tagBDSMTopeka Ch. 03

Topeka Ch. 03


For those who have not read part I, those events took part pretty much as I have told them….parts II and III compress the remainder of this visit and two subsequent visits into one story line for the sake of brevity. The events all took place, and the participants are real, its just that I didn’t feel like writing an interminably long tome that has too many parts that don’t contribute to the story line. Besides, judging from the feedback that I have been getting on the first parts, y’all like to get to the erotic parts without delay

Sher’s deep green eyes looked to me, imploring, as Chloe’s hand made its way under the apron that barely covered her breasts and pussy.

“Mmmm, something is very hot down here, Master” Chloe said, matter of factly, “very hot indeed.”

Sher’s mouth started to gape as a rosy hue overtook her upper body and the tendons on the side of her neck started to bulge. She stood there, transfixed, as Chloe’s fingers did their magic dance under the apron. Her eyes rolled back into the sockets and her breathing became raspy as her hips began a slow thrusting in time with Chloe’s fingers.

“Ohhhhh myyyyy Godddddd!” Sher shuddered, “Ummmmph….ahhhh, I’m cumming again.”

Her legs betrayed her as she slumped against the sink and my body. Sher looked first to me and then to Chloe and muttered a silent thank you. I lifted Chloe’s fingers to my lips and sucked them one by one, tasting the sweet juices that Sher left there. Chloe reached over to me and stroked my rapidly hardening prick lightly…

“I hope that made you happy, Sir” she intoned.

“Most definitely,” I said, “most definitely. Now, let’s proceed to have some dinner.”

I stood at the sink while Sher and Chloe busied themselves at the duties of getting some food. We took stock of what was in the large mid-temp reach in refrigerator and found that we had some left over tenderloin, some salad with a nice raspberry vinegarette dressing and some assorted cheeses and bries. While we heated up the meat and prepared the rest of the sumptuous repast I took the liberty of bending Sher across the front edge of the sink and let my hands travel under the apron to flick at her budding nipples. She moaned quietly, not wanting to show her increasing arousal, but her hips betrayed her feelings as she gently but firmly pushed back onto my prick. I pulled the front of my sweats down a little to free my hardness from its confines and let it drift between her ass cheeks till it was forced out the front of her thighs rubbing on the underside of her engorged pussy lips.

“Ahem, Master, the meat is done” Chloe informed us. “It’s time to go to the table and be served. “

Chloe and I went to take out places at the head of the table, facing each other across the dark polished oak surface. Sher proceeded to bring in the dinner, one dish at a time, salad course coming first with some bits of cheese. Chloe and I looked into each other’s eyes as Sher served us, pausing at our places to kiss us both and share her near naked beauty. As she served me, I reached up and freed one of her breasts from the confines of her apron and gently sucked and licked towards the swollen nipple. Sher groaned as my ministrations increased and my hand started an inexorably slow journey from her breast down to her still dripping pussy. I let my fingertips play lightly across the matted hairs on her nether lips, tickling her a little and causing her to stand on her tip-toes to evade my gentle probing. My finger found the tip of her engorged clit and began to draw lazy circles around it causing her to gasp aloud and then settle down onto my hand, forcing two of my fingers into her blazing hot pussy. Wetness surrounded them as I tunneled upwards, crooking my finger to find that elusive spot at the back side of her aching clit. Her thighs locked together and she shuddered once more, then slumped into the chair adjacent to me. I looked across the table to Chloe…

“Your choice pleases me greatly”, I said, “and I can’t wait till we retire to the Master suite. You are invited to join us if you wish.”

Chloe feigned tiredness and asked that she be excused from my teaching sessions with Sher.

“She is all yours, Sir, and I am sure that she will continue to please you as she has pleased me.”

We finished our dinners and Sher cleared the table for us. Chloe excused herself and said that she had to go upstairs and get some sleep because there was a lot to do to get ready for an event coming up the next weekend. That left Sher and I to take care of the dishes. Once in the kitchen, we went to the sink again and I started a pan of sudsy water to wash them in. Sher came up behind me and reached around the front of my sweats and took out my cock, stroking it lightly from the base to the tip. I started to harden and then a drop of precum presented itself at the opening of the slit. Sher felt the slick fluid starting to escape and turned me around, still holding firmly onto my prick. She looked into my eyes questioning her next actions without saying anything. I nodded and she slowly bent over and slipped my cock into her warm mouth. I felt her tongue circling the head, probing under the rim and then travelling down the underside with a licking motion. She gently squeezed my balls, forcing more precum out to the end, and her lips traveled back to the tip. Sher reached out for the precious fluid with the tip of her tongue, stringing it between us like a spiders web. I moaned again, seeing this absolute submissive gesture and pulled her face up to mine. I kissed her full on the mouth and tasted my own fluids, swapping them back and forth between our dueling tongues. My hands were still covered with the suds from the wash and I brought them to the top of her apron and started to stroke her breasts. Her nipples seemed to grow with each gentle milking motion from the base of her breast to the nipple, until they reached the stiffness and color of one of those round pink erasers we used to have in school. I let my lips travel downward, taking one of the nipples in my mouth, sucking the entire areola into my mouth, then wrapping my tongue around the very tip. I drew back until just the turgid nipple remained in my mouth, then bit down lightly, gradually increasing the pressure until I heard a sharp intake of breath and hissing from Sher’s lips. Her hand returned to my now rigid cock, stroking it roughly back and forth like she was a demon possessed.

“Not so hard, my lovely, you will have all evening to take care of me and serve my needs.”

“Oh god, Master, I need you now” she growled, “you have been teasing me all evening and driving me up the wall with all the cumming I’ve done and you haven’t demanded anything in return.” She glared at my face, her nostrils flaring and hot breath hitting my bare chest as she sought one of my nipples with her lips and teeth, “I have to have you inside me filling me with your hot cum…and soon…or I’ll just melt.”

“I told you that I treat my subs well, and get them to want to submit by giving them the most pleasure that I can. Now, do you believe it?”

“God, yessss” she hissed back at me. “You and Chloe have been driving me up a wall with pleasure…now let’s go upstairs and make me take you.”

I turned out the lights, and as I grasped Sher’s hand, she stood on her toes and kissed me deeply, dropping her apron from between us so I felt her breasts pushing against my chest. The heat and sensations were indescribable as the nipples slowly dragged across my hairy chest, tickling both of us as we moved together. Sher bit my lower lip sensuously, sucking it into her mouth and then running her tongue across my teeth. Her groin pushed against mine as we started a slow dance of lust that gradually took us towards the back staircase. Giggling, Sher reached back and pulled me up the stairs; me gazing upwards to her taut ass and pussy peeking out between her legs.

When we got to the Master suite, I turned on the lights that were located on the wall by the massive posts on the four poster bed. I grabbed Sher and half threw, half lifted her on to the thick mattress and frame. She landed on her back, with legs splayed lewdly towards the bottom of the bed, hands lying askew by her hair, flowing over the oversize pillows. I pulled off my sweats allowing my cock to spring free and stand out from by body at a 90 degree angle, throbbing with each beat of my heart. I crawled onto the bed and over Sher’s prone body, letting my seven and a half inches drag across her torso as I approached her chest and neck. I leaned in and started a slow suck/nibbling motion across the top of her chest and agonizingly slowly approached the side of her neck and ear. As I crawled on top of her, I reached up and grabbed her wrists, directing them to the silky ropes that held back the canopy that surrounded the bed. I slid the loop end over first one, then the other, spreading her arms across the double bed and giving her very little room to wiggle around. I used my tongue as a rudder as I slid back down her body, licking and kissing her exposed flesh as I approached her thighs and on down to her feet. I licked each toe and between them as I got to the bottom of the bed and then slipped a noose around each ankle, snugging it tight to the posts at the foot of the bed.

“Now you are going to experience what makes my subs want to come back to me and stay loyal to my commands” I whispered, just loud enough to allow Sher to hear.

I stood up and went to my suitcase, pulling out a blindfold and some other implements that I was to use on her that evening. The cool air hit her body, raising goosebumps across her flesh. Sher bit her lip and thrashed her head from side to side as I slipped the blindfold over her eyes, then put a set of headphones on her ears, effectively blocking any sound from reaching her. She moaned and started licking her lips as if she was suddenly parched, nostrils flaring with anticipation. I grabbed a length of stout 3/8 inch rope and approached her from the side. I made a lasso and slipped it over the base of her left breast, then wound it up towards the tip, tightening each coil as it arose until only the areola and nipple was visible. I went to the other side of the bed and proceeded to wrap the other breast in the same manner. When I was finished, I leaned over and gently nipped at the now distended tip bringing a squeal of pleasure from her lips. Her hips were thrusting into the air as if fucking an invisible cock as I continued my ministrations on her breasts. I tightened the restraints a little more, further immobilizing her and forcing the thrusting into a circular motion. I noted that her pussy was leaking copious amounts of sweet fluid onto the bedspread as I stroked my hands up and down the inside of her thighs, just brushing the bottom of her pussy on the upstroke. Then, I pulled away and left her alone on the bed, devoid of touch and warmth.

I turned and went to the suitcase and pulled out two pink ostrich feathers. I turned back towards Sher and crossed the floor to the bed. Reaching with the tip of the feathers, I let them flow slowly across her stomach and top of her thighs, tickling her with soft caresses. The muscles on her stomach rippled involuntarily as I stroked her, sinews on the inside of her thighs standing taut as guitar strings and trembling as if I was plucking each one individually. Her pussy was leaking profusely, even more than before as I continued my ministrations, bringing her to a crescendo of pleasure. I backed off and sat down in a chair, letting Sher’s libido cool and leaving her to wonder what is coming next and when. (I have discovered that sensory deprivation can be both frightening and an aphrodisiac at the same time. The anticipation of the unknown can leave the sub trembling with anticipation while you plot the next move).

After doing nothing for several minutes, I approached the bed and gently put pressure on the mattress. Sher’s head whipped towards the spot where I placed my hand. Quickly I went to the other side of the bed and repeated the pressure, and Sher’s head whipped the other direction. I went to the foot of the bed and exerted pressure between her feet and Sher craned her neck towards her legs looking from side to side as if trying to see who or what was approaching. I allowed her to search through the blindfold then slowly crept up towards the juncture of her thighs. Using just the tip of my tongue, I started tracing circles on the inside of her thighs. Sher eased back onto the pillow and sighed contentedly, knowing that I was there.

I approached her pussy with my mouth, wetting my lips as I approached. My tongue flicked out and just caught the soft lips with it. My fingers eased into her hot hole and stroked inward as I moved up across her clit and took it into my mouth like a small cock, sucking it in and out as I fingered her. Her hips thrashed up and down rapidly as I stroked and sucked her pussy, her head rolling from side to side as she mouthed unintelligible sounds. I reached up with my other hand and pinched her nipple, now distended with blood and pleasure. Her pussy started to spasm with a pending orgasm and I withdrew quickly, leaving her suspended on a plateau of pleasure and anticipation. Her hips continued to thrust upwards and I could see her pussy gaping like a fish out of water, opening and closing with each thrust. Again, I sat down and rested for a few minutes, waiting for her to come down from her sexual high, but this time I busied myself with my own cock and balls. I reached into my bag of tricks and pulled out a cock and ball stretcher, buttoning it over my sack and around the girth of my cock. Within seconds the veins began to stand out and the head bulged, growing more with each heartbeat.

Crossing the floor, I started to undo Sher’s hands and feet, then pulled the headphones off her head. I whispered for her to leave her blindfold on and to let herself go with me, that she would finally get her chance to please me any way she wanted.

I laid back on the bed, my cock standing rigid in the air and took her hand, directing it to me. She gripped the shaft, then leaned towards the tip, engulfing it with her mouth. She pulled me as far into her mouth as she could, sucking with a force that pulled more blood into my prick and distending it even more. I reached over and tweaked a nipple, still bound and hard, with my fingernails, eliciting a moan of pain and pleasure as I pinched. She took me in deeper till I felt the crown pass her throat muscles, then she started to make motions like she was swallowing. As she used her throat to milk my cock her fingers drifted towards my asshole, slowly circling the bud with an increasing pressure. Her finger wormed its way past the sphincter muscle and reached deep inside, curling to the base of the prostate. She located the gland and began an in and out motion, massaging it and putting immense pressure on me to cum. The leather strap around my cock and balls was doing its job, however, and though I felt the spasms of orgasm, I did not cum.

Sher, feeling the cock head expand in her mouth was ready to receive my hot jizz, and moaned in anticipation of the thick cream. When it did not come out she looked towards me, cocking her head like a puppy questioning its master. I told her to take off the blindfold and see what she had done to me. Off it came and she stared blankly at my now thoroughly distended cock, thicker and longer than it had been, veins popping out on the side giving it a texture that was sure to please the inside of her pussy walls. Sher pulled herself up and moved over the top of my pelvis, aiming my cock at her hot, wet hole. Without any preliminaries Sher lowered herself onto my now purple cock and began riding it back and forth, up and down and sideways, not slowing down for over 15 minutes. I felt her insides release juice at least twice while she rode me, but my restraints kept me hard and did not allow me to cum. Finally, with her head rolling from side to side, she reached under her pussy to the juncture of our groins and she released the restraints from my cock and balls. I felt the blood rush and at the same time felt another flow of orgasmic juices begin. At this point I could not hold back any longer and as she came, I shot rope after rope deep inside her cunt, splashing her inner walls with my sperm. She groaned and fell forward onto my chest, panting and out of breath, pussy still milking the last of my cum from my cock.

“Do you always fuck your subbies on the first date?” Sher groaned.

“Only if they’re good, Sher, only if they’re good”.

I never made it back to Topeka after we finished the construction projects. I understand that Chloe has made a real success of the B&B, restoring it to the splendor like when it was built and even expanding it with a guest house. It is still there…and so is she.

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