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Topless Train Ride


This story may not be very revealing but it is absolutely true. It also doesn't contain any sex so if you're looking for slut wife, group sex, and those type of stories please don't even bother reading about this adventure.

Recently my wife T and I decided to take an AMTRAK train ride since it had been many years since the last time we'd been on a train. We figured out where we wanted to go for a couple of days, purchased our tickets and took off for a day long train ride. The ride down to our destination was interesting as we enjoyed seeing the sights and experiencing train travel. We also had a good time at our destination city and all too soon our short vacation was at an end.

However, the trip home would prove to be more interesting. Since we'd already seen the sights on the way down; lots of nice country with too many mobile home parks, junk yards and derelict houses interspersed, we (I) quickly became bored. Although T was able to read a magazine as we rode along I realized that reading and the constant motion of the train didn't work for me so I had nothing to look at.

It didn't take long for me to suggest that she give me something to "look at" since I couldn't read my magazine. She didn't say much just laughed and joked a little but once we'd gotten away from the big city and started to move into the country she looked at me and asked; "up or off?"

I'm sure that she already knew that my answer would be, "off." So as we were traveling along at about 60 miles an hour on the train I watched as T slowly put down her magazine peeled off her shirt and then removed her bra. I held out my hand as she undressed and folded her shirt and laid it on the seat next to me and tossed her bra next to it so that it was out of her reach.

At this point I should tell you all that we weren't riding in the coach seats where any one could walk by and look at her now bare tits, but we did have our own little private room that was hidden from the hallway by a curtain. This prevented any one walking down the hallway from looking in and seeing T, but it was still exciting to hear the people walk by our little cabin knowing that just 3 feet from where they were walking my wife was sitting with her tits exposed.

Our room also had huge windows the whole width of the cabin that went from waist high to just above our heads as we sat in our chairs facing each other. Obviously that meant that the windows were below the level of T's bare breasts. We traveled along that way for almost 2 hours at T continued to just sit back in her chair and read her magazine like she was fully dressed.

As time passed I just sat back in my chair and enjoyed the view of my wife's bared breasts as we traveled through the country side and several small towns. We slowed down through several small towns, and even stopped a couple of times to pick up and drop off passengers but she never even looked up from her magazine during these short stops as our cabin was on the upper level and she assumed nobody would see up to where we were sitting. At the same time during each of these stops the depot platform was on the other side of the train so there wasn't any one right below us.

Since T was doing this to "give me something to look at" and not for the purpose of anything leading to sex, I pretty much just enjoyed the view and left her alone except for the occasional kiss and tweak of a nipple now that then to let her know how much I appreciated her riding topless.

All the while we traveled I wondered if the people sitting in their cars waiting for the train to cross in front of them could see into our cabin. At every train crossing there were always cars or trucks with people sitting in them waiting for the cross arm to go up and the lights to quit blinking. Could they see my wife's bare tits?

When we came into a bit larger town there was an announcement that this would be a "smoking stop" and we would be stopped a few minutes longer than usual. T asked for her shirt and suggested that we hop off for a few minutes to get some fresh air even though neither of us smoke. I tossed her shirt to her, but not her bra, and as the train pulled to a stop she pulled it over her head and we hopped off with the smokers. We took a quick walk up and down the platform of the train station before the whistle blew and everyone jumped back on the train.

After we go back into our little room T mentioned that she'd been wondering if people would be able to see into the cabin from the ground and during our short walk had checked it out from the platform. I hadn't really paid that much attention to it as I was more interested in checking out her hard nipples trying to poke through her shirt as it was still quite cool outside. I also noticed the guys that were standing on the platform smoking also had noticed her hard nipples.

T then reported that she had checked it out and saw that when you were standing on the platform you could see into the cabins that were like ours. I had also noticed that, but didn't want to bring it up. It was very obvious that if someone had looked into our cabin from the ground, or as we passed them by, they would have known that a woman was sitting in her chair and would appear to be naked. We debated if some one would actually be able to see her bare breasts or just her shoulders but couldn't come to a conclusion.

I was pretty sure that the view was from the waist up, but the angle from the ground may have cut that perspective to being from about mid-chest up. Either way any one that looked at her would have known that she was riding the train topless. We discussed this some more and my opinion was basically so what, you don't know any of them and won't ever see them again which didn't seem to be a very compelling argument at the time.

As we cleared the city limits of this larger town I was surprised and very pleased that T pulled off her shirt once again and handed it back to me. She continued to ride topless for quite some time and only pulled the curtain closed a little bit during our stops at the various train stations. Soon the sun was setting and it was cooling off so she needed her shirt back to stay warm, and we were also getting close to home, so her time of exposure was at an end.

However, I had the fun of riding along on the train as my wife sat facing me with her breasts bared for me to enjoy. (much better than trying to do this while driving a car). I think that she spent more than 3 1/2 hours topless as the sun shone on her bare tits through our cabin window. During that time we traveled well over 150 miles which for us set a new long distance mark for riding along with her being exposed.

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