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Total Control


I am sitting on a wooden chair: one, which you have selected for me yourself.

As ordered, I am wearing a white, button up, loose fitting shirt and a brown skirt, which has been shortened, so the hem is sitting at the top of my thighs. I am not wearing a bra or any panties. You have told me to dispense with those. Oh, I am also shoeless.

My long brown hair is loose and cascading over my shoulders as instructed.

I wait patiently for you to enter the room.

You enter. You are carrying a small bucket in your right hand.

I look questioningly at you but say nothing.

Shock hits me as I feel ice cold water hit my rounded breasts, soaking everything I am wearing.

You place the empty on the ground.

The wet shirt immediately second skins me, outlining the contour of my large breasts. The icy cold water has an immediate effect and I feel my nipples harden and look down to see them peaking through the drenched cotton fabric of my white shirt. My skirt is also saturated and it now hangs down between my thighs. Water droplets coat my long legs.

You order me to remove my clothing before I catch cold.

I raise the wet shirt over my head baring my naked breasts to you, followed by the skirt, which manages to further arouse me as the material lightly grazes my taunt teats.

Naked I sit and wait, my head bowed.

You walk up to stand before me. You lightly stroke my hair. The freshly washed soft strands slip through your fingers like strands of gossamer silk.

I want to raise my head to look at you but instead keep my head lowered until you see fit to raise my chin so my eyes can meet yours.

I feel your feather light touch as it strokes the underside of my breast. My sharp intake of breath instinctively tells you that I like this. You take my left nipple between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze tightly. Pain makes me wince but the sensations in my pussy make me squirm against the chair.

You say nothing as you reach down with your left hand, unzip your fly, and take out your cock. You tilt my chin upwards then tightly grab the back of my head pushing my head forward and my mouth closer towards to where you want me taste you.

I lean forward sliding my arse a few inches closer to you and take you into the hot cavern of my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the tip and along the underbelly of your cock. I hear you groan and feel encouraged. I suck on you. Hard.

You groan and I feel elated by the sound of the approval I hear.

It is a gift, one you have given to me.

You reach down and finger my pussy. I am so hot for you right now: so eager to please you.

With your other hand, you play with my tits, pulling on my nipples.

I start to squirm in my chair again and draw on your cock harder sucking for all I am worth. My soft lips slide up and down your shaft: over and over and over. My warm, slippery tongue snakes round the underbelly of your now aching 8 inch hard-on and I feel you push that cock deeper into the back of my mouth.

I feel your bulk as you slide down past my tonsils and I begin to breathe through my nose just as you have taught me.

I hear your breathing patterns change: your breaths are coming in short pants now. I also have the heady sensation of your large balls continually pounding against my chin.

Suddenly you push back on my shoulders so that your cock begins to slide away from the back of my throat. I glance up at you, and involuntarily shake my head not wanting to let go of that part of you yet.

You raise an eyebrow interpreting my body language and instantaneously I realize I have just said "no" to you.

I make a face, which imitates the "Oh God" that I am feeling internally.

You tell me to stand up and not wanting to make a second mistake, I do as I am told immediately.

I watch as you sit down on the chair. Your large penis juts out proudly and it glistens from my oral ministrations.

You order me to straddle you and impale myself on your cock.

I am momentarily confused, as you have made no effort to undress yourself nor have you told me to undress you.

However, not wanting to stand there a second longer I comply.

I straddle you, grab a hold of your penis guiding it to the door of my tight little entrance, and slowly slide down on you. First, only a little bit so my body gets used to your size, then a little further... stop wait for my body to adjust

As if getting sick of this, you raise your large hands to my shoulders and with all the strength of your upper body; you push me right down so that I take all of your cock in one hit. The sensation overwhelms me. Your thickness makes my entrance burn and I can feel the entire length of your shaft pulsating inside me. You do not even give my body a full minute to adjust to the invasion before you tell me to raise myself up slightly and rock against you.

The fabric of your trousers is rubbing against my thighs as I attempt to ride you and I am wet from the slickness, which has since escaped and is trickling down my inner lips. I am getting the rhythm now and I begin to ride you, as one would canter on a horse.

You close your eyes and a look of pure ecstasy crosses your face.

Wanting to change positions again, you tell me "Enough now: I want to fuck your arse."

You tell me to stand up. I immediately get off you and you stand in front of me.

You bend to kiss me not a gentle kiss of affection or love, but a hard kiss claiming possession; ownership; expressing hunger.

You turn me round so that I am facing the chair. You tell me to take a hold of the wooden arms of the chair and then order me to widen my stance. My back is now arched and the only part of my body that is touching you is my arse.

I feel you there. Poking me with your stiff prick. Instinctively, I squeeze my butt cheeks together trying to deny you entrance, but you are persistent and my hole slowly spreads to accommodate your invading shaft. You move in and out of me glorying in the still virgin tightness clasping your aching prick.

You slide your hands up the soft, satin skin which covers my body until you reach there desired destination: my swollen highly aroused breasts, and then with hard squeezes from both hands you claim them as your own as your cock continues to move in steady rhythmic strokes inside of me.

God I love what you are doing to me.

You then, to my utter amazement pull out of me again and cum all over my arse, the warm jet of fluid slowly seeping down in-between my cheeks until it stops near the edge of my pussy.

You collapse against me: your passion totally spent... for the next few minutes anyway.

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