Tormented Trophy Wife Ch. 01


I was really thinking, "Why the fuck did you bring me out here?" Although I did have a great lunch and was riding through Hollywood with a rich and powerful man, that was hardly worth 10 hours on a plan and getting up at 3:15 in the morning.

Sam was looking at me as if he was deep in thought. I wondered if he was going to make a physical move on me. I would not have pushed back too hard on him if he had, but instead I saw him open his phone.

He made a quick call to someone he obviously knew very well based on the informality of his tone. Although I could only hear his side of the conversation, I gathered it was in reference to another job. As soon as he hung up he told the driver a new address. This time Sam went into the office with me. We also didn't bother with a personnel drone. He walked straight to the President's office. The administrative assistant buzzed him right through.

"Tony, this is Heather," Sam began. "She's about to graduate Keller with honors. I think she'd be perfect for your management training program. You should make her a great offer. She has several solid ones waiting for her back in Chicago."

Sam definitely wasn't one for beating around the bush. Tony looked at me and asked if I had anything else to add. I started my standard interview babble but he raised his hand to stop me.

"If Sam says you're right for the job, that is good enough for me," Tony said. "We are a management consulting company. We hire the best and the brightest. Keller's a great school so if you are really graduating with honors, you're qualified. We have a two year training program. The first year you will work with a mentor consultant. You will travel with him or her and he or she will show you how we do things. Your mentor will also be evaluating your abilities. At the end of year one a decision will be made whether you continue with us. I will warn you less than half of each year's recruiting class quits or is first. It's a tough job. The second year you will be more on your own, but your mentor will still be watching you very closely. After the second year you will be evaluated again. If everyone agrees you are right for us and we are right for you, you become one of our consultants. If not, we part ways. All told, about 85% of our recruits wash out before their two year anniversary. If you make it, though, you will be the best in the business."

I was taken aback by how fast things were moving. I gathered my thoughts and started asking all the right questions. Did I have to move to L.A.? How much would I be on the road? What was the compensation? When would I have to decide? Who were their clients?

Tony had pretty good answers. I could stay in Chicago for the first two probationary years. Since I'd be primarily on the road with my mentor, Chicago was a good city to be based in. Depending on where in the organization I went after two years, a move to L.A. may be required. I would be in L.A. for several weeks initially but they would cover a hotel for me.

Tony warned me that I would be on the road up to 75% of the time. He said it's not for everyone but is easier for people who just got out of school. He asked about my personal life. Whether I was seeing anyone and how close I was to friends and family. I told him I didn't date much in grad school, but I still was close with my undergraduate friends and my family. He said I would be home most weekends and that they tried to fly Mondays and Fridays and consult Tuesday through Thursday.

He was guarded when discussing their client list. I could understand that. He said they charge a lot and give a lot of service in return. Once they get a client they almost always return. The initial compensation offer was lower than my other prospective jobs. Tony explained that since they had such a high drop-out rate, the first year was low on purpose.

"I'll be honest Heather," he said. "The first year will be tough. We give you a good per diem, you always fly First Class and stay in good hotels, but it will be a challenge for you. The second year gets easier because you get to be on your own some and we give you a nice bump in pay. If you make it through the two years, you get a nice commission on your consulting fee and you will be making some serious money."

When it came to how soon I had to decide, I was surprised to hear by close of business today. Tony explained the next class was starting training in just two weeks (right after graduation) and there were lots of preparations which needed to be made including choosing the right mentor for me.

"We're going to be investing a great deal in you Heather, so I need your commitment rather quickly. We have already chosen this year's class of candidates, but I owe Sam a favor so I'll bend the rules for him."

I asked if I could call him with my answer.

"I'll give you the contact info for our program director. I'll tell her to expect your call by 5pm," he replied.

Sam stood up and thanked him. I did the same. Sam then escorted me out of the office.

"I know this job probably isn't what you were expecting. The schedule is very demanding, but if you like find you like it, the rewards and job satisfaction are fantastic. What do you think?" he asked.

"I don't know," I replied honestly. "I'm not sure I would like being on the road that much."

"I travel at least a couple of days per week visiting my companies and scouting for new ones," he countered. "You get to meet new people, see the world and you are not tied down to a desk. I wouldn't trade my life for anything."

"You also have a family," I said remembering his talk to my class. "You have something to come home to."

"Well, I don't have a wife anymore. We're divorced. But I understand where you are coming from. If you are ever going to do this kind of work, do it while you are young and free. After a few years you will be able to write your own ticket. Then you can settle down and start a family."

Sam was talking sense. I wasn't afraid of hard work and I was growing accustomed to having no social life. The money wasn't great, but I could probably move back in with my parents since I'd only be home on weekends. When I would get together with my old friends I could crash at one of their apartments when I needed to blow off steam in a way my parents could understand. Heck, I'd probably be able to pay off my student loans in a couple of years as my living expenses on the road would be paid for by the client through the company. And if I didn't like it I could always quit. I basically talked myself into accepting the offer so before I even made it out of the building I was heading back up the elevator to say yes.

Tony was pleased, although he didn't seem very surprised I was back so soon. I spent a few minutes with a woman named Angela who manages the training program. She took my information and told me she would FedEx a contract for me to sign back to Chicago. She said she would include a informational packet that would explain how the training was going to work and that I needed to be back in L.A. in two weeks. She said the initial class was three weeks long, but the weekends were free. The company maintained a group of apartments for the visiting consultants to use and that the new recruits would be staying there. I would have to share with another person, but would have my own bedroom and bathroom. She seemed very busy and dismissed me curtly sending me back to Tony's office.

Sam and Tony had been talking while I was gone. They seemed like old friends. Sam looked up when I returned and asked if I was ready to go to the airport. Looking at my watch, I suddenly realized it was getting late. I needed to get going to make my plane. We bid goodbye to Tony for the second time. This time instead of goodbye he told me welcome aboard.

I was in a whirlwind. My life had completely transformed from this morning. As I sat in the limo I starting going through everything I had to do in the next two weeks. First off finish my school work and graduate. That should be easy. Telling my roommate I was leaving and moving back home would be trickier. We'd lived together for two years and were best friends. Heck telling my parents I was going to use their house as a hotel where I'd sleep a couple nights a week and do laundry wasn't going to be easy either. But I had decided I was going to give this life a try and once I make a decision, I rarely go back.

Fast forward a year. I was coming up on my make it or break it review. I though the year had gone by well and my mentor seemed pleased with my work. I had been on the road 187 days. That was the bad news. The worse news was I had not had a date the entire time. That's not to say I had gone without sexual satisfaction. The laptop I carried had VMware on it so I could have virtual PCs for each of my clients. It was easy enough to maintain one extra virtual PC for my on the road fantasy life. I started by just masturbating a lot when I traveled. When that began to get boring I began searching the Internet for naughty sites to drive my erotic fantasies. Stories were first, then movies and eventually various chat sites where I maintained several online personas. I was really missing the personal touch of a man in my bed though so anytime I was going to be in the same town for four or five nights I would find myself hitting a local bar looking for action. Because of my looks it was rare that I didn't find any, although as had been my experience before, finding someone who could really satisfy me was tough.

Still the work was as rewarding as Sam and Tony had promised and I had paid off a good chunk of my college debt. I had not paid off quite as much as I had hoped (I spent way more on clothes than I budgeted) but it was a good start. The yearly review went OK, although they were tougher on me than I expected. Still of the nine of us in the mentoring program I was one of two that were invited to continue.

Year two was no less work than year one but was more fun. I didn't see my mentor very frequently but we did talk on the phone debriefing every customer I worked with. I didn't get to work with the high end companies I had when I was simply assisting my mentor which was disappointing, but I was on my own most of the time which made up for it.

Relationship wise, my fingers still did the walking aided by my growing addiction to fantasy chat. I was traveling with my trusty vibrator and dildo now as well, always packed in a suitcase not my carry-on. Life on the road was getting a bit tedious, but the money in year two was better and if I made it through the next review, I'd really be set.

I crossed paths with Sam several times. He still wasn't remarried and on several occasions I fantasized about starting a relationship with him. We usually met at charity functions in Southern California where my company was a sponsor and he was a major donor. He always had a beautiful woman on his arm for these events. They always worn a formal gown that appears to flow over their perfect bodies. Obviously they were created specifically for the wearer. They always had long hair, although the color did change and they always had very large breasts. I came to the conclusion Sam was a breast man. I have been blessed with what I thought was a very nice pair of 34C's and as I said before my nipples are very sensitive. But the more time I spent in California and in the world of the jet set that Sam resides in, the more I found augmented women were the norm not the exception like back home. I thought this was a sad commentary on our obsession with big boobs, but I came to realize that breast size matters in the world I was living in. All of a sudden my previously perfect perky pair didn't seem so adequate.

I started to research getting a boob job, but there was no time in my schedule to be off the road long enough to recover. Actually I kind of became fixated on the topic telling myself looking a porn starlets on the Internet was research. My hotel fantasies now had me fucking a guy with a pornstar sized cock and an impressive set of DD's on my tiny frame. Of course they were just fantasies for now.

Toward the end of my second year the company held its annual retreat at La Costa. We had a few meetings so the company could write off the cost as a business expense, but mostly it was three days of parties and relaxation as a reward for the past year's performance. I also ran into Sam again. He was at all the meetings for some reason. At the parties he was with a gorgeous redhead. She must have been a model, I remember thinking, although her breasts screamed porn star. It was then and there I decided I had to have mine done. I watched this woman work the room with Sam. OK, I was stalking her. I wanted to ask about her surgery. I didn't get a chance that night, but I saw her the next day at the pool. She was wearing a one piece suit that hugged her like a second skin. I expected her to be wearing a bikini, but I guess she needed more support up top. The reason certainly could not have been she had any fat on her belly. I made sure Sam noticed me. (I was wearing a tiny bikini which guaranteed I'd get stares) He waved me over and introduced me to Rita. The three of us chatted for a while. I was trying to think about how to bring up the subject. Fortunately Sam picked that moment to offer to go to the bar and refresh our drinks. As soon as he was gone I figured I'd just ask. I know she noticed me staring at them and she must be questioned about them all the time.

"So Rita," I began. "This may sound strange, but who did your augmentation?"

I tried to make my interest sound medical. She just laughed me off. We talked until Sam returned about her boobs, which doctor made them, how she loves the attention she gets, how she feels sexier about herself and about how much more confident she feels now. She seemed genuinely proud of them and even asked if I wanted to see them. I wasn't expecting that, but I nodded. Just then Sam returned. I expected Rita to change the subject, but apparently they don't have secrets.

"Hey Sam," she said. "Your friend Heather wants to see my boobs. Care to come back to the room with us?"

I was stunned and immediately started to walk back the offer, but Rita was having none of my wishy-washiness. She stood up, her wonder breasts rising right in front of my face. She must have done that on purpose. She took my hand and began leading me away from the pool. I couldn't help feeling she wanted to do more than just show me her chest. I'd fantasized about being with Sam, but never on of his bimbos de'jour. I looked back and Sam was following behind us.

Rita dropped my hand as we walked into through the lobby. Sam was staying in a remote villa so the three of us hopped onto a golf cart for the drive. Sam drove. Rita and I sat on the back. I kept sneaking glances at her jiggling tits. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that I didn't have to try to be coy. She didn't mind if I looked. My face flushed with embarrassment at being busted.

Back at the Villa Rita excused herself to go change. I was still in my bikini and Sam was still in his swim trunks. We stood in awkward silence waiting for her to return. When she came back she was wearing an almost translucent robe. It shimmered in the soft light of the living room. I could tell she was naked underneath. My mouth was as dry as the desert surrounding us.

Rita told us to sit down on the couch. She then stood in front of us and loosened the sash on her robe. Slowly, tantalizingly, she slid the robe off her shoulders. Inch by inch her breasts slowly came into view. My eyes were fixated by the rising and falling of her chest as she breathed. Soon almost the top halves of her magnificent boobs were available to my gaze. I felt my tongue involuntarily run around my lips wetting them. I was hanging on a thread waiting for her nipples to pop free.

And pop they did. They were hard as pebbles, although they looked small compared to the enormity of the rest of her breasts. I felt Sam's hand begin to tough my thigh and the slide upward. I couldn't move. I was mesmerized by the vision of perfection standing in front of me.

Slowly Rita continued dropping her robe until she was holding it up around her waist. I knew she was naked beneath it. A simple unclenching of her hands and her pussy would be level with my face. She moved closer. I was now looking up and could not see her face because my vision was obscured by the undersides of her breasts. Sam was continuing to stroke my thighs. I knew my nipples were hard and therefore visible. I'm sure my pussy was wet, although I wasn't about to use my finger to find out.

"Any questions?" Rita asked breaking the sound of my breathing.

"Um," I stammered. Then I blurted out a question that haunted me. "My nipples are very sensitive. Did the surgery affect your nipple sensitivity?"

It was a perfectly logical medical question I'm sure every doctor is asked by their patients. But the effect it had on my situation was not perfectly logical. Rita responded by saying hers are very sensitive and then said "let me prove it to you.."

She then took my hands in hers and pulled them to her superlative orbs and began forcing me to massage her chest. This also left my own boobs unprotected. Sam seized the opportunity and flipped up the bottom of my bikini top. I felt the fabric brush my own nipples and it sent a sexual charge rocketing through my body to my pussy.

Rita kept cooing about how great my hands felt and encouraging me to squeeze her nipples with my fingers. Her robe had dropped to the floor when she took my hands. I could peak between my arms and see that her pussy looked very juicy. Apparently she wasn't lying about her nipple sensitivity. Either that or she was just turned on trying to seduce me. I couldn't take my hands off her breasts. It was like they had a magnetic attraction. Meanwhile Sam kept exploring my breasts. I knew I was getting wet.

Rita was moaning now. I was working over her breasts and she was rubbing her clit. As I began to wonder if she would cum, I felt Sam slide a finger inside my bikini bottoms. He now had one hand manipulating my nipple and one alternating between rubbing my clit and one finger banging me. It was surreal. The more noise Rita made the hotter I got. Both my partners seemed in control of the situation. I was just a participant helping them play their game.

Rita came with a scream. I would not have predicted it, but her sounds of passion triggered my own orgasm as I rocked my hips forcing Sam's finger deeper inside of me. I closed my eyes are I rode out my climax. But I opened them when I felt something wet on my face. Then I felt Rita's hand on the back of my head. I'd never eaten a pussy before but I stuck my tongue out instinctively. I can't say that I really ate her. It was more like she was just extending her orgasm and getting off rubbing her pussy up and down my face. She slimed me and I loved it. I'd taken countless loads from guys on my face and loved every one. Part of that feeling was the control I had when I help a guy unleash his creamy goodness. This was different. She was just getting off again and my face was the nearest surface to rub herself on. I had no say in the matter. Eventually she calmed down and let go of my head.

"That was amazing Heather," she said. "Thank you."

I felt like I should have been thanking her, but I smiled and said "You're welcome."

She backed away and I stood up adjusting my bikini back into position. I didn't know what to expect next. Sam remained on the couch. He was sporting a serious tent pole in his swim trunks. I looked at him and then I looked at Rita. She was the first to speak.

"Don't worry about him. I'll take care of him. He's mainly into oral."

I pictured this red headed goddess on her knees sucking his cock. I didn't want to miss the show.

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