Tori’s Initiation Ganbang – Remix


Road Dogg pulls his cum-spent cock out of Stephanie's pussy and strokes it to keep it hard, "Damn... Trips... Steph is one hot fucking slut..." Road Dogg says with a smirk

"Got that straight..." Triple H smirks as he grabs Stephanie's head, "Go fuck that bitch Steph brought in...." Triple H orders as he stuffs Stephanie's mouth with his cock once again.

"Mmmmmm...." Stephanie moans on Triple H's cock as she starts sucking on it again as she places both of her hands on Triple H's muscular legs as her husband. Stephanie closes her mouth tightly around Triple H's cock as he sucks off her husband.

Road Dogg smirks, "No problem Trips... I was planning on banging her sooner or later..." Road Dogg says as he walks over to Tori and kneels behind her. He then rams his re-harden cock into Tori's tight ass and Tori's body jolts from the sudden invasion.

"OHHHH SHIT!" Tori moans on Billy Gunn's cock as Road Dogg starts slamming his cock in and out of her ass while she continues to bounce up and down on X-Pac's degenerate cock.

"Mmmmm fuck... what an ASS!" Road Dogg grunts as he pumps his cock in and out of Tori's hot sexy ass, and his balls slam against Tori's ass with everyone of his thrusts.

"Yeah... ahhhh that's what I said..." Billy Gunn moans as he pulls on Tori's sweat soaked light brown hair while thrusting his cock in and out of Tori's hot wet mouth.

X-Pac licks his lips as he keeps thrusting his cock up into Tori's hot pussy, "Ahhhh yeah.... Ahhh fuck she's tight and hot...." X-Pac grunts as Tori grinds her wet cunt down against X-Pac's cock as Road Dogg fucks her ass while she sucks off Billy Gunn.

"Ohhhhh.... Mmmm fuck!" Tori moans as she starts to cum on X-Pac's hard degenerate cock as sweat drips off of her sexy athletic body. Tori sucks on Billy Gunn's thick cock as she continues to rapidly bounce on X-Pac's while Road Dogg bangs her firm ass.

"Ahhhh yea!! Fucking slut, cum on my dick!" X-Pac groans as he feels Tori's warm juices flow over his dick as he thrusts up into her.

Road Dogg smacks Tori's ass and grits his teeth as he bangs her ass, "Ohhh shit... I ain't gonna last too long in here.... DAMN you're fucking tight Tori!"

Triple H glances over The Outlaws, X-Pac and Tori as the Billion Dollar Princess continues to suck on his large meaty cock, "Hey... pull out of that bitch and sit her up!"

Billy looks at Triple H and nods his head, "All right..." Billy says as he pulls his cock out of Tori's mouth. Road Dogg pulls out of Tori's ass and he and Billy pull her off of X-Pac and sits her at the base of the couch. X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn stand in front of her with their throbbing cocks ready for action.

Triple H smirks as Stephanie continues to blow him, "All right guys... Ready... Aim... Jack and Fire!!" Triple H commands as he places his hand Stephanie's head as she laps her tongue against his shaft.

Tori looks up and licks her lips, "Ohhh yess... give me that DX cum!" Tori says excitedly as the three members of DX begin to jack off in front of her, and she takes a few moments to flick her tongue against all three cocks.

Road Dogg grits his teeth, "Ahhh shit... get ready Tori!" Road Dogg groans and Tori tilts her head back and opens her mouth. Road Dogg keeps pumping his cock until he begins to shoot his load at the face of the new DX slut, and some lands in her mouth, some landing on her face and the rest falling on her hot firm sweaty tits. "Ohhh fuck..." Road Dogg groans in exhaustion as he falls forwards and lands on the couch.

"Mmmmm I want more!" Tori moans with a slutty smirk on her face.

"Then open wide bitch!" Billy Gunn yess as he sprays his hot load into Tori's mouth, and Tori swallows almost all of it as jerks his meat to get some of his cum to land on her tits.. Tori places her hands on her cum covered tits and rub the combined mixture of Road Dogg and Billy's cum all over her skin.

"Ohhhh fuck yes..." Tori moans just as she feels the warm cum of X-Pac hitting her face, and she quickly opens her mouth to catch as much of it as possible.

"Yeah bitch.... Catch it all!" X-Pac moans as he sprays his cum all over Tori's face.

"Mmmmm fuck I love it!" Tori moans as she swallows some cum as X-Pac paints her face with his load.

Triple H smirks and he jerks Stephanie's head off of his saliva soaked cock, "Steph... go clean that fucking slut.... And get her ready for the final test!"

"Mmmmm all right..." Stephanie says with a smirk as saliva drips down her chin as she starts to crawl towards the cum covered Diva.

Tori looks at Stephanie as she comes over to her and she breathes deeply, "Oh shit..." Tori says as Stephanie kneels next to her and begins to up the cum that covers Tori's face and tits. Stephanie then cups Tori's face with her hands and gives Tori a deep kiss that results her drooping cum into Tori's mouth. "Mmmmmm...." Tori moans into Stephanie's mouth before Stephanie breaks the kiss.

"You haven't seen nothing yet..." Stephanie smirks as she lowers her head and sucks Tori's tits clean off all the cum and sweat that's on them and she starts to work her way south towards Tori's pussy.

"Ohhhh my..." Tori moans as she spread her legs as Stephanie begins to lap her tongue against Tori's pussy. Tori puts her hands on Stephanie's head, and shoves the Billion Dollar sluts face against her pussy. "Ahhhh yes.... Mmmm fuck yes...." Tori moans as Stephanie works her tongue all over her pussy and Tori breathes heavily as she sees Triple H and his rock hard cock. "Ohhhh Stephanie.... Eat me... you slut.... I wanna be a DX Slut so bad!" Tori screams and Stephanie lifts her head up from Tori's pussy.

"You wanna be a DX slut... then you gotta please Hunter..." Stephanie says with a wide smirk as Triple H moves to sits down on a metal chair.

"Mmmm I'd live too!" Tori says excitedly as she starts to move towards Triple H and she climbs up onto him and lowers her pussy down onto his cock, "Mmmmmm fuck!" Tori moans as she puts her hands on Triple H's shoulders as she begins to bounce up and down on his huge hard cock.

"Yeah.... Ohhh shit.... Yea..." Triple H grunts as he puts his hands on Tori's waists and roughly slams her up and down on his stiff cock. Tori grinds her hips so that she can jerk Triple H's cock with her slutty cunt.

"Ohhhh fuck yes... fuck me... fuck me... fuck me...." Tori chants over and over again as she wraps the lower parts of her legs around the back legs of the metal chair. Triple H slides his hands up to feel up Tori's hot sexy tits.

Triple H grunts as he works up a good sweat as he thrusts his cock up into Tori's hot pussy and then he begins to shoot his load inside of her, 'Ahhhh yea...." Triple H grunts as he pumps his load into Tori's pussy as she rocks on his cock.

"Mmmmmm ohhhh yes.... Fuck!" Tori moans as she feels Triple H's cum flowing into her pussy. Tori continues to rock on Triple H's cock for several moments until she comes to a stop.

Triple H smirks, "I think you past the test... welcome aboard.... And now you know the first good thing about DX...."

Tori smirks a little, "What's the second?" Tori asks as glances over her shoulder at the Stephanie and the rest of DX who are laying around the locker room, completely exhausted from the wild fuck fest that just took place.

Triple H smirks, "You'll see when we go on the road...."

Tori grins, "Mmmmm... on the road with DX..... I love it already...."


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