tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTormented by the Babysitter Ch. 03

Tormented by the Babysitter Ch. 03


Karen grunted as Tim's large cock pressed against her anus. She was on all fours on the bed, and he was behind her, pouring lube on her asshole and his cock. She couldn't believe she was doing this. It seemed like she had finally trained Tim not to ask for anal sex, and here she was begging for it.

"Oh yeah baby," she panted, "fuck me in the ass with that big cock of yours. Unnnh. Oh it's so... unnh... so big. Fuck me harder baby. AHHH."

Karen let out a squeak as Tim's cock head entered her rectum, stretching it painfully.

"Are you okay," Tim asked

"Unnh... yeah.... don't stop baby... fuck my ass hard," Karen panted out between breaths.

Karen's asshole burned as Tim's cock pumped in and out of her butt. She had never really enjoyed anal sex. She kind of liked it when Tim slipped a finger in there while fucking her, but a full cock was really too much to be comfortable. The good news was that she had never came from it, even if Tim diddled her clit while doing it. It was Sunday night, and she had not cum since Thursday night when she had been out with Nikki. She had been mortified Friday morning about all she had done that night at the bar, and felt unbearably humiliated. But that humiliation had also made her incredibly horny, and as the day went by she became more and more obsessed with cumming again. Nikki had called Karen Friday afternoon to remind her not to cum until she had filled the bottle again. The college girl had also sent Karen an email with the transcript of one her earliest chats with Duke, letting her know that it was permanently deleted. Karen wasn't sure she could trust Nikki, but she wasn't sure what choice she had.

Truth be told, it probably didn't matter. In spite of the fact that Nikki now had dozens of photos of Karen lying naked with her legs spread and cum leaking from her pussy, Karen wasn't really focused on the blackmail. The reality was that she could not stop thinking about how she wanted another orgasm. And not just any kind of orgasm, but one like the one she had had on Thursday night. One that came after being debased and being forced into giving blowjobs to countless men. After being tormented by the two younger women. An orgasm that came from pounding her pussy with a bottle full of sperm that she had collected from all those blowjobs. She knew that the only way to do that again was to follow Nikki's instructions, especially about not letting herself cum.

This left her with the challenge of how to satisfy Tim, and how to keep him from getting suspicious. Even though her jaw was sore, she had given him a couple blowjobs on Friday, and then three on Saturday. But today he had made clear that he wanted to fuck, and had not let her blow him. In desperation, she had decided to let him fuck her ass. Unfortunately, he knew she didn't like it, so he had declined, and started playing with her pussy. Karen had found herself forced to beg her husband to fuck her ass, in order to keep from cumming. Finally, he believed she meant it, and so now she found herself grunting and squealing underneath him. He reached under her and began squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. They were still sore from the abuse Celia had given them, and Karen let out a small cry. Tim increased the pressure, thinking that it was a cry of pleasure.

To Karen's amazement, she found herself edging closer to orgasm. She couldn't believe it, she never came during anal sex, but somehow thinking about how she was being made to do it, that it was really Nikki that was making her, it was making her more horny. She began to clench her ass, and work her hips to increase the stimulation on Tim. She had to make him cum soon, or she would have an orgasm, and all would be lost. She kept talking dirty to him.

"Oh yeah...unnh... fuck me harder... ohhhhh.... fuck my ass with that big cock of yours... AAAH... I want to feel you cum in my ass."

Karen kept talking dirtier and dirtier, and squeezed her ass on his cock hard, even though it made the fucking more uncomfortable for her. Thank God, she could feel him tensing up. Tim let out a loud moan, and she felt his cock pulse in her ass, releasing stream after stream of hot jism. Karen gasped in relief, since she had been only seconds away from cumming herself. They both flopped over on the bed for a few seconds. Slowly Karen managed to crawl out of bed and ran carefully to the bathroom before she began to leak. As she sat on the toilet and Tim's cum ran out of her, he came in and washed off his penis.

"That was something sweetie, I've never seen you so into it," he smiled at her.

"It was – I was just feeling adventurous."

"Shall we go back and get you yours?" Tim grinned at her.

"Oh sweetie, it's late. I really enjoyed that. Let's just cuddle and get some sleep."

Tim seemed skeptical, but Karen managed to get him to settle down, and soon he was asleep. It was not so easy for Karen. She was so frustrated that she almost felt like crying. Plus, her asshole burned and felt wide open as it recovered from the invasion it had just experienced. It took a long time for her to fall asleep.

The next morning Tim was gone early, and Karen padded into the study to surf the web a bit before the kids were up. When she checked her email, there was a message from Nikki.

Dear Slut,

Are you getting horny yet? You ready to fill your bottle again? Be sure to shave your cunt clean, and make sure you're naked and waiting for us when we get to your house this morning. We're going to have fun with you today.


Karen's heart began to pound. Part of her was terrified, wondering what humiliating things the college girls would do to her. Another part of her was immediately aroused, and she could feel her crotch moisten as she thought about what they had done to her last time. She jumped in the shower and carefully shaved all her pubic hair again. After she got dressed, she woke the kids, got them fed and ready, and drove them to school. By 9:00 she was back at her desk, sitting naked at her computer. She was still too scared to chat with Duke again, but she did let herself read some dirty stories, and soon she realized she was dripping wet.

When the doorbell rang, she wasn't sure she could go through with it. Part of her wanted to just stay there and not answer the door. But she knew that if she did that then she might lose her chance at another orgasm like the one she had had the other night. Plus, there was always the worry about the pictures. She padded downstairs naked, and peeked out through her door. She could see Nikki and Celia waiting for her. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door wide, and stood naked in front of the two girls. She prayed that no one on the street would see her. The girls looked at her and began to laugh.

"Well, I'd say you are getting well trained as a slut," Nikki managed to get out between her laughs. "Soon we'll have you opening the door naked for everyone."

"Please Nikki, come in and close the door. I can't have the neighbors see me. Please," Karen begged with sincerity. If the neighbors were to see this, it wouldn't be long before Tim found out.

The girls continued to laugh at her, and it seemed like they took forever before they came in the house, and Karen could close the door. As she turned around, she was shocked to see Celia peel off her tee-shirt and bra, and then shuck off her shorts and panties. She stood naked in front of Karen, and the older woman could feel her pussy juices flow as she looked at young athlete's long, taut body.

"God, I'm horny," Celia exclaimed. "Nikki won't touch my pussy anymore now that we've got you, so I haven't gotten any in days."

"I was never your slut, Celia," Nikki laughed. "I just did that to pass the time. Now that I'm letting you play with my true slut, I'm not touching your lesbo pussy."

"Oh sure, call me names. Tell me you aren't gonna have your slut eating you out soon." Celia retorted. She grabbed Karen's nipple, and pulled it roughly, guiding her towards the living room couch. Celia sat down in front of Karen, spread her legs wide, and pointed at her crotch. Karen knew what she had to do, and she knelt down, and began licking the young woman's pussy.

"Just 'cause I like to have my pussy licked doesn't make me gay," Nikki laughed. "Anyways, it looks like you two are busy. I'm going to go look for some stuff so we can play with her later."

Karen's heart sank as she heard Nikki head up the stairs. Who knew what the depraved college student would find to torment her with? Just not knowing terrified her. But feeling a firm tug on her ears from Celia brought Karen back to the task at hand. She quickly focused back on getting the young woman in front of her off.

Unfortunately, Celia seemed to be in no hurry. She ground her hips against Karen's face. She told the housewife to tongue fuck her. She made Karen lick her from top to bottom. For a long time she made the older woman lick and kiss her asshole, even sticking her tongue inside the young woman's poop chute. Celia was enjoying herself thoroughly, and was not going to let it end until she was completely satisfied. Karen felt her own arousal rising, and she couldn't stop herself from reaching down and playing with her own clit. She rolled it between her thumb and fingers, turning herself on, but not getting too close to orgasm as she licked and sucked on the college student's pussy and anus. Karen's tongue was exhausted by the time Celia's legs tensed up, and she finally let out a moan as she climaxed. Karen backed her head away and wiped her face. She slumped on the floor, horny and frustrated.

When Celia recovered a little, she stood up and told Karen to head upstairs to make up her face and get ready to go out. When Karen didn't move fast enough, Celia slapped her ass a couple times, and then followed her up the stairs, slapping the housewife's rear as they climbed the stairs. Karen went into the bathroom and made up her face like she was going out for a fancy night on the town. It felt weird to be doing it completely naked but she didn't really have any options.

"Okay slut, here's what your wearing today," Nikki walked into the bathroom.

Nikki handed Karen one of Tim's large sleeveless T-Shirts. One jokingly referred to as a wife-beater shirt. Karen looked for some other article of clothing, but Nikki did not have anything. The only thing the young woman was holding was the large red vibrator that Karen used on herself when she was chatting on the internet. Duke had often made her use it as they chatted; he had even nicknamed it "Big Red."

"So this is the famous Big Red," Nikki laughed. "Put your dress on slut, and we'll see what fun we can have with this."

"Please Nikki, this isn't a dress, it's just a long T shirt. It won't cover my butt, and my boobs will fall out the sides. Please let me wear something else," Karen begged.

"That's the whole point you stupid cow," Nikki came back angrily. "We want people to see what a slut you are with your tits hanging out and your cunt on display. Now get that dress on!"

Karen was frightened about what might happen to her if she didn't do what Nikki said, so she pulled the shirt on quickly. As predicted, it made her look worse than a cheap whore. The sides of her breasts were visible through the arm holes, her nipples were clearly visible through the light fabric, and the hem of the shirt ended just below her swollen pussy lips. If she raised her arms at all everyone would see how swollen and wet she was.

"Good pet," Nikki cooed. "Now take Big Red, turn around, bend over, and start fucking that big gaping cunt of yours. I want to see that thing pounding in and out of you."

Karen took the vibrator, turned away from Nikki, and bent over, sticking her ass out at the younger woman. Celia came into the bathroom, and laughed as she watched the older woman obey Nikki. Karen reached between her legs, and began sliding the vibrator into her vagina. She was humiliated by how easily it slid in. She was soaking wet, almost gaping, so it slipped right in to the hilt. Karen let out a loud moan from the feeling of it being buried in her womb. She began sliding the vibe in and out, and saw bright flashes, letting her know that the girls were taking pictures as they laughed at her.

"Turn around and smile at the camera slut, we want everyone who sees this to know how much you enjoy it," Nikki commanded.

Karen felt a pang of humiliation as she thought about all the people that might see these pictures, and how embarrassing this was. Unfortunately that humiliation also made her more turned on, and her knees almost buckled at the thought. She turned and put on her best bimbo smile as the girls took picture after picture.

Soon the girls tired of making her pose, and Nikki told Karen to walk over, holding the vibe in her pussy. The young woman told the housewife to use her pussy to hold the vibe inside herself, and to put on a tiny thong that Celia handed to her. It was hard to do, and the vibe slipped partway out before she could get the underwear on, but soon Karen's crotch was covered, with the underwear holding the vibrator inside her pussy.

"Thats almost right," Nikki said with a wicked grin.

Nikki reached out and pulled up hard on the thong. She used her fingers to pull Karen's lips out on either side of the material, and then pulled up one more time, wedging it into the older woman's pussy. The strained underwear served to hold the toy in, and Karen's lips looks even bigger as they hung out on either side.

"Okay, put some sandals on, and let's go shopping!" Nikki seemed genuinely happy.

They climbed in the minivan, and this time Celia drove, while Nikki climbed in back. Nikki peeled off her shorts and panties, and Karen spent the entire drive licking the younger woman's pussy. When they pulled into the lot of a Home Depot, Nikki let the housewife stop.

"Okay, time for a break slut. Now whatever you do, don't wipe your face. I want you walking around this store with my pussy juice all over your face, so everyone will know you're mine."

Karen was appalled at the depraved things that Nikki came up with, but she dutifully did not wipe the slick fluids from her face. She climbed out of the van, and followed the two girls towards the store, her face down in humiliation, too embarrassed to look at anyone.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Nikki said as she came to a stop.

She stepped close to Karen and lifted the front of the shirt up, exposing the red thong to anyone in the parking lot. If it weren't for the fact that Karen didn't want to attract any more attention than they already had, she would have screamed. Thankfully, no one was nearby. But then it got even worse. Nikki pulled the crotch of the thong down and to the side, exposing Karen's swollen clit. The vibe began to slip out, and Nikki held it with two hands, and twisted the base to turn it on. Karen couldn't believe this was happening in a public spot, the humiliation was overwhelming. Then she began to feel the buzzing of the vibrator deep inside her, and she moaned loudly as Nikki pushed it back in and snapped the thong back in place, pulling the older woman's lips out to the sides again. Nikki and Celia kept walking to the store, leaving Karen to pull down the hem of her shirt and do her best to follow the girls.

The feeling of the vibrator inside her was almost too much to bear. It buzzed and throbbed inside her, and every step made it shift in delicious and stimulating ways. By the time she entered the store she was flushed a deep red, and she was beginning to sweat. She wasn't sure if she could do this, she was terrified she might cum right there in the aisles of the Home Depot. When she said as much to Nikki, the younger woman pulled the housewife into a quiet aisle, and pinched her nipples through the tee-shirt. Karen had to bite her lip to stifle a yelp.

"Listen here you stupid whore. You need to learn self-control. I don't care what's stuffed up your cunt, you don't cum until you've filled that bottle again. If you're getting close, do what you always do, grab your clit and pinch it as hard as you can. BUT... DON'T... CUM!"

The final three words were punctuated by particularly cruel twisting of Karen's nipples, making the housewife's eyes water. Her nipples were still tender from the previous week, but at least this rough treatment brought Karen back from the brink of orgasm. Nikki let go, and they began to walk through the aisles, making Karen pick out items and put them in the cart. They particularly liked making Karen bend over to pick out items, or to reach up high, causing her ass and her tits to pop out from the shirt. Karen continued to struggle to avoid cumming, and all the humiliation was making it worse. Soon there was some rope, a long 1" dowel rod, several eye-hooks, S hooks, metal clasps, and a roll of duct tape in the cart, and the girls told Karen that it was time to check out. They sent her to do it on her own, and they stood near the door and watched as Karen stood in line and then checked out.

Karen felt that every eye in the store was on her as she stood there. She was dressed like a cheap whore; her face was still a little wet from licking Nikki's pussy; she was flushed and sweaty; and she was sure that anybody near her could hear the faint buzzing emanating from her crotch. Thank God, no one said anything to her, although the young man at the register spent a lot of time looking at her as she paid the bill. Thankfully, she was soon out the door and walking as fast as she could to catch up with the girls. Just as she was getting close to them she heard a voice behind her.

"Excuse me, ma'am? Do you need any help there?"

Karen turned to see a man approaching. He was probably in his mid-thirties, and did not appear to work for the store. The way his eyes went up and down Karen's barely covered body, she was pretty sure that helping her was not really what was on his mind. She was just about ready to tell him to fuck off, when she heard Nikki's voice.

"Why that would be so nice of you, she's getting a little tired. Would you push her cart to our minivan for us," Nikki cooed to the guy.

Of course he followed, and soon he was loading their items into the back of the minivan.

"That was so nice of you," Nikki smiled at the guy, "maybe Karen can do something nice for you. Right Karen?"

Here we go again, Karen thought. She didn't know how she was going to manage, but she knew that unless she started giving blowjobs, Nikki was never going to let her cum. She put on her best bimbo smile, and grabbed the guys hand.

"Oh yes," Karen said breathlessly, "I really should do something for you. Would you come into the van and let me give you a blowjob?"

"I... uh...I dunno..." the guy had clearly not expected this. "I really need to go..."

"Please? I'm really horny right now, and I really get off on sucking cock. Please?" Karen begged.

"Do those two get involved?" He asked pointing to Nikki and Celia and looking hopeful.

"No silly, just me. I'm the one who needs it bad. Please let me suck your cock" Karen could not believe she was talking this way, and felt completely humiliated. She couldn't believe she would debase herself this way just so Nikki would let her cum, but the fact that she was doing it turned her on even more.

Soon the guy was in the back of the van, and Karen's head was bobbing up and down on his shaft. At his request, she had taken off her shirt, and let him play with her boobs. Hid didn't seem to notice the buzzing of the vibrator in her twat, but it he did notice her lips hanging outside the thong, and the damp spot on her thong, which made him make a comment about how horny she must be. She just smiled at him as she knelt in front in front of him and worked her mouth and tongue all around his cock. Fortunately, it was not too long before she felt his hot sperm filling her mouth. She couldn't believe how routine this was becoming, finding strangers and sucking their cocks so she could fill a bottle with cum. She turned around to see Nikki laughing at her as she held out the bottle. Minutes later the bottle had the cum in it, and the guy was off to his own car. Karen felt cheap and degraded by the whole event.

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