tagBDSMTopeka Ch. 02

Topeka Ch. 02


For those who have not read part I, those events took part pretty much as I have told them….part II compresses the remainder of this visit and two subsequent visits into one story line for the sake of brevity. The events all took place, and the participants are real, its just that I didn’t feel like writing an interminably long epistle that has many parts that are not integral to the story line.)

My eyes were heavy laden as we left the hot tub and toweled off. Once dry, the cool air bathed our bodies and we ran (more like shuffled) towards the upstairs bedroom that Chloe called the “Master” suite. We crawled into bed and, hugging together for warmth, slowly drifted off to sleep.

Towards morning I felt an urge to move about a little and as I awoke, felt hot breath on my rapidly hardening cock. Looking down I could make out the outline of Chloe’s head as it moved slowly up and down on me. Within a few seconds, the feeling of a quick cum started curling my toes and I stiffened, sending my thick white cream on its journey down her throat. She smiled and looked up at me, still holding my cock between her lips as she drew out the last vestiges of cum from the tip.

“I hope that Master is pleased” was all she said as the white liquid swirled around her tongue. With that she moved over me and proceeded to give me a deep tongue kiss, forcing much of the milky whiteness into my mouth. I had never tasted my own cum before, but I swallowed as she shared my load with me, bringing a satisfied smile to her lips.

“I hope you like that, Master, because I have a couple of surprises for you while you stay here.”

I just laid back, staring at the ceiling with a blank look on my face, wondering what this submissive vixen had in her mind for the next two days.


I did not have long to wait to find out what lay (pardon the pun) in store for me. I went to work the following day at the retirement facility where we were building an addition and struggled to keep going through the day. My foreman, Ed, asked if I had a bad flight in as my eyes looked like two piss holes in the snow and I looked like hell, according to him. I didn’t have the heart to tell him what I stumbled into as his beautiful wife Vickie appeared to be taking care of him at home quite well, thank you.

We wrapped up around four in the afternoon, temperatures hovering around 90 with a dry breeze drifting over the city. I had recovered sufficiently to remember my name and the directions to Chloe’s B&B, and to stop and pick up something special for her. I stopped by a local adult oriented retail establishment (there is only one in anal retentive, again, pardon the pun, Topeka) and picked out some playthings that I wanted to use to spice up the evening. I arrived at the house and met Sher, short for Sherry, a friend of Chloe’s who occasionally worked to help out. Sher was about 5’7, well stacked, round, lush hips that were meant to cradle a man. In her mid 30’s, she was divorced with two kids at home. Chloe told me that Sher was going to need some training to help with a plan that Chloe had to use the B&B as a meeting place for people who wanted to get away and practice the gentle art of BDSM without prying eyes. She had checked things out on the internet and found a good demand to supplement the regular tourist-y traffic. My brand of BDSM, as a practitioner, is not to inflict pain or force the action, but to gently coax, cajole and mentally coerce my subs into wanting to perform and please me. As a result, I use restraints, gags, and other typical toys associated with the practice not as a prime motivator, but as a supplemental factor in prolonging sensations; restricting movement while I pleasure the sub; or enticements for heightening awareness and sensitivity. Some practitioners scoff at the idea of a “Gentle Dom”, however anyone who truly understands the are knows that the Dom is only as good as the sub who performs with him (or her). Since I would rather have my sub be pleased and orgasm’d out of their skull instead of whipping them, I use reverse methodology to bring about results. Chloe had never experienced this, and after talking it over with Sher, had decided that I needed a new subject to demonstrate these skills.

Sher and I excused ourselves for a few minutes and strolled around the immaculate grounds, talking and sharing some ideas. As we strolled through the garden, I learned that she was abused by an alcoholic husband she had been married to for about nine years. After finally succeeding in getting rid of him, she and her teenage kids moved into a small apartment on the other side of town. She didn’t make much on her day job, so she was working with Chloe to put something extra into the pot, so to speak. I faced her, took both hands in mine, and looked deep into her sparkling grey eyes.

“Sher, knowing what you have told me about your past, are you sure that you want to submit to me tonight?”

“I guess so”, she said. “After talking to Chloe and meeting you, I kind of trust you and want to see if I can get pleasure out of submitting instead of just getting beat up.”

“Then it’s settled”, I said, “we will talk to Chloe and begin your training into how to serve a Master and make your actions pleasing to him.” We walked back into the house and Chloe was waiting for us in the dining room, eyes downcast, but with a hint of a smile on her lips. I crossed the floor and lifted her chin with two fingers of my right hand and used the other to caress her cheek.

“Yes, Chloe, your gift to me is more than acceptable and I will be happy to work with both of you.”

Her blue eyes danced, reflecting the stained glass and other objects in them. I leaned forward and kissed her lightly, dragging my tongue over her lips. I looked at Sher and motioned for her to join us. Taking her chin lightly in my palm, I directed her mouth toward Chloe’s and told her to kiss her mistress to show how much she appreciated being shared and taught. They melted together in an embrace that left my pants tented out in a strategic location, breathing heavily into each other’s mouth as their tongues danced back and forth. Chloe reached down and grasped Sher’s hand, guiding it to my now hard cock, lightly dancing over the fabric and tracing the outline through my pants. Sher hesitated for a moment, then pushed a little harder against my pants with her hand and shivered ever so slightly.

“First things first”, I said as I broke their reverie, “is we have to change out of these clothes into something more comfortable. Then I want to have a shower and get something to eat.”

I looked over to Sher and told her to go upstairs and prepare the shower while I had a word or two with Chloe. I wanted to know how far Chloe expected me to go tonight with her friend, and if she wanted to join in as a Mistress for the evening.

“Go as far as you want,” Chloe said, “and tonight Sher belongs to you alone. Tomorrow night I will join you both and we will share our pleasures.”

I went up to the Master suite where Sher was waiting for me, eyes looking towards the floor and hands neatly folded in front of her in the traditional “fig leaf” pose. She shuffled a bit and looked up for a moment, then quickly looked down again.

“Uh…you want me to undress you?” she stammered.

“Yes”, I said through gritted teeth as I quickly moved forward and lowered my hand to her ass, spanking her just once with a powerful stroke. “And when you talk to me, you may call me Sir or Master, or you will get more of this. Do you understand?”

“Yes” she whispered under her breath.

My hand came down once again. “Yes…What?”

“Y…yes M..master” she whimpered, a single tear running down her cheek from the corner of her eye. I leaned forward and kissed away the tear, then lightly stroked her ass where I had spanked her.

“Now, undress me and get my water going for my shower” I said. “And while you are at it, get undressed yourself and get ready to bathe me.”

“Yes, S…Sir, I will” was the subdued response. She reached forward and unbuttoned my shirt, pulling it aside and out of my pants, then proceeded to take off my under shirt. I stopped her and said that I would take off her corresponding clothing as she undressed me. I reached out and unbuttoned her blouse savoring the milky whiteness of her skin in the valley between her breasts. A rosy blush started to make itself known as I leaned forward and planted a kiss on her breast bone, then trailed my tongue upwards to her neck and adams apple. I reached around her body and felt my way to the clasp that was holding her bra in place. Working with just the dexterity of my fingers, I worked the hooks apart and let the silky material fall away from her bodice. Her breasts were heavenly for a woman with two kids…not quite pert and perky, but not sagging either. The nipples rose from the tips like pencil erasers, just begging to be nibbled on. I reached down and cupped the left breast in my hand, squeezing from the base upward to the nipple. A small gasp escaped her lips as my thumb and forefinger wrapped around the nipple, pinching it lightly and pulling it towards my mouth. My lips encircled the areola as I sucked the entire breast into my mouth and used my tongue to play with her nipple. My other hand was milking the right breast, pinching and pulling the tip upward and out away from her body. She stood transfixed and just gasped at the sensation, rolling her eyes back into her head and breathing rapidly.

I stepped into the shower, pulling Sher behind me and pushing her under the stinging warm water.

“Now, when you bathe a man, here is what you will be expected to do” I explained. I washed her back and massaged the muscles deeply with my fingertips, then let my hands drift lower to her hips, which I massaged with my thumbs and brought a small cry from her lips as I hit one of those elusive erogenous spots. Spreading my fingers I moved across her ass and worked my hand under her crotch to her pussy. Taking some soap in my hand, I lathered the cloth and slowly worked it around bringing moans of pleasure.

“Think of it like this” I said, “what I am doing to you, you need to do to your master, bringing him to the peak of pleasure while you bathe him.”

“Ohhh gooooooood” she moaned, “I..I…I understand”

“Now, it’s your turn to do me”, I said and handed Sher the soap and cloth. “Start at the top of the back and work your way down, use your fingers and massage as you go to loosen him up, then reach through his legs or around him to stroke him to hardness. When you do, press against him with your tits and don’t be afraid to lick and kiss his neck and ears”.

“Y..yessss, Master, I will.”

Softly and gently she proceeded to bathe me under the shower, saving the area around my cock and balls for the last. I was hard as a steel spike by the time she had her hand wrapped around me and was running it up and down on me. Then, as the soap suds were washed away, Sher got down on her knees and drew the end into her velvety mouth, circling it with her tongue.

“Be careful”, I admonished , “we don’t want that thing to go off too soon”.

”Would you like a hotter, wetter place for it, Sir?” Sher replied.

My response was something along the lines of “What do you think?”, which led to her moving to the side of the shower and leaning up against the wall. Sher spread her legs and pushed her ass backwards towards me, warm water cascading off her body as she shivered in expectation.

I moved forward and rubbed the tip up and down across her pussy. I could feel the heat and see the additional wetness around the splayed lips. I teased her for a minute or two, reaching through her legs to run my fingers across her throbbing clitoris, now peeking out freely from the silky sheath that imprisoned it. She moaned as I brought my fingers across the very tip and made unintelligible, guttural sounds in her throat as I captured it by the base and worked my fingers up and down its length like stroking off a small cock. Sher’s knees grew weak and I could see her tremble and shake as a small orgasm overtook her, but she held her position against the wall without moving from the spot. Returning to her pussy, as the trembling subsided, I pushed into her pussy from behind, slowly savoring the heat and tightness as it swallowed me inch by inch. I felt my pubic hairs mash up against her and then started a slow withdrawal, just to the tip and began my entrance again. We continued like this for several minutes, her trembling not ceasing and the low guttural sounds slowly turning into a wail that was rapidly reaching a crescendo that could be heard throughout the B&B. I felt the pressure building up against my balls as I worked in and out of Sher, then as she peaked and her body started moving uncontrollably, I pulled out and stepped out of the shower.

“But, but Master, you didn’t cum” Sher said with trembling lips and a tear forming in her eye. “Weren’t you pleased with me?”

“I am more than pleased” I said, “ but I am going to save my cum for later when we can get more comfortable and I can reward you for your perfornance”.

“Now, get dried off and don’t put anything on except for an apron, my sweets. It is time for you and I to get dinner.”

“Yes Sir” she intoned meekly as she dried herself off.

After about five minutes we descended the grand staircase in the foyer, hand in hand, and headed for the kitchen. Chloe was there, watching some TV when we came in. Chloe’s face held a cheshire cat like grin that, unlike the story, was pasted from ear to ear.

“I heard how the lesson went” she said, “ are you satisfied with my helper here at the house?”

“More than satisfied” I said, “ and are you ready for Sher to fix us dinner?”

“Very ready” Chloe said as she crossed the kitchen to check out Sher’s abbreviated wardrobe. “Mmmmm….very ready” as her hand disappeared under the apron and Sher’s eyes opened wide, looking to me for guidance, but not uttering a word.

Part III is dinner and ?….but you’ll have to wait for a while to savor the feast that was served and the rest of the evening….sbt!

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