Kylie sensed I was getting close to orgasm and pulled herself off my cock briefly, but still pumping it with her hand.

"Are you okay?" I gasped.

"Uh-huh. I want to taste you, Daddy," she breathed. "I want you to come in my mouth."

And with that, my raging cock was warmly enveloped in my little girl's mouth again.

She pumped her fist up and down my shaft as her lips clamped around the head, with her tongue swirling around and around.

"Oh, Kylie...!" I cried, ejaculating spurt after spurt of thick, ropey semen into her mouth.

"Mmmm," Kylie smiled, as she sat back onto her feet.

She looked up at me, still with her hand on my prick. I could see her moving her tongue around inside her mouth, making sure my cum coated every single taste bud.

She closed her eyes as she swallowed. Then she licked and sucked at her lips, and ran her tongue around her teeth to clear my sticky cum away.

I guided her back to her feet by her shoulders, then kissed her deeply. I could taste my pungent, earthy cum in her mouth, and the thought of it, more than anything, drove me wild. I had just come in my daughter's mouth.

I lowered Kylie gently down onto the bed a few steps away. She scooted back until she was leaning against the headboard. I crawled onto the bed, moving up between her legs.

The sticky smell of her pussy was overwhelming. The glistening petals of her sex were stunningly beautiful. I dropped down onto my belly and buried my face in her cunt.

I licked and sucked like a man possessed. I nibbled her clit, sucked her labia and plunged my tongue deeply into her canal. There was no technique. It was a frenzied feast.

As I fucked her with my tongue, my nose mashing against her clit, she giggled in between moans.

"You're getting carried away again, Daddy."

"I'm sorry, Sweety," I smiled, "I just love the taste of this 1994 vintage."

She wrinkled her nose at me, then pulled my head back down to her pussy. I regained my composure, and licked and sucked at her clit, while I fingered her with my index and middle fingers. Kylie moaned loudly as I spiralled my tongue around her button and rubbed hard at the change in texture on the front wall of her cunt.

Before long, Kylie bucked her hips as she came, crushing my face with her thighs. And I felt the wetness in her pussy flow around my fingers.

We stared at each other a moment, then Kylie jumped up and spun around onto all fours in front of me. She was looking over her shoulder at me, her eyes blazing with anticipation.

I knelt up behind her and fed my cock into that hungry little pussy. With my hands on her narrow hips, I fucked my little girl for all I was worth.

The sound of my daughter's grunting, and the wet slapping of my hips into her ass was hypnotic.

I stared down at my rock hard prick plunging in and out of her tight, wet hole, and could imagine no better sight. Kylie threw her head back in ecstasy as I thrust in and out of her. Her long auburn hair falling across her back in glossy waves.

The whole time we'd been together in the tent, I'd never actually got a good look at her, wrapped up tightly in that sleeping bag. But now...

It somehow didn't seem right, fucking my little girl like a dirty slut, doggy style in a cheap motel room. She deserved better from me. I wanted to honor her, make her feel special.

I slowed my pace, and caressed my hands from her hips up towards her head. As my fingers passed in under her flowing hair, I felt the delicate contours of the muscles in her back. I really experienced the touch of her slender body. When I reached her shoulders, I pulled her up close to me, and wrapped my arms around her.

"I love you, Kylie," I breathed into her hear.

"I love you back," she smiled, kissing me over her shoulder.

We fell down onto the bed into a spooning position, my hands cupped around her full breasts. I gently squeezed and kneaded her soft globes, rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, as I slowly rocked in and out of her.

Kylie held my hands, interlocking her fingers with mine. Even without the sleeping bag, we needed to be so close. It was so perfect.

"Kylie, I'm going to come," I said after an eternity of making love so tenderly.

She brought our hands down her soft belly to her pussy, and together, we rubbed her clit. I felt my cock sliding in and out of her slippery cunny, her gentle folds sucking at my shaft.

Kylie's whines and moans increased in pitch. The roll of her hips intensified. I lost myself in the moment, and pulled her close as I came deep inside her. The hot torrent of my cum pushed her over the edge, rocking her in a trembling climax of her own.

I lay there holding my daughter in the afterglow, caressing the sexy curve of her hips.

"So how many more nights until Mum comes to get us?"

I smiled. Once again, Kylie and I were partners in crime.

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