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TORN Can It Be Repaired?


I had decided I would never start writing sequels to existing submissions, then this happened.

I read a story recently by Patricia51, called Torn, in which a wife wrote a letter to her husband confessing that she wanted to experience a lesbian relationship, although she still loved him. There have been two possible sequels written by Chagrined who invited any continuation, and X_Bishop, who replied. It was reading the latter which prompted me to read the original story. I figured that if two other illustrious scribes felt the need to revisit the theme I would see where it progressed in my mind. I found it flowing quite well and then decided that I would put my hat in the ring with this little offering. I did think about expounding the theme to end up with a conclusion as none of the three other stories closed the door.



TORN, a typical day Can it be repaired?


As I came down the stairs into the kitchen I could see that Jim had not slept well. He had not come to bed after I had given him my letter, and I could see the pillow and blanket on his recliner in the den.

On the kitchen table there was an envelope with my name on it. I wanted desperately to open it but the kids were busy eating their breakfast. I wanted time alone to read it .No matter what it said. I knew that I would be emotional.

The boys, Jimmy Junior and Eric, clattered off upstairs to clean their teeth, and get ready to catch the bus to school. They had not noticed my red eyes or the envelope on the table. At 8 and 10 years old they felt comfortable in the secure home that we had created for them and they saw us as always being there for their love and care, they thought of us as their parents a sort of collective rather than individuals. We were their Mom and Dad, and that was all they needed.

After they had left, I sat at the table and opened the letter dreading the trauma that would be coming my way.

Dear Erica.

I think I have the solution to your problem. I will see you this evening when you get home from work.



"What??" Is that all after I opened my soul to him all he could manage was a one liner? I could not believe after what he had said that he could calmly treat the matter so lightly. Part of me wanted to see his angst on paper so I could feel the depth of his feelings.



I didn't sleep last night. The letter that Erica had given me had made sure of that. She still loved me but had decided that she was a lesbian, despite still wanting to be penetrated by my cock and wanting to suck me off when she felt like it.

It seemed that she had absolutely no experience of being with another woman, having been rebuffed by the only one she had ever approached.

As I sat in my recliner gazing absently at the wedding picture whilst I thought of the problem she had presented, I racked my brains, was there anyone I knew who could help me with the knowledge I lacked?

I cast my mind back over the years, had I ever known any lesbians? Then it struck me, when I was at college I had a friend in the same year called Bridget. Bridget was a gorgeous Red head with a willowy figure, one might almost say boyish. Bridget had always warded off any advances that we boys made and when the rumours started about her not being interested in boys she never did anything to deny that she was a lesbian. I was never sure if she was, but if it was true I needed to talk to her.

I found her name in the phone book. She was still listed under her maiden name at her parent's address, maybe she never left home. I waited until 7.00 am before I rang her

The phone rang a couple of times before a drowsy voice on the other end said "I hope to fuck you are not trying to sell me anything!! What the fuck do you mean ringing at this time in the morning?"

It was definitely Bridget, she could always match any one in a slanging match.

"Bridget its Jim Bent, remember me from college?" there was a silence, as she thought.

"Yep, I got you now, you were one of the good guys who never tried to get in my panties. I was offended at the time. You never would have but you were supposed to try!"

Bridget, I know this is a hell of a lot to ask, but I desperately need you help with a problem that has come up in my personal life.

"Jim, is this some sort of a come on!! If so don't you think that you have left it a bit late? Or are you trying to relive your youth? We all of us get older you know!"

No Bridget, I am not after your ass, but from memory it was one of the sweetest!

Now you are just trying to sweet talk me! OK look like just you managed it. What d' ya want?

"Can you meet me for a coffee, this morning at that Starbucks by West Street Mall?

Okay, muffins and coffee on you! How will I know you?

Have you still got that gorgeous red hair? I think I will recognise you first! I'll see you at 10.00.

I jotted a quick note to Erica before I left. I needed to get away so I didn't have to face her. I didn't want to give her any clues as to how I was thinking.

I called my secretary to let her know that I was not well and to clear my appointments. I needed to get things sorted out before Erica came back from work at 5.30. The kids always waited with the kids next door until one of us came home when they would come over.

At Starbucks, I sat on an armchair by the window, so I could keep an eye out for Bridget. I checked my phone for messages, then started dicking about with a game of solitaire. Why do we all get so engrossed in that shit?


I looked up. Good God, I thought! Bridget still looked as stunningly beautiful and as striking as she had in college. If anything the confidence she had gained as a woman gave her even more appeal. She was slender, quite tall, at about 5ft 8, small breasts, which allowed her to stand there proudly wearing no bra under the silky cream coloured blouse that revealed her eraser like nipples. She was wearing really tight jeans, knee length brown leather boots, with a broad cowboy belt slung low on her hips. The bright sunlight streaming through the shop window lit up her flaming red hair, and accentuated how see through the blouse actually was.

I could see the effect her presence had on every male in the place. There was a lull in the conversation as every man in the place turned to admire her. It was a repeat of how it had been at every day at College. She still had what it took.

I stood up, and looked into her green eyes. I was only slightly taller than her so with the heels on her high heeled boots she was more or less able to look me straight in the eye.

Bridget, you look absolutely fabulous! She smiled at me, and said "I can see you got married then!"

I wore no ring so how would she know that?

"If you still think I look that good you have definitely not been out on the prowl for a while, which means you must have been at home!"

"OK muffin and latté please, since you are buying." She settled into the love seat next to the armchair I had been on.

As I stood in the queue for the coffees I looked back to see a Tall blond guy saunter over to talk to her. She shook her head as he tried to sit next to her, and pointed to me.

He backed off as I walked over with the coffees.

"See, it's not just me, you still attract men like bears a round a honeypot!

OK, Jim, so you' re really good for my morale. Now what on earth made you suddenly look up me after all these years?

I sat back, and reached into my jacket pocket. I pulled Erica's letter out and held it in my hand.

"Bridget, when we were at college a rumour started that you may have been a lesbian. I never had a problem with that as it was none of my business anyway. I always thought that you may have been using it as a defence mechanism to protect yourself against unwanted advances. I never saw you show any signs that you were. But now, if you are willing to tell me I could do with knowing."

She looked at me appraisingly. "I figure this has something to do with the reason we are here so I will tell you. It is obvious to me that if you think I am a lesbian you are not trying to seduce me. The fact is that I have spent my life experimenting. I don't mean I have got into kinky stuff, well not massively. But I have never been able to maintain a long term relationship with either a man or a woman."

Bridget looked into my eyes to gauge my reaction.

"As you noticed from my name in the phone book I never married, and I still live at home. My Mom passed away a couple of years ago and I look after my Dad. Partly, I suppose I have always rejected a close relationship as I was unwilling to leave them on their own. Maybe that was an excuse, but it suited me to use it when I needed.

Sexually I get something different from each type of relationship. I think I would be known as a switch in some circles. When I am with a man I tend to be submissive, but with women I definitely like to dominate. I cannot imagine being penetrated by a girl wearing a strap in dildo. I enjoy administering but not receiving. I have always enjoyed that aspect of lesbianism, and do it for the kick I get out of that power. When I want a kiss and a cuddle I prefer to do that with the right man. I am submissive to men, but I don't mean I want to be treated like some sort of slave, and get into all that yes master shit. A bit of light spanking is OK, but mainly I like to be controlled from time to time. As much as anything it is a mental thing. I feel comfortable when I have a man in charge.

Does that answer your question, Jim?"

"I think you have explained exactly what I needed to know, and I am sure that you will be able to help me understand this" I replied as I handed the letter to Bridget. "My wife Erica gave this to me yesterday"!

Bridget reached into her hand bag and slipped on her reading glasses, this served to enhance the intense green of her eyes. "See, none of us are any younger!

She started to read the letter, as I watched her intensely trying to ascertain which bit she had reached. She shook her head slowly as she read Erica's confession of her intent to become a lesbian.

As she reached the end of the letter, she folded it and passed it back to me. As she handed it over she took my hand in hers and looked into my eyes as she said, "You poor man. No wonder you are confused and upset. How could anyone be so silly as to jeopardise their family's happiness for a need to experiment with their sexuality. Is she menopausal?"

"I don't think so, she is only just 39, and she has shown no signs far. This is the first real sign that there was any major problem. Sure things have been quieter in bed the last year or so, but I was happy." I replied.

Bridget sat thinking.

"I suspect there is some sort of hormonal imbalance here and that she should really see a doctor to get checked out. I think if she was faced with the reality of the situation instead of some internet inspired fantasy, she might get her head out of where she has it buried long enough to see clearly. I think she needs a wake-up call."

"She says that she want to experience a sexual relationship with another woman but she wants you to be there for her to play with when she feels like swinging back, but she wants you to maintain the emotional support that keeps her going through life on an even keel."

"I think that need to show her that she can't have her cake and eat it, without permanently damaging the stable home environment that all of the family needs. She needs to see the consequences that would come from her pursuing the fantasy."

Bridget had put into words the thoughts that had been scrambling around in my mind since Erica had created this shit storm. I realised that the best thing I could have done, was to call for a woman's point of view, and especially Bridget's.

"Ok Bridget, how to we achieve this? I asked.

"You said in your note to her that you had a possible solution and would talk about it this evening. What was you solution?"

"I was going to kick her out and move on with my life!" I explained.

"That sounds almost as stupid as she is being. Neither of you seem to give a shit about the boys. You both need to stop being so bloody selfish. She is obsessed with a fantasy sex life and you are thinking like a Neanderthal. Your responsibilities are to bring those boys up until they are capable of looking after themselves. You brought them into the world, they are not fucking puppies for Christmas. A child is for life. No matter what the stupid parents do, they are responsible for their well-being."

"You would not just kick them out on the street with her, to find some butch dyke to teach them that as they are males they are worthless little shits, would you??"

She was right. I had been thinking only of the part of this that affected me. Of course I loved my boys, but I had got tunnel vision about the whole Erica thing.

"OK You are right. What can I do? I can't see how to achieve the goal without one of us having to leave the house."

"Describe the house to me".

"The house is a ranch style. On the ground floor there is the kitchen, a dining room, lounge, and a den. The first floor has a master bedroom, the boys each have their own room, there is a shower room off the main bed, and a family bathroom. Last year I knocked through into the area above the garage and put in a guest suite."

Bridget looked thoughtful. "I think I have the solution. I need to come and stay for a few days. I can go and see my Dad each morning to set him up and leave him my phone number for emergencies."

Bridget looked at her watch. "You say she gets back at 5.30 and the boys shortly before. That means we need to get stared right way."

"Bridget, I want to thank you for all your support, but I am worried about all of this, it is going to play out in front of the boys. I don't want anything to upset them. I am not sure about you moving in like this." I was worried that this could all go the wrong way.

"Jim, you need to act now, unless you take the initiative this is going to fester. If that happens, you will all get hurt. You have to trust me."

By the time Erica came home Bridget had moved into the guest suite. She had unpacked her bags and made herself right at home, in the way only a woman can. I had helped her get everything set up, but she would not let me see what was in the hold-all that she slipped under the bed.

She parked her car in the second garage space that normally accommodated Erica's Toyota. The Red BMW soft top sure looked better there that Erica's car.

When Erica came home, the boys were sitting at the kitchen counter eating homemade burgers and fries, as Bridget and they chatted away. She was telling them stories about when she and I were at College together. They were fascinated and certainly were rapidly using their shyness in front of their dad's cool friend with a sports car.

As she came through the garage door into the hall Erica looked towards the kitchen, she could see me but she could not see around into the kitchen itself from where she stood. "Jim have you gone off your rocker, what the hell do we need with a pussy magnet car?? Get it out of my space!"

"Erica, I would like you to meet an old friend of mine." Jim smiled at her.

"Yeah , Mom come and meet Bridget , she's really cool, she is going to take us to the water park tomorrow in her car!!

As she rounded the corner into her kitchen she was faced with the most beautiful woman shed had ever seen. She did not know how to react. In one sense she was attracted to the beautiful red head and felt herself getting aroused, on the other hand she felt indignant that the woman had obviously used her kitchen and was taking her place.

Jim helped Erica slip off her coat.

"Erica, Bridget is an old college friend of mine who is in town for a few weeks on business, she is far from home so I asked her if she would like to stay in the guest suite." Erica looked at Jim as he spoke. She was not happy by the look in his eyes, the warmth that she normally saw was not there, until he glanced at Bridget as she spoke.

"Now Jim, I told you I would only stay if it is alright with Erica! Don't you try to railroad her into anything."

"Go on Mom, say yes!! Please mom it would be so cool, we could go to school one day in the Beemer!!" Young Eric chimed in.

Erica knew that it was too late, she had already been railroaded. "That's fine, I will help you move in Bridget."

"That's alright Erica. Jim had invited me to stay for the night anyway, so I have already put my stuff in the guest suite."



WTF. Railroaded? I have been hit by a steam train. Erica thought as she looked at Jim. "I think we had something to talk about this evening didn't we Jim?"

"Later, I don't think it would be polite to bring that up in front of our guest, and I am sure the boys don't want to hear such a boring grown up conversation." Jim said pointedly.

"Mom, Bridget has brought a DVD over. Its Saturday tomorrow, can we watch it now? Bridget is going to make some popcorn."

This was beginning to piss me right off. I come home to my house to sort out my husband to go along with what I want, and I get fucking supermom taking over my family.

"OK then that will give me and your Dad to have our little talk."

"Erica, I took the time to make you and Jim a little lasagne and salad, the lasagne is keeping warm in the oven. I used some of the ground beef left over from the burgers. I was ravenous so I had burgers and fries with Eric and Jimmy junior. There is a bottle of Merlot on the side."

I watched as Jim and the boys showed Bridget how to operate the controllers for the DVD, and then as she settled down on the love seat between my two boys with the bowl of popcorn. This was turning into a nightmare. It was as though I was being written out of my own life!

Jim took me by the hand and led me into the dining room. He sat me down and brought through the lasagne with salad

He placed three glasses on the table, and poured out the Merlot, then took one of them through to the bitch in my place.

He closed the dining room door as he returned to take his seat opposite me. He looked across at me expectantly. He was right to he had this coming!

"OK who the fuck is big red. I come home and the bitch has taken over my life. I can't believe it. Did you boff her in college. You sure never mentioned her before! I bet you did! "

"Erica, calm down. You may remember that yesterday you delivered the bombshell that, to put it politely, you wanted to get in touch with your most feminine side and you no longer felt you wanted me to carry out my husbandly duties in bed. I respect those wishes." Jim said.

"You may remember that I left you a little note this morning saying that I thought I had found a solution. Now if you listen carefully and don't interrupt I will tell you how this is going to be."

"I can't accept that you want to take the parts of our relationship that you need but ignore the parts I need and want. If you were to leave to pursue your desire to become a lesbian then you will end up splitting up the boy's home. I have to tell you now that that is not going to happen. I don't mind if you pursue your need, as long as you are discreet. Apart from satisfying this need, you will continue to live here with me, to all intents and purposes as my wife. No one need know, you will be safe and secure and the family will not suffer. I will do without sex with you, but I will have discreet relationships if I feel like it."

"Bridget is here to initiate you as a lesbian. I have known her since college days, and trust her to treat you as you deserve. She will be staying here at my invitation for 2 weeks, during which time you will treat her with respect. She will initiate you safely and with no risk to your health. I will be sure then that you are in no danger as you will not have to trawl dyke bars looking for your first experiences.

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