tagGay MaleTop or Bottom Ch. 04

Top or Bottom Ch. 04


"Don't worry, he won't hurt you but he cums the most of any man I've ever seen, so be prepared to drink a cream shake," Chris whispered in my ear.

These were the last words I remembered for a while that night. Maurice was to be my trial by fire it seems. Word spread like wildfire through Steamworks and a crowd of both sexes in all states of undress and arousal gathered in the TV room.

Maurice was a good looking man but the size of his cock did frighten me a bit, how much more could it grow I wondered to myself. Chris, in a loud and dominant voice said, "Kneel slave and prepare to receive a cum shake!"

Murmurs of approval greeted this command as I fell to my stocking clad knees I could hear snippets of whispered conversation between the watchers, "He's been known to choke a man with that huge member...."

"I heard that he produces a cup of cum..." another whispered to his partner.

Maurice stepped forward and I could see that his cock was becoming hard; thankfully it was only stiffening up and not actually growing in length. It had a healthy circumference; I'd guess 5 or 6 inches around the shaft with a bulbous head of a luscious red colour. It was about 9 or 10 inches long, clearly the longest cock I've had the opportunity to suck.

I kept my head down as a sex slave should do and when Maurice stopped directly in front of me he grabbed me by the hair and raised my face to his, "Now slut, service me. If I cum then you can consider yourself inducted into the cocksucker hall of fame," he gleefully commanded.

Pushing his cock to my lips I had no option but to open my mouth and begin to take in this living pole. Maurice understood enough that he took it slow so I could lubricate the head and shaft with my saliva. I had no difficulty in taking in the head and was halfway down (up?) the shaft in no time. Now Maurice's cock head was at the back of my throat and the only way I would get the rest of this monster in would be to swallow the head and position my head/throat so it would slide smoothly down. I scuttled backward on my knees so I could lean forward onto my incoming fleshy missile giving him a nearly straight run down my throat. Swallowing (and remembering to breath through my nose) I drove my mouth along this monster and quickly found my nose buried in soft curly pubic hair.

Cries of amazement and cheers for my performance rose from the assembled crowd, "I didn't think he'd be able to swallow that entire monster!" said one man in awe, "But can he keep it up to make Maurice cum?"

That, I thought briefly, would be the challenge. It was one thing to take a monster cock down your throat but quite another to put motion into the action so that he was stimulated to orgasm. Well, part one successful, let's see if I can do it long enough for him to cum, I thought.

I began to move Maurice in and out of my throat, producing as much saliva as I could to lubricate his cock. Little by little I was getting a pattern in place that I hoped would be pleasing and arousing to this living pole. I guess that what I was doing was acceptable to Maurice because he started to drive his cock back down my throat in reaction to my pulling it out. Next thing I knew he grabbed me by the ears and started to fuck my face in earnest. It was all I could do to continue to breathe as he used my mouth and throat for his own pleasure. I was dimly aware of comments made by the crowd admiring his performance and commenting on my ability to take all of him.

Maurice, in the meantime, had worked himself into a lather and started to grunt and gasp as he and his huge cock headed toward orgasm. I did feel his cock head blossom in my throat signifying his impending orgasm and wondered how much cum this man could produce. He began to pour his semen down my throat and at the same time withdraw his cock so I felt it first in my throat, next blasting into the back of my throat, then flooding my tongue and as he pulled the monster from my face he began to blast semen all over my face.

"Ungh, umhhh, cummmmming, cummmmming," he bellowed as he reached orgasm. Stream after stream of hot semen shot from this monster cock and coated my forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, flooded my open and waiting mouth and dripped from my face onto the floor.

Frantically I tried to swallow as much of this hot, salty gold as I could, I didn't want to waste any of my reward. Time stood still, it seemed, as Maurice came and came. The crowd cheered his performance, and I hope mine, as he slowly passed his peak and began to relax. When the last rope of cum had flown onto my waiting tongue he took his cock and used it to wash my face, gathering his semen which he then force fed to me. I licked and sucked his softening cock to clean all of the magic semen.

Maurice left me kneeling, surrounded by aroused men and women. Someone stepped up and used their hard cock to continue the cleaning job Maurice had left, making sure I didn't miss any of the delectable cream. When he was done cleaning me and I was done sucking the cream he jammed his cock into my mouth and down my throat proceeding to quickly fuck my face and get his own rocks off. Grunting he gave me a second helping of ejaculate to enjoy.

I looked to my left and saw two women fingering each other as they watched the action. Chris stepped forward and grabbed my leash jerking me roughly to my feed.

"Come on slut, I've got more for you to do now," he barked as he pulled me across the room to the coffee table in front of one of the couches. "Get on the table on your hands and knees." he ordered. As I knelt I felt cool lube being applied to my anus, Chris slipped his index finger in and massaged my prostate causing my own erection to become painfully hard and throbbing.

"Who wants to fuck my slave?" Chris asked.

As several patrons stepped forward I thought, oh my god I'm going to be used by everyone and anyone who wants to get their rocks off. First one then another used my rear entrance to gain their orgasms. I clenched and released my sphincter muscle to give them as much friction as I could. They came in grunts, howls and moans, pouring their semen into me. After each orgasm the withdrawal would be followed by a flood of semen out of me, and down my legs to pool on the coffee table.

Several of my masters would use me to reach orgasm and as they reached their peak withdrew their cocks to spray their hot load onto my bum and back. I was soon covered with a hot shiny layer of semen that made holding on to me a test of their horniness. As the last available, interested cock had finished using me Chris once more took hold of my leash and commanded me to stand up. As I did so I saw a large pool of semen on the coffee table between my knees.

"Drink all this juice slut," I was commanded. Dropping to my knees I hungrily sucked all the cum from the table top, licking it clean.

When I had finished my task Chris took me by the leash and paraded me around the floor. What a sight I was, cum still streamed from my ass, my bum and back were slick with semen and my face still had enough cum on it to be slippery. What I saw and heard on this tour was sex happening between men and women. Most of it was man on man or woman on woman but there were instances of men and women fucking as well.

One woman fell to her knees and took my cock in her mouth giving it a fairly experienced sucking. "Don't make him cum," Chris commanded "I am saving that for myself."

She demurred and pulled my painfully hard cock from her wet mouth, "Suit yourself master," she replied.

Chris led me to a corner near the two rows of glory holes where a wall mounted TV cast its bright glow. He pressed me against the wall and kissed me roughly on the lips, lips that were still slick with semen.

"Hmmmm, you taste nice," Chris commented. He ground his own rigid cock into my abdomen. "Turn around," he ordered. My ass was so slippery with semen, which continued to drip from my anus, that Chris had no trouble lubricating his hard cock for entry into my rear door.

"You are a fucking slut aren't you?" Chris asked.

"Yes master, I'm a cock slut," I responded.

"You want me to fuck you don't you?"

"Yes master, please make me your cock slut." I said. Chris drove his cock in and out of my slippery hole; squishing noises accompanied the action as semen was forced out around his hard pole.

He grabbed my hips and began to frantically fuck me for all his worth. "You slut, you little cock slut, you are mine, I am making you my cock slut right now!" he screamed as he pumped his own torrent of ejaculate into my accommodating ass. I pushed back onto his rod as best I could, letting him have his way with me.

A small crowd had gathered to watch this final assault on my ass. "Let him have it, show him who's boss." someone yelled as Chris was finishing unloading in my bum.

To the accompanying verbal approval of the watchers Chris took me roughly by the leash and led me away, downstairs to the showers we went. Chris was surprisingly gentle as he washed me, paying particular attention to my face and ass so that no semen would remain.

As we finished Chris took me back to our bedroom and gently closed the door. "Well, are you a top or a bottom?" he asked me after gently kissing me on the lips.

"I'm a bottom master. I love to be used and abused. I get off on having men cum in my mouth, on my face or in my ass."

"There, you've made the decision yourself. And what's more, you are my cock slut, my slave, my bottom and don't you forget it," Chris spoke in his master's voice.

I bowed my head, knelt in front of him and said, "Yes master, I'm your cock slut. Please, please let me cum master."

"Yes, you can cum, but you will have to masturbate and cum on your stomach for me," Chris commanded.

I laid back on our bed and began to stroke my erection. I was so turned on by what had happened tonight that I had to be careful not to cum too soon. After a few minutes I reached the point of no return and thrust my cock between my fingers grunting and gasping. I came in streams of semen which pooled on my stomach.

"Now clean up your own cum slut," Chris directed.

I quickly gathered all of my own semen up and drank it hungrily, licking my palm and fingers to get all of it.

"Thank you master," I gasped in my little slave slut voice. "Thank you for letting your slut cum."

When I had finished we kissed deeply and cuddled on the bed, both of us thinking about what had happened tonight. Both of us were also dreaming of what might happen in the future now that we both knew I was a bottom.

Love and orgasms. There'll be other stories about my adventures and education in gay sex.

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