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Topeka, Kansas


This is a true story of what happened to me in 1998 while travelling the western US working for a national health care company.

It's in the middle of nowhere for a guy who likes the mountains and the green forests. This place was brown and stark, the flatlands going on for as far as you can see…in the middle of a state called Kansas. Then you come on it, a patch of green and civilization called Topeka. Yeah, it is the state capital, but then again, we're talking about Kansas here.

Me, I am 6'1, 210, have a beard and moustache and look kind of like an overgrown teddy bear. I am college educated and open to most anything, being from the liberal east coast. In the middle of my midlife crisis, I usually played around a little while travelling; my wife safely tucked away in the Northwest. I had been fooling around on the internet the past few weeks and found this place on the "Bed and Breakfast" site for the city. Little did I know what lay in store for me as I checked in to the old mansion.

She had said her name was Chloe…subChloe to be exact when we talked on the phone. She gave me the directions and I quickly became enamoured by the old elm trees that still lined the narrow streets. She said that you couldn't miss it…and she was right. The house stood out against the expanse of green, manicured lawn with a stately majesty that put a little extra throb in your heart. Then I found it…an old mansion in an older part of town. Beautiful tudor style with a large expanse of garden and a lush beauty of old oak, mahogany, and black walnut wood that makes a woodworker cry.

I walked to the door and took in the raw strength of the huge exposed exterior beams, breathed deeply and turned the old crank type bell. The door was massive, dark oak with ornate hardware, and as it swung open I was not prepared for what I saw. She was a large woman, not fat, but big boned and well proportioned. Her hair glistened in the sunlight and her eyes danced like gypsies around a fire. She had a kaftan on, hiding her ample body but showing enough of the shapely body to let the imagination wander. Her breasts thrust against the fabric, clearly outlining the aeroles and erect nipples. No panty lines showed around the hips as the fabric flowed from her neck to her feet. She introduced herself to me by her real name, then lowered her eyes and said to call her Chloe, the name she used for her masters. I lifted her chin with my hand and looked deep into her eyes. She averted my gaze as I leaned in to steal a kiss from this statuesque beauty, then backed away from the open door to usher me into her domain. Clearly, she was queen of the house, but waiting for a man to be her King for the night. I had made reservations for three days…and three nights…royalty coming home to his temporary castle.

Chloe took me by the hand and showed me around. First the foyer with an ornate grand player piano and victorian style furniture. On the left, and ornate hall, about 40 feet wide and 60 feet long with stained glass windows and a balcony that wound around the second level. Massive black beams and wrought iron light fixtures, held up by massive chains, adorned the ceiling and set off the walnut tongue and groove ceiling vaults. Around the first floor, framing the massive trestle table and 24 chairs was blue glass…large pieces, small pieces, vases, goblets, all manner of ornate glass. My eyes were drawn to the far end of the hall where two rough hewn timbers were fastened to the wall, chains suspended from hooks at the ends of the frame. I commented on it, then looked at Chloe. Her downcast eyes hid a story that I would have to wait to uncover; her smile belied pleasures that were to come.

We went back into the foyer and went to the right. A massive dining table that could seat multitudes stood in the center of the room. Around were display cases, corner china cabinets and sideboards filled with blue glass. A massive blue glass centerpiece adorned the table, which was to see other activities later that night…eating yes, food no.

In the center of the foyer was a massive wood staircase, winding up to the second level. As we stepped, hand in hand, upwards, Chloe explained that she was going to put me in the "Master Suite"- I soon understood the double meaning of the name. The bed was a massive four poster, cords fastened to the posts held back the swags and gave hints of a second purpose for their use. Convenient hooks were placed around the bed, too low for clothes and too high for other things, making one wonder the sinister uses. The mattress was waist high for Chloe as she demonstrated by leaning over the spread and inviting me to caress her shapely ass with my hands. Two firm globes filled my palms as I caressed them, then brought the right hand down with a resounding smack that startled her.

"Enough" I said as I snuggled my bulging crotch against her ample buttocks eliciting a low moan and a lick of the lips. Subtly she pushed back against me, causing my pants to tent with obvious excitement. I backed away, leaving her trying to thrust back against me, then lowered my hand again against her ass and spanked her HARD.

"I told you enough" was all I said and pointed downstairs.

"It's dinner time and I am hungry, very hungry," I said.

Meekly she led me downstairs to the kitchen and began preparing the evening meal.

"Would Sir like steak and salad tonight?" she asked.

"That would do me well" I responded. And so we ate in silence, eyeing each other like predator and prey. We finished our evening repast and cleaned the table. As I returned from the kitchen, Chloe was laying spread eagle across the massive table.

"Would Sir like to have some dessert?" she whispered meekly. I did not answer, rather let my hands wander to her body. I caressed her arms, then moved to her breasts, fighting to free themselves from the fabric of her kaftan. Ever so slowly I moved my mouth over the left nipple and saturated the cloth with my tongue, making the fabric all but invisible. I pursed my lips and slowly drew the taut nipple into my mouth, teasing it…then bit down on it. Chloe, startled, first screamed then shifted to a low moan as I worked my teeth back and forth across the nipple. My other hand was not idle as I reached up and pinched the right breast as hard as I could, eliciting more moans and a low, gutteral rattling from deep in her throat.

I reached up to her chin and grasped the cloth in my hands, buttons flying everywhere as I pulled it away from her body. Finally exposed to me she lay there, draped across the table with her arms and legs extended off the sides. A crimson glow went from her neck to her stomach, ragged breathing and heaving breasts accentuating the rosy hue. I looked to the apex of her thighs and saw paradise…a clit that protruded about an inch above her pelvis, and two thick lips flooding with sexual juices to lubricate the way. She was literally flowing with sweet nectar, so I let my mouth drift to the juncture of her thighs. I flicked my tongue against her nether lips and tasted the copious fluids that flowed from her pussy. Sweet, tart, syrupy, all at once. I probed towards the hole and was met by a torrent of juices that flooded my mouth. I swallowed and savored the taste, much like tasting a fine wine and letting the taste and texture flow over my tongue. Her hips thrust upwards towards me but I backed away, just letting the tip graze her clit I passing. She shuddered, then settled back down onto the table.

Letting my hot breath play across her pussy, I resumed my licking and assaulted her erect clit causing Chloe to scream out in pleasure. Gradually I wrapped my lips around the base and sucked inward, causing it to leap into my mouth much like a small cock. As my lips reached the base and formed a ring, I slowly started to exert pressure with my teeth. Her breathing became ragged and she started to gasp for breath…I lightly scraped my tongue across the tip while increasing pressure with my teeth until I thought that I would bite her clit off. Her back arched and hips thrust forward, muscles in her thighs stretching and twitching as she tried to shove more of her sex into my mouth. The muscles I her stomach started to ripple, her breasts heaved as she gasped

"Oh Gooooood…Oh Gawd" and released her juices all over the table and herself.

She rested, then reached down with her fingers to work the juices around her pussy and asshole. Chloe rolled over, pushing her ass into the air, lubricating juices plainly visible and inserted two fingers into her asshole, wiggling them around in the process.

"Would Sir like to fuck my ass?" she asked…

Geez, been in the house for five hours and I still have three nights to go.

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