tagNonConsent/ReluctanceToo Far Far Away Ch. 02

Too Far Far Away Ch. 02


It had been a few days now since Angelica Di'Marinella had escaped from being held prisoner in Baron Kruelin's castle. The castle was in the middle of Zaltok, which was the capitol city of the Baka Empire, which she was now still very much in the heart of. Angelica was the princess of Marendo, which was her home, a place that was now very, very far away from.

To make things worse, this was her first time ever traveling any great distance away from the royal castle in Marendo, the place she was born and raised. She had no worldly experience to draw upon, and her journey was supposed to be a simple routine visit to Zaltok to renew a trade agreement. All that was required of her trip was to collect a simple signature. She had thought it would be adventurous to travel, which is why she begged her father to let her go. She got more than she bargained for.

No sooner had she arrived in Zaltok did the ruler, an evil warlord named Baron Kruelin, declared war on Marendo and tossed her in prison.

The man she had traveled with had devised an escape plan for her, and luckily she managed to escape the dungeon of Kruelin's castle, but once she was out of the castle, she was still in Zaltok which was the heart of enemy territory.

Kruelin had the city-guards searching for her, so Angelica hid in a merchant's cart that was on its way out of the city. She hid under a pile of clothes in the large cart, unseen and undetected.

The cart turned out to belong to a clothing merchant on his way to Brightbridge, a medium sized town not far from Zaltok, but still within the Baka kingdom. There were all types of people in Brightbridge from farmers, to peasants, to rich merchants. Angelica thought that she might be safer in Brightbridge since there might be less people looking for her there. Fortunately, she was able to steal some new clothes from the merchant's cart also, to replace the dress which had ripped while she was held prisoner.

The dress that Angelica stole for herself turned out to be little more than a skimpy nightgown. The short dress was revealingly short and low-cut, and the silk material was so thin that her nipples poked through the fabric visibly and the silk hugged the curves of her body like a second skin.

Princess Angelica was already a head-turner, so the dress only attracted even more attention as she walked through the streets. The princess had long silky chestnut hair, fair skin, and quite possibly the sexiest body that anyone in Baka had ever seen. Her butt bounced and the juicy, firm cheeks of her ass rubbed together teasingly, draped by the silk nightgown that was so thin that one could make out every curve on her amazing posterior. Her ass was not even her best feature either. If you were to gaze at her body from bottom to top, the next thing they would see is her slim waist. The hourglass was then complete as you continue to look up, you'd see her two massive, beautiful, perfectly shaped breasts. Her tits were utterly oversized for her small body, the wondrous jugs looking like suckable, squeezable watermelons on the girl's chest. In relative terms, she would fill out an H-cup bra with ease, but measurements were difficult to know for sure.

Angelica needed to get some help if she was going to ever find her way home. She needed to find someone in Brightbridge with the means to help her. The the trouble was finding such a person. She noticed a farmer standing on the side of the road who didn't look very busy.

"Pardon me, can you help me?" she asked the man.

The simple farmer blinked as he noticed the cute, stacked girl approaching him. "Uhh, yes?" he responded.

"Do you know where I could find a transporter in this town?" she inquired.

"A what?" the farmer was confused.

"Someone who is willing to transport someone long distances. A paid driver?" she clarified.

The farmer scratched his head as he stared at her big, round knockers that were spilling out of the little dress she was wearing. Angelica's voluptuous curves were practically overflowing the little silk dress. Her huge, bulging tits were pushed together by the tight-fitting dress, giving the man a delicious view of cleavage.

"Nope, can't say I know of one in Brightbridge. Might be someone in Zaltok willing."

Going back there wasn't an option. Angelica sighed and placed her hands on her hips. She thought for a moment, then asked "What about a wizard? A sorcerer? Someone with magical power."

"Oh..." the farmer said, scratching some more. "Yeah. Try The Great Gizol. He's got an alchemy shop down there." the man pointed down the road.

"Great, thank you!" Angelica responded. Perhaps this wizard could conjure up some kind of transportation spell for her. It was a slim chance, but she didn't have many options.

"Jus' be careful. Gizol is known as quite the pervert." the farmer warned her.

Angelica gulped nervously and made her way down the street, looking for Gizol's magic shop. She found the place down the street a few blocks and around a corner, off the road a little bit. It was a modest little shop with just a simple sign on the door. Nothing fancy or flashy.

She opened the front door of the store and the heavy wooden door creaked loudly, announcing her entrance. At first glance, there didn't appear to be anyone manning the store. The room she had several shelves on every wall from floor to ceiling, filled with jars of herbs, flasks filled with liquids, and vials filled with everything imaginable. Where there were no potions or herbs, the shelves on the wall were filled with books and scrolls. Even the center of the room contained three small, circular tables, which were each stacked with books and crates. Every bit of space in the small store was used, and while it seemed cramped in here, somebody definitely took a great deal of time to organize it all.

Wondering if anyone might be in the back room, Angelica raised her voice a little and yelled "Hello?"

Suddenly a small gnome jumped up from behind the store counter. He had apparently been sleeping. The tiny gnome was unlike anything Angelica had ever seen. He was very small, maybe only two and a half feet, but his head was the size of a normal person's. He had straggly hair and a thick beard, both black as midnight. The gnome quickly grabbed his wizard hat that was nearby and placed it on his head as he jumped up onto the counter.

"Sorry about that, I must have drifted off. How can I hel-----" the gnome's jaw dropped open as he noticed the busty girl in the little dress in his store.

"Oh, I didn't see you there. I was looking for the Great Gizol?" she asked timidly.

"Look no further!" he said, dancing on the table and spinning around with his arms open. The gnome was wearing a full length silk robe, and the hat he had on did make him appear to look like a wizard.

Angelica had never seen a gnome before in her life, so this was quite a shock to her. She was a little freaked out by the tiny man, and she took a step back where she bumped into a table behind her, rattling some jars.

"I was expecting someone a little taller." she said.

"No no, don't back away! What's wrong? Never seen a gnome before?" Gizol said with a grin, his eyes leering on Angelica's curvy bosom.

"A gnome? No, I can't say I have. Is that what you are? I'm not very familiar with this area." Angelica replied.

"Come closer, sweetie, let the Great Gizol take a look at you."

The princess stepped up closer to the counter which the gnome was standing on, and Gizol licked his lips and flashed another smile as he gazed at her big, overflowing melons that were spilling out of the low neckline of her dress. Her cleavage was so deep and her tits were so gorgeous and round. Gizol was at the perfect height to view them.

"What's a pretty little thing like you doing in here?" he asked.

"Well, I'm very far from home. I'm lost, actually, and don't even know how to get back, even if I was somehow able to find someone willing to give me transportation. Plus, there's sort of an issue with where I want to go..." she started to explain, and sighed. It was difficult to explain her situation without telling him she was the princess of the kingdom that Baka was at war with, and she wanted transportation through a war zone. "I've heard that some sorcerers are able to conjure spells of teleportation. Are you able to create such a spell?"

Gizol nodded his head and rubbed his small hands together. "Yes, indeed, I know how to cast a teleportation spell. Come closer, let me examine you."

Angelica gulped and moved all the way up to the counter that the little gnome was standing on. The gnome's face was now directly level with her chest, and he seemed quite pleased. She was startled as Gizol reached out with both hands and squeezed her breasts together. The gnome's hands were small, making her twin fuck-bubbles seem even more huge to the tiny wizard.

"Whoa, what are you doing?" she asked as the gnome unabashedly fondled her breasts.

"Don't be startled, I'm just examining your body to make sure you're fit for teleportation." he explained.

Gizol squeezed her big tits together, then lifted them up slightly, weighing the heavy globes of flesh in his hands. Angelica could see that the gnome was developing a hardon underneath his robe, because the front of it started to lift up. Gizol made no attempt to hide how much he was enjoying it either, he was happily squeezing his hands into her gorgeous tits, fondling, squeezing and rubbing them. He even pinched her nipples through the silk dress and gave a gleeful giggle.

The gnome's robe was tented now as his cock poked up noticeably, his shaft about four inches long was clearly stiff. Gizol squeezed and groped Angelica's tits frantically, as if they would be pulled away at any second. Her boobs squashed up inside her dress as he pressed them together hard, feeling her wonderful fuck-jugs. When the gnome started to pull the front neckline of her dress down, Angelica brushed him away with concern.

"Gizol, is this necessary? What exactly are you doing with my breasts?" she asked.

"Just performing a physical inspection, to make sure you're healthy enough for teleportation." he responded.

The princess sighed again and reluctantly let Gizol's hands return to her chest, where he continued to molest and grope her full, swollen fun-bags. The little gnome spread his arms wide apart and hugged both of her tits in a bearhug, and he was barely able to wrap his arms around her bosom. The little gnome then buried his face between her huge tits, nuzzling his head into her deep cleavage, and started to kiss the inner slopes of her tender boobs. His quivering lips touched her smooth, flawless skin.

"Ok, ok, that's enough." Angelica said, pulling herself away, and she then adjusted the front of her dress. "When can you prepare the teleportation spell?"

Gizol frowned as his titty playtoys were taken away from him and then said, "Let me see what reagents, ingredients and what else is required. I need to refresh my memory. Let me call my apprentice in here. Tienna! Get in here, now!" he screamed toward the back room.

A moment later, an attractive girl entered the storefront from the back room. The girl was Angelica's age - about twenty years old - and had long blonde hair, slightly tan skin, blue eyes, and she also had a spectacular body. Tienna wore a slim, tight-fitting mage dress that hugged her hips, slim waist, and her magnificent bust. Her dress was strapless and low cut, leaving her shoulders bare and her deep cleavage was displayed. Tienna's bulging tits were tan, in fact her entire complexion was light mocha. Although her breasts weren't as large as Angelica's, they were still about a G-cup in size, meaning they'd require two hands to grope properly. It was remarkable how similar the two gorgeous girls were, except for Tienna being blonde and having a tan, and Angelica having just slightly larger titties.

Gizol was very proud of his beautiful apprentice. She was definitely the sexiest piece of fuckmeat in Baka, well, that was before Angelica arrived. The gnome wizard definitely took advantage of his apprentice's intoxicating body too. Being her "master" allowed him many rewards; he pleasured himself to her body frequently.

"Tienna, go fetch my spellbook. The brown one titled Teleportius." he instructed her.

The busty mage apprentice hurried to the back and got the book that he requested. Gizol opened the spellbook and leafed through it for a few minutes while Tienna and Angelica exchanged cold glances as they sized each other up. Finally Gizol found the page he was looking for and exclaimed, "Here it is! I remember the spell now."

"Great!" Princess Angelica squealed, and a large smile formed on her face for the first time in weeks.

"Thank you, Tienna. Now, next I'll need you to suck my cock." he instructed her.

"In front of a customer?" Tienna scowled at him.

"Yes, who cares? Just suck it, ok?" the little gnome said, letting his robe drop to the counter. He was now standing there naked, with his four inch boner sticking straight out toward her, hard and ready.

"I just gave you a blowjob an hour ago." the apprentice objected.

"Remember our deal, Tienna? You make me cum, and let me do whatever I want to you, and in return I teach you spells." the gnome reminded her of their professional agreement.

"Yes, very well, as you wish, Master."

The blonde brushed her hair back as she leaned over and licked her tongue over the tip of Gizol's gnome-cock. The gnome's body was quite strange, with a head the size of a human's, a four inch cock, and a two and a half foot ball body, all made him look like quite the oddity. Regardless, the beautiful mage apprentice wrapped her lips around his cockhead and she began to suck on him.

She sucked on him wetly for several minutes until the entire shaft was slick and wet with her spit. Tienna slid down a little further until her lips were pressed up against Gizol's body. His entire cock could fit inside her mouth, with just the tip of it teasing her throat. With the entire gnome-cock swallowed up, she started to suck very, very hard, and her mouth became sealed around him like a vacuum.

Gizol knew he was going to cum quickly, but this time it was only two minutes. Gnomes would come to orgasm quickly, but they could also cum frequently. He let out a high-pitched squeal of pleasure as his gnome balls emptied into the beautiful girl's mouth. His shaft rushed with semen and it exploded from the tip of his shaft and immediately poured down her throat. He stayed there, squealing, and ejaculating into Tienna's mouth as she sucked him hard, and swallowed his watery jizz. Soon his load was sloshing around her belly.

Angelica watched on in complete shock. She had never seen anything like this: a beautiful young girl giving a blowjob to a gnome. She hadn't even seen a gnome until fifteen minutes ago, and now she had seen one squirt a load of his fuckjuice down this girl's throat.

Tienna straightened her back and stood upright again, and wiped her plump lips with the back of her hand. "There you go, Master Gizol."

"I'm not done yet, my sweet. Pull those tits out so I can fuck them."

"Alright." is all she said.

All Tienna had to do was pull the front of her dress' low neckline down slightly, and her big, perfectly round boobs bounced out. Her breasts were tan all over, and she had large, pink nipples that looked sensitive and tender. Her titties were nice and big, which to Gizol were huge. Like a professional, Tienna tilted her head down and spit some drool between her fuck-jugs.

"Should I go and come back later?" Angelica asked, she felt very awkward.

"No, stay. I won't be long." the gnome replied.

Gizol's cock was still fully stiff and arched upward slightly, completely aroused. The gnome held his shaft by the bottom and rubbed his cockhead across his apprentice's beautiful titties, and then slipped his dick in between them. Tienna's milk-jugs could envelope a massive dick, so Gizol's little gnome-cock was easily swallowed up and lost completely in a sea of titflesh. As he pushed up against her boobies, Gizol began to slap his hips up against them, fucking his shaft in and out of the sheathe of flesh that was created for him.

"Oh magnificent Light, I never get tired of fucking these huge cum-jugs!" Gizol exclaimed.

"I'm glad I can please you with them, Master. I'm lucky to be your apprentice." Tienna responded.

"You're lucky that you're a stacked, sexy little piece of fuck-meat, Tienna. If you didn't have such a huge set of tits and sexy body, I wouldn't have taken you under my wing." Then, quite rudely, Gizol spit in Tienna's face. His saliva sprayed in globs across her eyelashes, nose and lips.

Tienna didn't wipe away the spit, instead she stayed focused on tittyfucking her Master. She was holding her big boobs in her hands now and was squeezing them together like a good girl, letting her master fuck her enormous titties that were made for milking cocks. Gizol pounded away at her perfect knockers, like he was fucking a pussy. The four inch penis was thrusting in and out of her wet, smooth fuck-melons, and Gizol began to slap her tits in his hands as he pumped more frantically.

The busty apprentice rubbed her boobs back and forth on her Master's cock as the gnome pumped his hips up against them. He slapped his palms against her giant funbags, causing them to jiggle, then as his hips bucked into them they would jiggle again. Gizol could bury his entire gnomish penis inside her breasts. That's exactly what he did too; over and over he plunged his dick in between her titflesh, fucking her bosom like he was pummeling her cunt.

A few seconds later, Gizol howled loudly as his dick erupted again with his second orgasm. He sprayed his white, gooey jizz in between Tienna's boobs, then he pulled back and watched as a couple more bursts of jizz streaked across the tops of them. His semen was quite noticeable on her bosom as her tan skin contrasted with his white sperm.

After he finished emptying his nuts, the gnomish wizard sat down on the counter top, and Tienna tucked her jizz-soaked boobs away back into her dress. Her perfect tits always did the job. Gizol swore that she had been blessed with those glorious fuck-jugs so that she milk cocks with them. Over the months he had emptied countless loads of his gnomish sperm onto them, and he never got tired of it.

Gizol turned his attention back to Angelica, who appeared shocked. "Where were we? Oh yes, the price. For the cost of reagents and ingredients, this will set you back only fifty gold pieces."

Angelica blinked, "Fifty gold pieces? But I don't have any money."

The gnome shrugged slightly, "Sorry, that's what it would cost me in ingredients."

"I don't have any money now, but maybe there's some arrangement we could work out?" she asked.

"Hmmmm, yes there is." Gizol said, rubbing his thick beard, and his eyes lit up, "Instead of the fifty gold pieces, how about you let me fuck those magnificent tits of yours!"

The princess' hands immediately went to her chest to cover her breasts, but that only caused her to inadvertently squeeze them together, and the bulging jugs swelled up from her dress' neckline. She had just witnessed how Gizol ravished Tienna's breasts and sprayed his semen carelessly across her young body.

"Oh no! Absolutely not!" she protested.

"No teleportation spell then." Gizol shrugged.

"Alright, fine!" she agreed. She had already tittyfucked a commoner on her journey. Why not? "You can.... do that." she couldn't bring herself to say the actual words.

"No, that offer is already off the table." he shook his head.

"What!? You just said it!"

"Now my offer is: I'll do the transportation spell free of charge, if you let me fuck your tits and your pussy."

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