tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTorn Paige Day 10

Torn Paige Day 10


Day 10 – Saturday

Paige lay in her bed half the night, staring at the ceiling, trying to answer the questions screaming themselves through her head. Everything she thought she knew about herself, everything she thought she was had been thrown into chaos by a man she'd only really been interacting with for a little over a week. She wanted desperately to restart her life from those few days before, to be able to think of Lee as just the guy who lived next door.

What puzzled her above all was how she was capable of not only being used, but that she was able to draw release, even momentary ecstasy from His extortion. Every time she thought she was making sense of what was happening, her logic would fall apart.

The next thought was the most confusing of all: she was thinking about Lee when she came. How could she, in the most humiliating moment of her life, have even the slightest desire for the Man who was forcing her to live that moment? This was the thought that played over and over in Paige's mind until exhaustion finally won out and she fell asleep, close to daybreak.

She woke up early in the afternoon. She lay in bed for a few long minutes after waking, staring out her window toward Lee's bedroom. A sigh escaped Paige's body at the realization that she would be expected to show up again on Lee's doorstep for her next day of chores.

Paige's daily routine began again with a shower. The whole time as the water washed over her naked body, she wondered what Lee was going to coerce her into doing today. Every time she looked down at herself, she felt like Lee was just across the way, watching what He'd made her do yesterday.

A blush burned across Paige's cheeks at the thought of the images Lee held in His possession. He owned her body, and she hadn't even fought back. And now, even if she wanted to fight back, He could destroy everything she was to her father.

Paige stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. She pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants then descended the stairs into the kitchen. She plucked an apple from a bowl on the counter and moved into the family room.

A smile curled her lips as she saw her father and mother. "Good morning", she beamed, a flight coming back to her voice as her thoughts of Lee faded into the background, and the life she'd always lived took precedence once again. She wrapped a warm hug around her father's shoulders and kissed him on the cheek.

For the first time in days, she felt truly happy, forgetting all her problems and being the little girl she still saw in herself. She laid down onto the floor and took a bite of her apple.

Paige basked for as long as she could in the happiness of being with her parents. Too soon, though, the realization that she was expected at Lee's began to pry through her comfort.

Paige's father noted the discomfort his daughter was trying so hard to hide. "Let's go out for dinner tonight," he said, comfortingly.

A smile returned quickly to Paige's face as she looked up to her father. "Thanks daddy," she squeaked happily.

"Are you supposed to work today?" her father asked.

Paige had to momentarily steady herself to answer, not wanting to arouse any further suspicion in her father. "Yes, daddy," she replied as calmly as she could muster.

"Why don't you go over and see if you can do whatever Lee needs right now?" asked Paige's father, encouraging her.

Paige almost wanted to cry that her father was pushing her toward her next encounter with Lee, even though she knew her father was only trying to make her happy.

She took a few deep breaths, feigning a bit of laziness as she lay on the floor. Finally, she propped herself up on her hands and knees and smiled as best she could, "Okay."

Breathing deeply, trying to keep her emotions under control, Paige slid on a pair of sneakers and headed next door. She opened Lee's door slowly and stepped inside. Lee emerged from His office the moment she entered, as stone-faced as He always seemed to be with her.

Lee drew closer and Paige stood frozen just inside the door. "Strip," He commanded simply.

"He's going to make me do it all again," Paige said to herself. The urge to scream and run was the sum of her every instinct. Almost before the thought could pass through her mind, though, her hands were at her waist, drawing her shirt up, exposing her young teenage body to Him again.

Paige blushed deeply as she stood bare-chested before Lee. Her hands again slid to her waist, hooking the band of her sweat pants. She raised her eyes to Lee's for the briefest of moments, and then slid her thumbs into her panties as well. She knew full well that He intended her to take off every stitch of clothing, and her non-existent will to fight Him made her bare herself completely, almost robotically.

Paige carefully removed her pants, underwear, and shoes. She rose, standing fully nude before Lee.

"Today, your chores will be done in My bedroom. Go upstairs, sit on the corner of the bed," Lee ordered.

Paige's eye shot immediately to Lee's, panic and shock heavy in her eyes. It took her only the briefest moment at the look in Lee's eyes to suppress her instinct to fight. She lowered her head again, and began to pad with tiny steps toward the stairs that lead to His bedroom, with Lee following only a couple steps behind.

Paige passed through the door into Lee's bedroom and sat on the corner of the bed. A jolt of realization hit her as she sat. Lee was able to make her ignore everything she had always been. She ignored the voice in her head that was screaming at her to run away. She knew full well Lee's camera would be looking over the bed, but she didn't even notice it until she consciously looked for it.

Lee followed her through the bedroom door a few moments later, closing the door behind Him. He looked her up and down a moment as she sat on His bed, her body naturally trying to hide itself.

Paige looked up at Him, still living in her moment of realization. Her mind raced a bit, panicking a little as He closed the door, locking her in symbolically if not physically. Her mind raced, trying to think how she could run past Him, or even try slipping out the window. She wanted so badly to escape in that moment; she was ready to do almost anything.

As Paige's mind raced, Lee spoke up. "Get on all fours and show your pussy to the camera," He ordered in His usual calm, demanding tone.

His voice snapped Paige from her thoughts, and her body moved into position against all her will to escape.

Lee's voice commanded her, "Touch yourself, play with yourself."

And Paige's right hand drifted between her legs, brushing over her pussy lips. The thoughts of running had faded from her mind as quickly as they'd struck her. She resigned herself to the fact that only an orgasm was going to earn her release from His bed. She focused totally on clearing her mind, trying to make the orgasm she needed into a purely mechanical process.

Paige's eyes flashed open for barely a moment, and she looked across at her bedroom window. The glimpse filled her mind with the image of her father poking around a few days earlier, looking for her while she lay on Lee's bed in the same position she was in now. She remembered the anxiousness of that moment and the confusion of the orgasm that followed.

Without realizing it, Paige's hand sped up. She rubbed her sex intensely, her fingers shaking against her lips and her clit as she began to build the sensation. She moaned out loud as the pleasure started to rise. Her hips began to buck and writhe, searching for a way to increase the pace, to increase the sensation.

Paige barely noticed the bed shaking as she rocked her hips back and forth. Her moans kept rising and rising. Her mind was feasting on the memories of the day she was almost caught, and every exciting remembrance was sent like a wave through her young body. The next thought that flashed through her mind was as scary as it was exhilarating: What if her father was watching now? Was she afraid that he would be, or would it be worse to deal with the disappointment that she wouldn't be caught?

Nothing mattered to Paige but the sensation tightening in her stomach at that moment, and the thought of getting caught sent her over the edge. She cried out, screamed out, as all the tension she'd built up released. Her sex spasmed and her orgasm began to flow down her thighs. Every muscle in her body tensed as she rode the waves of ecstasy rolling through her.

As the rush subsided, Paige lay on Lee's bed, breathing heavily for a couple minutes. Her body felt almost completely limp. The only signs of life in her were her heaving body as she breathed and the shaking still present in her legs and arms.

As her body finally started coming back under her control, Paige realized that Lee had been watching everything. Her gaze turned back over her shoulder quickly, hoping in vain that He wouldn't still be there.

Lee stood behind His camera, conveying the same emotionless demeanor that she'd always shown Paige.

Paige's gaze quickly fell back to the bed. She couldn't speak, she could barely think.

Lee took down His camera and stepped toward the door. As He left the bedroom, He turned back to Paige and ordered, "Meet Me in My office when you're ready."

Paige lay on Lee's bed, taking a few minutes to recover while trying not to think about what had just happened. Predictably, trying not to think about meant her mind couldn't focus on anything else. She couldn't deny this time that the thought that had terrified her days before was responsible for probably the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced.

Finally, Paige rose from the bed and carefully padded downstairs. She hesitated in the doorway of Lee's office, only stepping through when Lee invited, or ordered her to enter.

Her eyes fell onto Lee's computer screen. The video He had just taken of her was already cued on the screen. She stepped aside His chair, her usual instinct to cover herself lost behind the all consuming image filling her mind.

Lee started replaying the video without a word. Paige watched silently as her screams echoed from the speakers of Lee's computer. She watched as her body writhed and spasmed on His bed.

"How did it feel?" Lee asked, directly.

Paige was shocked at how casual this was to Him. She searched her mind to create a lie that would rob Him of any satisfaction, but none seemed even reasonable. Finally, she settled on the simple truth of it. "It felt really good," she whispered meekly.

Lee hid a smile from Paige, composing Himself before questioning further, "Just good?"

"Great," Paige whispered, willing to say anything to stop this line of questioning, though she knew whatever superlative she used would be absolutely true.

"What made it great? Why did you enjoy today so much?" Lee pressed on.

Paige's will to lie was gone. Lee was in charge and it would be simpler to tell Him the truth. She explained in her soft, beautiful voice, "I remembered the day daddy almost caught me. I don't know why, but it really made me...." Her voice trailed off, not really feeling the right word to describe how she felt.

Lee reached into His pocket and offered Paige a twenty dollar bill. "You're done for today, Paige. Take as much time as you need to get dressed."

"As much time as you need", Paige thought to herself. She couldn't wait to get out of this place and leave another degrading day with Lee behind her.

Paige sat next to the door and began to dress herself, pulling her panties, sweat pants and shirt on as quickly as she could. Happy to be dressed again, she sat back and relaxed a moment. She slipped her day's pay into the pocket of her sweats, and sighed happily that her day was apparently over. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, the remains of her orgasm finally fading.

Paige jumped, her eyes flying open as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"I didn't mean to scare you," Lee said to her "but you fell asleep."

Paige looked around for a few seconds, taking a few deep breaths to help quell the rush of adrenaline. How could she fall asleep here? She didn't even like being here. Then again, she'd hardly been sleeping at night with everyone going on in her mind.

"How long have I been here?" Paige asked quietly.

"Almost two hours," Lee replied. "I was working in the office. I assumed you'd left already."

"Two hours," Paige whispered to herself.

Paige knew her father would start to get worried if she were gone too much longer. She grabbed her shoes and pulled them on, rising and opening the door. "Sorry," she said to Lee before opening the door.

Lee couldn't help but chuckle a little bit as the panicky little girl in Paige came out. "It's no problem really."

Paige looked at Him for a long moment, wanting to be angry, but knowing Lee wasn't laughing to be mean. It was kind of funny. A small smile curled her lips and she giggled a bit too. It was the first real smile she'd shared with Lee.

"Daddy's going to wonder what took me so long." Paige stated over her giggles.

"Tell him the truth," Lee replied.

Paige looked at him in stunned silence, her giggle stopping immediately. How could Lee want her to tell her father everything?

"Tell him you were getting your shoes on to come home and fell asleep." Lee continued.

Paige just nodded, and finally stepped out the door, heading home.

Arriving back at home, Paige stepped through the door and beamed, "I'm back daddy."

"Lee must have had a lot for you to do today," her father replied.

Paige sensed a bit of concern in his statement, and decided to tell him what had happened. "It's funny, daddy, I was getting my shoes on to come home, and I fell asleep on this bench by His door."

"Oh, and Lee just let you sleep?" Paige's father asked.

Paige answered, "He was working in His office, He didn't see me until I was there for a couple hours."

"I don't think Lee would want you sleeping over there," Paige's father counseled her.

Paige replied, a little meekly, "I know, daddy. I didn't mean to fall asleep. I apologized to Him, but He didn't seem too upset. He laughed about it. He's really nice."

Paige thought for a moment about what she'd just said. Lee was nice? On one hand, she couldn't believe she was complimenting Him. On the other hand, whenever He wasn't exploiting her, He seemed like a nice and decent man.

"We're going to be leaving for dinner soon, sweety. Hurry and get dressed," Paige's father instructed.

Dear diary: I came so hard thinking about the time daddy almost caught me. How could I do that? Am I weird? I must have been exhausted because I fell asleep before I left, but Lee was kinda sweet when He woke me up. Maybe He's not so bad. Dinner with mommy and daddy was really great though. I feel pretty good right now.

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