tagIllustratedTossing Salad

Tossing Salad


Milicient stepped into the kitchen a good hour before most of the rest of the staff would begin showing up for work, which was a good two hours before her employer or any of his family would wander down the grand staircase, cross the long marble great room and peek in for a hint at what was on the breakfast menu. Of course by that time her assistants would have prepared a wonderful morning meal following her explicit instructions. While her assistants prepared for the first appearance of the family, Milicient would be already working on the specialty for the evening.

Before any of the preparations could begin though, she had to decide upon what she planned to serve at the State Dinner that evening. It was now, in the early morning hours when she went about her planning in her own special way. She had already inspected the kitchen and confirmed it was immaculately clean. Quickly looking over her utensils, she ran her fingers along her newest addition, a Tom Douglas by Pinzon Wenger 6-inch boning knife.

After checking the fine balance of the knife she took firm hold of the handle just as her special assistant arrived. He immediately stopped, locked the door and turned to face her. Glancing first at his face, then downward she watched as his cock rose to the gentle upward curve of his full erection. She smiled slyly, letting her eyes play back and forth between his erection and the knife, watching him begin to soften a bit. His prominent foreskin intrigued her, but she carefully slid her knife back into its sheath and placed it back in a drawer.

"Good morning Ma'am," her assistant whispered, his cock quickly recovering.

Milicient nodded and walked over to him, gently grasping his cock. Smiling, she playfully wrapped her hand around its girth and slowly moved it forward and back, holding the foreskin firm, letting it slide over the length of him. She continued watching the purplish head appear and disappear in the motion until a droplet of precum ran onto her fingers. Releasing him, she drew her fingers up to her mouth and ran her tongue over the dampness. As the bitter taste tickled her tongue, she made a mental note of what she would do with the salad dressing.

Reaching around behind her, she unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor. As her assistant's hands immediately moved up and cupped her breasts, she reached down and pulled her panties down, letting them fall to the floor. Arching her back, she watched as he moved his mouth down, running his tongue over her nipples and then, as they became hard, he closed his lips over them, sucking them, one and then the other.

Milicient felt a dampness between her legs, but knew her assistant wouldn't be dipping into those waters. She had made it clear her pussy was saved for someone special. Reaching down and easing his cock to the side, she pushed her hips forward and pressed against his thigh. Her pussy was saved, but her clit and lips were another thing and she ground them against them, feeling the pressure radiate pleasure deep into her body. The dampness ran onto his skin, letting her slide easily.

Her assistant reached down and clasped her ass, his fingers squeezing her soft, ample skin as he pulled her onto him. His cock pressed on her hip, oozing more precum onto her. They continued as he worked her back against the center island in the kitchen, where he braced her and ground himself against her, feeling his cock slide over her soft folds of flesh as her pussy slid wetly up and down his thigh.

The first she spoke to him was the quick instruction, "On the floor."

He immediately obeyed, kneeling and then leaning back. When he was on his back, she stepped over him with one foot on each side of his head. Standing above him, she stood motionless for several moments gazing down at him, the bright light above shined down on his firm chest. Moving her gaze, she saw his cock standing upright, twitching with need. She let him look up at her, her forbidden pussy, wet, wanting but forever off limits to him.

Slowly, ever so slowly she bent her knees and lowered herself down onto him, carefully kneeling on the tile floor as she straddled him, her pussy and ass hovering just inches above him. Reaching out, she once again wrapped her fingers around his cock, gently working the foreskin up and down, watching the shiny head, glistening in his precum, appear and disappear into the soft folds of his skin.

After just a few seconds of teasing, she released his cock and lifted her upper body upright as she kneeled above his face. She slowly lowered herself, first feeling his nose as it burrowed into the crack of her ass, then feeling his tongue as it first lightly touched her tight opening, then as it pressed firmly to it. Milicient's tight ass slowly open as his tongue penetrated her and began circling, slowing sliding the circumference of her. His hands move to her thighs and she reached down and guided one of his hands to her clit.

She then imagined the salad, the delicate fronds being gently tossed as the tangy, almost bitter dressing was drizzled onto the leaves. Making a mental note of the salad, she then abandoned herself to the sensation of his tongue gently rimming her as his fingers teased her clit. Glancing down, she watched his cock twitch about as she felt his fingers drawing her closer and closer, but then suddenly moving away from the spot.

Closing her eyes she concentrated on his tongue, circling then pressing up into her then withdrawing and circling again. The sensation was incredible but just not centered... like a loving, gently touch to her breasts, a light kiss on the nipples, wonderful, but fleeting, so fleeting compared to his fingers, now again on the right spot, but now, too rough. Pulling herself up lightly, she then relaxed again to yes, there it was again, now yes, she could feel it. Closer, and closer and damn... he lost it again.

Reaching down she firmly brushed his hand aside and placed two fingers against her clit. Expertly moving them over her clit, she now felt it coming. His tongue in her ass easing her there and then her fingers, soft, so soft when she needed it and now, firm, pressing, pinching, and yes, now, now, now, now. She arched her back, moaned loudly and came. The pleasure pulsed through her pussy, flowing outward, then drawing back, aching for something, yet, needing nothing but to feel, soft, wet, warm as she leaned forward and fell upon him, her breasts flattening on his legs. Resting her head on his shins, she let her hair fall down over his cock.

After a few moments, as the pulsations in her body slowly subsided, she reached out and dragged her purse over her side. Rummaging through the contents, she unzipped an inner pouch and pulled out a small vial. Unscrewing the top, she slowly lifted her head, letting her hair slowly uncoil from his hard cock. She then let the clear, oily liquid run down over his cock. Clasping him with her right hand, she carefully coated him with the lubricant making sure she covered every inch, putting some extra around the head.

Squeezing him as she turned to look back at his face she said, "Let's see what we can do about this." She stood up, handed him the lube and then leaned her forearms onto the island. Spreading her feet apart, she arched her back and lifted her ass up as he reached down, spread her cheeks and eased his lubricant coated finger into her. He repeated the insertion several more times, adding more lube with each penetration.

"Are we ready?" Milicient asked.

"Oh yeah," her assistant replied, "more than ready."

Milicient rose up onto her tiptoes and leaning heavily on her forearms, she said, "Let's get cooking." She gritted her teeth as she felt his hands grasp her hips and then felt the tip of his cock slowly press between her cheeks. Feeling it slide easily, she waited, feeling his fingers pull her cheeks apart and then guide his cock into position. Breathing through her nose she took a deep breath just as she felt him press to her.

She could feel him move in short, quick thrusts as he pressed and opened her slightly, paused and then pressed again. He continued the process, ignoring her tinny squeals as she responded to the slow, but constant penetration. When he finally pressed the head of his cock in past the tight opening he leaned forwards and asked, "You okay."

"Yes, now give me more," she replied through gritted teeth.

She could feel it now, his strength as he pressed harder, moving slowly but steadily, without pausing. Feeling him filling her, stretching her as he leaned into her, his cock sliding deep into her until jutting against her sphincter, he paused just a moment, then plunged. A searing heat shot into her as she grasped her hands around the edge of the counter top. She could feel sweat running down her forehead, and then the pain eased, replacing itself with an odd pleasure.

As her assistant began a slight withdrawal, Milicient moved her right hand down between her legs and while running her fingers over his balls, she let her hand press against her clit. Feeling him press back into her, she let her fingers roll over his balls as she ground her hand over herself. As he withdrew, her fingers pressed up to his cock.

He continued his thrusts, increasing in speed as he got closer to coming. She could feel him now, his hands, still firmly grasping her hips began to tremble and his breathing quickened. Rubbing her clit faster now, she let herself go, surrendering to the intense sensations, the burning heat of her ass, the stretching fullness of his cock as it plunged again and again, all merging with the pleasure immersing her from her clit. At just the moment of coming, it came to her... Beef Wellington, the tender beef encircled by the delicate pastry, like the tender shaft of his cock surrounded by the delicate foreskin.

Her pussy pulsated and she could feel her ass flexing over his cock as he suddenly moaned and pressed deep into her. The pain she felt with his thrust as quickly lost in the sensation of her orgasm, the pain and pleasure somehow, strangely one. She could tell by his grunting and panting that he was coming and braced herself for the splash of his cum, but she never did feel it, but she could feel a sudden softening in him as his cock spent itself inside her.

Milicient felt his chest lean down on her back as he held her tight, trying desperately to keep his cock buried deep inside her, but after just a short time her muscles forced his receding cock out, to drip down the back of her leg. When he stood up she grabbed a towel and while wiping up the dampness in her crotch and running down her thighs, she nodded toward a door and said, "Go get cleaned up and be back here in," she glanced up at the clock, "hmmm, we were pretty quick, be back here in an hour. We've got a Beef Wellington to prepare so we've got to get going."

His face quickly changed from that of conquering lover to loyal assistant and he nodded.

"Damn, that was inspiring," Milicient whispered to herself as he disappeared into the bathroom. She quickly pulled on her bra and panties and then slipped into her robe before heading back to her bedroom. Now that she had the dinner planned she could relax and concentrate on getting ready for the staff meeting. There was a rumor that the President might peek so she'd have to look her best. She'd certainly need to if she was to draw his attention away from that pretty wife of his again.

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