Torrid in Toledo Ch. 01

byChile Peeler©

"Oh, yesss!" Cheryl gasped as he pushed his cock into her ass.

He eased it in slowly, the flesh parting around his cock. God, he couldn't believe how tight her ass was! Once he was all the way in, he started slowly stroking in and out of her anus, at the same time reaching forward and fondling her breasts.

"That's the way to fuck ass, Jim," Cheryl encouraged him, wiggling her tail around his fucking organ as he pulled her nipples with his fingers. "I'm sure your mother will want her ass fucked, too!"

From the smile on his mother's face, Jim knew Cheryl was speaking the truth. Someday soon, his mother would welcome his cock just like Cheryl was!

"Cheryl, you are such an instigator," Victoria said with a laugh, moving her face to her friend's. She kissed her blonde neighbor hotly, knowing that Jim was watching and would now learn that she and Cheryl were lovers as well. She did not care any longer!

Jim reared up, watching Cheryl and his mother's lips move together in a hot French kiss. He could tell his mother was used to kissing Cheryl's lips.

Damn, Mom's into lesbian shit, too! he thought, holding Cheryl's hips as he slid his cock in and out of her loosened backdoor. Asshole was way different than cunt, he learned. Not better, but different. It gripped him in a different way. A way that he loved to death!

"Get under me," Cheryl told his mother when their lips parted. "Eat me while your son fucks my other hole!"

"Anything for you," Victoria promised and she slid below her. She lapped at her son's swinging balls with her tongue and then started to work on Cheryl's slit, tasting her tart sex juices once again. Jim's scrotum began to bang against her forehead as she watched his girth slide into Cheryl's sphincter.

"Ah...yes, that's heavenly!...fuck me hard, Jim!....screw my ass hard!" Cheryl groaned, spreading her knees further to dip her muff into Victoria's face. "Make me come, you horny fuckers...aahhhh, shit!...EAT ME....FUCK ME!"

The two family members gave her just what she asked for, lunging and licking at her delectable crotch, making the bed squeak as they rutted like animals.

The scene and Cheryl's tight rear proved to much for young Jim - he felt another orgasm coming on fast. It was like some porno film, him and two older experienced women fucking away on his bed. He decided to end it like a porno film, too!

Jim kept pumping away until he was about to cum, then he pulled his cock out, grabbing hold of it as his jism spurted forth. His aim was true - the first big wad splashed on Cheryl's reamed anus. And then another, and then another.

Through sex-squinted eyes, Jim watched his spunk drip down to his mother's munching mouth, watched her tongue drag his gooey load all through Cheryl's slick slit.

"OHI'MCUMMINGGG!" Cheryl whooped. Jim saw her jerk her sex across his mother's tongue and nose, coating both with a fresh supply of love oils.

More cum sprang from his aching erection, the distance waning, it fell on his mother's forehead with a wet smack. Afraid that would offend her, he leaned closer to Cheryl's trembling bottom and shot a few more shots into her soft assflesh.

Finally, they all fell apart. Jim watched as Cheryl wiped his cum off his mother's forehead and then ate it like sweet icing.

"So how does it feel to know you've committed incest," Cheryl asked Victoria, smiling wickedly.

"Fan-fucking-tastic!" She turned toward Jim and planted a kiss on his cheek

Jim smiled. He wouldn't mind fucking either of these two hot women again. Cheryl sighed one final time, kissed Jim passionately on the lips, then got up and got dressed.

"I've got to get home."

"Yes, and I've got things to do as well. Just remember, Jim, not a word of this to anyone!"

"My lips are sealed. Scout's honor."

"Good. Now get dressed and you can help me get the house cleaned before everyone gets home."


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Loved it! Glad there are more chapters to read and more family members to fuck!

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