tagMind ControlToo Good to be True Ch. 06

Too Good to be True Ch. 06

bySilver Dust©

Julia looks down at the slip of paper in her hand that she had quickly written an address on. Double checking the numbers on the door, she rings the doorbell. A man answer in khakis and a green collar shirt, he looks at her and smiles. He holds out his hand.

"Hello, I am Eric, may I take your bag real quick. You must be Julia; your online picture does not do you justice!" She smiles and shakes it as she walks into the warm house. Her trench coat worn as tight as possible, her black wavy hair with red highlights resting on her back. She removes her coat to show her jeans and black cotton top. She stands over Eric, her six foot two inches body a little taller then him under normal circumstances but with her 4 inch heels she towered over him.

"So you finally took me up on your offer?" She smiles sitting on the couch and crossing her legs. While Eric sits across from her in an arm chair. "I told you hypnosis is not full proof for making someone into a good submissive."

"Julia your hundred percent correct. I do not have the experience to train these girls. But I am the one with the technology." Eric smiles, "at my current estimates I will be making ten thousand dollars a month in profit within a year if I continue the same operation."

"Really, why do you need me then?" She smiles clicking her black heel of her boot on the wooden floor.

"You love living this lifestyle and bi-sexual. I will give you access to my girls or boys if you help me train them." Eric stands up and pours them both a drink. "I understand you don't want to be on the website, which is fine."

She looks him into the eyes and takes the drink. "So what did the girls do to make you change your mind?"

"Exactly what you predicted, they have been fucking around behind my back."

"How did you find out?"

"The webcam, I hypnotized them to forget that they are present when they know they exist." He smiles and sips his drink.

"So you want me to discipline them, so they stop fucking around?" Julia asks placing her drink on an end table. "That is easy enough."

"No, no, no" Eric shakes his head, "That is what I thought at first, but the girls mischief makes me tons of money. I just want to control it. If I wanted the girls to stop I would just hypnotize them again."

"Ok, that is a little tougher but I can't punish the other people."

"Well one person is in Germany, which is no worries. The only other people I know of are these four middle aged men in the girl's apartment building. You need to find out if there are any more."

"Then you can just hypnotize there playmates so they unknowingly help you make money. Good plan, but what about if there are wives involved?" Julia finishes her drink, and looks deeply into Eric's eyes.

"There is nothing illegal in what I am doing, and there adultery is there own fault, if worse comes to worse I hypnotize their wives. Also the girls won't be living there for much longer. There lease runs up May 31st." He smiles and fills up Julia's drink again. He lifts his glass to toast. "Do we have a deal?"

"Sure." She clinks his glass, "when do the two of them show up?"

"About 15 minutes, oh punish them as harsh as you want, and do something's that belong to your trade, just nothing permanent." Eric's grin even grows larger. "I am so happy we crossed paths. Head to the basement, it should be unlocked and sound proof; I will send them down there when they get here. It will be a big surprise."

"Ok, you're the boss," Julia stands up and picks up her bag. She walks slowly to the basement. Opens the door and walks into the play room. It looks like a normal living room except for the large rings in the ceiling that could be disguised as plant holders and some cuffs in the wall. All the other things of a standard bondage dungeon could easily be hidden. A large wooden ex could be disguised as a table and the closets are filled with everything thing a Mistress or Master could want. Julia mumbles to herself "wow this guy has made one hell of an investment."

Admiring the one of the closets, she stops knowing there was only limited time before her prey arrives. She decided to go simple this time. She pulls out a black skin tight shiny pleather body suit. It goes up like a turtle neck with a large zipper down the back and black shiny surface completely covering her body, hands and toes. There are a couple of additions that Julia likes. First are the extra zippers, one from the top of the pussy to the back of the asshole and the second over each breast. Second she likes the little corset around the waist. She then slips on a pair of black 6 inch stiletto heels.

She then reaches into her bag and pulls out her tool belt, buckling it loosely around her waist. Attached to her belt is a vibrator, butt plugs, whip, paddle, clamps, piercing gun, and some little pockets full of surprises. She then pulls out of her bag a little black leather eye mask putting it on her face, two metal choke collars and leashes placing them on the table. She empties out the rest of her goodies right before she hears the door opening to the basement, she mumbles to herself "he was right when he said this place is sound proof."

She could hear them as they slowly walk down the stairs, there heels clicking on each step. "I wonder why master wanted me over so soon, I was just here."

They both stop and say "Maybe Kim he was looking at the hot photos of you and just needed some fucking. I love it when master fucks us."

At that moment they round the corner into the dark room and Julia turns on the light. The two of them just stop and there eyes open wide, Julia announces at the same moment "But Masters don't like it when there slaves fuck around without permission."

With that said, in one motion Julia pulls her whip off her side and snaps in the air about 2 feet away from there faces. "On your knees whores!"

Greta drops to her knees as her trench coat falls out of her arms, her short skirt riding high and her nipples instantly poking there her tiny tank top. Kim stands there, eyes darting everywhere, voice shaking and she blurts out "what? That's not possible! Y-y-y-y-ou drop to your knees."

Julia raises her hand again and CRACK snapping the whip only a few inches away from Kim's side. Julia shouts "Do I have to repeat myself whore!"

Greta reaches over and lightly pulls at hem of Kim's pleated pink skirt, she whispers "just do what she says, get to your knees Kim."

Julia brings her whip into the air and brings it down with a load WHACK! Hitting Greta on the side she falls to the ground letting a thud echo threw the room. Tears starting to form on her face "did I say you could talk whore! Back on your knees!"

At the same instant Greta leaps back to her knees and Kim drops to her knee eyes, still darting across the room. They both make eye contact with Julia, tears forming on Greta's face.

"You may call me Mistress Raven; your master brought me in to punish you. Your transgressions have been horrendous, making a fitting punishment fun for me." Julia reattaches her whip to the belt, and then walks over to Kim. Julia runs her hand under her chin. She then turns to Greta and runs her hand over her face. "Show them the tape!"

On the big screen TV the video of the two of them fucking Jim comes up. All three of the women look at the screen. Greta and Kim burst into tears then turn there heads towards Julia, Kim cry's out "It was the only time!"

Whack! As Julia's hand slaps Kim across the face leaving a stinging red mark. "Don't you dare lie to me whore!"

Kim looks deep into Julia's eyes, her nipples also now visible hard threw her blouse. Julia then says, "you may speak now Kim."

Kim responds, "There were two others I played around with, a woman and her husband. But Jim is the only one I fucked behind masters back, Mistress Raven I swear."

Julia smiles and leans over and kisses her lightly on the forehead. At the same time she attaches a choke collar to her neck and then one to Greta. She walks away and turns around "Until the punishment is done you will wear those, understand whores?"

They both nod. Julia then locks eyes with Greta speaking directly to her, "And what do you have to say Greta?"

"Jim was the only one I fucked behind Master's back." Greta says in her little cute girl voice. Julia leaps forward and grabs the choke collar and pulls with all her might. Greta falls forward gagging then crawls to Julia. Julia pulls the leash again dragging her into the center of the room, and then let's go of it. Greta gasping for breath balls up the floor, she then feels to cuffs with metal rings attached to her wrists and chains drawn threw them.

"What the fuck!" Greta screams as her arms are extended above her head and she is suspended three inches above the ground. Julia then kisses her lightly on the lips.

"Whore what did I say about lying to me? Kim come over here and attach these leather cuffs to her ankles. We are going to punish her together first."

"Yes Mistress Raven." Kim states then gets up and walks over grabbing the cuffs from her hands. She buckles one to each ankle as Greta try's to kick her in the face. Julia walks over to the closet and pulls out a black pole with to little hooks on the ends. Julia walks up to Greta and kisses her again lightly on the lips. Greta welcomes the warm lips then Julia pulls away. Julia bends her knees and attaches the pole to the right cuff. She turns towards Kim.

"Spread her legs out." Greta has given up fighting and lets Kim push her legs apart. Julia attaches the other end of the pole to her left cuff, she steps back looking at Greta and her legs forced wide open by the three foot pole, her body just hanging in the air. Julia pulls out a small pair of scissors from her belt and hands it to Kim "Remove her clothing."

Following her commands Kim walks forward and starts to cut off all of Greta's clothing leaving it in strips on the floor. Julia sees Kim steps back looking at Greta only in her heels, a pink see threw thong, choke collar, leash and chandelier earrings reflecting light. Julia steps around Kim to see a large stain forming on Greta's panties and Julia smiles. "Cut off her thong Kim, she is not worthy of them."

Kim steps forward again and cuts both the side straps on the thong letting it falls to the ground making wetness clearly visible on the outside of Greta's cunt. Julia steps forward and lightly rubs her clit then slowly inserts one finger. Greta bites her lip trying to hide her moan as Julia pulls her finger out and brings it up to Kim's lips. Kim sucks in the shiny black surface and tastes Greta's heat. Julia asks "Do you like it whore?"

"Yes Mistress Raven." Kim nods.

"Whore do you think your worthy of clothing?" Julia glances towards Greta hanging from the ceiling.

"No Mistress Raven. May I remove my clothing to show you my status?" Kim responds also looking at Greta's naked body.

Julia smiles at the response. "Everything, including your shoes, I want you completely in the buff."

Kim and Julia walk behind Greta, then Kim strips down completely, even removing her jewelry. She stands there just in her choke collar Goosebumps forming on her skin. Julia pulls a butt large plug from her belt and the paddle. She hands them to Kim. She looks Kim straight in the eyes "I want you to first clean Greta's asshole with your tongue. Then hammer that butt plug into Greta's asshole."

Kim looks at the butt plug in her hand and walks over to Greta. Greta straining her head trying to look at Kim. Greta begs, "Please Kim don't! That is going to hurt so much, please!"

Kim drops to her knees and hesitates looking back at Julia. Julia reaches for her whip placing it in her right hand. Kim looks into the corner of Julia's eyes and tears start to form. CRACK! As the whip hits Kim's back and she falls over. Kim darts up and inserts her tongue into Greta's rectum. The tongue swirls around and comes in and out slowly expanding it covering its inside with saliva. Greta involuntarily lets out a slight moan. Then Kim stands up placing the butt plug at the entrance to Greta's asshole and holding the paddle with her right hand she asks "Demand to have this hammered into your anus, Greta."

Greta straining to look back opens her mouth "Please may have that butt plug hammered into my asshole servant of Mistress Raven."

WHACK! And the butt plug enters into her asshole. Greta lets out a wail that could be heard for miles. And Julia thanks Eric in her mind for the sound proofing. She walks in front of Greta and start to play lightly with Greta's nipple. The tears streaming down her face ruining her makeup. Julia kisses her again playing with her nipple. She starts to moan a little. Julia's hand snakes down to her extremely wet pussy and starts to play with her clit again. Greta starts to grind across Julia's hand as she inserts three fingers into her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh, oh oh oh oh!" Greta screams and closing her eyes. And she grinds down harder and harder. Her eyes pop open. "Oh god yesssssssssssssss!"

"Cum for me whore." Julia whispers and then lightly sucks on her nipple as she continues to insert her fingers in and out of Greta. Greta then releases a high pitch scream as her fluids flood all over Julia's hand. When she finally stops Julia raises her hand up to Greta's mouth and Greta leans her head forward a little, licking her own cum up.

"Do you like people playing with your clit whore?" Greta nods.

"Well you won't enjoy that for a month!" Greta looks down as Julia pulls a piercing gun from her belt. She loads it with a ring and places it over her clit.

"Please don't! Oh god please don't!" Greta screams. Julia holds the gun there waiting as Kim stands to the side in horror.

Julia looks over at Kim "Come over here now whore."

Kim walks over and stands next to Julia looking at her holding the gun in place. "Hold it Kim."

Kim lightly grabs it and Julia lets go. Greta shaking her head down at Kim, mouthing no no no over and over again. Julia announces to the room "Kim I want you to pull the trigger. You don't have to, I will do it. But it will make Mistress Raven very happy if you do it."

Kim holds the gun still, her hand starting to shake. She closes her eyes then "BANG!"

"NOOOOOOOOO I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!!!" Greta screams as she try's to jump up in pain. Her body swinging around in the chains her spread apart legs being lifted by her hips, Kim drops the gun and takes three steps back. She stares at the tears streaming down Greta's face.

Julia turns to her "No orgasm from your clit for a month or you may never cum again. Only anal intercourse for you. But after that your sex will be ten times better."

Julia blows her a kiss. Kim stands up and shouts at Greta "Thank Mistress Raven for the wonderful gift!"

Julia smiles and Greta mumbles "Thank you Mistress Raven for my new clit ring."

Julia gives her a nod and walks over to the folding wooden X. She extends it into a full X, then putting into an upright position and looks at adjusting metal shackles. She glances over at Kim, "Kim, come over here, be a doll and help me."

Kim struts over with a huge smile on her face. She stands to the left of the X. "Yes Mistress Raven?"

"Take one step to the right please." Kim slowly takes a step to the right. Then Julia pushes her up, locking her right then left arm into the wooden X. Before Kim regains her senses Julia grabs her right leg and locks it into place. She squats down and grabs the other of her legs' still kicking and locking it. Julia stands up and looks her over "Did you think you had escaped punishment whore?"

"Mistress Raven I have done everything you commanded." Kim cry's out trying to fight against the metal shackles.

"Whore you should have demanded punishment!" SMACK as Julia slaps Kim across the face. She struts over to Greta releasing her chains with one hand while lightly guiding her to the ground with her other hand. She undoes the cuffs and then holds the crying Greta close to her. Greta raps her arms around her still crying. Julia softly says "It's ok Greta, you have been punished. Do you feel bad for what you did?"

Greta nods and holds onto Julia harder. She then removes her head from her shoulder and says "Mistress Raven I will never fuck around behind Masters back ever again. I will only fuck around with people that he gives me permission to play with."

Julia smiles and softly pets her face and removes the choke collar. "You have been forgiven and re earned the right to wear clothing. Pick something fitting for the occasion."

A smile slowly expands across Greta's face and she walks over opening the door to the walk in closet. She looks at Julia "Mistress Raven, should I surprise you?"

Julia nods at her. Greta turns on the light and closes the door as Julia stands in front of Kim lightly running the tip of the paddle across her skin. "Did you think you could get away with your disobedience so easily?"

Kim slowly opens her eyes and makes contact with Julia. "Yes Mistress Raven. I thought by being obedient I would be able to escape my punishment."

"Well my pet have you learned that obedience is what is expected. And no wrongdoing can go unpunished." Julia states as she steps closer her hot breath being felt across Kim's face.

"Yes Mistress Raven. Please punish me as you view necessary." Julia smiles and lightly kisses Kim left nipple sucking on it lightly. Kim Gasps "oh Mistress Raven!"

Julia lightly pulls off leaving a little saliva on Kim's brown left nipple. "You have amazing nipples Kim. Are they very sensitive?"

"Yes Mistress Raven, very sensitive." Kim responds as the door opens to the closet.

Julia turns around and smiles. She looks to see a transformed Greta. She has on a pair of leather boots with a metal spiked heel with laces running up the entire front, fishnet stockings that are cut off by a tiny pleated green plaid skirt with the bottom of her ass sticking out. As Julia's eyes go further up her body she sees a red leather corset with no bosom support, black fishnet stocking opera gloves, large spiked collar with leash attached, pig tails and dark eye makeup with matching red lipstick.

Greta walks up toe Julia. Julia leans over and pulls her body close. There tongues start to dart into each others mouths as they finally lock lips. Julia's hand slowly slides down, then she slowly inserts her index finger into her asshole. Greta lets out a gasp and Julia removes her finger. Julia smiles "you have made your mistress very happy my pet."

Greta smiles "That is my wish Mistress Raven."

"Do you want to make me happier, my pet?" Julia runs her hand over Greta's face. She just nods. Julia hands her the piercing gun with two rings about 2 inches in diameter. Greta loads the first ring and holds the gun.

"She has very sensitive nipples. I think they want even more pleasure." An evil grin explodes across Greta's face as she brings the gun up to Kim left nipple still wet from the saliva. She locks eyes with Kim. Kim just mouths, please no, please no. Then BANG!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kim's body jumps forward against the shackles but she can't move. Tears start to stream down her face.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Greta just laughs and lightly kisses Kim on the face. "Take that you back stabbing whore!"

Julia sits down in a large leather chair across the room. "Greta she needs a matching one."

Kim just starts shaking her head saying "no no no, please not again, NO!"

The grin even larger this time as Greta brings the gun up to her right nipple. Greta looks her deeply in the eyes "Ask for it bitch!"

Kim takes a breath "please no!"

Then Julia announces "discipline her."

Greta raises her other hand grabbing the new ring and twists. Kim then wails "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Yes please pierce my right nipple. Please do it Greta!"

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