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Tori's Naked Challenge


Hi All,

Nikki here; I know many have wondered about the disappearance of Tony and Carly. I will explain that as best I can and then introduce you to a lovely young woman from Wales named Tori. Let me first start by saying Tony, Carly, Sammy and Tori are all very real people. Carly just packed up and left one day, which really hurt Tony. She had been a virgin and soon after losing her virginity she became almost obsessed with sex and being naked. She felt as though she was invincible when it came to being naked and could go anywhere starkers, she no longer felt scared which to me is a big mistake. When she was left alone one day at Tony's she packed her stuff and drove naked nearly 150 miles back to University. She burned many bridges after that and Tony felt it was best for him to forget Carly and go on with his life. Everyone knew Carly had hurt Tony and a friend of the family named Tori wanted to help Tony over this rough time. They have a great love and respect for each other and it seems Tori tried and really enjoyed being naked in public, something she never expected. Now she seems to be determined to go beyond anything Carly had done. She has asked me to take her naked adventures and write them out for all of you to enjoy.

Tori wanted to add a few words into this whole adventure.

Hi, just want to say a few things. I have known Tony most of my life, when I could see how messed up he was over Carly I rushed to his 'assistance'. I think I always had a bit of a crush on Tony, anyway please see us as we are; two very close friends spending time together. After the summer we have to go our separate ways, me to study and Tony has his music and his teaching to keep him busy. We will always be close. Sometimes in the future I hope we will have more time together, but for now it's an adventure, and one that we are happy to share with you. Yes, I enjoy being naked in public! And okay, yes I have a 'score' to settle with Carly. So I hope you sit back and enjoy the story of how I plan to do that...hahaha (manic laughter)

Tori is a curvaceous nineteen year old, (I think she resembles the actress Kaley Cuoco Google her) who stands 5'8" measures 36-27-35 and weighs about 135. She has a gorgeous face with an intoxicating smile, beautiful brown eyes and light brown shoulder length hair with blonde highlights. She had a small landing strip that she shaved off just a few days ago in preparation for Tony's birthday party ( She wanted a bald pussy so she would be truly naked) which you will read about in the upcoming story. Tori knew of Carly's naked adventures and how much Tony loved escorting her around the small towns in Wales. Tony would never ask Tori to go naked in public because he knew she would do it just to please him. Tori having known Tony for many years knew this and so she mentioned wanting to go naked in public. Tori and I chatted about being naked in public and she made it very clear she wanted to surpass anything Carly had done and make Tony say 'Omigod" once again. The weather was quite cold the day Tony and Tori were going to a nearby town to pick up Sammy and a few of her friends at the train station.

Now you need to understand that Tori had just recently begun playing with being naked in public and never thought she would enjoy it as much as she does. She thought she would take a few short nervous walks, more like streaking and be done. Now she has been naked for seven days and has no plans to get dressed just yet. She is considering using her nudity to raise money for some charities. This story will continue as long as Tori is naked and then follow any adventures she has afterwards.

Tori mentioned to Tony she might like to go ride naked to the train station but Tony was saying she should wait till the weather was warmer. Tori had taken a few short walks naked along the waterfront but nothing really daring. It was almost time to leave for the station and Tori was still thinking.

"Fuck it" she said to Tony let's do this. She took off her shoes, peeled off her clothes and walked out the door to Tony's car. She did insist he cranked the heat up for the ride to the station. She made a play of raising her feet up and wriggling and stuff until Tony said to stop that he's trying to drive.

"Boring, safe but boring." Tori thought .

When they arrived at the station Tony told her to wait in the car while he went to the platform, I think she forgot to warn him that she doesn't do what she's told! Tori could see him from the car. When the train pulled to a stop and people were getting off she got out of the car and crossed the street, went through the little gate and there she was full naked on the platform and the girls were walking towards her with amazed looks on their faces.

Lisa was with them and she ran up to Tori and squealed "You're naked, that's so cool Tori" and suddenly people were looking around.

Funny instead of getting scared and running for her life she just took Tony's hand and they all went back across to the car. When Tony had opened the back door the girls were putting their things in the car and Lisa threw her jacket in there, and her jumper and then quickly she was naked too, and they all got in the car laughing. On the way back to Tony's they stopped at the garage ( a little store that sells alcohol among other things). Tori and Lisa went and did a little naked shopping and then they were back in the car and heading back to Tony's. I later received an e-mail from Tori telling me about her trip to the train station. This is how she described it to me.

A few words from Tori herself about her naked experience at the train station

"It was bloody cold and scary going on the platform, but I was only about fifty feet from the car. People saw me, especially after Lisa cried out "Oh my god Tor you're naked!" right in front of everyone. I had been sneaky and waited until Tony was standing on the platform, and the train was pulling in, and I just walked up to him and slid my hand in his, and he forgot for a minute I was naked I think! Until he turned and looked at me, and yes he said it. 'Omigod.' lol do you say lmao (laugh my arse off) there in the USA?"

After that experience Tori told me she wanted to do so much more public nudity. She wanted to practice for the big one. Tony has admitted he is excited but nervous not knowing what Tori has planned. I have to admit she has impressed me so far and as you read her story I think many others will be impressed by her naked adventures. She has fun, goes all out with each and every adventure and interacts with those she comes in contact with while out and about. She frequently cums before she gets back in the car or she cums once in the car.

So Tori's quest to outdo Carly continues, she has admitted that she is comfortable with the way she looks but never thought she'd actually be able to be starkers in public - and enjoy it! Friday was an average day in this medium sized town in Wales, not so busy. Tony and Tori went into Tesco ( the food store where Carly was naked a few times) and sat down in the cafe with a cup of coffee. All Tori had on was a light nylon raincoat and casual shoes, so she took off the coat and sat naked drinking her coffee. Tori had decided to case the place just see what it felt like to be naked in there. They finished their coffee and Tony told Tori she should put my coat back on.

"I want to leave it off and stay naked as long as I can." Tori said handing her raincoat to Tony.

She got up out of her seat naked except for her shoes, there were a couple of gasps as people realized she was completely naked. Tori said it was a very cool sensation! She walked out of there naked and they went through a clothing section and then there she was at the top of the escalator ( the same one Carly had been on naked) looking down towards the exit - She said it looked like about a mile away! Tori quickly carried on past the escalator and computer section. As they were wandering about Tori noticed there was an elevator to the ground floor, she also realized that it must take you right to the back of the downstairs part of the store. Tony had folded her coat into a tiny size and stuffed it in his pocket as they went back to the elevator and pushed the button. It was empty all the way down, and when they reached the ground floor it was almost deserted, just a few people in the distance.

Tori thought she would stay naked a bit longer, she was getting excited now. Not exactly horny yet but very excited and wanting to stroll around in there starkers all day and mingle with the shoppers - well in her little fantasy. Tori later told me part of her was very scared. Carly's problem was she forgot to be scared. Tori walked up and down a few aisles with Tony, they encountered a couple of people who quickly looked away.

One older lady who smiled at Tori and said "Go for it!"

Tori did just that as she saw the exit she walked right past the checkouts, past at least one open mouthed security guard and kept walking completely naked back to the car. She said she felt fantastic after her first real experience with being naked in public.

When they got back to the car and climbed in Tori said to Tony "It's your line."

Tony looked confused for a minute and then realized what she meant so he said "Omigod!'

He told Tori he thought she was brilliant and he had been blown away for a moment. Tori made Tony stop at the garage and she jumped out naked and put fuel in the car and then went in to pay. She made sure to stay in there as long as possible. She kept looking for reasons to stay naked even longer but finally managed to drag herself back out of there and into the car. The girl was still not satisfied, she felt it had not been enough so they stopped to allow naked Tori get some cash from an ATM and when they passed the post office she had Tony stop while she posted a letter. Tony keeps a supply of blank envelopes in the car now just in case lol. So that was Tori's practice. She does want more, a lot more but she will remember to be scared - and sensible too. Besides, she wouldn't put Tony through anything that might make him uncomfortable.

"I do love him Nikki, it is hard not to love him." Tori wrote at the end of her e-mail to me.

Tori went for some more practice on Sunday but it was a little tamer in some ways. She got naked soon after they left the house and stayed that way until they got back. They walked around the waterfront past the cafe and the park but didn't really get that close to anyone, although it was obvious she was starkers. People did look, but who the hell wouldn't look at a gorgeous naked young woman walking out in public. It was a lovely sunny day today and Tori was loving how good it felt to be naked in the sunshine. Tori is still looking for something big, something to surpass anything Carly had done. I don't know exactly what Tori will end up doing but I know she will have fun doing it. Tony only knows she is practicing being naked for something.

After these naked excursions Tori mentioned Tony's birthday was coming up and she, with the help of Sammy (Tony's eldest daughter) planned a birthday party for him. Tony would prefer a nice quiet birthday at home with his kids and Tori but there was going to be a party for him like it or not. In the end I would have to say he loved it. Tori and Sammy booked a bistro in a small town so the party would be private. They arranged for a big white limo to take Tony and some others to the bistro. Tori was dressed in a short black mini-dress and looked spectacular. She sent Tony off and said she and Sammy would be there shortly. As soon as the limo left Tori went into the bedroom and removed her dress, she wouldn't be needing that anymore tonight.

Tori had decided she was going to attend the party wearing just her heels and carrying her handbag. She had shaved off the small light brown landing strip and was now going to mingle among a room full of people. Many she didn't know, but she also saw one of her former teachers while she was there naked with her freshly bald pussy for all to see and admire. Tori drove to the bistro naked and barefoot with Sammy in the passenger seat. The drive was a short one, once stopped in the parking lot Tori put on her shoes and locked the car, dropping her keys into her handbag.

There were one or two people standing at the entrance, they looked around in surprise when they saw the two young women, one naked and the other dressed both looking gorgeous. Sammy looked like a million pounds gorgeous, and Tori looked very naked! As the very naked Tori entered the bar there was a brief silence while everyone tried to work out why a naked girl was joining them and then there was a cheer. Tori said she remembered feeling light headed and warm as she was blushing. She then looked over and saw Tony with a huge smile on his face. That made it all worth while for her.

He went over to Tori put his arms around her and said "Omigod! You are totally amazing!"

Tori looked at him with those beautiful brown eyes "Happy birthday Darling." and gave him a long kiss and held him for a minute, then asked him for a drink.

Tori did a lot of things, had food from the buffet, danced a little, lol even tried naked karaoke! She played pool naked and mingled with the guests most of them she didn't know. And there was that moment when Tony standing next to Tori moved his hand down to her lower back and caressed it which made her cum right there! Tori went weak in the knees and her pussy tingled and pulsated as she was in the throes of orgasm. Tori said that was awesome and easily the best part of the night for her.

Funny, after that she calmed down a lot, and being naked seemed almost boringly normal. But they were there about three hours, Tony did a couple of numbers with the band, and had good fun with it. He hasn't played any gigs for a while so it was a great night for him. When it was time to go home they went out to the white limo, Tori naked and loving it. Today is Saturday, the party was last Saturday and Tori has been naked since she dropped her dress before the party. So she has spent the last week naked from head to toe and has no intention of getting dressed until maybe next week. She has been out and about each day which you will read about as this story continues.

The day after the party Tori had to retrieve her car from the bistro, Sammy would drive her there and decided to go naked as well. Tori did stay naked all day and will remain that way for a few more days at least. Everyone relaxed and recovered from the party the night before and naked Tori started making plans for the next day, Monday which is Tony's actual birthday.

It's Monday, Tony and Tori managed to get an early start and arrived at the town just before ten in the morning. It was a medium sized farming town in Wales on a Monday morning, so not very many people around. It was a nice sunny day and today Tori wanted to take my advice and go out completely stark naked, what I call proper naked this meant no shoes or jewelry, just naked. I think you feel more naked that way, at least I do. This town was about fifty miles away so Tori would be fifty miles from her clothes.

Tori was naked, nervous and excited when she stepped out of the car. She kind of wriggled a bit and giggled, and twirled around.

"Do you like my outfit? Tori asked, her bare breasts jiggling as she giggled.

"I love your choice of undress, love." Tony replied taking in the naked beauty.

Tony sent her to the pay and display machine to get the parking docket, and stood watching appreciatively as she strolled over stark naked and put her coins in the machine. Ticket in hand she turned and walked back toward Tony and the car. As she did, two or three people in their twenties went over to ask Tori what was going on. Tony always the protector wasn't sure what was happening so he headed towards Tori. When he got there they were wishing Tori luck on her "bet" and saying how brave and sexy she was to be out starkers.

"Yes, I know!" Tony thought looking at the naked beauty chatting with strangers out in public.

They set off, Tori naked, giggling and wiggling her hips, thoroughly enjoying herself. One thing you need to know is Tori is very exuberant and has loads of fun while out naked. She wiggles, twirls, dances and sometimes just acts silly but she enjoys herself and so do those who get to see her. The parking lot opened into a side street lined with small shops selling antiques, second hand stuff, souvenirs. There is a whole maze of narrow pedestrian streets in this particular town, Tony was quickly lost although Tori seemed to know where she was going. They went in a leather shop where Tori tried on a couple of things she really liked. Tori is also a jokester and loves to tease. She had chosen a few items she liked and decided to purchase.

"Will you be wearing those now?" the saleslady asked

"Oh no, I only wear clothes to turn my boyfriend on." Tori replied keeping a straight face

" You mean you go naked to turn on your boyfriend over there." The saleslady replied thinking Tori had mixed up what she meant.

"Oh no I only wear clothes on special occasions, I'm almost always naked. Oh and that is not my boyfriend, he's my dad. He's here to help me pick out some things my boyfriend will like." Tori said nearly in tears while trying not to bust out laughing

"Oh my." exclaimed the very stunned saleswoman.

Tony had stepped outside before he burst out laughing. The look on that poor woman's face, trouble was she couldn't decide on what expression to go for so she tried to do several at once. After leaving the leather shop they went in a music shop, sort of standard procedure for Tony being a musician and lately he often seems to have a naked young lady with him.

Tony says "If I ever make it into the history books, remember to include the naked ladies!"

Many people wrote me after I posted all of the Carly stories and said they found them hard to believe because it seems no one makes a fuss about a hot young girl walking naked. One thing is this all takes place in Wales and as everyone knows Europe is much more accepting of nudity unlike the USA. Tori has taken to explaining her nakedness by proclaiming she is paying off a bet and there was no way she was going to lose. Somehow when people hear that their attitude changes and they become more supportive.

Not "who the hell does she think she is?"

Instead it's "What a brave girl, well done, good luck!"

Politicians call it spin, Tony describes it as headology. They passed a nice quiet looking restaurant and Tony felt a tug on his arm. They stopped and looked through the window but it looked very busy and a bit too risky at least for now. Instead they shared fish and chips sitting on a bench in a small park area. When Tori had finished eating she licked her fingers one by one. Tony told me you just had to be there she made that look very sexy and fixed her gaze on him while she did that) she then decided it was time for the mall. It's a pretty huge mall for the area, two levels of shops, cafes, play areas.

Tori has a different approach to being naked in public, she clearly enjoys doing it, but she is a little shy, and will go from cover to cover where possible. This just adds to the sexy factor, the vulnerable girl who has lost her clothes. Through the mall they went, ducking into shops when they saw security guys in the distance. They finally reached a point where the exit was in sight and Tori took Tony's arm.

"Come on." She said throwing caution to the wind walking naked and not trying to hide. They walked the considerable distance to the exit in full view of passers by, Tori was smiling broadly when they went out through the exit back onto the street.

"I enjoyed that." she told Tony

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