tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTorrie Wilson With Her Black Bodybuilder

Torrie Wilson With Her Black Bodybuilder


Torrie Wilson's continuation in interracial sex:

After months of Torrie Wilson's weekly meetings with Marcus, her black personal/sexual trainer, Torrie's career started to skyrocket. She was becoming one of the favorite fitness models in the entire fitness industry. She seemed to be on one magazine after another every week. By the way if you have never seen Torrie, she is 5 foot 9 inches 130 pounds, and is a blonde goddess. She could have any man she wanted, she not only is a beautiful woman, she is also one of the sweetest women you could meet. And only her very closest friends had any idea that she was having sex weekly with a black man.

Torrie and Marcus continued there training sessions overnight at Marcus' gym and he wore her out, with weights and even more in bed. Torrie's sexual appetite and her willingness to try new things grew after each meeting. As Marcus promised, Torrie could handle Marcus' black cock much easier than their first experiencd. Torrie would still have multiple orgasms each and every time. The more of Marcus' black cock Torrie had, the higher her sex drive became. Torrie and Marcus had a great sexual relationship, but as Marcus told her, he still saw other women and Torrie started to wonder what it might be like with other black men. She had yet to try to hook up with a different black man but she knew the day would soon come when she could.

Because of Torrie being on many different magazine covers, she was invited to many different fitness related events. They were mostly autograph and photograph opportunities for fans of hers and other fitness models. She became friends with a few of the other models, and she was tempted to ask a few of them if they too had ever slept with a black man. Torrie was estatic about the way her career was going, but an apportunity was soon to arise that would change everything.

During one of Torrie's autograph shows, a promoter for a Mr. Olympia contest was going around inviting a few of the models to appear at the national Mr. Olympia contest. The promoter was looking for a few of the top models to come to the contest, mainly for eye candy for the male fans. The promoter made sure to ask Torrie if she was free for that weekend of the contest and made her a very lucrative offer for a couple of days of stress free work. Just a few hours of autographs with fans was all she was obligated to do. Torrie was very excited and accepted the offer. The contest was a few weeks away, as was the next chapter of Torrie Wilson's sexual awakening.

Once the weekend of the show arrived Torrie did the autograph session and she was shocked to find that she was one of the big attractions with the fans. She thought mostly hard core muscle heads would be showing up, but many came just for the opportunity to get to meet Torrie and the other fitness models on site. After the autograph session ended, the only thing Torrie and the other girls had to do is stay around and when the contest was over, present trophies to the winners of each muscle class. Torrie had never been to a bodybuilding competition and could not believe how muscular the guys were, they were all sizes, from 180 pounds and up, all the guys were shredded. There were multiple weight classes, and Torrie admired all the guys, but when the heavyweight class came out Torrie's libido went wild. The heavyweights were like giants, their bodies had so much muscle mass, but what got Torrie Wilson stimulated was the majority of the men were black.

The contest was to be held over two days and after the first day of competition, a reception was held for all contestants and vip guests. Torrie of course was invited and she made the rounds and chatted with the other models and many of the bodybuilders. They all were very nice and during the end of the evening, one of the giants Torrie saw came up and said hello. "Excuse me, aren't you Torrie Wilson, the model the other girls are complaining about."

"Well yes I am, but why are they complaining?"

"They are bitching about you because you are the one taking all there modeling assignments." the giant said, "by the way my name is Flex Wheeler."

Flex Wheeler is one of the big men, no pun intended, in the bodybuilding world. He is around 6'3" and depending on if he is training for a show, anywhere from 250 to 280 pounds. He is in incredible shape, he has very little body fat, has huge muscles, and what got Torrie the most, his skin was dark as night. "I hope you are enjoying the show, it is nice to have you fitness girls here to give us some motivation." Torrie smiled demurely and said "by the look of you, you must have had a lot of motivation over the years, you are huge." Torrie stammered a bit "I meant your body is so muscular."

"Torrie, that is sweet of you to say, I just hope the judges tomorrow feel like you do."

"It is getting late and I have to get ready for tomorrow's show, but if you would like, would love to talk again." Before Torrie could respond Flex continued "everything I have heard about you has been positive and I bet we will see each other at other shows it the future."

"Flex, that would be great, it is a date." Flex smiled and said goodnight before Torrie could amend the it is a date, although the more Torrie thought about it, the more she wouldn't mind a date with the ebony hunk she had just met.

The show was going fine, although it was a bit long as each weight class was competing. The heavyweights were about to go on stage and Torrie was backstage with the winners of the previous classes. She was walking around and was looking for a restroom, she thought she found one but when she walked in she realized it was a mens locker room and heard some grunting in the back. It sounded like a man in obvious pleasure she peeked around a locker and saw a naked man with his back to her. She could see he was soaked with sweat, and soon could tell he was masturbating. Then a shock came to Torrie as the man had one of Torrie's pictures taped to a locker in front of him and he was certainly stroking his cock to her picture. The final shock was that man was Flex Wheeler.

Torrie could see Flex was stroking himself fast and hard and could even hear him. "Oh slut, come on suck me, suck your black daddy." A few more grunts and then "I am going to cum on your sexy body, mmmm," and soon Flex's body thrusted one last time as he let out a primal grunt. Torrie was hiding and Flex couldn't see her and as Flex was putting on his very small speedo for the show, Torrie could see that flaccid, flex was a good six inches in length. As he was leaving Torrie heard him again "damn for a piece of that sexy pussy I would let another one of these suckers win the damn show." If this would have happened a year ago, Torrie would have left the arena, but after her affair with Marcus, she knew she wanted and was going to have the black cock of Flex Wheeler very soon. As she went backstage for the show she giggled to herself and wondered if she should tell Flex that is wish would soon come true.

The heavyweights were about to go onstage and Flex was the last one to go out. Right before he did, Torrie walked up to him and whispered "I just wanted to tell you, like the other heavyweights, the winner of the heavyweight class gets a trophy, $10,000, and I night in my bed." Flex's eyes (among other things) bulged out and all he said was "then I will see you after the show because these boys have no chance now." As he walked out Torrie smiled and very soon it became evident that Flex was right, he was in the best shape and also had the best stage presence there. The contest turned out not to be one and he won easily. As he went to collect his things he was looking for his main prize and couldn't find her. In his back was a room key with a note "Flex, win or lose you are the winner to me, Torrie." Flex became hard at reading this and was going to show Miss Torrie Wilson the time of her life.

When Flex finally reached Torrie's hotel room, he entered and saw Torrie in a fire engine red nightgown waiting for him. "Damn Torrie, when you talked to me at the arena and said what you did, I thought winning the show would be a bitch, every guy there must want a piece of that sweet white pussy, but when the show started there seemed to be no fight in the guys."

"Well Flex to be honest, I didn't say that to anyone else but you." Flex smiled and said "Torrie since we met you are the only thing I have thought about, and to be honest before the show I like to work up a sweat and usually I do some hard cardio, but today I put up the sexiest pic of you I could and stroked to it, hope you don't mind me telling you that."

"Oh not at all, I will forgive you if you forgive me for peeking at you while you did." Flex laughed and told Torrie to come here so he could collect his prize.

They started to kiss and rub on each other with a great deal of passion and Flex was becoming very aroused. His cock was rock hard and he asked Torrie "I gotta mention, I am pretty big, we can take this as slow as you want." Torrie not wanting to let on she had taken big black cock before, "Flex lets just enjoy the moment." Flex laid down on the bed and Torrie released his cock from its entrapment from his jeans and even though she new he was big still was shocked.

"OH MY GOD FLEX" but with no hesitation began to suck it. Flex was really getting into his conquests sucking him and was surprised with the amount of his cock she could swallow. He was going to say something but before he could Torrie started to stroke him fast and told him she wanted to swallow his load. Flex soon obliged her and let out a massive load of his sperm into her very willing mouth. Torrie had a look like a woman possessed and Flex pulled her close and ripped off her panties and started rubbing her soaking wet pussy.

He couldn't believe this hot white model he lusted after was so wet, solely due to him. "Flex eat me please" and Flex dove into her folds with abandon. After just a few minutes Torrie's body was starting into orgasm after orgasm and Flex wanted to fuck her body silly. "Torrie I gotta have you now, I know it might hurt, but I need to fuck you." Torrie just nodded and knew her secret about black men was about to be exposed. As Flex placed his cock against her clit, her clit suddenly opened at least 5 inches Flex guessed. "Damn Torrie what the hell..." and as a big grin came to his face "tell me I ain't the first black man you have had."

"Well lets see how far into me you can go and we will find out." Flex thrust into her and was shocked to find out Torrie took almost all of him in the first thrust, only the last 2 inches of his 13 inch cock would not fit. Flex loved knowing Torrie could handle him, as most women couldn't. As they fucked those extra 2 inches of cock that Torrie had never experienced made her body feel like no man, even Marcus had. Their bodies were covered in sweat as Torrie's legs locked around Flex and she moaned to him "shoot that black cum in me." Flex pumped as hard and fast as he could and shot a load so thick that it spilled out of Torrie's willing pussy once he finally withdrew.

As Flex looked down on Torrie's sexy body, he still couldn't believe how wide Torrie's tight pussy got once he started to fuck her. It was still wide open after Flex had left it. Torrie had a look on her face like she was in a trance and told Flex "that was the best fuck ever." Flex seriously said "Torrie Wilson, you haven't seen anything yet." And she hadn't, over the next 4 hours they fucked in every position imaginable, missionary, dogging style, standing up, and in the bedroom and bathroom. When it was finally over Flex Wheeler dumped his load into and onto Torrie Wilson on five different occasions. It would be impossible to count how many times Torrie had climaxed during their night together. All she knew it was heaven.

As she dressed the next morning to leave she asked Flex if he would like to do this again sometime. "There is another show in two months, you better be there" as he kissed her one last time. "And one last thing Torrie, how many black men have you been with."

"Oh just one besides you, we have an on and off sexual relationship."

"So you mean you are that crazy for black cock and you have only now been with two different black men."

"Next time I know what exactly what you need."

"And what is that big boy" Torrie cooed. "Next time I need to bring another black bodybuilder and really turn that white pussy out."

"And next time I am going to hit that ass too," Flex said as he left, and left Torrie Wilson counting the days until her next black sexing to come.

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