tagSci-Fi & FantasyToo Far Far Away

Too Far Far Away


All was still in Di'Marinella Castle on an early autumn evening. The sun was just beginning to set in the northeast, casting long shadows over the entire kingdom of Marendo which stretched for miles in every direction around where the castle was the centerpiece. Inside the castle, the Princess was provided with a nice golden light which came through the oversized windows, providing a refulgent setting inside the library as she read her poetry book.

The only sound in the entire castle was the running footsteps of a servant which became louder and louder until finally a servant girl burst through the doors of the library, out of breath. The princess set her book down on the side table and looked up, wondering what the commotion was.

"Princess Angelica!" the servant girl yelped, out of breath, as she crossed the expansive library to where the princess was seated.

"Yes?" Princess Angelica Di'Marinella asked, tilting her head down curiously at the abruptness of the servant.

"Princess, your father is summoning you. He wishes to speak with you." the servant replied.

"Very well, it sounds important. Let us go with haste." Angelica said, rising from her chair.

"Wait, my Lady, let me fix your hair." the servant insisted, and then began to adjust the princess' dress, hair, and clothing.

Angelica Di'Marinella, Princess of the Kingdom of Marendo, was dressed in a silk white corset with blue accents and lace. Blue and white were the colors of the Kingdom of Marendo and she wore them proudly. The slimming corset was cinched tightly by her dressing servants every morning, and it slimmed her already very narrow waist even more, to almost impossible measurements. By contrast, the corset also had large cups to hold her voluptuous breasts in place neatly. Women in her kingdom were known for their large bosoms, but even by their standards, the princess had exceptionally large and delightful breasts, measuring out to a 30H if she were to wear a bra. Her twin melons were propped up nicely by the corset and a curving, gravity-defying display of cleavage was laid out on her chest. Her tits were quite honestly massive, without being misshapen or saggy in the least, and she was the envy of every woman in kingdom, and the object of lust of every red-blooded man as well. Stories of her long chestnut hair and full, swollen bosom were told in tales and sang in songs in inns and taverns across the kingdom of Marendo.

The servant girl adjusted Angelica's fluffy lace skirt, which came down to her mid-thigh, enough to leave the garter straps of her thigh-high stockings visible. Although some outsiders would find the short dress provocative, the short style was trendy and stylish in Marendo. The princess also wore a pair of 7 inch platform heeled shoes, and a pair of long elbow-length silk gloves which made her look very elegant as well as sexy.

"Let's go." Angelica said, and began walking out of the library while the servant stayed behind her, attending to her clothing unnecessarily.

The busty princess walked through the long, winding castle until they arrived at her father's throne room. There she found the King, her father, waiting for her with a smile on his face. The grey-haired man was known as a kind and gentle king, and he had a face and demeanor that felt comfortable and trustworthy. King Di'Marinella was the first ruler in centuries to bring peace to the continent by uniting the long war-torn territories surrounding them.

"Ahhh, there she is." the King said, opening his arms.

"Daddy!" Angelica said, giving her father a tight hug which crushed her huge breasts up against his chest. Those large milkjugs threatened to pop out of her corset as they squeezed in a tight embrace.

"You summoned me?" Angelica inquired.

The King nodded and took a few steps back as he collected his thoughts. "Yes, my dear. Ever since your twentieth birthday last summer, your mother and I have been reviewing your admirers, attempting to find you the perfect suitor."

The princess nodded. She knew that suitors would be asking for her hand once she reached the proper age of marriage.

"I'm pleased to tell you that we have decided on the man you will be married to. I now introduce you to your future husband, Duke Baggels."

The King gestured to the man standing beside him. Duke Baggels was an old man who looked to be ancient, stood with poor posture so that he was hunched greatly, and his skin was wrinkled, saggy, and covered in liver spots and warts.

The crusty old man took a step forward and licked his quivering lips. "She's quite a fine young lady." his voice creaked.

Angelica immediately recoiled and turned up her nose. "Ewwww, daddy! Are you serious?"

The King responded to the Duke first by nodding his head and replied, "Yes, my daughter is a beautiful girl and she will make you very happy, Duke Baggels."

Angelica stomped her foot and squealed, "Daddy! No! That's who I'm supposed to marry?"

"Sweetheart, you know that I've always given in to every desire and wish you've ever asked of me. Remember the unicorn I bought you for your sixteenth birthday? I've provided you with everything and spoiled you all your life. Arranged marriages are part of being royalty. Your mother and I were arranged, and so were our parents. That's just the way of life." the King explained.

She was speechless as she looked at the Duke and imagined his crusty, old body on top of her in bed.

"Such lovely tits. I'm going to enjoy sucking on them and squeezing them around my cock." Duke Baggels groaned, already getting a visible hardon.

"Yes, my daughter does have magnificent breasts, if I do say so myself. She will make a fine lover for you, Duke. I'm sure you will enjoy making love to her every day." the King said to him, giving him a playful elbow nudge, and the Duke winked back.

In complete frustration, Angelica threw up her arms and stormed out of the room.


"Sweetie, what's wrong?" the King asked, placing a hand on his daughter's.

"Daddy, that man is disgusting! I can't marry him!" Angelica whined, her voice raising a pitch.

"But the Duke is a very wealthy and powerful man, he is a noble like us. Plus, when you and he wed, it will bring political stability to both our regions that have been at unrest for quite some time now."

"Political stability?" she asked, repeating the words slowly. She seemed to be looking off in the distance, through the wall, in disbelief.

"Think about it, your wedding to Duke Baggels will stabilize the region, securing our rule for generations to come, as well as facilitating new trade agreements which will be quite lucrative." The King was beaming from ear to ear.

The Princess closed her eyes and shook her head, bringing herself back to reality. It was during her father's explanation that she realized what her wedding's purpose would serve. Her wedding would not be a fairy tale where she married a handsome prince, which she always dreamed of. Instead, she would be used like a bartering chip for political maneuvering for her family's estate.

"Father," she began slowly, carefully planning her words. "It's just taking me a while to process all this. It's not at all what I expected. I was not expecting to be married to an old man. I feel like I haven't had a chance to live yet. I've never been outside of the Kingdom of Marendo before, I've never traveled or seen the world. I want to experience some adventure before becoming married to an old man and being confined to a castle for the rest of my life."

The King laughed a little and placed the back of his hand to his mouth to stifle it. "Adventure? Oh dear. You're far too fragile." he said, squeezing one of Angelica's thin arms.

"I'd at least like to travel, a chance to see something of the world before being settled down."

Her father thought for a few minutes, and after a while he nodded his head and said, "Alright, very well, I've already planned to send a delegation to the Kingdom of Baka in three days to renew our trade agreement. It's a simple treaty that the Baron needs to resign, renewing our current trade agreements for another twenty-five years. I was planning on sending a small group, just a small delegation, however you can act as an ambassador if you like."

"Really? I can travel to Baka?" Angelica asked, her face lighting up.

"Don't get too excited, Baka isn't much to see, however it should be a very safe and routine journey for you."

"Thank you, daddy!" Angelica squealed, throwing her arms around her father in a hug. She squeezed him tightly, causing those massive titties to squeeze up against his body in doing so.

"I'll have your servants begin packing your trip." It would just be a simple, routine trip. Nothing could go wrong...


It took three men to load Angelica's trunks and chests into the carriage that would carry her and the other delegate her father had selected to travel to Baka. They would be accompanied by two drivers. The men grunted and winced as they loaded the heavy chests, loaded with clothing, jewelry and other absolutely necessary items that the Princess couldn't leave behind on their journey.

Princess Angelica watched as the men loaded her belongings and occasionally she'd bark at them to be careful. Today she carried a small parasol which provided some shade from the mid-day sun. She was dressed in another corset which slimmed her waist and pushed her enormous titties up for the world to ogle at. Silk gloves, thigh-high stockings, and 7-inch heels completed her outfit, the usual style she preferred to wear. The laborers who were loading her belongings would stop from time to time to catch a glance at those large, round jugs on the princess' chest. Today she was getting quite a few leering stares from the workers, probably due to the low cut top she chose.

"My lady, my name is Markis, I will be one of your drivers. We are ready to depart." the young man declared as he came near to her. The man was not handsome, but not completely unattractive either. In fact, everything about him seemed completely average. She paid only the smallest amount of attention to the servant.

"Excellent." she said, placing her hands on her hips. "How long will the journey take?"

"With good weather, it should take us two weeks to reach Zaltok, which is the capitol of Baka." Markis responded.

"Two weeks!? I didn't realize we were going so far!" she exclaimed, with a little fear in her voice. The Princess had never spent a night outside of the castle in her life. She was expecting to be gone a few days, nothing more.

"So far?" the driver blinked, "My lady, Baka is the closest kingdom to Marendo. It's not a long trip at all."

"Oh, very well then. Let's depart." she said, feeling embarrassed by her lack of geography and general worldly knowledge.

"You'll be fine, Princess, we'll take good care of you." Markis said as they mounted up on the front of the carriage, pulled by two horses. The two drivers sat outside in the front, while Angelica and the other delegate rode inside the carriage's riding compartment.

As they set off, Angelica looked out the window of the carriage and watched the castle disappear over the horizon behind her, and within what seemed like a few hours, the sun was setting behind them as well. They traveled under the night stars for a few hours before finally resting for the night.

For the most part, the trip was smooth and uneventful. Every day, the carriage would rock and bounce as they drove forward, and occasionally the princess would feel motion sickness and feel that she might throw up. The drivers would stop the carriage for a few minutes until she regained her composure, and then they would carry on. They would ride all day, and sleep for a few hours at night. The trip was uncomfortable for Angelica, but it was rather uneventful.

The journey carried on for what seemed like forever. Days blurred together. After the first week of travel, the princess lost track of time.


The journey took a turn for the worse late in the evening after the eleventh day of travel. Angelica was reading a book inside the carriage when suddenly one of the drivers screamed out. Several other howls and growls could be heard not far away from them, and they didn't sound human.

"Orcs!" the driver yelled.

Angelica dropped her book inside the carriage and the other rider inside with her started to tremble.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Oh dear... We are doomed." is all he said.

The carriage sped up quickly, and then within just a few seconds, it screeched to a halt. Immediately after stopping, the growling sound of beasts and the clash of metal could be heard. The drivers were screaming, and the man inside the carriage with her opened the door and started to run for his life.

Angelica looked out the open door of the carriage and saw two large beast-like humanoid creatures attacking the drivers and horses. The orcs were taller than a human, with pale green skin, an abundance of hair, and sharp teeth and claws. Their eyes were set deep into their skulls, and they burned bright red in color. They didn't appear to have any soul, and sought only to pillage and plunder.

The delegate who was running for his life made it only a few steps before one of the orcs grabbed him with his large clawed hand and took him down.

"Great Light! Noooo!" Angelica screamed, unintentionally drawing the attention of one of the beasts.

The orc ran toward her, and the princess opened the door on the opposite side of the carriage and began to run. She couldn't run very well though, as her heels immediately sunk into the muddy road. The shoes slowed her run, but she was no match for the speed of this beast anyway.

As she began to run as fast as she could, Angelica noticed one of the drivers lying face down on the ground, dead, and the second orc appeared to be dying at the hands Markis, who was wielding a shortsword in his hand.

The orc tore through the carriage and began chasing her. Angelica ran, her heart pounding, until she collapsed to the ground. She was sure she had met her demise as soon as she felt herself lose her balance.

She turned as she hit the ground, and watched the hulking orc come up on her and stand over her with thick saliva dripping from his open mouth. It snarled, showing several teeth, and let out a deafening howl.

Suddenly, the end of a sword jabbed through the beast's chest, sticking out as it pierced completely through its body. Markis looked up, giving a fist pump of approval as he watched the sword he had thrown at the orc had struck it perfectly. The orc sunk to his knees with a moan and collapsed, giving his final breath.

The young driver trotted up to where the princess was laying on the ground and offered her a hand to help her up. "Are you ok, my Lady?" he asked.

Angelica stood up with the help of the young man's arm, and brushed off her dress and clothing. "What the bloody Light just happened!?" she screamed.

Markis began cleaning his shortsword with the edge of his coat as he explained, "We were ambushed by orcs." he said, motioning to the two dead beasts on the ground. "They probably thought we were carrying treasure."

The princess' heart was still pounding as she looked around at the smashed carriage, splintered wood, and dead bodies, both human and orc that were lying in the road now. "I almost died." she said, saying the words to herself as the thought entered her head.

"I bet they were hanging out here, waiting to ambush merchants on their way to Zaltok. They're a stupid race of creatures, despite their incredible strength. We're lucky there were only two. Probably just the two rogues, I doubt there are more."

"Is this common? To be attacked when traveling?" she yelped, barely able to breathe from the adrenaline.

Markis shook his head. "No, I've made this journey several times and we've never seen any orcs this close to Baka."

Angelica Di'Marinella looked around, realizing the dire situation they were in. "We must return to Marendo now. Please, just take me home." She was trembling slightly, and she held her gloved fingers together to try to calm herself down.

Markis sighed and shook his head, however. As she looked at him in surprise, he said: "Princess, at this point we are only a day's ride away from Zaltok. It would be much more beneficial for us to finish riding to the capital, deliver the trade treaty, resupply and rest, and then return. Right now we are out of food and supplies. Turning around and returning to Marendo would be impossible. We must go on."

The blood rushed away from Angelica's face as she realized the truth of her situation. She was far from home, nearly ambushed to death, and except for her servant Markis, she was totally lost and broke. "I guess we really have no choice, do we?"

"No, but believe me, we will be okay. Come on, let's mount up on that horse together and continue on. We can be to Zaltok tomorrow."

The two of them suited up the one remaining horse and Markis helped the princess up onto the saddle first. As she climbed up on top of the horse, the young man couldn't help but stare at her enormous tits as they jiggled and bounced as she mounted the horse. Once she was up on it, he climbed on as well, settling behind her.

Markis reached around Angelica's slim little waist to hold the reins of the horse, and they sat snugly together, with her back pressed up against the servant's chest. Angelica adjusted her seat slightly, and wiggled her bottom to get comfortable. It was going to be impossible to be completely comfortable though, with two people on the horse, and with Markis' growing cock pressing up against her butt. Yes, she could feel the man getting a boner. As if this was a good time for that!

The young man held Angelica's body close to him, and as he sat behind her, he had a great position to glance over her shoulder and down her corset. The tight corset cupped her large titties up and so much cleavage was shown that he figured her nipples were just a fraction of an inch away from popping out free. Those gorgeous, enormous melons were the most titflesh he had ever seen at once. With every step the horse took, they jiggled and bounced. Within minutes his cock was fully hard, throbbing, and precum was oozing out inside his trousers.

As they rode for several minutes at a trotting pace, Markis broke the silence. "I'm sorry for my arousal, my Lady. It's difficult to contain my lust for such a lovely woman."

Angelica adjusted her position again, which only caused her cheeky ass to grind up against the servant. "Try to control yourself." she replied.

Markis groaned, his dick was throbbing now. "I'm sorry, truly. I've just heard tales of your beauty for so long. I was honored to take this journey with you. And to have saved Princess Angelica Di'Marinella of Marendo's life, what an honor! I'm simply overcome."

"I should have thanked you for saving me sooner." she replied, realizing her rudeness. "Thank you for saving me, umm.. what was your name again?"

"Markis, my Princess." he said, gazing at her bouncing fuck-jugs.

"Markis, thank you. I've never been in danger before. You're very brave." she said, giving him a smile. Markis missed the smile as he was staring at her voluptuous mountains of flesh. "....And, I guess I wouldn't mind if you held me a little tighter as we rode, if it would please you."

"Oh, Princess, it would give me much pleasure!" he responded. Markis' hand reached to rest on her thigh, and then the young man slowly inched it up over the smooth, silky stockings the princess was wearing. His hand grazed over the soft fabric of her dress, and then the corset that snugged her waist. Finally his hand cupped one of her breasts and he let it rest there. His fingers would occasionally flex slightly, giving a squeeze into the royal breast as his crotch rubbed up against her fine ass.

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