tagMind ControlToo Good to be True Ch. 07

Too Good to be True Ch. 07

bySilver Dust©

"Go catch Boomerang" Phil screamed while his ancient college hoody was barely keeping him warm on one of those perfect early spring days. The kind of April day in which it looked a lot nicer outside then it really was. But you're still able to convince your self it is a lot warmer. The Border collie runs out after the Frisbee catching it mid air. The dog proudly strutts back to him dropping the Frisbee at Phil's feet. Phil bends over and lightly plays with the dogs black and white furry face.

"You know what Boomerang you really are the best friend any man could ask for." Phil prepares another throw then catches the sight of a beautiful brunette wearing new clothing from the local university. He changes the trajectory then releases the disc. The dog takes off after the Frisbee at full tilt completely oblivious of the other object slowly moving in his way. Boomerang jumps into the air and lands at the feet of the young woman.

"What a cute doggie!" She screams and drops to her knees grabbing the sides of the face of Boomerang. She leans over and starts to talk baby to the dog. Phil picks up his backpack and walks over. He knows he is too old for this girl, but he can flirt even with his receding black hair with specks of salt in it.

"Sorry about Boomerang almost hitting you, I have bad aim and well he can't help himself." She giggles, taking off her headphones and looking up. Even covered in sweat, no make up, hair in a pony tail, in jogging pants and a sports bra this woman was stunning. He extends his hand then narrows his eyes "hi I am Phil, and you are... look really familiar?"

She bends her head to the side and stands up extending one hand while still petting the dog with the other. "Usually I think that is a line, but I think your telling the truth, you also look familiar. Oh by the way I am Greta."

They both shake and she gets back on her knees. Phil drops into a squat and is at eye level with her, a cold breeze starts to pick up while clouds gather in the western skies. Phil grabs the bottom of his jaw and closes one eye "Where do I know you from? Mmmmmmmmmmm."

"Aren't you going to get a cramp sitting like that?" She asks looking over at him still playing with the dog.

"I got used to it. I used to travel a lot taking pictures for travel magazines. When you spend a lot of time in Asia you have to get used to squat toilets and squatting becomes comfy for you." He states in a half tone still trying to figure out the connection.

"My roommate is Asian! Have you been to Korea? That is where Kim is from," She looks at him and his face lights up. Greta's eyebrow lifts a little in confusion.

"That's it! You were the really- I mean you were the girl that was selling cookies for the math team last summer." She smiles and looks at him, "I squatted down to pick up the form you dropped and you said the exact same thing!"

"Wow that is an amazing memory mister! But you did not have this cute little thing back then and you said you were moving soon back to Asia." She leans into the dog's face giving it a big kiss as the dog lightly licks her face.

"Well plans change sometimes, my parents had to move into a home and Boomerang became mine. The only way I could get them to move was to promise I would keep the dog at all costs. So I gave up the travel photographer gig and made my tempt job permanent. It's hard to travel with a dog."

"What is your job now?" She asked still more interested in the dog then Phil. Phil had started getting used to that. When he was travel photographer finding girls was not hard. He was also younger and more attractive then but more important he had a sexy exotic job. Now when he told those seemingly ancient stories he felt like a 35 year old talking about his glory years on his high school football team. Instead of almost winning state for Phil it was almost getting a staff position at National Geographic.

"Well nothing to exciting. Weddings, birthdays and school functions, I saved a far amount when I was younger and about twice a year I get a contract to do some travel gigs. It pays the bills and lets me live a free a lifestyle." She bought the white lie and smiled. Phil knew he was on hard times and there was not enough work in this town. He did a mental check to make sure not tell her about how his bag was full of want adds. "So how is the math team these days? Did you raise enough money?"

Greta looks up; an odd expression crosses her face like he had touched on previous time. Similar to the one his grandma used to give him when he asked about World War II. "Well I had to quit, I am still a math major but, uh, I got a part time job."

Phil was interested, the girl was not a good liar and he had hit something. Something she had not even thought about ever. "Well if you want someone to talk too feel free."

Her head darts around, then she stands up quickly making jerking movements, "Well I should finish my run; I have a lot of homework."

"Well, if you know, want my number you could you know- Boomerang Fuck!" Phil looks at the dog as he jumps on Greta knocking her to the ground. The dog immediately gets off her and hangs his head low whimpering. "Bad dog!"

Phil walks over to her and squats down with a big sigh "Are you ok? I am really sorry."

"I am completely fine just a little dirty." She states in a monotone her eyes glazed over and staring directly above her. Phil looks into her eyes and at her face, her expression just as blank as the monotone voice.

"Could you sit up so I can make sure your fine?" She sits up leaving her legs on the ground and her torso at a perfect ninety degree angle. "Are you sure your fine?"

"I am completely fine as you would say. Just a little more dirty then usual after a run." Still in a perfect monotone that only a computer could emit. Phil looks into her eyes just staring blankly.

"Why are you talking in a monotone?" He asks bringing his face very close to her face.

"Because that is how I am suppose to talk in this state of mind." She responds. Phil leans back and looks up into the air. The clouds were starting to get denser and darker.

"And what is your current state of mind?" He looks at her again for any change in her body, and there was none at all. A person could have punched her in the gut and she would not even flinch.

"I am in a state of hypnosis."

"You're shitting me!" He shouts and stands up towering over her.

"I cannot lie when I am in this state."

"How did I put you in this state?"

"You used the command word."

"And what was that?"

"Boomerang fuck." Phil looks over at his dog and Boomerang comes up next to him. He pets the dog, Phil then darts his ahead around verifying that the park is empty he leans over to her ear and whispers.

"What can someone do to you when you're in this state of mind?"

"Someone can plant suggestions that will seem completely natural to me."

"Who put you into this state of mind?"

"You did."

"Shit." Phil says to himself. He scratches his chin then leans over again. "Who was the first person to put you in this state?"

"My master."

"Now we are getting somewhere. Why did your master put you in this state?"

"To implant suggestions."

"God damn it, what suggestions did he implant, no wait a second, what are all the suggestion he has ever implanted in your head." Phil asks with a slight quiver in voice.

"One, that I will constantly crave cock, that it feels natural to be submissive, that it brings me great pleasure and happiness to follow masters commands, and that I will only feel like me if I show off my body. I will enter a hypnotic state when ever I hear the words "boomerang fuck" and not remember the 30 seconds before I was put into a hypnotic state. Two I will constantly crave pussy and any kind of sexual attention from my roommate Kim, it will make me uncomfortable to tell other people about my master. Three that when webcams are on me I forget they are present."

"Webcams? Interesting." Eric sees the clouds getting denser and it was going to rain any moment and he wanted to find out more. "Where do the webcams broadcast?"

"Onto a website that master has."

"Are you paid to do this?"

"Very well."

"So that is his motive." Phil smiles as he pieces the puzzle together. "So you are his sex slave?"


"Are you happier then you were before?"


Eric is startled as he hears the distant thunder. "Explain to me Greta why you are happier."

"My life was boring before, all I did was homework and study. I still get good grades but I also have a whole new since of sexual pleasure in my life that I would never want to give up."

"Would you have willingly made this change?"


"Explain then why you are glad it happened."

"Before I never could understand how sex can make someone so happy. Things that I thought were gross before I realize now are great and natural."

Phil eyes open wide. Is this possible, that a beautiful woman will admit that being tricked by some pervert was the best thing to ever happen to her? Phil's heart started to thump, and he lightly touched her hand. He could feel his body get warmer. Maybe sometimes deception was a good thing.

"Do you love your master?"


"Could you love him?"


He takes a deep breath "could you love me?"

"Yes." Phil jumps up and a smile erupts across his face. But then it dawned on him.

"Would your master ever let you love me?"

"No, he wants complete control over us."

"Who is all of us?"

"Kim and Mistress Raven." So this guy planned to expand, Phil leans over looking into her amazing eyes. He was getting old and short on money and his sexy lifestyle of travel photography was over.

"I might regret this later but what the fuck. Greta?"


"When you wake up you will fall madly in love with, so in love that you will no longer care what your master wishes."


"Also, only I can remove any suggestion I place in your head."

"Yes." Rain starts to lightly fall on them.

"Lastly, when ever I say "Boomerang Rain Drop" you will enter the same hypnotic state you are in now."


Phil takes a deep breath then exhales. "Greta, wake up."

She shakes her whole body, then a loud clap of thunder resonates threw the air. She looks at Phil and her face lights up. "What happened?"

Phil reaches down grabbing her hands helping her up. She stands in front of him looking up deeply into his eyes her hands still lightly clasped in his. Phil spurts out "Well Boomerang knocked you over. You must have hit your head, I was about to call a doctor."

"I feel absolutely fine. It looks like it is going to rain." She steps closer to him hands still linked together. She moves her fingers to interlock them with Phil's. Greta closes her eyes and Phil leans over lightly kisses her lips. She lets out a slight moan then there lips part. Another clasp of thunder and the rain start to drop in a sudden wave instantly soaking them.

"Would you like to come to my condo? It's just around the corner and out of the rain." He asks as the water starts to pour down her face. She just smiles and nods and lets go of his hands sliding to his left side. He raps his left arm over her shoulder and her head rests lightly on his chest. With his free hand he takes the leash and Boomerang tugs them along wanting to get out of the rain. But the two of them don't care as they walk slowly threw the rain.

The two of them walk threw the gate and into the entrance. The dog shakes off all over them. Greta covers her face, "Oh bad Boomerang!"

The dog runs over to her and she steps out of Phil's arms but takes his hand. With her free hand she plays with the dogs face. "I could never stay angry at something this cute."

She then turn around and steps on her tows lightly kissing Phil "Or something this handsome."

Phil picks Greta in his arms and carry's her up the stairs with the dog running after them. He unlocks the door then kicks it open. He brings her then places her on the couch. He starts to walk away and she grabs his arm pulling him towards her. The two of them lock lips as his tongue enters her mouth. She pulls him on top her then runs her hands threw his hair as she reaches down and pulls off his soaking hoody, she then helps him bring it over his head.

She then pulls his shirt off as they continue to kiss only breaking in order to remove his garments. He reaches down and starts to pull the sports bra over her head she lefts her hands up and it is removed. He stops kissing her and slowly brings himself down and sucks lightly on her nipples. She gasps "ohhhhhhhh Phil."

Her hands above her head Phil continues down and pulls off her running pants and panties in one motion stopping at her sneakers to untie them and remove them. Phil then stands up looking at her. She begins to shift to drop to her knees. Phil smiles "No, just stay there for a moment, your just so beautiful."

Her eyes and smile explode, "No one has called me beautiful before. He never called me beautiful."

"Well you should know that you are, and I just need a minute admire your beauty." She turns bright red and looks away slightly. He then slides down to her vagina, he lightly darts his tongue on the cold metal attached to her clit. Her body jolts and gasps. The Phil slowly starts to run his long tongue over the slit lightly guiding between the lips in long even strokes.

Then his mouth moves upwards and raps his lips around her clit and ring and begins to suck. Her body thrusts upward and she starts to scream louder and louder, "Oh Phil, OH OHOH. OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU!"

He continues to eat her for what seems like hours to Greta her body releasing again and again. Finally with her torso raised high into the air she screams "I need you to fuck me Phil!"

Phil stops and walks over to her face, "ask me to make love to you."

She whispers "let's make love Phil."

He removes his shoes and pants and climbs on top of her. He lightly kisses her lips then they start to open each others mouths. The tongues continue to explore each other then he places the head of his penis at the entrance to her vagina. He slowly enters her and her hands grasp at his shoulder blades her nails digging in. He finally gets his entire penis into her then he thrusts nice and slow. She begins to match his rhythm the two them slowly fucking each other there mouths interlocked.

They roll over almost off the couch and her light body pressing down on him. She starts to lower her body onto him as he pushes up there moans and screams of pleasure staying in others bodies, there lips never parting. He reaches his hands around and lightly grabs her ass helping her to push her body onto his penis. She can't take it anymore and throws her head back, "OHHHHHHHHH Phil I am cuming!"

She screams as her orgasm flows threw her body and she thrusts down on his cock. He lets out a load groan "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."

As he pushes up into her and he has one of the most powerful orgasms of his life flow through his body. His penis gushing out gallons of it seed into her womb the two of them continue to thrust. She falls down on him, his penis beginning to soften inside her. He starts to move and she whispers "I want to feel you grow soft inside of me."

She lightly kisses his neck as the two of them lay there. It seems like forever then loud beep brings the two of them back to reality. She stands up and walks over to her gym pants and pulls out here cell phone. She reads the text message "Shit it's my roommate she is wondering if I got caught in the rain."

Phil props himself on his shoulder looks out the window watching the thunder storm rage, "Tell her your at a friends apartment and will just stay here until the rain is over and if you need anything you will call."

She starts to type the message into the phone and Phil stands up and picks up towel and a robe. She places the robe around her then raps the towel around his waist. He takes breath "So tell me about your part time job."

She looks at him scared then sighs, "after I tell you, your not going want to see me again. I just love you so much, and I have to tell you."

He smiles, she continues "I am part of an alternative life style. My master takes live webcams of my apartment and different fuck mates come over. He also has an online photo directory."

She hangs her head down. He just walks over placing both hands lightly on her face then leaning over and lightly kissing her lips. "I don't care. Show me this website."

They walk over to his old computer and he sits down in the office chair. She sits on his lap and types in the website then her entrance code. Phil clicks on the photo gallery and looks at Greta's profile, his jaw drops and his already sore dick starts to come a life again. She looks into his eyes "So I guess you don't want to see me again?"

He puts his arms around her and pulls her in closer, "I love everything about you."

He kisses her again, and then looks at the photos closer, "I won't lie, the photos are hot but are very armature with bad equipment. If your master was to hire me to take photo's they would be a lot better."

Phil then thinks to himself that this would also be a good way to solve his financial problems. He looks at the webmaster stuff and sees the contact phone number and the name. She rests her head on his chest feeling it slowly raise then lower again. He says softly "so your master's name is Eric Stoneberg. Be very quite."

He picks up his phone and dials the number. A terse voice answers "Hello."

"Hello Mr. Stoneberg I am a photographer and I stumbled upon your website. I am just wondering if you would want a professional-"

"Listen buddy I don't need your shit. Plenty of people like my photos so suck it up. Bye" Then Phil hears a dial tone. He rests the photo back in its cradle.

"I am guessing once he finds out about us he will order you to leave me." Greta pulls away and tears start to swell in her eyes.

"Yes, he will forbid it. But I can't loose you! I have never felt this before." She raps her arms around him. He leans over and kisses the top of her forehead.

"I have plan, who else is under Eric's influence?"

"Kim and Raven. Oh don't forget the men in our apartment building maybe some others I haven't met yet, he has been doing interviews." Phil rests a hand on her shoulder.

"Call Kim, tell her to come here with some cloths for you."

"But she will tell master immediately about us."

"I have feeling she won't." Greta stands up and walks to the other room and picks up her cell phone and calls. Phil can hear her mumble into the phone then hangs up.

"She will be her in 5 minutes." Phil motions her to sit on his lap again. She sits down and he pulls up a search engine, she looks at the computer then at him "What are you doing?"

"Lets do some research on Mr. Stoneberg." He starts to pull up files with his name and saving them. The two them keeping looking up more realizing that this man has a pretty interesting past when a load bang, bang is thumped on the front door.

Greta walks over and opens the door to see Kim in a parka and holding a bag. She walks in and rips off the parka leaving it on the floor. Greta leans over and picks it up placing it on a coat hanger.

"Listen Greta put this stuff on and let's get out of this shit hole." Phil walks over to see the stunning Korean girl, she is wearing a short plaid skirt, black leather boots, a white blouse with plenty of cleavage showing and a collar. Greta walks into the bedroom closing the door. "Who the hell are you?"

He holds out his hand, "Hi I am Phil, and you are?"

"It doesn't mater because I am never seeing you again, but you can call me Kim."

"I think you will be seeing me again."

"Yeah right, you're just some-"

"Boomerang fuck." Her eyes glaze over and she just stands there, "Sit in that chair Kim, its time to change some things."

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