fired and landed on Tyler's back, which he must of felt but was too busy reaming his moms ass to take much notice.

Jake moved his head on the floor and looked out from under my sisters fast, heaving body. He gazed up at me and gave me a lovely big, boyish smile.

"Your turn next Mom." He said.

Before I could say anything, Susan yelled out again as another big orgasm washed over her well fucked body.


As Susan's head fell limp beside my son's face, I could sense that she could not take much more of this double fucking. Her ass and pussy must have been burning hot as those big cocks ripped at her. So I decided it was my turn to get demolished.

"HEY BOYS...I'M GETTING LONELY OVER HERE," I called out with my hand raised in the air. Tyler turned his head to look at me and Jake smiled widely.

"GO BOYS!" My sister called out from down on the floor, barely able to catch her breath. "GO...AND FUCK..JULIA NOW BOYS...OH SHIT...I AM FUCKING WRECKED!"

Tyler was the first to stand up, ripping his cock out of his mother's butt-hole with a loud pop. Jake rolled my sister off of him, leaving her in a lifeless heap on the floor, where she coiled up into a foetal position, totally spent of energy.

The boys stood in front of me and I turned my back to them. I reached my hands back around and fumbled to find their huge cocks. I gripped my son's giant dick in my right hand and Tyler's in my left and pulled them forwards. I walked back over to the couch, leading them behind me by their hard young pricks.

"Follow me boys!" I said in my most seductive voice.

I stopped at the edge of the sofa and told Tyler to sit down, which he swiftly did.

I looked over my shoulder at my son, releasing my grip on his dick and feeling it slap hard against my ass. Jake had also moved his arm up and wrapped it around my waist, his fingers gently stroking around my tummy.

"Your turn to stick it up the ass baby," I said as I lifted my leg and stepped forwards. I placed my knees on either side of Tyler's hips and reached again for his cock, placing it at the entrance to my soaking wet pussy.

Jake had moved up behind me and bent his knees forwards to get his cock at the right height to be able to plunge up my bum-hole.

"SHOVE EM' IN BOYS," I called out in a whooping show-girl like voice.

Tyler was in first, jamming his hips up and filling my hot pussy with his cock. I looked over my shoulder again and smiled to my son as he met my eyes and then looked down my back to where his raging hard whopper was about to slide between my butt cheeks.

I inhaled deeply, holding my breath. I looked over at my sister, still laid out on the floor. She was truly wrecked.

Then I felt it. Jake's big cock head squeezed my cheeks apart and touched my throbbing ass-hole. Jake had become used to fucking my ass and he knew exactly how much pressure to apply, softening me up, before he sent his inches deep into my anal cavity.

He pushed and in he went. I felt the thin membrane of skin that separates a woman's pussy from her ass, being squashed.

"ARRRRGHHHHH FUCK.....OHHHHH....YES..." I cried out as I felt Jake go deep up my ass.

Tyler too, took his cue to start fucking my pussy once again, seconds later they were both hammering at my holes.


I held on tightly to Tyler's shoulders, trying to hold my balance while these two teenage fuckers slammed my body.

Inside, my cunt welled up to another orgasm, which sent pulses along my spine. It felt as though their huge cocks were side by side and that nothing was separating them. It was a deep burning sensation but not unpleasant, I could get used to it!!

My tits bounced wildly in front of Tyler's face, until Jake reached his strong hands around and held them in his tight grip.


As they continued their assault upon my busty body, I noticed out the corner of my eye, Susan slowly crawling on her hands and knees across the carpet towards us.

She got closer and I heard her yell up to me, "FUCKING AWESOME AREN'T THEY...OUR BIG STRONG BOYS."

"YES...OHH..FUCKING HELL...YES...ARRRGHHH!" I screamed back.

A few seconds later, Jake began to groan loudly behind me. I thought that maybe he was about to cum. I looked back over my shoulder again just as he closed his eyes tightly shut and said,


"OH SUSAN, YOU DIRTY BITCH!" I yelled as I turned my head back around.

My filthy minded sister was down there shoving her tongue around my son's butt-hole, licking his rim.

"What a slut," I thought to myself.

My body continued to be pounded front and back, their strong cocks bringing me to another explosive, body rocking, orgasm. My juices had no way of escaping, my holes were too tightly plugged. I could feel it all swirling around inside me, being stirred by Tyler's humping prick.


Behind me, Jake's groans grew deeper and ever louder. I could not hear Susan so I assumed she still had her face buried between his butt.

"GONNA CUM...SOON..OHHHH.." Jake cried out.

I used all the strength in my hips to shove my ass back as hard as I could, impaling his massive whopper cock as far up me as it would go, really stretching my ass-hole around that throbbing prick so much that it was really hurting me.

I was expecting Jake to blast his wad deep up my shitter, but instead he pulled backwards, painfully, sliding his cock from my buttery rim.

"GET DOWN HERE." I heard Susan yell and I obediently yanked myself up from Tyler's dick, which sent my cunt gunk, gushing onto the floor below.

Jake took his cock in his hand and Susan placed her head just below it, opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue, ready to receive his big, sticky spunk.

Seeing this, I quickly dropped to my knees and moved my open mouth into a position next to my sisters. We looked like a couple of porn stars kneeling there, waiting for the well-hung male lead to end the scene by covering his co-stars faces in his cum.

Jake groaned loudly and the first large, long rope of spunk blasted from his cum cannon cock. It landed across Susan's waiting tongue and over her left cheek, before in rapid order, Jake swung his cock to the right and sent the second jet snaking across my face.

I licked it from my lips just as another large load dumped on my chin and fell onto my heaving chest, dribbling down my tits and dripping to the carpet below.

I shut my eyes to avoid any cum getting in them and stinging me, as yet another ribbon of hot cream landed on my nose and fell into my mouth.

I swallowed hard, letting the salty sperm slide down my throat, leaving a warm feeling, deep within my chest.

Thinking he must have finished unloading, I opened my eyes, just in time to see him dump yet more of his spunk on Susan's face.

She was covered in it, as I guess I was too. I looked down at her tits and saw the streaks of white lines running down those big melons of hers. I watched as she opened her mouth wide again and began to lick the head of his cock, taking the last little drops onto her tongue as they oozed out of his piss-hole.

Before I knew what was happening, Tyler was stood directly in front of me, his hand beating madly along the length of his cock.

"GONNA CUM AUNT JULIA," He cried out.

I lifted my hands up to my breasts and pushed them up, holding them tightly together.


Seconds later and with a forwards jerk of his entire body, I watched as his cum splashed out of his dick and onto my boobs. Five thick and potent ropes jetted across my fat jugs before I hungrily lowered my chin and began to slurp up the tasty juices.

My boobs were all slippery and wet with spunk as I worked the white goo around with my tongue.

Just then Susan's face appeared before me and she rolled out her tongue from her mouth, her face still dripping with cum.

She licked between the deep valley of my cleavage, scooping up the large amount that had formed between my tightly held together boobs. Then she lapped up the remnants of the two spunk loads that had creamed my tits, paying a special moment of attention to my sensitive nipples.

I looked up to see that both the boys had collapsed back on to the sofa, both sweating heavily and looking exhausted. Their stomachs and chests moved rapidly as their heavy breathing continued. They both looked at each other and proudly smiled. Jake raised his open hand and directed it towards Tyler, who copied his cousins action and they met in the middle, high fiving each other in mutual congratulations, for just banging the shit out of their horny Milf mother's.

I smiled as Susan brought her face up from my large rack and then aimed her, cum covered tongue towards my mouth. I opened up and willingly accepted it into my mouth, quickly mingling my tongue with hers.

"Shit..Look at THAT." I heard Jake say from the couch, as the two boys watched their mother's indulge in a deep, cum-swapping, kiss.

After a few blissful moments kissing my sister, we drew our mouths apart, a thin dribble of saliva and spit trailing between us.

We both looked at our son's, sprawled on the couch then looked back at each other with a laugh.

"I think we exhausted our two big boys Julia?" Susan remarked.

"Well they didn't do too bad a job on us either!" I replied, reaching down and feeling my well fucked pussy, my asshole contracting hard.

"Yeah they did good," She said, nodding in agreement.

We all smiled at one another and then Susan and I pulled ourselves to our feet. The smell of sex permeated the room and that musky scent of cum that lingers around after sex, I breathed it in deeply.

"You know boys," Susan said in her deep seductive voice, "You better get used to this..Because I for one am gonna want plenty more of that big dick, double penetration about you Julia?"

"Yeah, me for two," I replied nodding my head.

Then Susan stepped forwards and reached down to take her son by the hand. She pulled him up and stood face to face with him, their eyes locked on each other. She ran her tongue across her lips and we all waited to see what the big breasted bitch would do.

"But right now," She said..."I wanna take my big boy to bed... and have him all to myself...can we use your spare room Julia?"

"Yeah of course honey," I replied.

Both giggling, Susan turned and led her son out of the living room door, they sounded like a couple of kids as they scrambled up the stairs and then I heard the bang of the bedroom door closing.

I looked down at my son, his large cock still semi hard, resting on his lap. I stepped towards him and leaned forwards, my big rack swinging below me.

"Do you think you could go again Jakey...just me and you this time?" I asked with a dirty look.

He thought for a moment and then, running his eyes down to my tits, said,

"For you I think I can Mom."

I took hold of his wrists and pulled him up from the sofa. Now it was our turn to run, butt naked up the stairs, my big tits and his hardening cock slapping around as we ran.

Getting through the door of our bedroom, I wrapped my arms around my son's neck and looked him deep in the eyes.

I smiled and said proudly,

"You know really are too big to resist."

We kissed and fell onto the bed, ready for some more mommy and son fucking!!



Way back at the start of this story, I told you that I was more satisfied and happy than at any other time in my life. Well that is so very true.

After we brought my sister and nephew into our incestuous games, things got even better. We got together for regular family fuck sessions and getting DP'd became a constant feature in both my life and Susan's.

Now of course, I cannot recommend that every mother follows the path that I did, seducing your son is a highly risky business that can back-fire spectacularly. Not every son is gonna wanna fuck his mother, or indeed every mother fuck her son...But the next time you are passing your son's bedroom, just stop and consider what you might discover asleep on the bed...just maybe you too will find it...TOO BIG TO RESIST!!

The End.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/20/17


It was pretty hot right up to the point where he starts fucking his mom and she starts screaming "ARRRR". What the fuck? Is this pirate role play? Anyways, pretty well written, other than where you saidmore...

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by Anonymous09/14/17


The writer is not a math expert gee I must have forgot he's a writer! You fuck heads need to pick at some dumb shit. The story was long and there was little need to bring in the whore sister who must havemore...

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by Anonymous09/08/17

Liked it when both moms got dped by large about when aunt let's six nephews gangbang her getting two large cocks in her cunt one in the ass and shoved down her throat.then end up pregnant becausemore...

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by Anonymous07/01/17

Liked it when both mom's got double penetrated.those should have tried taking both cocks in their cunts at sametime.i remember that mom and aunt and me were at a nudist resort where everybody was naked.wemore...

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by Anonymous06/11/17


Love to see like this.

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