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Topless in Paradise


This following story is 100% true.

Somewhere during our marriage of 12 years, I became obsessed with the concept of showing off my wife. She is a very beautiful and sexy woman, and I think needs to be seen. Susan is 37 years old, has had 2 children, yet still has the body of a goddess. She is 5'2", weighing about 110 pounds, and is a 32D bra size! She has worked very hard to get back her figure after children. Susan does not share my passion for exhibitionism, but she is coming around.

We started to plan a trip to Jamaica as a chance to get away as a couple. We got a great deal at an Adults Only resort just outside Negril, and started to plan our vacation without the kids. During lovemaking I would often tell Susan how nice it would be if she would go topless on the beach. She was pretty cold to the idea at first, but warmed up to it as time went on. As the trip got closer, I started to feel like my dream would actually come true, though with Susan, it is really hard to tell.

Once we got to Jamaica and settled into our resort we ended up spending most of our time at the beach, or walking up and down the beach to check out the other sights. On our second day at the beach, Susan reached back and untied just the neck part of her bikini top. She would leave the top untied for quite a while. However, as she shifted around and tried to grab books, ipods, or whatever, her top would naturally want to drop. Susan would try to hold on to the top with the other arm draped across as she tried to fumble for things. She was quite aware of my excitement, so she did this for a while. Anyone who was sitting anywhere near us would have had short glimpses of bare breasts any time she tried to do anything. It was a great tease for me, and she knew it. When Susan was actually tanning, she would tan her front with the top undone around the neck, but still done up around the back. She would have the bikini fabric folded down just barely covering her areola. Though every now and again it would drop and a breast would pop out.

When we swam in the ocean, I would always make a point of playing with the strings of Susan's bikini top. I would loosen them and pull on them. She was quite brave in the water, exposing her breasts at will, thinking that no one was looking. My goal was to get her top off completely, whether on land or in water. Near the end of the trip, I pulled her top off completely while we were swimming, and after a while I stared heading back to the beach. Faced with the prospect of having to walk on the beach topless, Susan fought me for her top, but the water was getting shallower as I kept on walking. Finally in desperate plea she asked if I could at least give her a piggy-back ride back to our stuff, which I did with her top in my hand. I knew that when I eventually put her down that there would be those few great moments where Susan would be truly topless on the beach. It was worth the wait.

On the last day of our vacation, I asked Susan if she could go complete topless on the beach. She was very reluctant, even though she had been teasing me for the past five days with her top constantly falling down (accidentally). Finally, she presented me with 10 minutes of being completely topless, which was truly a huge feat for her. I was grateful for what I was given, and I know how uncomfortable she probably felt fulfilling my desires.

When we got home from our vacation, we thought that our warm vacation days were over, until we won free airfare for 2 anywhere in North America or the Caribbean. We started to plan a second trip to somewhere warm without the kids, as another opportunity to get away. When picking the resort in the Dominican Republic, I made sure that the one we chose allowed topless sunbathing so that we may have a repeat of our experience in Jamaica. It was at this point that I cut a deal with Susan. She wanted me to start working out more to improve my health, but I simply could not be bothered, mostly because of the huge time commitment, plus the fact that I really don't like working out. I suggested to her that for every workout session that I did (30 minutes of cardio, or 1 P90x video), I would earn 1 minute of topless time on our trip to the Dominican Republic. She was reluctant, I mean how many points could I possibly earn in the 9 months to our trip? She finally agreed, citing that it would motivate her to get in shape too, because if she was going to be topless, she may as well look good.

It was at that time that I began my workout routine. For 9 months, I worked my ass off, with a different workout everyday and extending my cardio to longer periods for more points. It was working very well, I was actually getting into good shape, but more importantly I was earning important topless minutes. I was averaging 10 points per week, and in the end, I ended up with 372 minutes (which translated to 6 hours and 12 minutes). Susan was very good about it, though I could tell she was getting nervous about all the time that her beautiful breasts would be on display.

Once we arrived in the Dominican Republic, we checked out our beautiful resort, as well as the beach. It was definitely a high-end resort. This time, we were packed even better than our trip to Jamaica. I picked up a great little triangle bikini top for her, white in colour obviously, and removed the extra padding. Also, the rest of her evening clothes were getting sexier as well.

We hit the beach on our first full day at the resort. After doing a really long walk down one side of the beach, we finally settled in to our spot on the beach. I wasn't sure how I was going to use all of my points, but it became clear that it was Susan who was going to make that decision. Fortunately, there were a couple of other topless women on the beach, so she seemed to feel better about it. Susan's teasing started very similar to our experience in Jamaica. She undid, the neck strap and let the strings and the top hang from her breasts. As Susan read her book, she gradually brought the top down lower and lower, exposing more and more of her breasts. Eventually, the top was all the way under her breasts. She stayed like that for a while, with people walking by, including the waiters who provided exceptional service that day.

A couple more days went by, and Susan did very little to expose herself. She may have been planning to save it for the last few days, however the weather turned bad, and we lost some beach days; on the only nice day we went on an excursion into the countryside. As well, the water at the resort was brutal to swim in because we were on the Atlantic side of the island, so the water was too rough.

On our last possible beach day, the weather started out pretty rough. We had clouds and light rain, but we waited on the beach for the sun to come out. It finally did around noon. I think that Susan could sense my disappointment that I would not get to use all those points that I had worked so hard to earn. As it got warmer, Susan tried to do the regular teasing on the beach with the neck undone, however this time I wanted more, I reached over, undid her top and pulled it right off of her. She took a moment to adjust and finally she just laid back and read her book with her lovely breasts on display for everyone to see. She sat there with me for four hours, reading and putting up with all the stares that came along from strangers, who tried hard to pretend that they weren't looking, but I could see them stealing glances whenever they could. I was so proud of my wife that day.

Susan claims that exhibitionism does not turn her on at all, and that she was only doing this for me. However, when we got back to our room, she climbed on top of me and reached orgasm in 3 minutes. Unfortunately, we don't have any more vacations planned, without the kids that is, so now I have to fuel my desire to show off my wife in other ways. Lets just say that the white bikini top recently got a little thinner, thanks to a pair of scissors.

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by guzzieathome12/15/17

So modest!

Goodness you Americans are so inhibited!

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