Too Big To Resist


As we walked to the car we both smiled and giggled at each other like a couple of school kids.

As we got into the car and closed the door's, Jake looked across at me and said.

"Mom...Do you wanna have sex with me?"

I almost orgasmed there and then, I squirmed in my seat as I felt my pussy tighten and contract. A shudder of excitement shot right through me. He had just uttered the words I had been dreaming about since I first saw him naked in bed that morning.

For the next few moments I said nothing, my breath seemed taken away, as though his words had paralysed me. I simply sat looking at him.

"Mom...after what I saw you doing last night...and hearing you call my name...and because you told me you would....and you make me so hot...I thought maybe.."

Finally I reached over and placed a finger on his lips and said, "'s alright Jake....I am dying to have sex with you."

Our eyes stayed firmly fixed on each other and it was a moment when we both knew what was going to happen. Finally it was time...I was going to fuck my gorgeous hunky son.

"Holy shit mom," he said finally. "Lets get home...I need your help with something in my trousers."

Loving my son's boldness I looked down to see his hard cock standing to full attention, creating a massive tent in his trousers.

"Oh wow baby...that looks even bigger than it did last night on the sofa!" I said, my eyes bulging out of my head and my heart racing.

Just seeing it so big and hard, although hidden from view, was making my pussy so wet with anticipation. The thought that when we got home, in just a short while, that giant cock would be sliding inside my dripping pussy, was just driving me over the edge.

Looking back up at Jake, with a huge grin on my face, I said, "Don't worry baby..mommy knows just what to do with that!!!"

His eyes travelled down my body, undressing me with his gaze. Then resting his stare on my large jutting tits he said.

"This is gonna be so GOOD."

Driving home I placed my right hand on Jake's thigh and gently clawed my fingernails along the material of his trousers.

"Jake you have no idea how horny I have been...and seeing you with that huge cock has just turned me into a sex crazed slut...I even brought that dildo just because it looks like your cock."

Looking surprised Jake replied,

"Shit should have told me...I would have fucked you anytime...your fucking hot mom."

"You have been wanting me too???" I said.

"Yeah are one hot piece of milf ass."

I now felt my pussy ready to explode. My whole body felt light and seemed to tingle from head to toe. My breathing was noticeably heavy and I had to hold my breath to control it.


We arrived home a few moments later and quickly moved inside the house, locking the door behind us.

We stood face to face in the hallway and just looked at each other.

Jake's eyes widened and his smile grew broader as his gaze studied my body. I too travelled my eyes over him. My handsome son looked so grown up in his suit. His hair ruffled and his face so young and yet so manly.

It had been nearly twenty minutes since we had danced at the bar and I had felt his cock get hard against me, but yet he still had an erection. It still pressed against the front of his trousers, creating an obscene but highly arousing sight.

We finally brought our eyes back together and he said,

" look fucking amazing."

Giving him my best pouting lips look, I said.

"Well baby...tonight you can take a much closer look!"

I could see the overwhelming lust in my son's eyes, he looked ready to rip my clothes off me.

I too felt ready to take this final taboo step, after so much scheming and plotting I was finally gonna get fucked by that huge dick.

I stepped closer to him and looked straight in his eyes, then with a deep, firm, commanding, motherly voice, I said.

"Get up to bed baby...mommy is gonna come take care of you and that giant COCK."

Jake's face instantly became a picture of excitement and happiness. His eyes widened and his grin made him look like the Joker from Batman.

He turned and ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

"See you in bed mom!" he called back as he reached the top.

"I'm coming baby," I yelled back.

For a few seconds I stood still in the darkened hallway. I could hear Jake clonking about upstairs, but the rest of the house was silent.

My pussy tingled with anticipation as I contemplated what was about to happen. In just a few moments I would be taking that huge love stick in my hand and bringing it to full erection, then lowering my mouth around it....oh that would feel so good, and then finally I would do what most mothers would never even consider doing, I would lay down and spread my legs open, like some dirty whore, and allow my own son to plunge his massive cock right inside my pussy.

I had dreamt of this every moment of the day since I had seen that huge prick resting on his sleeping body that morning. Now I just needed to climb the stairs, enter his bedroom, get into his bed and take my beautiful son between my legs and get the most amazing fucking of my life.

I smiled to myself and swiftly moved up the steps.


I reached the open door to my son's bedroom and stood in the doorway. The curtains had been drawn shut but the light was on.

On the floor, strewn about from the door to the bed, were Jake's discarded clothes. Firstly his suit jacket, then his trousers were piled in a heap a few feet inside the room. His white shirt lay next to his bed and a pair of black boxers next to it.

Jake was resting on his side in the bed, covered by the duvet up to his chest. His right arm outside the covers, his handsome young face still smiling broadly.

I lowered my head down and lifted my eyes up, giving him a pouting, mischievous look.

"Are you ready for mommy Jake?" I asked in a deep seductive voice.

He simply nodded at me as I entered the room.

I walked over and stopped just a few steps from the bed. I had stood in this exact position that morning when I had been transfixed by his mammoth cock.

I fixed my gaze on my son's face and smiled as his eyes travelled down the length of my body and back up again.

I reached up and took the straps of my dress between my fingertips and slowly eased them over my shoulders. I lifted my arms and pulled them outside of the straps. Then taking a firm hold on the top of the dress I began to pull it down over my chest.

Jake's eyes were locked on my breasts as I pulled the dress over my heaving tits. My strapless black bra popped into view, I tugged the dress down and gave my son a full on view of his mother's boobs, barely contained under my bra.

"Oh wow mom," he said in a low groan.

I giggled slightly and kept my gaze fixed on his face. Seeing my young son enjoying the sight of me stripping made me even wetter. I was so horny and desperate to get into bed with him, but I wanted to prolong the anticipation for us both.

I eased the dress down over my stomach and held it at my hips.

"You like what you see baby?" I asked.

Jake tore his eyes away from my chest and looked up at me.

"Oh Jesus mom, you're so hot!"

I felt myself beaming with joy and satisfaction that my son was liking this so much.

I smiled and turned around, taking the dress back in my fingers.

I leaned forward and gently pulled the dress down, slowly exposing my ass to Jake. I stuck my butt out further than I really needed too, shoving it just inches from Jake's face.

He let out a low whistle as I slid the dress over my ample ass, revealing more and more of my lacy French underwear. As I leaned further over, my huge tits were practically falling out over the top of my bra, as I finally let the dress fall to the floor.

I stood back up straight and spun back around to look at my son. I placed my hands on my hips and looked down at him.

"Pull the covers off baby...Mommy wants to see that giant cock!"

Without a second thought Jake, whipped the duvet off of himself in one swift, decisive movement, revealing his young, muscled, naked body.

My eyes immediately went to his crotch.

"FUCK...THAT THING IS HUGE!" I said as my eyes locked onto his massive full on erection.

"Wanna play with it mom?" he said decisively.

"Holy shit baby...I have dreamed about this...mommy wants that cock so bad." I replied

"Well mom," He said, "Get your panties off and get into bed with me."

My heart pounded against my chest and a huge surge of excitement shot right through me, my legs were weak and I could sense my pussy burning with anticipation.

Keeping my gaze fixed on that huge hulk of man-meat. I took the band of my panties between my fingertips and swiftly ripped my panties down, showing my son, my shaven area.

I reached up and behind me and un-clipped the hook of my straining bra, which fell to the floor next to my panties.


I was so mesmerised by his huge cock, pointing straight up like a rocket, that I had not consciously noticed that he was now looking at me, stood before him, completely naked.

My passion and lust overtook me and I lunged forward, diving onto the bed, my tits slapping together and the bed springs creaking as I landed in an awkward heap over Jake's upper body.

I quickly writhed around so that I was lying flat out on top of him, our faces just inches apart and my tits crushed against his chest. I looked deep into my son's eyes and felt a huge sense of passion.

"MMMM baby that thing feels fucking massive," I said as I felt his huge hard on pressing against my stomach. "It feels like a baseball bat baby, Mommy can't wait to feel that thing right up inside me."

Jake wrapped his arms around my back and held me tight against his body, then looking deep into my eyes he said, "Mom, my big shaft of pussy pounding meat is all yours...I wanna fuck you senseless mom."

Hearing my son talk to me so lewdly only further excited me and I felt the urge to be just as dirty and lewd. As I moved my hips from side to side, feeling his massive snake rolling against my stomach, I said to him in my deepest, most seductive voice.

"Baby..I am so fucking horny, I want you to stick that big stiff jackhammer cock of yours right up my hungry wet cunt and give mommy the hard fucking that I need."

I then slammed my mouth against Jake's and slid my tongue in. I felt him exploring my mouth and touching the back of my throat. It sent lightening rods of pleasure down my spine. His hands roamed over my back and down to my ass where his strong fingers dug into my flesh.

My mind was a dazzling mix of insane lust and passion. The feeling of experiencing such a deep and intense kiss with my own son, while I could feel that huge slab of cock pressing against my stomach, was sending my senses into overdrive.

I ran my fingers through his hair and over the back of his neck, pulling his face tighter against mine, as our mouths remained locked and our tongues continued to dance.

After several moments, I lifted my lips away from his, breaking the most amazing kiss of my life, but I wanted to kiss something else.

"Oh fuck baby, I wanna suck that beautiful thing," I said still gazing deep into his eyes.

Jake smiled and simply said, "It's all yours mom."

I quickly rolled myself off of his body and laid against his side. My big tits flopped and shook as I collapsed over and rested them against his young body. I ran my eyes down his muscular frame and again brought my eyes to my new toy.

His magnificent big cock, now released from its squashed position against my stomach, stood tall and immensely stiff. The veins looked ready to explode, the bulbous head slightly wet with a tiny dribble of pre-cum, the huge shaft standing rigid as if made of solid steel. The sheer size of this monstrous specimen of manhood still took my breath away.

Reaching my hand across his stomach, I prepared to touch it for the first time. My hand shook as I edged slowly nearer to my son's mighty dick.

Glancing up to Jake's innocent looking face, he smiled down at me and said, "Go ahead's all yours."

Smiling, I returned my eyes to his crotch as I opened my hand wide and encircled the base of the massive pole, slowly closing my fingers around it. I felt the flesh of his cock pressing against the palm of my hand as I tightened my grip. My fingers were a good two inches apart and I could not get them any closer together, as I finally held my son's horse hung erection in my hand.

Letting out a gasp, I said out loud, "Jesus fucking hell Jake, this thing is the biggest, most beautiful, donkey dick in the world and it's my own son's. FUCK..this huge thing is gonna make mommy so happy!!"

Jake laughed and lifted his hand to my head, gently caressing my hair. "Thank mom...I'm glad you like it."

Glancing very briefly back up to him I said, "Like it baby, I love it!"

I slowly began to move my hand along the lengthy cock shaft, feeling his pulsing veins throbbing against my quivering hand. The steely rod, that I had planned and schemed to get my hands on, was finally mine.

With my eyes glued to the massive pole, I gradually increased the speed of my jacking off, and Jake began to moan out. I was so incredibly horny, my pussy burned with lust and hunger as I now furiously jacked him off.

"Yes baby," I said. "This huge fat snake belongs to mommy now....It's all mine and I am gonna have it all the time...Mommy wants her big boy's fat cock every day."

Through his groans of pleasure and with his eyes closed, Jake mumbled, "Yes mom...It's all yours."

Now pumping his overgrown tool in my hand, I lustfully watched his big heavy balls as they slapped against my hand. My son shaved his hair off down there and his cum filled balls looked so perfect.

"Oh yeah mom...make me cum...make me cum mom."

I looked up at his face and could see the contorted look a man gets just before he blasts a big powerful load. But I was not ready for him to unleash yet.

Feeling devilish and wanting to control my new lover, I quickly stopped jacking him off and released my grip from around the throbbing shaft.

As I let go of it, the giant lob of meat, slapped down heavy on Jake's stomach and bounced right back up in the air. His whole body learched forwards and his eyes flew open as his head jumped off the pillow.

Looking down at me with a stunned and desperate look he said, "Whats wrong...Why did you stop?"

I gave him a sly and naughty smile and replied, "Because this cock belongs to me now and I am not ready to receive its load just yet."

I had never felt this turned on or this dirty in my whole life. Just feeling some kind of power and control over my young hunky son was making me incredibly wet.

I leaned my head across his waist and brought my lips to within a few inches of his mighty shaft. Running my eyes up and down the big dick, I just opened my lips a little and allowed the tip of my tongue to reach out and make contact with the side of his cock.

I began to lift my head up and down off of the mattress, dragging the tip of my tongue from the base of his beef all the way up to the top.

"OH FUCK MOM THAT FEELS SO GOOD." He shouted as I began to bathe his cock.

Pre-cum formed on the tip and I was able to taste my son's musky liquid for the first time.

Several minutes of this tongue teasing continued as I savoured every second of this monster being in my control. Jake's hand pushed against the back of my head, trying to encourage me to put it in my mouth.

"Please mom...suck it...suck my big hard cock."

His deep groans, begging me to engulf the thick juicy head just made me even more lustful and eager to enjoy my new found toy.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and brought my head up so that my mouth was just hovering above the head of his massive cock. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, ready to try and swallow as much of this donkey dick as I could.

"Do it Mom..Suck it good!" Jake moaned out as my lips connected with the sensitive cock-head.

My teeth grated on the skin and I began to work my tongue around it, slowly taking my boy's monster cock into my hot mouth. I lowered my head down as the thick shaft filled my mouth and quickly bumped against the back of my throat. It was so big and hard that I knew I was not going to be able to get very much of it in my mouth.

I opened my eyes and looked up at Jake. He was watching me, his own mother, mouthing his cock. He smiled and said,

"Fucking awesome Mom!"

With my hand tightly gripped around the shaft and my lips locked around it, I slowly pulled my head upwards, sliding the big dick back out of my throat, then dropping back down to take him again. I was doing something that I had been dreaming of ever since that first morning when I had seen this massive cock, I was giving my son, my own son, a dirty, wet blowjob!! And I was loving it.

I quickly settled into a steady rhythm, inhaling deeply as I drove it hard into my mouth and then slapping my hand against his balls as I whacked him off and withdrew his mighty cock back out, scrapping my teeth against the sensitive skin.

Jake began to moan loudly as he watched me sucking on his big bone. His cock tasted so nice. Little droplets of pre cum slavered over my fast flailing tongue and his juicy fat dick, so big and hard in my mouth, was like sucking a big lollypop.

"Oh like Mommy mouthing you off?"

I asked, as I quickly withdrew his big cock from my mouth and looked along my son's muscled body to his contorted face.

"Oh fuck yes Mom..OH YEAH...It feels amazing." He replied.

My hand continued to beat his meat for the few seconds that my mouth was without its hard filling...My fingers wrapped, but unable to close around the veiny whopper, slid effortlessly up and down, my fist banging repeatedly against his large balls. Then I opened my mouth wide and engulfed him again.

My spit by now, had covered the entire length of his man-sized pussy pounder. I continued to slobber all over it as I worked it in and out of my mouth, my young son's dick was getting a real good sucking from his dirty, big cock, loving mother.

"OH YEAH MOM..your a fucking great cocksucker!"

I was too involved in blowing my son too reply to his cries of pleasure. I had plotted and planned to get naked in bed with this gigantic piece of man-meat..I was engaging in incest to get my hands, and indeed my mouth, on the biggest cock I had ever seen. This cock was mine now..I had got him just where I wanted him and now I was gonna get what I so badly needed.

Jake's hands placed on the top of my head, pushing me down, forced a tiny bit more of his massive shaft down my throat. I gagged on it but it felt so wonderful to have my mouth completely stuffed with teenage cock.

My big tits swung around beneath me as I bobbed up and down, my erect nipples brushing against the bed sheets. My cunt was wet and I could feel my pussy muscles contracting with anticipation. I was nervous, excited and incredibly horny. I needed to feel Jake inside me, to have him actually fuck me and give me the major pussy pounding that I so desperately needed.

I had now been giving my son a dirty and very wet blowjob for the last 15 minutes. My hand was covered in my spit as I beat my fist along the entire length. His cock was gleaming and dripping wet, my saliva mixed with his tasty pre-cum.

I finally pulled my mouth away from the throbbing manhood, it made a loud and very lewd pop as it disengaged from my lips.

"Oh fuck mom...oh shit that is so amazing," Jake said as he looked down so lovingly at me.

I met his gaze and said in a deep and seductive voice.

"Baby..Mommy needs to be fucked hard..Stick this big monster right up my CUNT!!"

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