Too Big To Resist


"Gonna cum baby."

I heard my son groan out, coupled with the sounds of the furious slapping of bodies.

"ohhhhhhhhh fuccccckkkkk."

I pounded my fingers up my cunt, hard and fast, as I listened to my son moaning in ecstasy, shooting his load from those big heavy young balls. I wondered if he had just fired his spunk over Sarah or if he had blown his nuts inside her...oh my god, imagine that, all his hot thick cum shooting deep inside a wet, well fucked pussy.

I felt my legs get very weak and could feel my pussy contracting around my fingers. My insides filled with my juices and I practically gushed a puddle onto the floor. Inside the room the sounds of heavy breathing continued and I could still make out Sarah's muffled groans.


I finally and quietly made my way back into my own room and flung myself onto my bed. I felt exhausted. I had been stood outside my son's door for about fifteen minutes, listening to them fucking. I had worked myself up into a frenzy, pumping my fingers into my wet hot pussy, imagining myself lying in that room with him fucking that immense, long dick into me.

For the next hour I lay awake thinking about my son. Nearly a week had gone by since I had seen his giant cock as he lay sleeping.

I had brought and used a dildo that looked just like his love length, bringing myself to some of the most intense orgasms of my life. Then there were those things he said to me earlier today, about me being hot and having a great rack. Now I had heard him fucking and it sounded like she was in heaven....and I wanted some of that.

As I lay there with my wet pussy still oozing, I made a decision. I didn't care that he was my son. I didn't care that it was wrong. I was fucking horny and only my son's massive cock could help me.

From tomorrow morning I was launching operation 'fuck my son.'


The next day I woke up more determined than ever, I wanted Jake.

The question was though how was I going to get him. Seducing my son was not something I had thought about before. Then I thought back to what he had said yesterday in the kitchen. He had obviously noticed my large assets, but then who hadn't? So maybe my tits would be a good starting point.

I had never dressed slutty or revealing. My husband always said, "Keep those things under wraps." But maybe it was time that I started to flaunt my big double d's. Let my son really see what a great rack I had.

I went shopping again that day and brought some tight, low cut tops and shorter skirts. They would allow my cleavage to be more fully accentuated. Trying them on in the shop changing room, I looked in the mirror to see my tits practically spilling out over the top. The material clung around them and pushed them together. With the short skirt above my knee, I looked like a hooker.

When I returned home, I went to my bedroom and prepared for Jake's return. I knew he would be home from the gym soon. Squeezing my boobs into my new revealing shirt, I could not wait to see my son's face when he saw these babies on display.

I heard his car pull into the driveway and I rushed downstairs and into the kitchen. I wanted this to look casual, like I wasn't doing anything different. The door opened and he called out "Mom, I'm home."

"In the kitchen baby," I called back to him. My heart beat raced and my knees trembled with anticipation.

"Hey I'm shattered, that was a long workout."

I stood with my back to him as he sat at the table. Then trying not to giggle I turned around to face him.

"Aww my poor boy, would you like something to drink."

"Yeah that would be great," he said. Then he looked up from the table and straight at me.

I had my ass pressed back against the cupboard and I stood there just a few feet from the table, looking over and down onto my son.

His eyes darted straight to my boobs, being squashed by the tight material of the thin t-shirt. I looked at him as his eyes almost popped out of his head and his mouth dropped open. He looked like he had just seen a ghost.

"Wow mom, like the new look... fab."

Trying to be nonchalant about it, I gazed down at my heaving breasts, spilling out around the top and sides of the shirt. My eyes crossed from one tit to the other as I said,

"Thanks... I brought it you think it shows a little too much off?"

Jake sat there practically mesmerised by my tits. His eyes had not left my chest. I noticed that he was still sweating from his workout at the gym. He wore a white t-shirt that clung to his tight muscled pecs.

After a few seconds of being transfixed on my enclosed melons, he came to his senses and blinked his eyes before looking me in the face.

"Errr no looks great really...never seen you... looking like that before."

Feeling brave and with some kind of almost hypnotic power over my son, I raised my arms and placed my hands on either side of my chest. Gently, I pushed my boobs together, causing a deep dark crack in the middle. Looking down I could only see my tit flesh piling under my chin. To my son, sat in front of me, it must have looked like they were going to erupt over the top of the shirt.

"I think my boobs look too big in this though...want do you think?" I asked in a low voice.

" mom, they look great.....told you, you have a great rack."

My heart jumped and my legs almost gave way as he said that. There I was stood just feet from my son, squashing my big tits together, just being restrained by the thin material.

"Mom...I go shower," Jake said, his eyes again transfixed on my large spilling jugs.

"Ok baby," I replied as I slowly removed my hands from around my breasts, allowing them to fall back apart.

I watched closely as Jake got up from the table and swiftly walked from the room. My eyes travelled the length of his back as he walked away. The t-shirt, wet with sweat, clung to his shoulder and back muscles. His running shorts encased his young, firm ass and those hard defined legs; it sent a shiver right through me.

I heard him run up the stairs and the bathroom door close. I let out a schoolgirl giggle and cupped my hand to my mouth.

My whole body trembled with excitement. My own son, that gorgeous young stud, packing a giant cock, had just sat there and been totally hooked on the sight of my big tits.

He had been hardly able to tear his eyes away from my bulging double dd's. I had never seen him so lost for words. I bet he was up there right now thinking about them.

I imagined him in the bathroom, taking his massive cock in hand and starting to jack it off, thinking about my jugs, maybe wishing that he could shoot his big load all over them.

I was getting horny and wet just thinking about it. The really good thing was though that I had, with only minimal effort and a tight t-shirt, been able to reduce my son to a wide eyed, open mouthed, tit admiring, lost for words, wreck that had to run from the room.

Phase one of operation Fuck my son, was definitely underway.


Later that night I called Jake down for dinner, he had been in his room for the last few hours.

Sitting opposite each other at the table, I kept catching him looking at my cleavage, still wrapped in my low cut top. The conversation was normal until in a low, almost nervous voice Jake said,

"Mom..I think you look really awesome today."

I felt my heart skip a beat as I looked at my son, again admiring my boobs.

"Thanks, you are very sweet...I'm glad you like THEM!"

Jake's eyes shot from my chest and he looked me in the face, with a rather embarrassed grin.

"Sorry," he said, "It's hard not to look at them."

"It's ok baby, it's been a long time since a man took that much notice of my boobs."

We both exchanged a smile to each other and my pussy began to get wet. I felt a new found bravery in talking to my son, in my gagging desperation to get him naked, I was willing to say things to him that I would never have said before.

"You know, you should show off that body of yours a little more are very good looking young man you know."

Jake looked across at me and smiled.

"Thanks mom, I didn't think you noticed?"

Raising my eyebrows, I replied, "Of course I're a hunk baby. I'm so proud of you, you are a fine figure of a's no wonder the girls all swarm around you."

I could instantly see the surprise in his eyes as we continued to eat.

Feeling emboldened I continued, "And what's more...if you weren't my son, I would be all over you!"

I took a deep breath, had I gone too far?

Jake swallowed hard, before again bringing his eyes up, glancing at my tits then looking straight at me. He paused a moment, gazing deep into my eyes then replied with an almost arrogant grin.

"Don't let that stop you mom."

I felt my mouth become as dry as a desert and a strange tingle in my stomach. What did he just say...had I heard him right?

He again sunk his eyes down to my boobs and said, "I wouldn't mind THEM all over me!"

He then looked back up and winked at me.

Jake had never lacked confidence and had always been quite forward, but never with me and never so blatant.

The rest of dinner went by and the conversation returned to more general things, but my mind was in daze.

All I could think of was what we had said to each other, and especially what he had said. Was he actually telling me that he wanted me or was I just reading it wrong...was he just flirting? Or in my horny, sex obsessed, mind, was I just trying too hard.

After dinner we both went into the living room and watched t.v. I sat next to him on the sofa and could not help moving my eyes down to his crotch, remembering the magnificent sight I had seen there that morning while he slept.

As we sat there I tried to think of my next move. I was getting hornier by the minute and had to control my urge to just jump on him and plunge my tongue into his mouth. My short skirt had not so far seemed to have much of an effect on him, he had been far more interested in my bulging breasts.

I had tried to squirm on the sofa, trying to get it to ride up but it wasn't working. My next tactic was to try and snuggle up towards him.

I gave out a fake yawn and stretched my arms wide, then bringing them back down I landed my left arm onto Jake's leg and left it there. Then I fell sideways and brought my head to rest on his shoulder.

"Mmmm, that's better." I said as I opened my hand out flat on his thigh. I sunk myself deeper into his side and nuzzled my face against his neck.

I tried to press my boobs against his arm and ended up with my tits practically wrapped around his strong biceps.

Jake said nothing as I kept pressing myself against him. "Time to ramp this up a bit," I thought.

I could feel my pussy getting wet and my heart racing, I had not been this close to my son in such a long time, but the difference now was that I was as horny as fuck and I wanted him.

Trying not to make it obvious, I gently began to move my fingers on his leg. Without moving my hand I danced my fingers around, slowly scratching my nails on his muscular thigh.

I returned my eyes to the t.v, with my head resting on his shoulder, I could not see where his eyes were but I could hear his breathing becoming quite heavy. I pressed my jugs harder into his arm and began to make little circles on his leg with my fingers.

This continued for about five minutes, when I looked down and saw it. A slight tent was appearing in the front of his shorts. He was getting a hard-on.

I bit my lip and held my whole body rigid trying not to show any signs that I had seen it.

I kept my eyes glued on his lap, watching as the outline of his growing cock was becoming visible. The material of his shorts seemed to cling around the shaft and as it hardened it began to stretch across his lap, covered under the shorts.

My hand resting on his leg was just a few inches away from where the fat shaft now was. I was so close to grabbing hold of that dick.

Just then Jake leaned forward and said, "I think I better get up."

"Why? I replied, already knowing full well.

"I got a hard-on," he said almost proudly, lifting himself up from the sofa.

As he stood the massive cock towered in his shorts, causing a tent like effect. It jutted out about eight inches in front of him and the amazing sight caused me to take a sharp intake of breath.

"Oh wow...did I do that?" I asked, trying to tear my eyes up from his crotch to his face.

"Yeah mom...I'm sorry."

"Oh don't be silly baby...I've seen a hard-on before...come and sit back down." I told him, as a tapped my hand on the sofa next to me.

He returned to the seat and I again snuggled back into him.

"Mind you...I've not seen one that big before baby," I said, feeling daring and brave.

I looked into my son's eyes and gave him a naughty sideways smile. He returned the gesture and said,

"Thanks mom...I'm glad you like it."

I nuzzled my boobs back against his arm and rested my head back on his shoulder. My eyes though were firmly looking down.

The massive erection was now tented under his shorts. The waistband had actually lifted from him. I felt an uncontrollable rush of excitement run through me.

What would he say if I just placed my hand on it, gave it a squeeze and felt its huge girth?

No, it was too early for that, I had to control my urges, although that giant pole was just inches from my grasp.

I instead placed my hand across his stomach and could instantly feel his hard muscled abs, His thin t-shirt barely covering the chiselled frame below.

As we sat watching t.v, I tried to think how I could take this forward. It needed to be gradual. But then again my son seemed quite comfortable sitting next to me with a full on erection in his shorts, so maybe it wasn't going to be too hard to take the next step.

My pussy was so wet as I sat there, the sight of that cock, so big and hard, but sadly covered, was driving me insane. I knew that I would need to give myself a good fucking with my huge dildo again tonight.

Then I had an idea, I had got so hot listening to Jake fucking Sarah, maybe I could get him hot for me if he heard me fucking myself, or even better than that, if he actually saw me.

A plan formulated in my mind. I could go up to bed and fuck myself but make lots of noise to get Jake's attention. Accidentally on purpose, forget to fully close my door and see if he would come and spy on me.

Just thinking about it was turning me on so much, as if I wasn't enough already. Actually letting my son see me with my legs wide open taking a massive dildo up myself, fuck I was horny.

I again fixed my eyes on his lap and the monster pressing up from beneath his shorts. Fuck I wanted that cock.

Lifting myself off of him, I said boldly,

"I'm off to bed baby...I need to lie down after seeing that... thing." I nodded my head down at his crotch as I stood up, my huge tits straining my shirt.

He looked up at me and smiled, then said,

"You should see it without the shorts!" then he winked at me.

Widening my eyes at my son's boldness I took a moment, then replied with a slight smile, "Promises, promises."

I turned and walked out of the door, glancing back over my shoulder. Jake was staring at my ass as I walked.

"Night Baby" I said, flinging my head back around and tossing my hair over my shoulder.

"Night Mom," he called back.

I raced upstairs and into my bedroom. I pulled my tight t-shirt over my head and ripped down my little black bra. My tits fell heavy against my chest and crashed together as I leaned forward to peal down my skirt.

I whipped down my thong and stood naked. The moonlight shone through the window and I walked over to draw the curtains. I didn't want anyone but Jake to see this show.

I turned on my bedroom light and shut the door. I eased it closed until about a three inch gap was left between the door and the frame.

"That's enough," I said to myself.

I walked over to the bed and removed the 'big bully' from his hiding place and climbed onto the bed.

I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. My pussy was already soaking wet from watching that cock grow in his shorts. I wrapped my hand around the fake cock and thought back to a few moments ago when I was so close to Jake. I ran my hand along the shaft and imagined it was my son's giant cock in my hand.

I finally threw myself back on the bed. My big tits slapped and collided around, as I got myself comfortable. Then I lowered my arms between my legs, spreading them open, and brought the big toy to my clit.

A sharp shudder shot through me as it touched the sensitive wet area. My clit button seemed to swell as I began to move the head of the dildo around.

I was gagging to just slam this whole fat length inside me, but tonight was about getting Jake's attention.

I began to make some deep groans as I slapped the big bully against my wet pussy. Little droplets of sweat and cunt juice splashed on to my hand.

Then, I took it by the base and aimed the giant head straight at my gaping hole. I threw my legs into the air and relaxed my pussy muscles ready for the invasion.

I nudged the fat cock head past my lips, which spread open with ease. I pushed it in further and let out a loud hard moan as it slid deep up my hot pussy.


I began to pump the long hard shaft in and out of my cunt. My muscles contracted around it as I bumped the end inside me.

Unsure if Jake could hear me or not, I started to moan and groan louder.


I writhed my body around on the bed, making my huge tits fall from side to side. I clung onto the end of the battering ram toy and continued to shove it deep up myself.


I flung my legs as high and wide as I could, my open cunt, filled with this fat dildo, pointing straight at the slightly open door. If Jake was there he would see everything.

I tried to hold off cumming but I was too worked up. The day's events had made me so horny and wet I could only last a few moments.

I screamed in ecstasy as I felt my pussy flood with a hard orgasm.


I kept pounding my fist forward, driving the mighty shaft inside me, coating it in my hot juices.


I rode it out, screaming out so that Jake could not have failed to hear me. I breathed hard and deep, my tits falling and rising from my chest.

I felt another gush building inside and I slammed the whole length deep up me, before pulling the 12 inch fucker right out.


My pussy erupted again, this time firing a gush of my juices from my soaking wet cunt hole. My whole body shook violently, stretched out on the bed. I threw my left arm up to my breasts and grabbed them hard, locking my fingertips around the hard erect nipple of my right tit.


I tried to calm myself down and reduce my breathing. My whole body seemed frozen as I felt my pussy continue to spasm and ooze.

I brought my hand to my clit and began to rub myself up and down the wet dripping gash. Everytime I touched my clit button, it felt like I was being electrocuted, waves of intense pleasure ran through me.

I thought of Jake, he must have heard me. I had only made that kind of noise when he was out of the house. My screams of orgasm must have reverberated around the house. The question was, had he come upstairs?

There really was no way to tell, so I decided the show must go on.

After a few moments recovery time, I reached down between my legs and picked up the dildo and brought it up to my chest. I stood it up by the base and rested it between my tits. Just then I heard a noise. It sounded like the stairs...Jake!!

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