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"William," she sighed, "what do you do?"

Her husband, William, was never home, he was always working so hard, and Alina was growing tired of his mysterious ways. She had been married for five years and still she did not know what he did, he had been evasive and avoided the subject since their first date. He had taken her to a cheap take-out place and they had had a picnic.

While she never regretted marrying him, he was a wonderful man, she did regret giving up her job, as he had required. Now that he was never home she was obliged to clean and read for hours on end. As a result the house was immaculate but she was insufferably bored.

Soon she moved the duster from the chair to his desk. This folder was the same as the others. Marked "Top Secret" in strong blue letters, she had been told never to open them ever. The pain from the beating she had received the first time she had simply moved one was enough to deter further transgressions. Still she was curious, but under no circumstances would she risk William's wrath.


He had finished work early and decided to surprise Alina by picking up the groceries. He knew she wouldn't have gotten them yet as it was 4:03 and she didn't leave the house for the groceries until 5:00. He knew what to get as he had seen the list this morning: plums, carrots, potatoes, ham, eggs, rice, and Kellogg's Product 19. Alina seemed to go through carrots at an alarming rate even though she didn't make many salads, he would often find four or five thrown in the garbage whole and unharmed. She would be evasive and tell him that they were off but he was beginning to think that she was compensating for the amount of time he spent out of the house and away from the bedroom. No matter, he would remedy that soon.

He checked out quickly, ignoring the cashier's cheery, senseless, prattle, and hopped into his car, considering his wife all the way. She was a pretty girl; brown hair, blue eyes with a small bust and delicate bones, she looked as though someone could snap her in half. The quiet woman really did know how to make him come, Even if he hadn't been close her massive orgasms, which could last for five to six minutes, would bring him over the edge every time.


The minute she heard the door bang she raced downstairs. Any night William arrived home early promised to be a pleasurable night.

As he pushed the door open with his back she was surprised to see that he had brought the groceries.

"You didn't have to do that, I would have gone later," she informed him, gently lifting the paper bags from his arms.

"I know, I have plans for the two of us that I wouldn't want to delay," he replied wrapping his arms around her slender waist, he smiled at the soft giggle the action produced.

He spun her around and began to kiss her. Gently at first, sucking on her bottom lip and covering her mouth with his. Soon, however, her grew more forceful, stabbing his tongue into her mouth and capturing the muscle therein. Alina looked at him with frantic eyes, this was not how things were supposed to go. Normally he would have dragged her up the stairs to their bedroom and left her to undress herself while he did the same, then the fun would begin, but today he was preventing her from moving at all, pinning her arms to her sides with one arm while the other undid the buttons on her lavender cotton blouse.

Soon he grew tired of gently undoing her blouse and ripped it off her body, tearing it in half and scattering the seven remaining buttons across the tile floor of their kitchen. He also tore her light linen skirt away from her hips, bringing her cotton panties with it. Soon her bra was in tatters on the floor and he had picked her up and was rushing her fireman style into his office. She grew more and more terrified as she wondered what had come over her normally sweet and gentle husband. As they entered the small, dark office he hit her head against the doorframe, causing her to fall limp and unconscious in his arms


When she came too she was surprised to find herself tied to a hook suspended from the ceiling with her legs tied to two similar hooks on the wall. She was angled so that she was at a perfect height for her husband to enter her. She looked frantically around and attempted to scream only to find that she had been gagged.

"I'll make this easy for you. Don't scream and I'll take the gag out," he told her. He was cold and business-like about it but the ball gag was removed after she had nodded her consent.

"Alina, such a beautiful woman. I want you to fully understand that I regret taking this case. However, I wanted this to be done as ... pleasurably as possible," he began as he unbuttoned his shirt, she was worried this sort of talk was not want she expected from her husband, "You, I know, have been wondering what I do for a living. Do not interrupt; any and all interruptions will be punished. I am an agent. But who for, you may ask. I am an agent for Snatch a Snatch. Horrible name I know, oh but the reaction! Tonight will be fun! You also have wondered what is in the folders that I keep on my desk. These are my cases. Let's look at this one, hmm, Alina Twitchet, a stunning maiden name, Reason for assignment: Exposed regularly to an agent's papers, Danger Level: HIGH. And this brings us to why you are tied up and why I am now undressed. My job entails fucking hundreds of women regularly. These women are deemed high risk and must be disposed of. You are high risk. There are other things that my job demands of me but I'll get to those later. Now, suck me."

Out of sheer fear Alina began to blow her husband, something she had never done before. Through her tears she gently sucked the tip of his cock as though it were a lollypop. However he soon grew tired of her gentle ministrations. He began to thrust his cock deep into her throat, causing her to gag, and was pinching her tits with such force she cried out. He became angry and thrust his balls into her mouth along with his sizeable cock. Soon he grunted and pulled out, spraying what seemed like gallons of thick cum over her face and tits.

He then took his now semi-hard cock and thrust it into her snatch. She let loose a scream as her hole was almost totally dry. He continued to rip her insides apart for another ten minutes until he came again whitewashing her insides with his cum.

He pulled out of her with a loud pop and walked over to a drawer in his desk that he had always kept locked. He took the key out of his pants, which were draped over the chair, and unlocked the drawer. Inside were a number of vibrators and sex toys that Alina didn't know the names of. After considering the drawer for a moment or two he picked up the two thickest vibrators and reclosed the drawer. He walked over to his wife and shoved the first one up her tight snatch. It didn't hurt as much as when he had shoved his cock up there before as his seed served as a lubricant, however she soon felt a searing pain up her ass as he shoved the second up her anal opening.

He picked up a small remote and flicked on both of the vibrators. Immediately Alina was filled with more pleasure than she had ever experienced. She was soon shaken with a mind shattering orgasm. After she had stopped screaming he calmly took his cock and shoved it into her mouth, leaving the vibrators on. As he face-fucked her, she began to feel a twisting sensation climb up from her toes. This painful sensation soon overtook any pleasure she had been receiving from her husband and she began to yell in pain despite her husband's cock thrusting in and out of her throat.

She was shaken with painful spasms as her husband calmly pulled himself out of her mouth. She continued to spasm until she hung limp in her bonds. Chuckling to himself he wiped a pinkish powder off his cock and began to untie her.

He carried her up to their room and laid her on the bed. He mussed up the sheets as though they had just had normal sex with his wife and he stood by her limp form.

"Well I suppose you see what else I am demanded to do. I am one of the best in the force, Alina. I am the best assassin, and all my assignments die in the throes of passion. They all die just like you."

He walked over to the phone and called 911.

"Please, I need an ambulance at 34 Love Circle. My wife and I were ... well ... and anyway she just collapsed! Send an ambulance, I beg you!"

Another case completed by William Longfellow. The ambulances will be busy tonight.

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