Too Far Far Away Ch. 02


That was ridiculous, Angelica thought. She couldn't let this disgusting little gnome defile her royal flower. Of course, there was no other way to get home, she thought. She had already let one commoner fuck her pussy too. What was one more?

"Fine." she agreed.

"Oh good, I can't wait!" Gizol jumped up. His little cock was already hard again at the thought.

"Me neither." The princess said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

"There's one more matter." The wizard started to explain, "The spell requires one reagent that I do not have. It requires a rare gemstone that can only be found in one special, hidden cave just north of Brightbridge. I'll need you to fetch me one of those gems."

"I don't know where this cave is...." Angelica said.

"Tienna, you know the cave and the gemstones I speak of, yes?" Gizol asked her.

The apprentice nodded her head. "Yes, I know the cave where they can be found."

"Good. Tienna, you accompany Miss ---" he paused, then said, "I don't even know your name." to her.

"Oh, my name? It's.... uh.... Anne." she said. Since she was a wanted woman, she figured it was best not to use her real name.

"Ok, Tienna, you take Anne to the cave and retrieve a gem. When you return, we'll both get what we want!"

Tienna nodded her head and then said to Angelica "Ok Anne, come with me. I need to get cleaned up, and you can borrow some more appropriate clothes."

The magus apprentice took Angelica back to her room where she cleaned the cum off her breasts, and then got redressed in her tight dress again. She was wearing a short and sexy dress with a plunging neckline.

Angelica was absolutely starving, so Tienna offered to take her to a tavern to get some food. Before they left, Tienna explained to Angelica that she was wearing a nightgown and that she should probably change clothes first. She let her borrow one of her own dresses, which actually looked nearly identical. Unfortunately for Angelica, the dress wasn't made for her slightly larger tits, so they ended up spilling out slightly, and the upper edges of her dark pink nipples were left visible.

"People say that my bosom is large, but look at how big your boobs are!" Tienna gasped, seeing Angelica's tits bulging out of the top of the dress.

Angelica was blushing bright red and her hands caressed her exposed cleavage, wondering if she should hide it, and how. The dress pushed her tits up high, held them together snugly, and created a deep valley of curvaceous tit-meat "I never thought my breasts were that big. Are they?"

"You're kidding right?" Tienna responded, shaking her head. She figured Angelica must be crazy.

After some confusion, the two left, with Angelica constantly tugging up the front of her dress as it would slip down over her round bosom. It was a constant struggle to keep her huge breasts covered up and her nipples tucked away safely.

Tienna brought Angelica to a dirty inn on the outskirts of Brightbridge. The stand-alone building was in a dark part of the village near the end of a side road, and the stand alone building was loud and raucous. As they entered the main room of the tavern, Angelica noticed the room was full of gruff travelers and common folks. The sound of boisterous singing and arguing were spilling out of the building's walls. There were very few women, except for one or two barmaids, especially none who looked as beautiful as Tienna and Angelica.

"Its best if we get a table near the back, to avoid attention." Tienna explained to her, and led the princess to a little table near the back of the room. The air was thick and smoky in the tavern, and in their position they were mostly unnoticed. The more inconspicuous they could be, the better, Angelica thought.

The barkeep, a man named Rigson, brought them two mugs of ale and two meals for the women to eat. Angelica devoured her meal hungrily since it was the first decent thing she had eaten in weeks. They were left alone for the most part in the corner of the tavern as they ate and began to drink. As the two of them began drinking mugs of ale, they continued to talk.

"I know who you are, you know. I know that Anne isn't your real name." Tienna said.

"You do?" Angelica responded, suddenly afraid.

"Yes, you are that princess they're looking for. Angelica Di'Marinella, of Marendo. That's you, is it not?"

Angelica gulped as her heart started to thump loudly. "How did you know?" she asked.

"I've seen the Wanted poster. It was quite obvious." Tienna told her.

"There's a Wanted poster of me around? Oh Light! I'll be spotted any minute!"

"Alright calm down and relax, Angelica. No one has spotted you yet, so don't make a scene in here. Just keep a low profile." Tienna said.

"People are going to be looking for me! I'm so worried." The princess continued.

"As I said, keep a low profile for now, and as long as we get that gem from the cave that Gizol told us about, he will be able to create a teleportation spell and get you far away from here. So stay focused, and don't freak out on me, okay?" Tienna seemed stern and confident.

Angelica nodded toward Tienna as the barkeep came around again, asking if they wanted another round. Rigson, the barkeep was a tall, sturdy man, and he brought the ladies another two mugs of ale. Angelica shielded her face from him as he set the mugs down on the wooden table. Every time the barkeep would bring them another round of ale, the tall man would glance down the front of their dresses at their big, round breasts, and he would lick his lips. Angelica's tits were especially eye-catching as her nipples were almost popping out of the neckline of her dress. After Rigson left, they continued their conversation.

"What you should be concerned about is obtaining the gem from the cave I told you about. Inside that cave lives a minotaur, and he's not too friendly. He almost never leaves the shelter of the cave, and since we don't have time to wait around, we will have to distract him in order to gain access to the cave."

"A minotaur you say? Light! Isn't that some kind of mythical monster?"

"Angelica, you're so naive. You don't know what a minotaur is, do you? He's a bull-headed creature, half man, half bull. They typically won't bother anyone, unless you invade their home."

"And that is what we'll be doing, isn't it? Walking into his lair..."

"Yes, precisely." the blonde nodded.

Tienna and Angelica began discussing their plan to enter the cave where the minotaur lived and retrieve the gem that Gizol needed for the transportation spell. They talked for several hours more, discussing an idea to distract the minotaur and take the precious stone without being harmed. After several hours of hatching a plan, they were left with just a rough scheme. Angelica was nervous that they hadn't thought it through enough, but Tienna seemed supremely confident that they would be successful.

By the end of their conversation, the two women looked around the tavern and realized that they were the only patrons left. Everyone else had left, and it was the wee hours of the morning just before sunrise. They had stayed up all night drinking ale and discussing the cave.

Rigson returned to their table to try to get them to go home.

"Closing time, ladies. Pay your tab and get going." the tall man said.

Angelica looked at Tienna, and Tienna looked right back at Angelica. They both were looking for the other person to pull out their purse.

Rigson crossed his muscular arms over his chest and sighed.

"I thought you were going to be paying." Tienna told Angelica.

"No, I thought were!" she replied.

Growing more impatient, Rigson growled and then cracked his knuckles. He had just worked all night, earning only a few silver pieces in tips, and still needed to clean the tavern before going home. He was impatient and anxious for his last couple patrons to leave so he could finish up. "I don't care which of you pays, as long as I get the ten silver pieces you owe me for these ales."

A few moments of silence passed while Tienna and Angelica realized they were both completely broke, without a coin on them.

"I'm afraid that we cannot pay you, sir." Angelica responded timidly.

"If you don't pay your tab, I will have the sheriff lock you in jail."

Angelica knew that if she was apprehended by the sheriff, she would suffer a fate much worse than spending a night locked up in jail. She was wanted by the Baron, and the entire kingdom of Baka was looking for her. Tienna knew that she would be in trouble if she was found with Angelica too. Neither of them wanted to get the sheriff involved.

"Rigson, I have a suggestion." Tienna started, "My friend here is a prostitute. Not only that, but she said she thinks you're cute. I'm sure she would exchange her services to pay for our tab. What do you say?"

Angelica's jaw dropped in shock. She couldn't believe that Tienna was telling Rigson that she was a whore! No way did she expect her to fuck this man to get out of paying a few silver!

"I am not a whore!" Angelica was quick to object.

"She's just being modest, Rigson. She prefers the term 'escort', but the truth is she's a street-walking whore who sucks cum and rides cocks for a living. Now, now, Anne, don't be shy about it! Just give the man what he wants so we can go."

"Ok, it's a deal." Rigson said, and he grabbed Angelica by the arm, pulling her out of her chair.

Angelica squealed as Rigson grabbed her roughly and pulled her toward him. She tried to protest by pulling away but it was no use. The man grabbed her dark hair and began to drag her toward the back of the tavern, where he opened the back door and pulled her into the alley.

The alley behind the tavern was a dark, narrow corridor that was used for loading items through the back of the tavern. There were no lights and the alley was just wide enough to fit a cart through, no more. There were a few wooden boxes sitting beside the back wall.

Rigson pushed Angelica up against one of the boxes and bent her over it, then lifted the back of her dress up, revealing the lace panties that her butt cheeks were squeezed into. Her panties were soft and they were stretched over her cheeky buns. They didn't stay on her long; soon after Rigson lifted up her dress, his strong hand ripped her panties right off her body, leaving them on torn on the ground between her feet. The frail princess was easily manipulated and positioned by the stronger man.

Tienna followed Rigson and Angelica out the back of the tavern to see what was happening, but she didn't seem interested in stopping what was about to happen.

Angelica's big, bulging tits were pushed up against the box as she was forced to bend over it. Her long legs and perfect ass were completely bared and peeking between her buns you could see her bald pussy lips. As she was bent over, she struggled with her dress, both the top and bottom, trying to keep herself covered. She looked like a sexual buffet ready to be devoured.

"Make him stop!" Angelica said as she noticed Tienna standing behind Rigson.

Tienna shook her head, knowing that if they held up their end of the deal, Rigson wouldn't turn them over to the sheriff. They couldn't afford to be caught. She watched as her slim, busty friend had her clothes ripped from her.

Rigson reached out and touched the smooth curve of Angelica's ass as he squeezed his cock through his trousers. His dick was getting hard as a rock as he gazed at and fondled the beautiful, voluptuous body in front of him. He squeezed her ass cheeks with both hands a few times, and then he reached around front to cup and squeeze her overflowing tits. Rigson was surprised how firm and round her perfect orbs of flesh were. He expected Angelica's knockers to be saggy or soft considering their size, but they felt fantastic, each of the fleshy globes were full, firm, and nice and tight. With a quick motion of his hands, he pulled the front of her dress down and her ballooning fuckjugs bounced out and rested on the crate that she was bending over.

The princess yelped as she felt her sensitive nipples touch the cold, hard wood of the crate that she was bent over. Her nips were little, pink circles of flesh that were just barely semi hard before they were exposed. As her body was crushed up against the crate, her boobs were smushed up against it under the weight of her body and they bulged out, visible from her backside, and her nipples hardened instantly against the cold, unforgiving wood.

Rigson spit onto his hard cock and then rubbed the saliva around his shaft, getting it just wet enough to make that first thrust inside easier. His shaft was hard as a rock now in anticipation of fucking the gorgeous girl in front of him. He kicked the insides of Angelica's feet, forcing her to spread her legs apart a little more widely. With her thighs spread slightly and her body bent over, her hips were pushed up high, ass presented outward, and her little smooth pussy was ripe for the picking by Rigson. She was presented to him like a gift right now.

Rigson pushed his hardon up against the lips of Angelica's royal flower, and he only let his cockhead touch her pussy for a second before thrusting forward, and burying his shaft up inside her body. Angelica groaned a pathetic whine, but Rigson just grunted in response. Her warm pussy had a firm grip around his shaft right now as the man pushed his hips all the way up against her ass, burying himself balls-deep into her tight little body.

"Uughhh! Light! Her pussy feels incredibly tight! You sure she's a whore?" Rigson mentioned to Tienna.

"Oh she's a whore alright. Go ahead and fuck that pussy like the cum-sucking prostitute she is!" the busty mage apprentice replied.

"But I'm not a whore," Angelica whined, "I'm a ---" she couldn't finish the sentence, so she just fell silent.

Tienna raised a finger to her lips in a silent "Shhhh" motion, as if to tell her partner to keep quiet about her true identity. Angelica was going to have to suck it up and just let Rigson fuck her.

Rigson pulled his hips back and unsheathed his cock from Angelica's pussy until just the head remained inside her. He looked down and saw the girl's wet juices had coated his erection, making his rod more slick and slippery. Pounding her would be easier now.

"Yes, yes, veerrryy good. Enjoy your spoils." Tienna whispered to him, acting as a cheerleader for him to ravage the princess. The sinister girl crossed her arms underneath her breasts, which made those big jugs seem even more inflated.

Rigson started slapping his hips up against the round bubbles of Angelica's rear, which plunged his shaft deep up inside her body over and over. Each thrust sent an echoing slap of flesh through the dark alley.

The princess closed her eyes and clenched her fists, enduring the unwelcome penis that was reaching up toward her womb with every thrust. Even if she were to yell, the alley was completely deserted, and beyond that was probably out of earshot. There wasn't much she could do to protest or stop Rigson either, her skinny little arms were like sticks. So she pushed her head down against the crate like her tits were smushed up against it, and she let the man have at it and pummel her pussy.

Rigson's shaft was throbbing as he slid in and out of the girl, pushing her little body up against the crate. Angelica's big tits were smushed against the box over and over as each pounding thrust pushed her down tightly.

"Fuck her like the whore that she is!" Tienna whispered to him, actually encouraging him. She was taking pleasure in watching Angelica get used as a fucktoy.

"I know this girl is too pretty and too pure to be a whore like you say, but I don't really care." he admitted.

"Don't let that fool you. She may seem innocent and pure, but she is a complete whore, a total jizz-sucker."

Princess Angelica whimpered slightly, her face buried against the wooden box, and her dark hair tossed around her head in a mess. She heard everything they were saying.

Rigson's cock was throbbing and aching as he fucked the hot, tight little cunt, and he wished he could go on and enjoy this all night, but he was close to cumming and his balls needed to be drained. Tienna could tell he was close, and her eyes seemed to light up with excitement.

Tienna leaned in close to Rigson's ear and whispered, "Go on, cum inside her. She likes it, and lets all her clients do it."

"What are you telling him?" Angelica asked with a tremble of worry in her voice.

"Shut up and let him finish." Tienna snapped.

"Light! Shut up, both of you!" Rigson added.

The two women fell silent, and Rigson continued to ram his cock in and out of Angelica's sweet pussy for another minute or so. The alley was totally silent, save for the rhythmic clapping of flesh against flesh until finally he climaxed.

Rigson buried himself deep up inside Angelica as he began to cum and held his dick in place, snugly wrapped in her tight fuckhole. He could feel the surge of fluid rushing up from the base of his cock, running through his shaft, then surging out from the tip. His seed flowed freely out of the tip of his cock and immediately mixed with the princess' own juice inside her. Rigson felt like his cock actually expanded in width to accommodate the surging rush of cum that was squirting out. His load was so big that before he was even finished squirting, sperm was already seeping out of Angelica's pussy lips and trickling down her inner thighs.

When he pulled his dick out and backed away from the princess, it was like removing a cork from a champagne bottle. A huge wave of jizz splashed out of her and streamed down her legs, with some of it splattering directly onto the ground below, making a small but messy puddle.

Angelica stayed against the crate for a few moments, gasping, and then she pulled herself up. As she got back up to her feet and adjusted her dress, Rigson buckled up his trousers, breathing quite heavily himself. The deal was complete; she had let Rigson fuck her, and in exchange the man forgave the debt.

"Alright, a deal's a deal. I won't say nothing to anyone about you two, but I better not see you around here again unless you've got coin to pay." Rigson said.

"Oh, I have a feeling you won't be seeing us again." Tienna replied.

The blonde woman went to Angelica's side and patted her arm comfortingly, and she told her that she had done a good job with Rigson. Angelica's eyes were wide, shocked, and she was glad her part was finished. Rigson told them to run along, and he would forget about their debt. He went back inside through the back door, leaving Tienna and Angelica out back.

"You didn't have to egg him on so much." Angelica glared at Tienna once they were alone together.

The blonde woman just smirked in response, then said "Let's go, princess. We still have a lot of work to do."

Indeed they did have a lot to do. The two girls still needed to locate the hidden cave guarded by the minotaur, find a way to avoid the beast, and bring back one of the gemstones from there so Gizol could begin preparing the teleportation spell. It seemed as though there was a mountain of chores ahead of them, but it was a burden Angelica would bear if it would send her home.

To be continued...

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