tagGay MaleTorn Between Two Brothers

Torn Between Two Brothers


I am sure that you have heard the story before, but I am in love with two very different men. Some of you, will not find it strange to know that one of them is a werewolf and the other is a vampire. What makes my story different is that they started life as identical twin brothers. Welcome to every gay mans fantasy, and my worst nightmare.

Jason and I had been lovers for almost three years when it happened. He became a werewolf after being nearly killed by the "pet" of the vampire that that turned his brother. Since his change, he has been afraid to even touch me. He is keeps imagining himself shifting during sex, and tearing me to pieces, or worst yet... eating me. He says he still loves me, he just cannot fuck me.

Kyle on the other hand, never really liked me very much. He blamed me for his brothers' homosexuality.. After he rose from the dead as a vampire, no one but Jason wanted anything to do with him. Kyle and I started having to see quite a bit of each other at that point. Kyle never said so verbally, but it became obvious that my relationship with Jason began to bother him less and less. I do not think I could tell you exactly when it happened, but Kyle and I became more that just friends. I can however tell you that it was on the night of my 25th birthday that Kyle the "straight guy" seduced me.

Jason had called and asked me to stop by Kyle's. He said he had to work later then expected, and that he had promised to pick Kyle up so that he could join us for my birthday dinner. I knew about the surprise party he was planning, so I went along and said I would do it. Kyle has a beautiful apartment with a spectacular view of Central Park. It cost a pretty penny, but he bought it with the money from his own life insurance policy. The insurance companies had not been able to get legislation regarding the "undead" into the books yet, and since he was legally dead his family got the money. As I said before, with the exception of Jason no one in the family wanted anything to do with Kyle now that he was a vampire. That included profiting from his "death". They gave him the money and sent him away. The apartment was his attempt as appearing "normal", but that is a little hard to pull off when everyone knew he had to sleep in a coffin in the buildings basement. One nice this about it was that when things got tough between Jason, and me I had a quiet place to crash for a while.

I got to the building just a few minutes after sunset. Kyle and I reached his apartment door at the same time. He invited me in and excused himself to the bedroom. I knew that Kyle had to take a hot shower first thing after rising each evening. The smell of death still sickened him. He began to undress as he walked across the apartment. Once inside the bedroom, he tells me to fix us each a drink and to join him in the bathroom. Although I know that alcohol no longer has any effect on him, I know that Kyle loves a dry martini. I fix one for each of us and head for the bathroom. I had a moments pause outside the door, to think to myself that this would be the first time I had seen Kyle naked. Of course I have seen Jason and they are twins, but this would still be different. I made me nervous and excited at the same time. It had been months since Jason and I had last been intimate.

I enter the bathroom and can see him through the glass walls of the shower door. My first thought was that it was the same body I had slept next to and made love to hundreds of times, but as I watched the water hit him in the chest and cascade down to his toes I begin to see the subtle differences that have begun to manifest themselves. Kyle's nipples have always been slightly larger than Jason's , but I had never seen Jason's form the tight hard points that Kyle's were right now. I don't know if it is because they are being kissed by the scalding water, but that is what I assume. Since becoming a werewolf Jason's chest hair had thickened noticeably, however, Kyle's remained sparse until it got down to his goody trail. Those hairs are now lying flat on his stomach as the water coursed through them on its way to his cock and balls. The water dripping from its head is just dying for someone to lick it off. The other difference is in their basic musculature. Jason has begun to workout a lot, but the fact that Kyle can now pick-up and through a small car, has not seemed to increase his muscle bulk.

Kyle takes the soap from the dish and begins to lather him self. He works the bar around his nipples, making them impossibly even harder then before. He then moves it over the rest of his chest and down his stomach. Next comes his cock and balls. He gives this part of himself the most attention, working the lather so thick that it took me a moment to realize the he was getting hard there too. He turns his back to me, and as he applies the soap to his ass he drops it. He uses this opportunity to bend over and spread his ass cheeks, exposing his anus for my inspection. A soapy finger disappears inside and begins to slide in and out. It's so muffled by coming from inside the shower stall, bit I would swear I can hear a low moan escape his throat.

He stands up and turns back to look me in the eyes. After holding my gaze for a moment, he looks down and sees that I also have begun to get hard. He looks back up and smiles. The shower door opens and he reaches out a hand toward me.

"Join me."

I moved toward the shower and started to remove my shirt, when I suddenly remembered that this was not Jason standing in front of me.

"No." I say, with very little conviction, as my lust almost forces me into the shower fully clothed.

"JOIN ME." He says, this time using one of his vampiric powers to hypnotize me with his voice and gaze.

Knowing that it was use less to resist, and not really wanting to anyway, I take off the rest of my clothes and join him in the shower. "OOWW", I scream as the hot water hits my legs. I through myself against him to void being burned any further.

"Sorry, let me get that," He moves around me to adjust the water temperature.

Doing so, his erection brushes against my thigh. It was enough to send me to my knees. Having it at face level was more than I could stand. I reached out and took his cock in my hands. I squeeze gently and move my hands slowly over its length from the head to the base. This time I know I hear a noise coming from him. It's a low guttural purring. I squeeze harder and pull from the base to the head. This causes him to moan loudly as he leans back against the shower wall. I take advantage of this position to rinse the soap off of him by rubbing my hands across his hips, up and down his stomach and chest, and then around to and over his ass.

Kyle reaches down and takes me under the chin. I raise my eyes to meet his, as he lifts me so that I am now standing in front of him. He moves his hands to that they are now on either side of my face. The look he then gives me sends chills down my spine. It says that he wants to devour me, and for a moment I am not sure if it was out of lust or blood lust. Before I have a chance to figure it out for myself, he pulls me into his chest and kisses me. Suddenly there is no room for doubt. The kiss is warm and passionate. His tongue probes my mouth and I allow mine to do the same to his. I jerk back as I prick my tongue on one of his fangs. His hold on me tightens and I am drawn back into the kiss. This time I know that blood lust has at least a small part in it.

I loose myself in the kiss. What pulls me back, is the feel of his hands gently gliding down my back and then grabbing my ass. He uses his hands to knead each cheek. He pulls them apart, exposing the pink pucker within. A finger begins to explore the area and finds it's way inside. This causes me to moan into Kyle's mouth. The kiss gets even more passionate. Kyle leaves his finger up my ass, while his other hand moves up my back. He then proceeds to lower me to the floor of the shower, the water beating down on us only fueling on our lust. He removes his finger now and turns me so that I am leaning back against him. I can feel his erection pressed between us, reaching almost half way up my back.

He leans his head in towards my ear and whispers, "I want to fuck you."

Even without the added vampiric powers, I was unable to resist. This whispered phrase held more power over me than when he first called me into the shower. I move forward and adjust him, and myself so that the head of his cock is pushing against my anus. I sit back and feel it begin to enter me, inching its way deeper and deeper, until I am leaning once again against his chest. His hips begin to buck as his cock moves in and out, and from side to side. Each thrust gets harder and faster. Our breathing gets heavier, and we both begin to moan. I ride his cock, matching him thrust for thrust. He places his mouth where my neck joins my shoulder, and begins kissing me. The kissing turns into locking. The licking turns into biting. He takes several playful nips and finally sinks his fangs into my shoulder. I cry out, expecting pain but instead feeling a level of ecstasy I have never achieved before. I begin to cum, and shoot several long string of it across the floor of the shower.

My orgasm triggers his, and I can feel him filling me with his own hot load. I lean back against his, entirely spent, and he wraps his arms around my waist to pull me in closer. His cock begins to soften, but I won't let him move enough to pull it out. I love the feel of him inside of me. We continue to sit there letting the water wash over us. A phone rings, and I about the time I realize that it is my phone, Kyle is grabbing for my jeans and pulling it from one of the pockets. He hands it to me, and I check the caller ID. It is Jason...

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