tagIncest/TabooTopsy Turvy Ch. 01

Topsy Turvy Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This is an incest story. It's also a love story. All charcters are 18 years or older.

Some view family gatherings as a pain and a waste of time. Others view it as parties to have a good time at. I view them as what they truly are, gatherings. Catching up with relatives lives, fondly remembering days long past, or for myself just plain being with the ones you love.

My mother is the rock of the family. Having lost my dad several years ago to cancer, she handled it like a trooper. One thing she insisted upon was that we all get together several times a year besides just on Christmas. She loved us all and felt that just like dad that one day we may not be here either. Family is always there no matter what else in the world goes wrong.

None of us are perfect for we all have those little skeletons in our closets. I know I do. My father once had an affair which almost tore our family apart years ago, but we all persevered. My older sister Tracy has been in a loveless marriage but still does her best to smile and hide the fact she is very unhappy. Lucky for her, she doesn't have any children which would depress her even more. But then there is Christie who is my youngest sister.

Tracy is the oldest at thirty-seven years old. I was the middle child at thirty-five while Christie is just twenty-nine. Mom said she was an accident of makeup sex with my father after that dreaded affair ended. Any way you look at it, Christie was a wild child. She never seemed to be in one place for very long. She had the body to attract men and use them for her benefit. When she was tired of them she would be off for another adventure and another guy.

I had many relatives and most were here now. We all got along but often everyone in the family usually didn't tell each other about their personal lives. I guess it was just to keep the peace and cause no disruptions. That is why these family gatherings worked out fine and had a cordial atmosphere.

There was my mother cooking with Aunt Sue, chatting and laughing in the kitchen where they would often be seen shooing away the younger kids. Mom's cooking was the best and I always looked forward to it everytime we got together. As I got up to get another beer, I saw my sister Tracy standing on the front porch with her customary mixed drink and a cigarette in hand. I joined her on this hot summer afternoon.

"Hi sis, how's life?"

After a puff from her cigarette she answered, "It could be better Mike. But I have my health and I have all of you, so it could be a lot worse. How's the photography thing going?"

"Not too bad. It pays the bills."

"Yeah, I think more than just pays the bills, Mike. I would love to be in your shoes. Beautiful home, single, and free to enjoy life without any worries."

"I don't know sis. I've enjoyed being a bachelor but maybe it's time to settle down. It's just so hard when I'm constantly in the company of beautiful models and trying to convince someone to join me in that glamorous lifestyle. But I am here for you whenever you need me. If you need money or a shoulder to cry on, really anything, just let me know."

"It's okay, Mike. I just need the weekly phone conversations with you to help me ease my pain. I guess I better go in and assist mom and Aunt Sue with getting dinner ready," she said as she flicked her cigarette away and turned away from me.

I sat down on the porch swing that has seemed to be a mainstay at this home forever. Growing up I enjoyed quiet times watching traffic go by while my family or friends would often join me to enjoy the country life. This house was my home until I moved out after high school. I was the first to leave and spent several years at a far away community college learning my photography skills. It was my love and my camera that always was around me no matter where I went. I already had several family moments taken for the family album today.

As I sipped my beer and brushed away a pesky bee, the screen door opened and there was my best friend Christie. Man how I had missed her. She soon sat next to me as I studied her features. Long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and pert breasts. Yep, that was my sister Christie, the heartthrob.

"Hi brother, you look as good as ever. I missed seeing you."

"Hi honey, how are you? I missed you too. You haven't been around for years and if it wasn't for the occasional letter from you, I wouldn't have known if you were even alive. Where have you been hiding?"

She sipped her wine as she responded, "I've been living in hell, Mike. It's been crazy. I met some guys a few years back and they got me hooked on drugs. Since about six months ago I've been a recovering addict. I have no money or job and have been living off of men who would sleep with me, and in turn I got some free meals and a place to stay. My life sucks. I guess I finally found my way back home finally."

"Sorry to hear. I was just upset that after how close we were growing up, that you didn't find time to give me a call or come visit. But, I love you and learned it's best to let you have your way even though I fear for your life everyday. Screwing all of these guys isn't safe."

"I know brother, and I want to change. But I have nothing and not even a place to stay. I do need to ask you a favor."

"What's that, honey?"

Her upper lip trembled as she took a moment and then whispered, "I need a place to live. May I move in with you? Please? I promise I'll get my life back on track and move out as soon as I can get a decent job and a place to live. I don't know who else to turn to. Tracy and I weren't always the best of sisters, and besides, her life sucks and for me being there would be hard on her. I don't want to live with mom for she criticizes me for every mistake I've ever made. All I have left to do is ask you. I need you Mike."

"I would be glad to take you in. You know I'd do anything for you. But if you do, you must promise me no more of this running all over the country. You need to settle down for a while and get your ass straightened out."

"I promise, Mike. I'll help you around the house and stay out of your way if you want while being the best friend I can be to you. I won't interfere with your personal life."

"Oh, stop that! You would never interfere with my life. You can go home with me tomorrow. Now let's go eat as the smell of mom's cooking is making me as hungry as a bear."

As I stood up, my sister hugged me. It was a hug that I missed badly. It's been too many years since the last one. It would be nice to have her around. Maybe we could help each other to straighten our lives out.

We were all sitting at both of the two large tables in the dining room. Mom had used some of dad's insurance money to expand this room just for these occasions. I sat between my mother and Christie. There was so much food and drink was enjoyed by us all. Chattering and friendship was all around me.

Christie was telling of some of her adventures. Mom's eyes would roll in disgust while others just nodded or laughed. I sat there listening and not adding much to the conversation. As I looked across the table I could see Tracy sitting there while nibbling at her food and sadly looking back at me with a tear in her eye.

I felt for her. She married a guy who totally controls her. Hell, he doesn't even come to the gatherings for he believes our family isn't worthy of his presence. I could see the stress in her face. She is still very sexy in her own right, but looking into her eyes makes me shiver. She had gained a few pounds over the years and her dark brown hair began to show a few greying streaks. She doesn't even wear much makeup like she did when she was younger.

I felt a hand on my leg just above the knee. It was comforting for my sister always wanted to be close to me. Growing up, Tracy was the studious one and spent much of her time preparing for college. Christie was the opposite, always flirting with all the guys and hanging around with her girlfriends. But she was close to me. Often my two sisters would fight. They loved each other but each felt the other was invading their space. For me, I got along with both of them and we seldom disagreed. Christie loved her older brother and even before she'd go out on a date, she'd would look to me for approval and guidance. We spent many a day growing up walking to the park. I would take pictures of her and she was always the showoff. She would make faces or throw me kisses or just plain act silly. But every photo I took of her showed how damn sexy she truly was. I loved her and felt I had to protect her.

I blame myself. I left her when she was still young and just in high school. She no longer had that one person she could confide in. We drifted apart and soon she was gone and seeking to find unreachable happiness. Like the letters that sporadically showed up in my mailbox, only Tracy would update me if she had heard anything new. My mother seldom discussed her as she felt my sister didn't truly want to be a part of all of our lives. I do know mother was happy when she saw her younger daughter stroll into the house earlier today.

Now my aunt Sue was telling stories about the endless shopping trips mom and her did lately. I looked over to Christie and her smile just melted made me feel good. I think she was truly thankful that I was going to take her in. In fact, I know she did as I felt the tender squeezing of my leg. Only problem was it was a little higher on my thigh this time and sent tingles to a certain part of my body.

Finally, we all helped clean up and soon everyone sat or stood in small groups talking about how much fun we had. Byes and hugs were prevalent as the family gathering was breaking up and the gang began disappearing. I drove Tracy to the airport to catch her late flight. We hugged and held each other for what seemed like forever. I hated to see her go. I dreaded seeing her head back to hell.

I was staying over at mom's and leaving in the morning. When I got back to the house, mom was sitting in the living room doing some sewing with the television on in the background. I sat down beside her on the sofa and kissed her cheek.

I said, "Mom, I've always enjoyed our get-togethers. Your cooking is the best. Thank you mom."

"No problem Mike. It's always good to see everyone. It helps me to cope with life by myself here. My kids all have their lives. Some are better than others. I was glad to finally see my youngest daughter. For a while I felt she may have fallen off the face of the earth."

"Yeah, she always has been a little flighty. I was glad to see her finally. I'm glad she's not doing drugs anymore. She told me that you were going to take her in. That's a wonderful thing to do to help her get her life straightened out. She's going to need a friend to get over her addiction. We had a heart to heart talk after you left and she really needs your guidance. She's staying in my room tonight while I sleep here. Now go get some rest. You two have a long ride back tomorrow," she said before stifling a yawn.

I kissed the top of my mother's head and headed off to the room I grew up in. As I laid there falling asleep, my thoughts went back to my childhood. My thoughts were of my sister Christie.

As I pulled into my driveway I heard a gasp from Christie. She stared wide-eyed at my expansive home. I just smiled as I parked my car and opened my door. I strode around to the passenger side and opened the door for her.

"Wow Mike, nobody ever opened a door for me before. Looking at this place I see somebody I know is living the good life. I guess photography can be a lucrative profession."

"I have no complaints," I told her as I pulled her suitcases out of the trunk.

She looked on in awe after I led her into the house. She followed me as I deposited her things in the bedroom closest to mine. I had four bedrooms for sleeping arrangements mostly for models when they were here for shoots. I gave her a tour of my place and she just silently followed me through each passing room. Finally, we entered my studio. It was a huge room in the back of the house full of props and photography equipment. My sister walked around looking at the framed photos I had hanging along one wall. There were pictures of my models from clothed to totally nude. Some photos had several women posing together. These were the best photos that I deemed able to grace my walls.

My sister stood next to me and said, "I guess it wasn't the type of photography that I had envisioned you were doing. You are a great photographer for these pictures are very erotic. I've had some guys take pornographic pictures of me and they looked really slutty, not sexy like these."

"My sister is into porn?"

"Well, I was never afraid to show off my body. Remember I was on drugs and really don't have recollection of my dates taking the photos. Didn't you notice when we were younger that I was always teasing you? I would give you a peek at my panties or maybe some cleavage just to see what your reaction was."

"I just thought you were being bratty and not thinking you were trying to turn me on sis. I haven't got into the hardcore photography yet. I do send the shoots I make to adult magazines and websites. If you look in some of the more famous nudie magazines you will see my work from time to time."

She put her arm around me and said, "Thanks for taking me in. I'm looking forward to this adventure. Mike, you've always been my idol. I've always looked up to you and wanted so badly to be strong just like you. When you left home, I was totally lost. I guess I acted out my inmaturity and frustration for being home with mom and dad while you were off making a life for yourself. I want to make it up to you. I want you to be proud of me as much as I've always been proud of you."

"Thanks honey. Now go relax and I'll whip up something on the barbecue grill. Do you have a swimsuit?"

"Yes brother, but do you think you can handle me in a bikini? Let me guess, you have a pool?"

"I sure do. We can go relax and take a dip. I have several shoots to do in the morning so it'll be good to enjoy a little peace and quiet. Christie, I'm glad you are here too because I have missed you dearly."

She hugged and kissed my cheek. I could swear I felt her rubbing her breasts against me harder than I've ever felt her do that before. Then she broke away and headed to her room. I just smiled as I headed to mine to change as well. Things were looking up.

I had the hamburgers sizzling when I turned around and saw a goddess. The red bikini she wore hardly covered a thing. As she strolled towards me I could barely see two triangles covering her nipples. Her tits, although not large were still a handful, and that handful was barely covered. I looked down and she wws wearing a thong bottom. I figured she must keep her pussy well manicured for she surely was showing a lot of skin. Soon she was standing next to me as I tried to concentrate on my cooking.

"Your tongue is hanging out, Mike. I guess your little sister has a nice body?"

"Uummm, yeah."

"I'm going to go get wet a little before you finish dinner. I love getting wet, don't you?"

I just nodded as she gave me a grin and then headed towards the pool. I watched her ass wiggle seductively as she strolled over to the towels I had lying on a lounge chair. She made a point of bending over and holding that pose for my view. Her ass cheeks were bared with just a wispy string running between them. I could swear my sister was intent on driving me crazy.

I soon heard the splash as she dove into the pool. When the burgers and food were ready I took it over by the pool. I shrugged off my robe and sat down and began to eat. I watched my sister swim effortlessly back and forth in the water. Her ass glistened with rivulets of water as I stared at her sexy body. She eventually reached the ladder and began to climb out. The water cascaded down over her breasts and I was mesmerized by her beauty.

She began drying herself off and she accidentally brushed one of those triangles off of her breast. I caught a glimpse of her stiffened nipple. My mouth watered as she pretended to not notice me as she did a good acting job in drying herself off. Finally she looked at me and slid the piece of material back over her bared nipple. Now I knew she was teasing me.

She grabbed the other plate finally and sat next to me. I have seen some of the sexiest models in the world, but I have to admit, my sister was right up there with them. I hate to admit it, but I would love to photograph her in a more intimate manner. She just kept giving me that heart warming smile as she ate her food.

"Nice suit bro. A speedo looks good on you. You have quite a package that I saw earlier from in the pool," she said between mouthfuls of her burger.

"Speaking of nice suits, you should try wearing one sometime. You might as well be naked."

"I kind of think naked wouldn't bother you too much in your business. I just wanted to wear this to get you all worked up."

"Well, you have definitely done that. Just remember that you are my sister. You better behave."

"Awww... Mike, let's just enjoy this. I need to tell you a little secret. The reason I never could find the right man is because none of them could live up to the one I truly love. You are my ideal man, so don't be afraid to show it."

I was stunned at what she just said but knew deep down I felt the same way about her. But that nagging voice inside of me also knew that this would be incest. I had to try my best to not let on how deeply I loved her too.

"We need to act like adults here Christie. We may regret it after if we do something we shouldn't."

"Awww... brother, you need to have some fun. Let's go for a swim. You aren't the only person who would like to see a wet body in motion."

I went to put things away as I heard the splash of the water once again. I returned to see my sister standing in the pool with her nipples so hard I thought they'd knock her top right off. I dove in and quickly stood next to her.

"This is the life Mike. A pool, a big house, and me," she said with a grin.

The smartass suddenly splashed me! I quickly returned the wave of water all over her and we quickly began to playfully fool around in the pool. I accidently brushed her butt and she managed to bump my crotch with the back of her hand. Then she jumped on me and dunked me under the water. She straddled my back and I could swear I felt her pussylips slide over my backside. I managed to throw her off and snuck over to her before grabbing at her arm, but I missed and floated there with just a skimpy bikini bra in my hand minus the owner.

"Gee brother, I didn't know you wanted to swim nude. Maybe you should join me."

With that she grabbed my bottoms and yanked them down. My already hard cock floated free in the water. She tossed my trunks out of the pool and then slid her thong off as well. We soon stood facing each other naked as the day we were born.

"Nice pecker there brother. Be careful for you might poke an eye out with that."

"I guess we just became clothing optional around here. I don't mind if you don't."

She giggled as she told me, "Living together you knew it was bound to happen eventually. I never was one to be modest. I like your cute buns and I especially think your cock is one of the best I've ever seen. Now, catch me if you can."

She swam away and I soon followed after her. We teased each other and there was some naughty touching going on. But I did my best to keep it casual and try not to do anything but play. I did wonder if my sister had other ideas, however.

Finally we tired of our games and headed out of the pool. I have a very secluded place and no nearby neighbors. I studied her naked ass and did my best not to kiss it as she climbed up the ladder. We soon laid on our loungers and tanned our nude bodies. We chatted and talked over old times. After a while the idea of being naked was almost forgotten. My cock took a rest and finally calmed down to a flaccid state.

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