Toon and I


This is a set of stories I wrote about a very very hot married man who I had an on-going affair with for a couple of years. We met, we fucked, he publically dumped me for another girl when I started to get too serious, but since then, there have been two other occasions worth noting... These recollections have been edited slightly since I first wrote them to give them some cohesion, and names have been changed to protect the guilty!

The first time -- 2004

Living in small town Asia, I get a lot of attention. While not blonde, the slightly curly brown hair, the boobs and the ass means I rarely pass by un-noticed. Which is why, I suppose, Toon took a shine to me. Head bouncer at a big club, he had long hair, tight leather trousers, and intricate tattoos all over his very well developed arms. I was already a bit drunk when I first arrived at the club, and he immediately paid me a lot of attention, making sure my friends and I were seated at his VIP table. A couple of bottles of whiskey, a lot of sexy dancing, and a snog or two later, the whole group headed back to my house. I don't remember much about that night, but I woke up alone to a slightly trashed house, beer bottles, cigarettes everywhere. While my housemates and I were trying to put together the pieces of the night, I heard a honk outside. The bouncer boys had returned with a duck, a crate of beer and a big bag of weed.

In record time we were sitting around waiting for the duck and weed soup to finish, drinking beer, getting rid of the hangover. It hadn't escaped Toon's notice that all he had to do was look at me and I'd start to shake. I've never felt so sexually attracted to someone, and when he came and sat next to me it was impossible for me to even speak. He put his arm around me, and, seriously, just like in the books, my nipples stiffened, and I could feel the wetness seep out from my pussy, soaking my panties. The other guys were getting along fine with my housemates, the soup was nearly ready, but Toon had other ideas.

He stood up, put his hand on the back of my neck and up into my hair, pulling me to my feet. Then, his hand firmly gripping my hair, he led me to my bedroom, ignoring the catcalls of amusement from his friends. By the time we were at my bed, his arms around me were the only things holding me up, but he said "stay standing" into my ear, and he sat on the bed. Quivering I stood before him, trembling with anticipation. "Take off your clothes" he instructed, staring at me intently. I slowly disrobed, smiling shyly as he groaned softly when my breasts swung free of my bra. As I wiggled out of my jeans he reached his hand out between my legs, testing my knickers for moisture. Now it was his turn to laugh as I moaned, and arched my hips forward to meet his touch. Suddenly he pulled down my panties and threw me on the bed, pinching my nipple. He stood up and said "my turn now" and pulled off his tank top to reveal more ink all over his chest and back. His shorts came off, and his tight boxers made me rethink all the stereotypes about Asian men. He pulled off his boxers, and his glorious erection stood free, right up against his ripped stomach. Fuck, I'd never seen anything like him in the flesh before. Absolutely stunning.

He came and lay on the bed beside me, and cautiously, like someone moving into foreign territory, I put my hand on his skin, tracing the whirls and swirls of the tattoos, feeling the incredible muscles in his body, enjoying the smoothness of his skin. We kissed, tongues intertwining, hands running over backs, chests, nipples... We pulled apart, and I wiggled down towards his cock. He tried to stop me, saying "you don't have to". I smiled at him "but I want to" I said. Here is something I know I can do, and do well.

I take as much of him in my mouth as I can, enjoying the sensation of power I have as finally, momentarily, I regain some control, he's the one in my hands, well, my mouth. He groans as I cup his balls and begin to fuck him with my mouth, long slow deep movements, with just a flick of the tongue at the top over his dickhead.

I'm concentrating so much on my job that it takes me a minute to realize he's telling me to stop. I look up, and he pats the bed beside him. I come lie next to him, and without warning he slides two fingers deep inside me. I scream as instantly my orgasm floods over me, and I can hear the laughter of Toon beside me echoing that of his friends out on the balcony. He's fumbling in the pocket of his pants for a condom, and in an effort to regain some control over myself I take it from him, and unroll it over his penis with my mouth, a trick I learnt in high school. He's impressed, but I can tell he wants me quivering and helpless, as he rolls on top of me and begins to fuck. The man knows how to do it, deep long strokes, echoing the movements of the blowjob I'd just given him. I'm clinging to him desperately, encouraging him to ride me harder, and the bed starts to creak, and we're both moaning and finally with an earsplitting 'ohhhhhh' we're both cumming, clinging to each other.

After a quick shower, I wrap myself in a sarong and Toon dresses. Within 5 minutes we're on the balcony with our friends all giving us shit, and a bowl of soup. We ended up spending the rest of the day in and out of bed, and by the end of the day Toon tells me I'm his latest mistress. So begins a year or two of super hot no-strings-attached sex, late nights in nightclubs, VIP tables, rides on fancy motorbikes, cock fights, and amazing meals out. Everything is put on hold on the rare occasions his wife comes to town, but for a while I'm his only mistress. It doesn't last

The Perfect Booty Call - 2005

I get a phone call about 8:15 pm last night. It's Toon. I'm surprised, I've not heard from him in a week, nor seen him since last Friday. He asks what I'm doing. I say not a lot, watching a movie. He asks if he can come over and sleep with me later, I (all thoughts of being cool and calm fly out the window) bleat 'sure! Yeah!'. I assume he means once work is over, about 12:30 or 1, so I go back to watching the movie. I figure it'll finish, I'll have a shower, get some sleep and wait for him to turn up.

I hear a bike, and I go out to have a look -- it's Toon, he's come right over. I can't contain my pleasure at seeing him, and he seems happy to see me to, gives me a big hug and kiss, then takes off his shoes. I ask if he wants a joint, and where he wants to sit. He looks at me like I'm crazy. Of course he wants a joint, and he wants to sit in my room! I roll, we smoke, he takes of his shirt and I stare in lust at his amazingly tattooed upper body. We talk about his family, my housemates. He tells me he hasn't had sex in 12 days, since the first night his wife arrived. She doesn't like sex he says, and neither do other local girls, or at least not with him. He can see me looking in disbelief, and he explains it's because he's too big, the girls are afraid he'll hurt them. Wow, really not a problem for me. I apologized for being the most wasted person in the room last time we saw each other, and he smiled, and told me the reason he stopped calling so much was that he was worried that maybe I was developing more feelings, something might happen, and we both had busy jobs, and I've got a serious job and he's got his wife and kids. He managed to say that without being conceited or patronizing, and it's a point well made.

Half way through the joint he looks at me and says "Go shower, then we'll have sex" Nothing makes me happier that a guy taking control... I leave him with the joint and go shower, using the sweetest smelling soap I can find. I brush my teeth, and come back into the house. He's lying on my bed in his boxers, what a sight. I come and sit beside him, bend over and kiss him. He's been eating mints too, and his mouth is cool on mine. He holds my head and kisses me, firmly, properly, all over my face and neck. I'm shivering with arousal -- he laughs at me, he knows his power all too well.

He begins to play with my breasts, licking the sides and stopping just short of my nipple as I arch into him. He pulls my towel away and rubs my pussy I'm watching his face and he grins wide as he realizes how wet I am. He rolls onto his back and I lean over him, kissing him all the way down his body. I pull off his boxers, and sit back on my heels as I survey his nakedness.

I lower my mouth over his hard cock and he moans. I build the pressure, then let it go slightly, using my hands to play with his balls and body, my tongue to encircle his cock, my mouth to keep him hot and hard.

He moves to sit up, and gets a condom out of the basket by my bed. I push him back down, take the condom from him, and unroll it myself. I position myself over him, giving into the pleasure of having a big man between my thighs who wont complain if I do him really hard... he doesn't, he loves it, but not as much as I do. His hands run over my body, his eyes watch my face, and as I give into my orgasm he pulls me down close to him.

I open my eyes to find him smiling at me stroking my hair. 'Your turn now' I tell him 'I'm lazy now'. We roll over and he starts to fuck me. Because this is just sex I can watch the act of sex clearly. We experiment with different angles, strokes, speeds. They're all good, but if I was to cum we'd have to keep going at one of them for a little longer. I think that's the point -- he doesn't want to cum yet either. He moves a bit further away from me and fucks me hard faster and faster. 'Can we cum together?' he asks me. I nod and smile, feeling mine building. I cum just before he does, but the way he gathers me in his arms and groans sets me off again. We lie there, holding each other till our breathing normalizes, then he looks at me and smiles.

We drink water, finish the joint, then he has to go back to work. The perfect booty call.

Toon at the Wind West - 2008

Toon grinned down at me, feeling my body shaking next to him as I took in what he'd said. His handsome dark face flashed in front of me as he repeated himself. "Come on, take off your knickers".

I could hardly breathe at first, flabbergasted at his bare-faced cheek. I'd not seen him for years, we had just met again, and after kissing me hello he'd offered to buy me a drink. We were standing closely together at the bar, one if his arms was around me, effectively trapping me next to him. Over his shoulder I could see my friend Cassandra dancing, and then as he trailed his other hand over my shoulder, collar bone and neck, and slowly down the front of my low cut top all thoughts of my friends slipped away.

Toon. Bane of my erotic thoughts. A very unavailable in any way, totally unsuitable for me, really rather dangerous, unpredictable and utterly show-stoppingly gorgeous man. Long dark hair, very buff from days in the gym, beautifully tattooed from nights out, he is totally aware of his looks. I've heard him say though, that he's never been able to reduce anyone else to the quivering mass of jelly he can turn me into. I think, for him, that's part of the attraction... How sexy is it to have the power to turn a lively talkative woman into a shivering sex kitten, limply hanging on to his arm, hardly able to take her eyes off him...

I glanced round the dark bar, it was quite full, everyone was talking loudly to everyone else, if anything watching the dancers in front of the band. I slid my hands surreptitiously under my skirt, and with a little wiggle slid my black thong over my hips and passed it into his waiting hand.

'What the fuck do you think you're doing?!' Yelled the rational part of my brain in alarm. 'Exactly what I want to be doing!' Shouted back the rest of my brain and certainly all of my body. 'Think of last time! Think of...' it called back in desperation, as the rest of my mind, body, fueled my lusty demons, trampled gleefully over all my rationality.

He smiled again, melting me a little more, leaning in he kissed my neck then murmured 'good girl.' The arm around me tightened drawing me closer as his free had slid up my skirt, causing me to burry my head in his chest and breathe deeply, inhaling the clean male smell. 'Thought so,' he said smugly into my hair as his hands reached my already sopping pussy. One slow lingering stroke, testing my willpower, resolve, and availability, and he removed his hand as I fought the urge to grab him and thrust myself upon him.

"Toon!", Paddy slapped him on the back, "Drink, man! And what are you doing to Emma? She's looking flushed!" I smiled weakly back at Paddy, as Toon found his glass. I was glad the arm around me didn't seem to be going anywhere, I didn't trust my ability to stand on my own. Toon asked Paddy something about the bar, and I wandered back in time...

I knew Toon years ago, in a small southern town, before I'd gotten together with my ex. We'd had a hot intense fling, made more so by the fact that we'd been so honest. There was no way we were going to have a relationship, this was all about sex and only sex. Except... Toon figured out I was starting to have feelings for him. I suppose it was quite obvious, even if the feelings never progressed much from lust to even stronger lust.

The man is everything I don't want -- a head bouncer at a club renowned for its links to mafia, a fighter, a cheater (well, he is married), he has fighting cocks, and bets on everything, I mean, really! And, looking like he does and riding a big very noisy motorbike meant everyone in town knew he was seeing me. It became too obvious, and too sensitive with my work, and his, so he ended it. Well, not exactly, he just made it blindingly clear, in front of me and everyone he worked with, that he'd got lots of girls, and I wasn't the only one. After that last humiliation, I never went back to the club in the remaining years I spent there.

But all he has to do is look at me and I want to cum in my pants.

Toon was running his hand up and down my back and I leant against him, considering my options. I thought of all I'd been through 3 years ago. I thought of my friends who I'd come with. I thought of my ex, alone now and still hurting, still in that southern town -- he probably would get to hear of anything, and that would be unnecessary. I thought of my throbbing body desperate for the gorgeous man in front of me. I thought of the guaranteed amazingly ecstatic sex with the hard bulge in the front of his trousers.

Toon turned towards me with a joint in his fingers. Bringing the spliff to my lips I inhaled deeply, reveling in the feelings of his hands so close to my face. He bent his lips over mine, allowing me to blow back the smoke into his mouth. We smiled at each other, and he bent his lips over mine again, this time to kiss me on and on.

Coming up for air he asked me softly, "hey, you wanna come for a ride in my car?" I thought about the flash red car outside, the leather interior, this man beside me.

"Can I have a rain check?" I heard myself asking. "I drove my friends here, and I should make sure I get them back ok." I nearly weakened as he kissed me again, and typed his number into my phone. "Call me." And he was gone.

I turned, stunned, to see Cassandra right in front of me. "Congratulations babe!" She squealed, "I thought for sure he had you there, get your drink and come dance!" Her enthusiasm infectious, I got my glass and followed her to the dance floor. "Don't worry," she turned to me, "it's your turn to call the shots now -- you've got him!"

Smiling with pride and relief, I gave myself up to the music, hoping to move some of the sexual tension out of me through the dance. And, after all, I still have his number.

2009 -- French Festival

So I got to sleep with Toon again... Almost exactly a year after the last time we'd kissed. I hadn't slept with him that time, I'd been good, but there was no reason not to this time. My ex and I were totally finished, there was nothing stopping me now. Certainly not his wife, I know, my bad.

I turned up at the festival, and saw him, standing on the sound platform, his narrow cut white tank-top emphasizing his hot body, his tattoos. I got him a drink, even before I went over to see him, and looking up at him offered him a glass of wine. He smiled down at me, and accepted the glass as if it was normal. He jumped down from the stage and gave me a hug, I resisted the urge to rip of his clothes and do him then and there. Instead I kissed his neck, slowly, deliberately, letting him know, as if he didn't already, that he could take me any time he wanted. He smiled at me, and I ran off, embarrassed, throbbing, uncertain as to what to do next. I went dancing, feeling him watching me. I did my best not to stare at him all the time, but Cassandra and Jeanie made sure I knew that he was watching. The night unfolded, more people coming and going. I bought him another drink, this time staying to drink with him. He looked at me, and said, "Wanna get out of here?"

He took my hand and led me to his awesome car, low slung, red, wide... plush seats and a great sound system with chilled tunes cranked loud. We drove, just happy to be together. His hand was on my knee, and I moved closer to him, and began to kiss his face, slowly working my way down his body. Undoing his shorts I found his semi-hard penis and eased it out, gently kissing and licking it, reveling in the moans Toon gave, as he fought his desire. I kept it up, enjoying his cock in my mouth until he gave a loud groan and pulled my hair, asking me to stop. "I don't want to cum here" he said, "let's go to a guest house." We drove to the perfect mistress guest house -- you drive in, the guy at the gate takes your money, gives you a key, and you drive into a parking spot under your room, with a private stair case to take you to your room. Perfect, discreet, sexy.

In the room Toon grabs me and pushes me against the wall. This is not going to be gentle, I think, and as he starts ripping off my clothes I know it for sure. We are naked in the shortest possible time, and he lifts me up a bit and half carries half pushes me into the bathroom, and under the shower. We wash, quickly, frantically biting at each other, desperate to be in bed. Still sopping wet we collapse onto the bed, and stopping only long enough for him to unwrap a condom (thoughtfully provided in the room), he's entering me, long powerful strokes, slamming into me, my legs in the air, both of us making inarticulate noises.

He grabs me, and turns me around so I'm on my knees, ass in the air, and he enters me from behind, hands holding my hips tightly, as he fucks me. Finally, I know we're close, and he flips me around again, and burying his face in my breasts he comes with a shuddering moan, sounds like a tree being ripped from the ground. We lie there together, me looking at his tattoos, but feeling different this time. Perhaps it was because my orgasm wasn't so good, perhaps because we're both a bit older, perhaps because I'm no longer that slightly innocent girl I was all those years ago.

Do I know, even then, that this will be the last time I'll sleep with him? Perhaps not, but it was. Soon after this, I met the man of my dreams, the one man who could remove all thoughts of this sex machine from my mind. The one who is all for me and all about me and the one I hope I'm with forever. But still... nothing will make me forget about that sexy man I was once with...

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