tagInterracial LoveTory and the Gardner

Tory and the Gardner

bySean Renaud©

Jose heard the lady of the house coming long before he saw her. Having worked for the Smiths for almost five years he had a pretty good idea of what she was wearing just by listening to her. These were her grey platform heels. He could tell by her pace. That meant she was probably wearing her denim micro shorts and a torn half tee that wouldn't quite cover her breasts. Today her husband was out of town on business so she'd even worse than she normally was.

"Hey there, you ready for some refreshments?" Jose pretended not to notice her at first and continued tending to the garden. "Jose?" He turned around. He was wrong though, she wasn't wearing a torn off tee, instead she was wearing a black bikini top with pink skull and crossbones emblazoned over her breasts. She had two glasses of lemonade and a pitcher more waiting if he wanted more. "You've been working out in the hot sun all day long and you deserve a little refreshment don't you think?"

Jose made it a point to keep his eyes from staying on her for more than a minute as difficult as that proved to be. Tory was only twenty four and she'd spent a lot of time keeping her body toned to near perfection. She'd been blessed generously with cleavage that couldn't be held back by a mere bikini top. The one she was wearing was likely to burst at the seams if she took too deep a breath. Her long legs were always an easy distraction but the combination of short shorts and high heels were positively maddening. "Thank you senorita." Jose replied. He spoke nearly perfect English only flavoring it with bits of Spanish because he'd long ago discovered that his employers found it cute. It was annoying but when cute was something he could measure in his paychecks he was more than willing to humor them a bit.

"You know you don't have to call me that, you can just call me Tory if you like." She reached out and lightly brushed her fingers along his arm smiling coyly at the same time. "When you finish out here you can come inside, I have a few things that I need taken care of in there if you don't mind."

She had never been exactly subtle in life either. Everybody who worked on the property had their stories about how Tory had pulled them apart to help her fix this or that in her bedroom, it wasn't the first time that Jose would be invited inside. "Of course." He stole a glance here and there. It was difficult not to with her occasional squeals when she spilled a bit onto her breasts.

It was a relief when she finally took her glass and left Jose alone with his work. For the rest of the afternoon he worked a little faster than normal finishing up with the roses in half the time it would normally take him. He was finished with the grass and weeds with almost an entire hour to spare. "I guess I should go see what she wants." Jose thought aloud letting himself in through the back patio door.

"I'm upstairs!" Tory shouted. She'd changed from her micro skirt into just a loose silk robe. When Jose appeared in the doorway she shuddered slightly. He was everything her husband would never be and it turned her on like nothing else ever had. Jose had the muscles and complexion of a man who worked day in and day out with his hands. She loved the way his ruddy flesh contrasted with her own pale skin and more than that the rough feeling of his hands against hers smoothness. "Is all your other work done?"

"Si senorita." Jose glanced around the master bedroom for a moment before settling his eyes on the lady of the house. "You said you had something left for me?"

Tory slid to the edge of the bed her toes barely brushing against the thick carpet. She spread her legs and beckoned him over with a crooked finger and he obeyed. When she pointed down he knelt down letting her wrap her legs around his skull. He didn't need to be told what to do next. She had him well trained.

Tory raked her fingers through Jose's short curly hair and moaned in ecstasy. It wasn't what she really wanted it was just what she had to settle for. In her perfect world he'd throw her on the bed and take her every way he wanted. She wanted to feel the strength and dominance of a real man but she was willing to settle for the next best thing, controlling such a beast and using it for her pleasure. It was nearly as thrilling knowing that he could at any moment realize that he was two hundred plus pounds of raw muscle being commanded by a woman a little more than half again his weight.

Jose closed his eyes and did as he'd been commanded licking and suckling at the lady of the house's pussy. He knew what the little twitches of her hips meant, the clenches of her thighs and the tightening of her fingers in his hair. Jose scooped his hands beneath her firm buttocks and lifted her up into the air to her immediate delight. She dug her heels into his shoulders and squealed in response to being pinned against the wall. He held her there until he felt her body finally start to go limp and then he dumped her onto the bed.

Tory's head went blank when she bounced off her bed and settled into place. He looked so incredible right then standing over her smudged with dirt and sweat. His chest was swelling with each breath but most of all he was looking at her like he was going to devour her. Tory mentally braced herself holding that this would be the time that he finally lost control of herself. Deep down she was a little frightened of what would happen when he did reach that point and snap. There wasn't going to be anything should do to stop him when that happened, her husband wouldn't be back for days, her neighbors were too far away to hear her scream. She'd be his until he decided that he was done with her.

He didn't lose control through. He took a long breath and turned his attention to the door. "Will you be needing anything else senorita?"

It took every bit of self-control to keep from taking advantage of her right then but Jose knew that was exactly what she wanted. Jose loved the sound of desperation in her voice when she ordered him back to continue pleasuring her so he turned and started towards the door.

"No that is not all." Tory rolled over onto all fours and spread her legs. "You're finished when I say you are Jose!"

"Si senorita." Jose tried to feign reluctance while he disrobed. He couldn't stop himself from gripping her by the hips and dragging her back towards him. Tory lowered her head to the mattress and bit down on the sheets to keep herself from screaming when Jose impaled her with his fat prick. Tory squealed into her sheets clawing and pounding at the bed with each thrust. She howled each thrust taking her a little closer to her climax.

"Don't stop. Don't you fucking stop!" Tory gasped. At that moment Jose wouldn't have stopped even if she had begged him too. He was far too close. Her already tight twat was squeezing down around his cock when he thrust into her one final time. He thrust so hard it knocked her flat and slid her forward on the bed. Jose clamped his hands down over Tory's mouth silencing her protests before they started and he dumped his cum deep into her womb.

Tory's eyes went wide. She couldn't believe he'd had the audacity to cum inside her! What if she got pregnant, there was no way her husband would believe that a little brown child was his. Tory tried to scream but he had already covered her mouth, she couldn't get away from him either. He was lying on top of her pinning her to the bed. Even if she hadn't been pinned beneath him her hips were disconnected from her brain at the moment and here milking him for every drop with her own orgasm that eventually left her. "Now am I finished senorita?" Jose uncovered her mouth.

"Get out you beast." She hissed.


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