tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTorrie & Dawn Marie Ch. 01

Torrie & Dawn Marie Ch. 01


Torrie walked to the door of room 309 in angst. She knew she had no choice but to go through with Dawn Marie's wishes. There was no way that Torrie could allow her father to marry Dawn Marie, and this seemed to be the only way out. She reached the door, apparently still contemplating what to do. But in her mind, she knew what she had to do. She knocked on the door three times, but there was no answer. Then she remembered the key that Dawn Marie had slipped in her coat. She took it out and glanced at it, knowing that there was no turning back. She slid the electronic card in and out of the lock. The light went from red to green. Torrie took a deep breath, then put her hand on the knob and twisted. As the door opened, Torrie peered in, not knowing what to expect.

It took Torrie only a second to spot Dawn Marie. She sat at a distance in an elegant black and red chair, wearing a silky, thigh-length black robe and holding a glass half full of wine. Torrie slowly and apprehensively approached Dawn Marie. It wasn't until Torrie was a step or two away from her that Dawn Marie acknowledged her, standing and taking a drink out of the glass. She set the glass down on the table next to her. Dawn Marie could feel Torrie's fear and she could see it in her face.

"I guess you do love your father," uttered Dawn Marie as she slowly raised her hand to stroke Torrie's cheek. Before Dawn Marie could begin caressing her skin, Torrie swatted her hand away and turned to leave. She could only manage a few steps before Dawn Marie froze her in her tracks. Not by force, but simply by saying, "I guess you don't love your father after all." Torrie now knew she would have to go along with anything Dawn Marie said. The last thing she would allow is her father, whom she cared about so much, to marry this conniving bitch. She turned back around and saw the smirk etched on Dawn Marie's face. This had been her plan all along.

"Can I take your coat?" Dawn Marie asked as she walked over to Torrie.

"I'd much rather keep it."

Dawn Marie began laughing under her breath, but cut herself off, "Give me your coat, Torrie," she demanded. Torrie reluctantly took her coat off and handed it to Dawn Marie.

"I'll go get you something to drink," said Dawn Marie as she walked into the kitchen. She placed the coat on the counter next to Torrie's glass of wine. Dawn Marie then paused for a second. She wanted Torrie to imagine all of the things that she might do to her. Dawn Marie then grabbed the glass and walked back into the other room. She handed the glass to Torrie, who took a small sip from it.

"Oooh, you look tense. Why don't you let sit on the bed and let me rub your shoulders?" Dawn Marie gently tapped the edge of the bed a couple of times. Torrie set her glass on the table next to Dawn Marie's and sat lightly on the spot where she had been instructed. Dawn Marie proceeded to sit behind Torrie, straddling her. She extended her legs down either side of Torrie and pressed so close against her that Torrie could feel Dawn Marie's tits being buried in her back. Dawn Marie began to slowly rub Torrie's shoulders, but could easily see in the mirror in front of them that Torrie was uncomfortable.

"You can't possibly be relaxed by this with your shirt covering your shoulders. Let me take this off for you." Dawn Marie slowly lifted Torrie's shirt over her head and threw it on the floor next to the bed. She looked at the clasp of the pink bra Torrie was wearing, but decided against unhooking it. She began rubbing Torrie's shoulders a little more vigorously than before. Dawn Marie looked in the mirror and could see that Torrie was beginning to loosen up, moving her neck slowly to calm her nerves. But no sooner than that did Dawn Marie become fixated on Torrie's chest. She could see Torrie's tits pouring out of the cups of her bra as if they were begging to be released. Dawn Marie felt herself getting hotter, having to fight the urge to finger her pussy. Torrie was also having to control her feelings. She was rather enjoying herself until she looked in the mirror. Disgusted by what she saw, Torrie went to swat Dawn Marie's hands off her shoulders. But Dawn Marie grabbed Torrie's hands first.

"Don't fight me, Torrie," Dawn Marie said in a sultry voice, "I know you're enjoying this as much as I am." She guided Torrie's hands onto her thighs. Expecting resistance, Dawn Marie was pleasantly surprised when Torrie began rubbing her legs up and down. Immediately, Dawn Marie realized that she had underestimated Torrie and her love for her father. She went back to massaging Torrie's shoulders and could feel Torrie letting herself go considerably more. Torrie had begun to rub Dawn Marie's legs a little harder. As she moved towards the inside of Dawn Marie's thighs, Dawn Marie jumped ever so slightly as she became hot with excitement. This twitch jolted Torrie back to reality, and she quickly sprang up off the bed.

"I'm sorry. I can't do this. This isn't right. I should go."

"You don't want to leave, do you?" asked Dawn Marie sarcastically. "You're having too much fun." Dawn Marie rose from the bed and stood in front of Torrie. She slowly untied her robe and slid it off her shoulders. Torrie gazed speechlessly at Dawn Marie, who was wearing nothing but a black lace bra that barely covered her nipples and a semi-transparent g-string.

Torrie's daze was interrupted by Dawn Marie falling to her knees. She worked her hands up Torrie's skirt. Torrie stood motionless, frozen in a mix of fear and enthrallment. Dawn Marie placed her hands on Torrie's hips. She glanced upward into her eyes and could see that Torrie was too scared to offer any resistance. Dawn Marie slowly pulled Torrie's panties down her legs all the way to her ankles. She then rose to her feet, looking Torrie dead in the eye. Torrie had absolutely no idea what Dawn Marie had planned for her next.

"Close your eyes, Torrie." Reluctantly, Torrie did as she was told. "Just relax. I'm not going to hurt you." Torrie swallowed the gigantic lump in her throat. She couldn't remember a time when she was more scared.

"Ever since I first saw you in WCW, I was attracted to you. I was drawn to you and I wanted you, all of you." Dawn Marie put her hands on Torrie's cheeks. "I loved your delicate face, your vivacious smile," she started to work her hands down Torrie's body simultaneously as she named each part, "your ample breasts, your curvaceous hips, your tight ass, your creamy thighs, your smooth legs. I've always imagined what it would be like to be with you. And tonight, I'm finally going to find out."

"Please, Dawn Marie, I'm begging you. Don't --," Torrie's plea was cut off by the succulent lips of Dawn Marie being pressed against her own. Torrie tried to fight it at first, trying to push Dawn Marie away from her. But gradually, Torrie's efforts weakened. The agony on her face turned to enjoyment. Her hands, instead of pushing, were now clenched around Dawn Marie's back. Her mouth opened up, allowing Dawn Marie and herself to entangle their tongues in a wave of passion. After many seconds, their lips finally separated.

"Wow. I've never had a kiss so... so... "


"Exactly." Torrie momentarily paused, a thoughtful look on her face. "Dawn Marie?"


Torrie placed her hands on Dawn Marie's chest, feeling the tops of her breasts. "I think I want you, too."

They pressed their bodies up against one another, and their lips met again. Dawn Marie put her hands around Torrie and grabbed a handful of her ass. Their tongues continued to clash as Torrie put her hands on top of Dawn Marie's. This time, Torrie was guiding Dawn Marie's hands up her back and onto her bra strap. Dawn Marie proceeded to undo the clasp, but the force of her body against Torrie's caused the bra to stay in place. Slowly, Dawn Marie backed off the kiss and off Torrie completely. Torrie's pink bra fell from her chest and onto the floor.

Dawn Marie could barely contain herself. She wanted so badly to taste Torrie's tits. They stood as if they were at attention. So enormous, so succulent. Torrie knew it wouldn't take Dawn Marie long to give in.

"I believe I have something you want. Actually, two things." Torrie gently massaged her breasts, teasing Dawn Marie and inviting her at the same time. Dawn Marie could take no more. She put her hands on Torrie's chest and immediately felt a surge of intense heat through her body.

"Come on, Dawn Marie... taste me."

Those words were too much for her. She engulfed herself in Torrie's right tit. She sucked Torrie's nipple and caressed it with her tongue.

"That's it. Oh yeah. Ohhhh," Torrie continued to moan as she pressed Dawn Marie's face deeper into her chest. Dawn Marie quickly switched to Torrie's left tit, attacking it with the same vigor. Torrie could feel an orgasm coming, but she wanted to prolong the proceedings, so she lifted Dawn Marie off her breasts and onto her lips. The heat of their kiss was magnified when Dawn Marie heard Torrie slide her skirt off her hips and onto the floor.

The seal of their lips broke, and Torrie walked by Dawn Marie. She approached the bed and bent over to smooth out the sheets, giving Dawn Marie an eyeful of her bare ass. She then laid on the bed with her arms extended out to the side and her legs crossed. Dawn Marie's eyes went up and down Torrie's body, momentarily stopping to admire Torrie's clean-shaven pussy.

"You're not just gonna stand there all night, are you? I mean, isn't this, aren't I what you wanted?"

Dawn Marie slowly walked towards the bed, getting hotter with each step. She reached the edge of the bed, unsure of how to approach Torrie's naked body.

"Don't make me wait any longer, Dawn Marie. I want you on top of me."

Dawn Marie proceeded to mount Torrie, placing one leg on either side of her. She was on her knees, her torso still upright. Their eyes met in an erotic stare. Visions of the pleasure to come ran through their minds.

Dawn Marie went to speak, but Torrie placed two fingers over her lips. Slowly, she moved them down Dawn Marie's chin and neck, exciting Dawn Marie more and more, and ran them down the valley in between Dawn Marie's breast until she got to her bra.

"I want you to do that to me." Dawn Marie went to place two fingers on Torrie's lips. "No, not with your fingers," Torrie said as she leaned over and grabbed both glasses of wine from the table, "with your tongue."

Torrie slowly drizzled some wine in between her breasts. The trail of liquid ran down her body and began to fill up in her navel. Dawn Marie leaned over Torrie and put her tongue inside Torrie's belly button, licking all the wine out. She slowly began to move up Torrie's stomach. Torrie began to see the wine accumulating on Dawn Marie's tongue, but the ecstasy of Dawn Marie's tongue moving up her body caused Torrie to throw her head back and let out a few, soft moans. As Dawn Marie neared the end of the wine, the sides of her tongue scraped the edges of Torrie's mounds. She finished the wine, leaving a different kind of wetness down the middle of Torrie's body. She pulled off and returned to her upright position. Their eyes met again and remained locked as Dawn Marie reached around her back and unhooked the clasp of her bra. She pulled her arms out and tossed the bra onto the floor next to the bed. Dawn Marie could see Torrie's eyes drop, and she paused for a second to give Torrie a chance to engulf the sight of her enormous tits.

Dawn Marie took both glasses out of Torrie's hands. She took a drink out of the glass in her right hand, but did not swallow. Instead. she leaned back over Torrie and kissed her, allowing the wine to go from her mouth to Torrie's, with some dripping down the sides of Torrie's face. Torrie swallowed the wine ass Dawn Marie backed off. She licked her lips in an attempt to get all the wine she could. Dawn Marie extended her arms so that the glasses were directly over Torrie's face. She tilted the glasses and a small amount of wine came pouring out. Torrie's mouth chased the falling liquid as if she were dying of thirst. Dawn Marie brought the glasses back towards her body after the last of the falling wine hit Torrie's tongue. Still, Torrie thirsted for more.

Dawn Marie could see the lust in Torrie's face, almost as if it had possessed her. She had no intentions of making Torrie fight that lust. She took both glasses and splashed the remaining wine over each of her bare tits. Torrie instantly sat up and, after a moment of hesitation to decide which to attack first, pressed herself into Dawn Marie's left tit. Dawn Marie put her hands behind Torrie's head, pulling her even tighter, as Torrie went up and down, getting all the wine she could.

"Torrie, ohhh, this is better than I ever imagined. Ohhh. I knew you'd enjoy this, and I knew you'd -- OHHHHH!" Dawn Marie's angelic voice turned into a violent moan as Torrie began biting her nipple. "Torrie.. I can't... uhhh... uhhhhhh... Torrie... ohh... oh yeah... Torrie stop!"

Dawn Marie lifted Torrie's head off her chest. Torrie looked perplexed, wondering why Dawn Marie had stopped her.

"Now do the other one." A large, devilish smile grew on Dawn Marie as Torrie engulfed her right tit, but it quickly disappeared as a mix of pain and erotic pleasure took its place. Her moans returned as Torrie fondled Dawn Marie's nipple with her teeth yet again. Torrie hadn't realized the wine was gone. The taste she craved was of Dawn Marie's flesh.

Dawn Marie could feel herself losing control. She was so close to exploding. But she couldn't let Torrie continue to dominate her. She had a purpose for all of this, and she became focused on that purpose once again.

Dawn Marie pulled away and lifted Torrie's chin in an effort to gain eye contact. "Torrie, this has been fun so far, but i think it's time to get serious." Dawn Marie's sexy voice left a cloud of mystery in Torrie's mind. Torrie wondered what Dawn Marie meant, and she soon found out.

Dawn Marie had readjusted her position and was now laying flat and Torrie's body. After a long, passionate kiss, Dawn Marie's lips left Torrie's, and she slid herself down Torrie's body. The smirk on her face made Torrie increasingly hotter. Dawn Marie positioned herself over Torrie's waist, her eyes gazing into Torrie's.

Dawn Marie's eyes remained fixed on Torrie's as she lowered her head. Torrie kept her composure somehow, knowing how intense the forthcoming pleasure would be. But as Dawn Marie began massaging Torrie's clit with her tongue, Torrie burst into an erotic cry.

"Dawn Marie... yeah... yeah... oh God yes... fuck me... ohhhh... fuck me... ohhhhh... ohhhhhhh... " Torrie continued as she felt herself ready to cum, "Don't stop... don't... ohhh... ohhhh... ohhh God... Dawn Marie... ohhh... faster..faster..OHHHHHH!" Torrie was overcome by an incredible orgasm, juices spilling into Dawn Marie's mouth. She laid in complete exhaustion.

"That was amazing, Dawn Marie. Dawn Marie?"

Dawn Marie still had her tongue buried inside Torrie's clit, completely ignoring Torrie's current state. She was nowhere near finished with Torrie.

"Dawn Marie, you can stop now. Dawn Marie, stop," but Dawn Marie continued as she remained oblivious to Torrie's plea.

"Dawn Marie, please. I don't wa-- uhhhh... uhhhhh... oh God... ohhhh... OHHHHHHHHH!" Another orgasm swept through Torrie's body, even more exhilarating than the first, and it dramatically changed Torrie's frame of mind.

"Don't stop now, Dawn Marie. I want one more good fuck." Torrie pressed her hands on the back of Dawn Marie's head, exerting as much pressure as she could on her vulnerable clit. She was writhing in pain, yet her screams only showed the immense pleasure going up and down her body.

"YES... OH YES... OHHHHH... OHHHHHHHH... FUCK ME... FUCK ME... FUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!" And with that last scream, which could've been heard miles away, an immense load shot into Dawn Marie's mouth, overwhelming her. She finally pulled her tongue out of Torrie's clit, juices running down the side of her chin. She pulled herself to the top of the bed and laid next to Torrie, both of them completely exhausted. Dawn Marie had never expected such a great reaction from Torrie. And Torrie never expected to be so fulfilled sexually by another woman. As she fell asleep, her last thoughts were of how to repay Dawn Marie. And she would...

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