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Tormenting the Boss



From Capturing the Boss, Chapters 1-3, though this story stands cleanly on its own:

Gene’s whole body froze; he felt just what she was doing to his naked body.

She opened her mouth more and sucked the whole head of his penis into her mouth. Licking at the cock-slit on the head that so tantalized her. It did taste tangy, musky, but clean tasting. She sucked more vigorously, because she wanted to, and because he couldn’t stop her from doing so since his wrists were restrained by plastic cuffs attached to the corners of his bed. And she did it because it tasted soooooooo damned good and she suckled him until he erupted in her mouth.

Afterwards, as Tia hopped off the bed, she glanced at Gene before departing. He was covered up warm, his face bare and somewhere under those covers his crotch was naked as well. His slumber a deep and drug assisted sleep that guaranteed her escape from his home. Tia headed for the hallway and from there a clean escape through his front door.

Gene opens his eyes a crack, glances around his bedroom, and lets his senses take inventory. It is morning; he is still in his own bed, and his ankles and wrists are free of the plastic restraints for the first time in two days; and every part of his six-foot body hurts. Groggy, Gene stumbles out of bed and heads for his bathroom, hangs his head over the bowl and pukes his brains up along with the contents of his stomach.

Gene flipped on the controls of his shower, adjusted the temperature to very hot, and stepped under the spray. His sense of his own identity in turmoil, Gene was not sure if he felt human anymore. He wasn’t angry or hate-filled, just confused by his own behavior.

He had been taken, captured through cunning and stealth by a woman who broke into his home and lay in wait for him to arrive. Held hostage, tied to his own bed by some kind of cuffs at his wrists and his ankles by a female of indeterminable age and weight. And forced against his weak will to have sex to full orgasm twice: once in her mouth and once in her vagina. And Gene knew he had never been as aroused or as sexually satisfied as he had at the hands of his unknown assailant.

Gene knew he had been mad as hell at the time he was held hostage, but he also knew he had never truly resisted. He could have screamed the roof down. He had realized that after her initial threats with the long bladed hunting knife the girl had not actually endangered him. Indeed, except for the initial time she nipped his lip; and oh man, Gene could still feel the sting of that cut while he showered, but even that act had clearly been an accident caused minimally by his head jerking around and less by her viciousness. So that wasn’t even her fault.

Gene leaned against the back of the tile shower and let the hot spray run down his body. He knew another truth as well; he had never hated her, not like he should have, not for more than a moment.

Gene headed through the back door of Ingram; he loved being able to park his bike under the overhang by the back shed, which kept the seat clean. Walking down the long, back hall through the building and into the administrative section of the front office was every dull misery that Gene was expecting it would be. People walking about their duties crossing his path and all felt obligated to comment on his altered appearance. “Ho, Gene, what’s the deal?” Dave Carter asked. “ Gene, get a wad of gum caught in your beard?” Peter Claus wanted to know. “ So, Gene, what prompted the shave? A new girlfriend?” from Bernadette in accounts receivables. And so it went, they all had a more flippant opinion than the last person. The humor continued through Betty the department manager, Bill the front desk receptionist; and even Tiandra, his bail-my-ass-outa-the-sling fixed assets controller, had to throw in a comment and a knowing grin.

Gene was so conscious of his new body as he walked the familiar corridors of his company. Not only was his face clean-shaven, barren of the beard that had grown on his cheeks and chin since the week he graduated from Stratford High School. Under his clothes, his naked armpits rubbed against his cotton shirt. The extra stimulation continually reminded him of his recent sexual cavorting and caused his nipples to bead up and harden. The feel of the smooth skin under his armpits was both unfamiliar and at the same time sensual.

And down in his pants, ah, that was another whole different story. His captor had not injured him per se, but she had taken great delight in changing him on a very primal level. His entire crotch was bare of its natural groin hair; no cock nest outlined his penis. He could feel his cotton nut huggers shifting across the newly naked skin around his no-longer hairy penis, which itself rasped gently against the naked skin of his scrotum. The soft, wrinkled skin of his balls, sensitive to begin with, raised awareness to new heights, as they no longer had his natural body hair to mask the sensations. His cock helmet bounced on the front of them, the material of his thin briefs caressed the underside of them. His penis, the weather vane of all these pricks of awareness, filled with hot blood as with every step he experienced arousal and fought down the impending erection.

He felt conspicuous, but he also felt sexual arousal like he had not felt since his teens. It was stimulating and addictive, and he was not ready to give it up and return to his previous humdrum, gray existence.

The meeting at 2pm was with Tiandra and Luther Deal to discuss the business seminars they individually attended last week. Gene tuned out Luther, after all, who in the entire world, cared about utility and natural gas conservation? Tiandra would be next. What had her seminar been about? It escaped Gene’s mind, altogether.

Three tiny tones emanated from his computer, and then an envelope icon begins blinking on Gene’s toolbar. [You’ve got mail] it silently informs him. Gene, absent-mindedly clicks on the icon, thinking it was probably Betty with another report deadline that he wasn’t going to make anyway. She just kept sending him those deadlines and she kept track of all the missed deadlines as well. He knew it was part of her job, but how could anyone be that anal-retentive? Gene knew it was just best to see if it might be important.


Subj: Re: What a wonderful world this is…..

From: Teasergirl8

To: TES.Admin a/Ingram

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Oh, Sweet Hunk, How I pine for your dear sweet body. The joy of running my fingers through the soft curly hair around your nice big cock! Oh, that’s right? You don’t have any cock nest anymore. Do you? But my memories and the colorful photographic reminders I keep by my bedside will do wonders to keep images of you clear in my head. I look forward to hearing from you. By the way, the e-mail address above is active; so let me ask you one parting question?

Gene, have you called the cops, yet?

Love and Kisses, your TeaserGirl


Gene’s eyes nearly bugged out, and his body froze, rigid as his sluggish brain used every last red blood cell to process the images cruising through it at the speed of lasers.

She was not a figment of his imagination.

She had not forgotten him.

She knew exactly who he was and she knew exactly where he worked.

She had his office e-mail. Did she have his home e-mail as well? Gene knew, as he lived and breathed that his kidnapper had not released her hostage yet. He froze solid, his mind and his body grinding to a speedy halt as he processed the ramifications.

He had not reported her invasion of his home. Nor had he told anyone that he had been held hostage, bound and gagged, and sexually molested for two days. It WAS an assault. It might even be considered rape! But he had not told anyone; he had not even considered reporting it to the police? What WAS he thinking?

Gene’s mind swirled with multiple possibilities. Why had he not told anyone? He had talked to his brother George earlier this morning and told him nothing much was happening. Odd, he usually told George everything. But no, not this, this was private. This, he had kept to himself. The humiliation, his undeniable submission, the lust to repeat every last degradation, Gene knew now, he fully intended to keep every last detail all to himself.

Gene knew something else as well. He was thrilled she had contacted him!

Gene’s attention snapped back to reality as he realized he was hearing “her” voice. His eyes darted from side to side as he searched for her body, her real presence. Instead of the girl that haunted his dreams or his nightmare, his attention focused on Tiandra Saldania. It was obvious that Andy had addressed him, and from the expectant looks on both her and Luther’s face, then she had addressed a couple of times. “ Sorry, Andy. I missed what you said?”

She looked at him sweetly, and said, “Ya know, Gene, I don’t think you are paying any attention to me at all today?”

Gene focused back, momentarily, on the meeting occurring in his office. Glanced at both parties, each had their own agendas and neither person was important to Gene at this particular moment. The manager in him had heard neither presentation, nor did he feel the training they had just gone through would have any impact on their job performance nor any future advancement. In one case it was a morale booster for a staff member with flagging professional commitments. In the other case, it was used to get a clever, but disruptive influence out of the office for a couple of days and just give the rest of the office staff a much needed break.

But, neither of these two people had his interest. Gene planted his best Search-for-Excellence smile on his face and hustled these two peons out the door.

Just in time to quite literally run into Christine Laterwoods, office slut-extraordinaire. She stood before him, toe to toe, and if he had not leaned back to take a breath of air into his lungs she would have had her breasts pressed against his stomach. She breathlessly launched into one of her convoluted monologues that seemed to be part business philosophy, part gossip and part fashion commentary that usually ended with her expressions of her enormous gratitude that she had him as a mentor (NOT!) and a role model. Gene had found these chats of hers mildly ego stroking, but today his attention was fixated on another and she was not clever enough to divert his attention from his midnight terrorist.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught the short, pudgy form of Dave Carter leaning against a cubicle wall with a big shit-eating grin on his face and Tiandra with a wicked smirk on her lips and her eyes rolling toward heaven. Gene’s slut-meter had never been very sensitive, even when he had been married, but even unfocused as he was today Christine had his slut-meter hitting the red zone. He could not muster a single civilized word or a fake business smile, so he merely grasped her shoulders and thrust her aside.

On the way back from dropping financial statements with Betty, Gene stopped off to pick up the payroll spreadsheets from KaCee. He frowns as he catches KaCee Collins, no wait a minute, she was now KaCee Miller since her last marriage, whispering suggestively on the phone: most likely to Kenny Clarke, her latest boyfriend.

Gene closed his eyes, and silently shook his head. He had known KaCee for twenty years; ever since KaCee, her sister Patsy and he had all attended the same junior high school. She had never ceased to amaze him with her exploits with the opposite sex. Not in all these years or as she moved vigorously into her thirties had she ever given up her shock factor. With everything that had gone on between them through the years, Lord knew there was a lot, Gene still harbored an incredible crush on his old friend. He was not quite ready to tell her, yet. He would eventually, but just yet.

Gene sat at his desk and saw the envelope blinking on his toolbar. The second time today he received an announcement of [You’ve Got Mail]. His body froze but his cock swelled with excitement.


Subj: Your 1st orders

From Teasergirl8

To: TES.Admin @ Ingram

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Oh, Sweet Slut,

I watch you and you are so precious to me. I see you though your office windows, rolling up your shirtsleeves, loosening your tie, and stretching the kinks out of your long body. Your body is still arousing me. I long to run my hands all over you, biting at your chest and pinching your hard nipples.

You looked so wonderful all stretched out yesterday. Perhaps next time I will attach your wrists to a ceiling hook and I will have your naked physique-front and back-at my mercy and at my disposal. The thought of your responses, your moans and your cries…..well, it just excites the hell out of me!

NOW, I HAVE AN ORDER FOR YOU & I will be monitoring the promptness and efficiency of obedience.

YOU will immediately adjourn to the men’s room. In a stall or in front of the urinal, makes no matter to me, I want you to reach in and pull you cock and balls out through the front pocket of your briefs. I want you to zip up and I want you to walk the floor, chat with every person you come across. Go out the side door and up the steps to the next building’s deli shop. I want to see you walk everywhere. I want you to know I will watch you. I want you to think about me seeing right through your pants to your naked penis and shaved scrotum inside your pants.




Teasergirl8. Gene had her e-mail memorized. Still he sat there, staring, absorbing the implications of his order. He was turning into this girl’s sex toy.

Gene went into the men’s room, a stall because he was not yet ready to debut his naked crotch, and the shop guys might peek. And he did just what TeaserGirl had ordered him to do.

On exiting the men’s restroom Gene stood statue still, letting the novel sensation wash over his senses. He stood six foot two; his thick, dark brown hair was curling below his ears and around the collar of his shirt. His broad chest had received many a feminine chest rub and his large hands rested on his hips.

Gene could feel all the new sensations. He could feel his thick penis rub against the front of his pants; Gene thought his ultra sensitive penis could feel every thread in the material in his trousers. As he began his slow trail to replenish his coffee mug; Gene could feel his penis as it shifts back and forth against his naked balls. Gene’s cock is itching for direct stimulation. His cock fills as his mind envisions the faceless witch whose mouth could drive the sanity from his brain. Gene walked slowly, fighting his erection every step of the way, mentally willing his captor to come to him. Gene felt the utter humiliation wash over him like a hot summer shower as he yearned for the sharp arousal experienced during his captivity.

All of his internal confrontation was unbeknownst to his colleagues and the staff that reported to him. Like an iceberg, the only ten percent showing was his clean-shaven face; the other ninety percent of the real changes, mental and physical, did not show beneath his chambray shirt and Dockers. Gene had not lived with such a sustained level of arousal since his teens. It was both intoxicating and divinely humiliating.

Gene moved through the rest of the day in a daze. He never strayed far from his PC, though [You’ve Got Mail] popped on his tool bar numerous times during the rest of his afternoon, none were sent by his TeaserGirl.

But at 4:30pm, after meetings with staff and inevitable questions about his appearance, the boss returned to his office to find laying next to his laptop a small gift. A pink Lady Gillette disposable razor tied with a length of blue yarn. Gene felt a warm glow. His TeaserGirl was keeping him in her heart and obviously still had some torture in mind for him, Ahhhhhhhh.

Gene stuck the pink razor in his shirt pocket and hurried out the backdoor. He could hardly imagine what awaited him when he got home. But Gene was not the escape artist that his captor was. Near the last of the shop doors, KaCee Miller caught up to him. They went back too far to completely blow her off, but at the same time she knew him too well to pretend everything was well when his life was twisted into a pretzel.

KaCee lived her life on a different plane of existence from most normal woman. She was not actually pretty, but was always gorgeous and righteously sexy. The big, curly hair that every southern girl seemed to favor on entering her teens had only grown into a smoother bubble as the years had gone by. As a young boy, newly moved from El Paso, Gene had thought back then that KaCee and her sister Patsy were the two friendliest girls he had every run across. That feeling was reinforced as he watched them grow through their teens and twenties and lovers and marriages and kids.

KaCee caught up to him at the end of the hall, a bit breathless. She was distracted when she asked how his days off were, so he knew she was caught up in her own adventures.

“Gene,” she asked him, looking a bit sheepish, “I kinda have a lil problem. Do you happen to know what will release skin that is stuck together by superglue?” She finished off her request with a bright-eyed grin.

Gene looked her right in the eye. His thoughts spinning in every direction, He wanted to know about the superglue; but another’s thought distracted him. His assailant was female and she knew him, knew his habits, and knew when he would be vulnerable. Could she possibly be KaCee? Course Gene knew she had only to snap her fingers and point to him and he would strip naked, anytime and anywhere. He looked at her carefully, willing his eyes to delve into her soul.

“Well, “ she asked, annoyed that he wasn’t paying sufficient attention to her, much as everyone else had been annoyed at him this day.

Gene thought rapid fire, “Superglue?”

Hee hee, she giggled, “ Yeah, I was kinda having a lil tiff with Kenny. You know? My boyfriend? Well, we were out at the Jubilee last night.”

Gene interrupted; he was getting caught up in all this, “ Uh? Where was Bubba last night? You know? Your husband?”

“Well, she drawled, “Bubba took the kids and my sister Patsy and her two kids down to my folks house in Decatur. They’re going to be staying down there for a week.”

“So, anyway, I guess I could stay home and wait for them to come back? I could clean my house all up? I guess I could? “ KaCee appeared to seriously consider that proposition, “Nah”, she stated, So, Kenny and I went out to the Jubilee for dinner and ran into this slut named Trish that he works with. Well, you know, I just wanted to be nice and invited her to have dinner with us. Why not, I figured we were cutting out of there early anyway, right?”

Gene’s eyes were saucers; KaCee had one of the wickedest tempers that he knew about, and in the back of his mind a single word reverberated: superglue. Gene was recollecting that kid Bill in high school who had made the mistake of smearing Patsy’s reputation. KaCee and Patsy had put Nair in his hair cream tube and well.you know the rest of that story…. by fourth period math… he only had a few strands left on the sides of his skull.

Gene couldn’t resist, the question was tearing at his insides. “What happened, KaCee? What are you getting up to?” A frown now marred his features.

“Well, she said eyes rolling dramatically, “Well, she was just all over Kenny, and she was rubbing her hand up and down his thigh and right on over his member, you know what I mean? Right? Well, do you think Kenny would tell her to just fuck off? NNNNNNNNnnnnnoo. Did he tell her that he was with me? I told him. Kenny, we are outa here, we are gone, now.”

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