tagGay MaleTop or Bottom Ch. 03

Top or Bottom Ch. 03


It had been another week since my continuing introduction to gay sex and I still couldn't stop thinking about it. I was totally turned on when I thought about the fucking and sucking that I had done / had done to me. My wife even asked why I seemed so horny when we had sex and while I couldn't tell her it was because of my thought about Chris I brushed it off by telling her that it was her that turned my crank. That won me some brownie points I tell you and also let me have anal sex with her, something we didn't do very often. As I unloaded my hot semen into her ass I was thinking about the cock that did it to me last week.

I emailed Chris again to set up another meeting. He responded by telling me that we could get together but it would have to be Thursday evening after work. After work, I thought to myself, which may be a little challenging to organize so my wife didn't find out. I figured I'd brazen it out and tell her that I was going out with a few guys from work for dinner and a movie and that one of those guys was new to our group, his name was Chris. So in the final instance when you removed all of the extraneous words I did tell her I was going out with Chris -- right?

Chris emailed me back and told me that he was bringing some things that I would be using and that we should meet for a drink at 5:30 at a local watering hole near Steamworks. As planned I met him and we had a preparatory drink, he suggested I order a double of my favourite dark rum/coke.

Raising one eyebrow at him in a questioning look he simply smiled and replied, "You might need the extra courage." I asked him if we were going to eat and he laughed saying, "Later, you'll get all you want to eat later."

We went over to Steamworks and paid for our usual double room but I noticed that the place was very busy and that there happened to be women in sight! Now I like seeing women as much as the next straight man but I didn't expect to see them in a men's gay bathhouse.

Saying so to Chris he responded that Thursday night was the mixed gay/lesbian night at Steamworks, that the rooms were available to either sex and that everyone congregated in the TV room to start the evening. Now I was a little nervous as I quickly thought of my wife's friends to think if any of them were lesbian and whether I might run into them tonight. In the final review I didn't think there was much risk, but by that time we were already inside and heading up to our room to change.

We stripped off our clothes and headed back down to the showers for a quick, soap and stroke. As we walked in I was amazed to see two women and another single guy in the shower already enjoying themselves. The women were under one shower head and were happily embracing and stroking each other, trying to see who could get the other soapier if my guess was right. The lone guy was absently stroking his very long, thick cock as he paid no attention to the women at all. Being bisexual I was of course immediately turned on by the view and turned away to face Chris least my stiffening cock give my bi tendencies away.

Chris laughed when he saw my cock and said, "Well I see that you're already up for some fun."

Taking me in his arms he kissed me and drove his tongue into my mouth, duelling with my own tongue. We started to soap each other up and Chris was also getting turned on "Turn around." he suddenly commanded and whirled me around so I was facing the wall.

Moving up close behind me I was pleasantly surprised to find his stiff cock head pushing at my closed anus. He soaped both my ass and his cock head and then drove it into me with intensity.

I groaned and slumped back into his arms causing the two women to look over at us and giggle. "Looks like the blond one is getting used, huh Sally," one said to the other.

Chris responded by turning me so we were side on to the women and they could see clearly his cock and its rhythmic fucking of my tight rosebud.

Now Chris has a good sized cock and he took great pains to pull it all the way out and push it all the way in at varying speeds. He obviously wanted to give the girls a good look at his capabilities lest one of them be bi also. I felt a little foolish getting fucked in the ass with two women watching but I was also turned on by it all.

The lone male came out of his cock-stroking trance long enough to take in the situation and its possibilities. He decided that I seemed to be under the control of Chris and walked over to us asking, "Can I join in?" Chris shook his head in the affirmative and pushed my head forward until I was leaning over at the waist, impaled on his stiff cock but with my mouth now available for cock sucking.

Our friend stepped up and placed the head of his cock on my lips saying, "Ok you little cock slut, suck me off!"

Not waiting for an answer on my part he pushed his stiff cock into my mouth and down my throat. I can sure tell you that I hadn't had a long cock of such thickness and I nearly chocked on it. Once my throat muscles had become accustomed to the monster lodged there it got a little easier but my face fucker wasn't interested in my comfort or indeed in my technique. He simply wanted a hot wet mouth to unload in and really wasted no time in getting to the brink of an orgasm.

As he started to cum he began pulling out of my throat, across my tongue and lips until the head remained just in front of my face. He stroked his huge member and coaxed stream after stream of hot, salty semen ropes to fly on my face, in my mouth, my eyes and all over my face. Of all the cocks I've had the opportunity to suck so far he came the most by far. I struggled to catch as much as I could in my waiting mouth and swallowed valiantly in an effort not to waste any of the precious white gold.

This action caused our soapy Lesbos to stop their fun and watch with awe as I was thoroughly face-fucked. Chris for his part was just able to keep from cumming on the spot and remained buried in my bum until our 3rd. finished ejaculating on me.

"Thanks bud," was the muttered pleasantry from my fucker who wandered off without another word.

"Wow, did he ever get used," one of the ladies commented, a little in awe I guess of the orgasm just witnessed.

I looked at them and smiled, continuing to try and lick off all of the semen in reach of my tongue.

Chris pulled his cock out and said, "Later, I'll cum later. Now clean yourself up cock slut."

Having removed all of the semen from my face and after cleaning up Chris' hard cock we went upstairs to our room.

Chris said "I want you to put these on slut." And he pulled out nylon stockings, garter belt, panties, bra and breast forms and a nearly transparent negligee out of his gym bag.

Hmmm I thought to myself, I haven't had the pleasure yet of dressing in lingerie. I pulled on the hose, hooked them up to the garter belt, pulled on the panties over them (Chris said to do it in that order so my panties could be removed leaving the stockings in place -- makes sense I guess). I put the bra on and as I was inserting the breast forms Chris did it up in back. Over my head I pulled the sheer white negligee. When I was finished dressing Chris stepped forward and attached a collar around my neck to which he hooked what looked suspiciously like a dog leash.

"Ok now we're ready to go upstairs. What ever happens you are not to question my commands, you are to obey them regardless of what you think. Do you understand my pretty little cock slut?" he asked.

"Yes master, I am your pretty cock slut and I will do what ever my master wants me to do," I replied hanging my head and speaking in my subservient sex slave's voice.

We went upstairs to the TV room to find it awash in people of both sexes. From the two rows of Glory Holes I heard the muffled and not so muffled sounds of sex, male and female. I was getting so hard my new panties and negligee were tented out in front of me.

"Come on slut, follow me," my master commanded as he pulled me into the room most of the eyes were trained on our entry. "Down, down on your knees, slut." Chris commanded and I immediately dropped to my stocking clad knees.

As I knelt there Chris announced to the assemblage, "Here is my new cock slut, he is bi-sexual and is available to service any of your needs this evening."

A murmur went through the crowd and two women stepped forward, "I want to fuck his tight bum" said a pretty red-haired woman.

Her partner said, "And while she's fucking him I want him to eat me out, I've had two men cum in me already this evening."

The blond lay back on the large coffee table so that I knelt between her legs with my face in her bald crotch. Her partner already had her strap-on cock in place and told me to lean forward to lick her partner's sopping pussy. I was dimly aware of my panties being pulled off and the sounds of lube being applied to the plastic dong and to my recently fucked rosebud.

As I began to take in the sights and scents of the woman in my face I felt a bulbous cock head pushing into me from behind. "God he's tight," the woman announced for all to hear.

"Yes, he's only had a cock in him 3 times and twice it was me," Chris responded.

Meanwhile I was surveying the wet, rather sloppy pussy that I had been commanded to eat. Apart from being wet with arousal there was a lot of semen both dripping from it and sticking to the smooth skin around this temple of pleasure.

"Eat me slut," the blond commanded.

Never one to shirk his work I leaned forward and began to clean the lips and pubic area of all of the misplaced semen. After I had cleaned up the external surfaces I began to tongue between the lips. This lady has just been fucked by a man I thought, there is too much semen here, it must have just happened. As I licked her lips they puffed in response and opened like a beautiful cum-covered flower presenting her vagina for my easy access.

I was quick to locate her clit and spent precious moments licking and gently sucking on it, encouraging it to rise to its full potential and being rewarded with thrusting into my face of this delightful pussy. I drove my tongue into her love canal and thoroughly cleaned all remaining semen from it. In addition my mistress began to provide me with a tasty stream of lady cum.

Grunting, "Come on my slut, suck on my clit and make me cum," my mistress demanded that I bring her to the heights of orgasm without wasting precious time. Her mate at my other end was enjoying ramming her fake cock into me; it obviously had contact with her clitoris and vagina as she was becoming more vocal.

"That's right, slut, eat my princess, make her cum," she wailed. "I'm cumming" the red head said.

"So am I mistress," the blond responded. At that moment I felt like the meat between two pieces of bread, at one end of me I had a pussy, ever-dampening, being forced into my face and tongue while at the other end I had a cock-wearing lesbian getting her rocks off by fucking me with a long strap on dong.

Wow, I thought, this is something I've never had and maybe never will, better enjoy it. I returned with 110% effort to bringing off the lovely blond with the bare pussy and began to push back my ass onto the impaling cock, giving the redhead additional pressure on her aroused clit. Both women came in a shriek of orgasmic bliss that had everyone watching, and then cheering on the performance. As soon as they had cum the bald pussy was pulled away and the hard cock withdrawn, my two attackers faded into the crowd.

Chris pulled me roughly up by the collar and led me around the room, allowing both men and women to fondle my swollen cock or tight rosebud.

One man took me in his mouth but Chris said, "He's not to cum until he's serviced whoever wants it," and pulled my cock away from the disappointed mouth.

"Can he suck cock and does he swallow?" asked a man with what could be best described as having a zucchini-sized cock (and it was only semi-hard!).

"Yes Maurice, he does suck and will swallow any load he's given," Chris responded. "He hasn't ever sucked a cock the size of yours, though. I'd suggest you go easy. Have you cum yet this evening?" Chris inquired.

"Ok, I'll take it easy and no I haven't cum yet."

A murmur went through the crowd and I could only assume that it was because Maurice shot a huge load when he came. Oh my god, I thought, what am I getting myself in for and I shot Chris an inquiring (possibly frightened) look over my shoulder.

"Don't worry, he won't hurt you but he cums the most of any man I've ever seen, so be prepared to drink a cream shake," Chris whispered in my ear.

For more tasty insights and to find out what happened with Maurice please see Chapter 4.

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