tagGay MaleTop or Bottom Ch. 02

Top or Bottom Ch. 02


It had been nearly a week since my introduction to gay sex and I couldn't stop thinking about it. When I made love to my wife I was thinking about that hard cock pulsating in my mouth and about the incredible cream that flowed from it onto my tongue. When I came I was thinking about the feel of Chris' tight ass on my rock hard cock as I unloaded my semen. All in all I think that I'm hooked on gay sex. I had to get Chris to meet me back at Steamworks so I could learn more.

I emailed Chris asking if we could continue with my education and he responded that tomorrow would be good for him if I could make it. I said that I could and settled back to dream about what might be. That night my wife wanted to have sex again but I pleaded tiredness so that I could save my semen for Chris. I told her that I was a little tired but that I would be happy to go down on her and bring her off. Having satisfied her I sunk into a sound sleep dreaming about tomorrow.

At work the next morning I was like a hyperactive kid who just finished a chocolate bar, all wound up and ready for some action. Noon couldn't come fast enough and I bounded out of the office for the short 10 minute walk to Steamworks. By prior agreement Chris had secured a double room again leaving my name at the front desk. I was buzzed in, given the requisite small, thin towel and headed upstairs to room 27. Knocking firmly on the door it was opened by a smiling Chris who swept me into his arms kissing me on the lips.

"Hi," he moaned, releasing me.

We quickly doffed our clothes and headed for the shower, I was determined to learn more about gay sex and told Chris that. We cleaned each other then after a brief stop in the sauna to warm up (there weren't any other patrons in there at the moment) we headed up to the third floor TV/Glory Hole area.

"What's a Glory Hole?" I asked.

Chris looked at me and said, "You'll see shortly."

Walking into the third floor I saw a large screen TV that was playing a gay movie. Sitting on the couches were several men, most of whom were masturbating in time to the video.

Chris told me to drop my towel, as he did the same; he took my hand and led me into the TV room announcing, "I've got a newbie here who wants to learn about Glory Holes, any interest?" Three guys piped up that they were interested so Chris said, "He'll be in the second cubicle of the front row."

Chris then led me into a very dark row of plywood cubicles and told me to go into the second one. I went in first and was grateful for Chris following me in next. "What am I supposed to do?" I asked as Chris took me in his arms and kissed me urgently on the lips.

"There are holes at cock height in all three walls for you to enjoy sex with anonymous strangers. Up high on the back wall is a dispenser of lube for anal sex if you'd like to try, and I'm here to help you enjoy it. Now kneel down and see what's waiting for you," Chris commanded.

It was so dark that I couldn't see anything but by running my hands around the walls I found three hard cocks sticking out of the 3 holes.

I started by taking the middle one in front of me into my mouth while stroking # 1 and 3 with my hands. Chris passed me a little lube that made the stroking slipperier. I was concentrating on cock # 2 and trying to repeat last week's premier performance. The cock in my mouth wasn't as long as Chris' but it was thicker and I had to open my mouth wide to get it in. I guess my technique wasn't too bad or the guy had been stroking himself for a while but after only a few minutes I felt the flare of his cock head, a precursor to ejaculation.

He began to force his cock in and out of my mouth and I could hear muffled grunts and mumbled directions "That's it my cocksucker take all of me," were the few words that I could make out. Without much fanfare # 2 started to cum in my mouth and pumped 3 or 4 hot blasts of semen filling me. I guess that was all he had as he quickly pulled out of my mouth and left me to savour his hot cream.

I swallowed quickly and peering over my shoulder asked Chris, "What should I do next?"

"Why don't you try letting # 1 do to you what you did to me in the shower," he said, meaning let the guy fuck me.

I was a little nervous but very turned on so I stood up and turned to face my ass to the hole. Chris applied a liberal amount of lube and helped position my hole at the waiting cock head. I pushed back and it hurt until the head slipped pass my sphincter muscle and I was able to drive it all the way into my butt.

"Now lean forward at the waist and take # 3 into your mouth," Chris directed.

The booths were narrow enough that I could keep full contact with the cock that I was fucking while being able to take # 3 into my mouth and start to suck him off.

"Mmmmm... that's nice," I murmured around the long, thin cock that I was sucking. I was enjoying having the hard cock in my ass and clenched my muscles to provide an even tighter grip. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Chris slowly stroking his cock so I reached with my right hand and took over that job from him.

# 1 was starting to buck and drive his cock into me and I knew he wouldn't be too long in cumming. I started to clench and relax my butt hole and after only a couple of minutes I heard a guttural "I'm cummming, ummmmm, ummmm," from the other side of the plywood. I felt, actually felt, not just dreamed about feeling, the hot jets of semen filling my waiting ass. God it felt good as he unleashed his load into my tight bum. I kept my ass tightly pressed against the wood to allow him the deepest penetration possible. After a short while he slowed to a stop then pulled his rod out of me with a muffled, "Thanks." I pulled away from the wood and felt the semen dripping out of my ass and down my butt cheeks Chris took his hand and liberally applied the semen across my bum not wanting any of it to get wasted.

Now I only had two cocks to worry about and # 3 seemed to be taking a long time to get his rocks off. I tried different amounts of lip pressure, taking the whole cock except the head out of my mouth and then driving back down the shaft at various speeds. The focused attention soon got # 3 close to orgasm, his thrusts through the hole became more forceful and the small head started the characteristic flaring that always seemed to foretell the orgasm. This time I was a little disappointed as all I got were two thin blasts of semen, hardly enough to coat my tongue let alone have to swallow.

"Sorry man, I came earlier," was the reply that accompanied his pulling from my mouth.

I had stopped stroking Chris while I gave # 3 my attention and I now stood up and turned to take him in my arms, kissing him with my semen-tasting mouth. "Now am I a bottom or a top?" I quietly asked.

"Well I'm not sure yet, but did you enjoy being used by those three?" Chris replied.

"Yes, yes I did but that's not to say I don't enjoy using a willing mouth or ass," I answered.

"Well we've got more work to do then," Chris stated in a light tone.

We exited the Glory Holes and went back to the TV room which by now seemed to be crowded with 6 guys watching two guys fuck on the big screen as they stroked their own cocks. Chris led me to the middle of the room, right in front of the TV screen and made me kneel before him. I had expected protests from the watchers but quickly realized that they were just as happy watching live action as a porno flick.

Chris announced to the crowd, "This is my newbie cocksucker and he's going to satisfy me while you all watch. Anyone who wants to cum on him while he's sucking me is welcome to do so," he added to the excited responses from the watchers. Immediately 4 guys stood up and formed a semi-circle around me as I knelt in front of Chris' swollen cock.

"Suck me my little cocksucker," he commanded. "Suck me well. I want to cum in your mouth," he said as he grabbed me by the ears and forced his cock into my mouth and down my throat.

I could tell that he was turned on, his cock head was already swollen but I also thought that he wanted this to be as much of a show as possible. I decided that I would play up the part and began to try and pull him out of my mouth.

I did succeed in pulling his cock from me and cried out, "No, no I don't want to have you cum in my mouth!" Chris recognized what I was doing and went along with the game.

"What? You little cocksucker, you are mine and you will suck me when I tell you to and if I choose to cum in your pathetic mouth you will happily swallow my cum," Chris responded by grabbing me by the hair and forcing his cock into my mouth.

The assembled horny guys took all of this in as being a real forced cock sucking and began to stroke their cocks in earnest. One of them couldn't wait any longer and he stepped forward and let his load fly on my cheek. That seemed to send another of them over the edge and he stepped up as close as he could get and blasted semen on my forehead and into my eyes. Just as soon as these two had cum they stepped away and were replaced by two additional watchers.

I thought that if I was to realize the goal of having all of these guys cum on me I'd have to put up a believable fight with Chris. I started to simulate a chocking sound and tried to withdraw the rigid pole from my mouth. "No, no," I mumbled around the cock. "I don't want to suck you, please don't cum in my mouth," I begged.

This act was enough to send two more guys over the edge and they both crowded up close to my face and spurted hot semen on my cheeks and lips. So now I was sucking on one cock with the semen from a fifth and sixth lubricating my lips -- what a turn on, what a hot scene.

Chris was getting too turned on and I realized, and he did too, that he wouldn't last much longer. Continuing to hold my hair he pulled his cock out so just the tip was on my lips and with his other hand he began to stroke it urgently. This was a sign to the guys who hadn't cum yet that they'd better hurry up and join the cum-fest or they risked being left behind. Chris was stroking his cock so quickly that I knew he must be close to cumming. I made sure my tongue was sticking as far out as I could force it so the others could see Chris actually cumming on it.

As he began to shoot his load and it flooded over my tongue turning it a glistening, slippery white the remaining cocks all began to cum at once and I was bathed with torrents of hot semen on my face, on top of Chris's cum on my tongue, in my hair etc. I had a bath in hot semen and I couldn't have been happier.

Chris finished his orgasm, the others joined him in wiping the semen around my face and pushing it into my mouth as a reward for a job well done/a show well made. I swallowed each bit of semen and licked my lips and the proffered cocks clean. Chris then helped me to my feet and led me from the room, taking me back downstairs to our double bed.

"God that was hot," I croaked with a crooked smile, my cum laced face looking up at a very happy Chris.

In all of this time I still hadn't had my orgasm and Chris realized that I would need relief and need it fast. My cock was bulging, rock hard and leaking pre-cum like a drippy faucet. With the door open so anyone walking by could see Chris got on the bed on all fours and proceeded to suck my cock for all his worth. Normally I can last for a while but after so much excitement and erotic titillation I was on the brink of my own huge orgasm in only a couple of minutes.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" I yelled letting Chris know that I was close.

Chris drove my cock down his throat and waited there while I came and came into his hot mouth. If I do say so I came a lot and was very happy to have a loving mouth to receive it. When Chris could see that I was satisfied he pulled off of my cock and kissed me full on the lips sharing some of my own semen back with me. We kissed for several minutes as we lay together on the bed. What a lunch hour!

After making sure each of us was cleaned up we left promising to get together in the next week. As we parted with a deep kiss I asked again, "Am I a top or a bottom Chris?"

Smiling he said, "Well I'm still not too sure, I think we need at least one more session to find out, see you next week."

There's more cumming in Chapter 3.

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