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Author's Note: I have never enjoyed writing a story as much as this one. I drew upon my experience as a massage therapist and USCG-licensed boat captain. I did 'invent' Total Massage and had several clients who received them, all married women, a few of them for more than 5 years each. To the best of my knowledge, their husbands did not know about the type of massage they were receiving. If you have any hangups or prejudices, you shouldn't read my stuff. As ever, comments are appreciated.


"You really skate close to the line when it comes to your massages," Denise said when she got up from her bi-weekly massage.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

I liked Denise. I had been massaging her once or twice a week now for almost 5 years. She was a couple of years younger than me at 42 and worked running a lab in a doctor's practice. Her husband, Gary, 10 years older than her, was in landscaping. She was in pretty good shape for a woman of her age who didn't do any exercise; a little drooping of the ass and a slight thickening of the thighs, but all in all, a nice-looking woman with small A-cup breasts with a great personality and a winsome smile.

"If you went another millimeter sometimes, you'd be breaking the law," she said as she got up from the massage table, clutching the towel to herself.

"The system allows me to massage about 80% of a person, so I try to get every bit of that 80%," I replied. "And I also wouldn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable, so my towel work to keep you covered makes sure that you feel protected and secure."

"I can't even imagine how good I'd feel if you massaged 100% of me," Denise said with a laugh. "Even 80% blows my mind after all these years."

"Well, total massage is pretty intense," I said. "It's got a fairly high sexual component compared to the legal massage. Literally 100% of a person is massaged, from head to toe, inside and out."

"You've done that kind of a massage before?" she asked from the bathroom as she dressed.

"Only to a few very good friends," I replied, a smile on my face as I remembered.

"Never a client?" Denise asked as she emerged from the bathroom, towel in hand.

"No, never a client," I replied, shaking my head. "I wouldn't want to risk my license."

"I'll need to think about that," she said with a smile as she paid me. "See you Friday?"

"Friday it is," I agreed, watching her ass as she left and walked to her car.


"What's this?" I asked when Denise arrived on Friday, a couple of chilled bottles of white wine in a bag. "I thought maybe we could drink a glass before the massage," she said. "You mind?"

"No, definitely not," I replied taking a bottle and opening it and pouring two glasses. "Cakebread Chardonnay," I said. "Nice stuff."

"Cheers!" we toasted each other.

"Delicious," I said, smacking my lips. "Thanks."

"I was wondering if I could be a friend today and not a client," Denise said just before taking a big gulp from her glass, her cheeks coloring a bit. "That's why I brought the wine," she explained.

"Well, sure," I replied, not understanding but also not really minding and enjoying the wine. "Let's sit," I said, indicating the sofa. We had never really socialized in any way before. It had always just been the massage.

"Now that I think about it," Denise said after we had refilled our glasses a bit later, "I don't know if I can go without a massage. Since I'm here as a friend, maybe you could give me a total massage," she said, taking a big gulp from her glass.

"A total massage!" I exclaimed. "Are you sure about that? I mean, you've pretty much inhaled that wine," I said. "I've never been one to take advantage of an innebriated woman, at least not since I was a teenager."

"Oh, the wine's because I love it, but it does give me the courage to say what I wanted to say anyway," she replied. "Ever since the other day, it's all I could think about, a total massage."

"What about Gary?" I asked. We had met several times over the years and I found him to be a nice guy.

"My massages are my massages," Denise replied. "We don't talk about it."

"Well, if you're sure," I said, "I certainly don't mind. I'm sure I'll enjoy it as much as you."

"I would hope so," she said with a laugh.

"Any limitations you want to place on it?" I asked.

"No, I want to know what a total massage is like, the whole thing," she replied.

"Well, like every massage, on the table," I said. "But I need to get a few things that I don't normally use," I said.

"Do I use a towel?" she asked, her cheeks coloring.

"That's entirely up to you," I replied. "It's used for legal reasons, for reasons of privacy to make people more comfortable that don't like being exposed, and it will also keep you warm."

"I think I'll try it without a towel," Denise said as she started towards the bathroom to undress.

I had gathered the toys I might use when Denise exited the bathroom totally naked, no towel. Her small A-cup breasts were mounted by two very thick, hard nipples. Since I already knew 80% of her body intimately, my eyes automatically took in what I had not heretofore seen; her pussy, which was shaved smooth. I could discern her inner lips hanging loosely down from between her fat outer lips. By the goosebumps on her arms and legs I knew that she was excited, nervous.

"Nice," I said, nodding as I let her see my obvious appraisal of her charms.

When she was in position on the table after putting on the eye mask, the bolster beneath her ankles which were spread to the width of the table, I was able to see her ass and pussy clearly. She had a starred rosebud with her pussy very close to it, her longer inner lips spread to reveal the glistening interior.

I started on her back, doing a normal massage. The only difference was that on the down stroke I would include much more of her ass cheeks, to the highest point, letting my fingers trail between her cheeks as I moved back up. It only took a couple of minutes before I felt Denise finally relax.

After finishing her back, I moved down to her left foot, working on it, then slowly working my way up her leg until my finger was stopped by her pubic bone at the junction to her pelvic structure. I gave more attention to her inner thigh, knowing that it was a big source of sexual stimulation, then worked my way back down her leg.

The second time I worked up her leg, I didn't stop at the junction of her leg and pelvis, but continued up onto her ass, massaging and kneading her entire ass cheek, lifting it, spreading it apart, letting my fingers slide down the crack between her cheeks, over her rosebud, down across her pussy and between her pussy lips fleetingly before working back up to her ass cheek.

Denise was rotating her hips as I let my fingers once again delve between her ass cheeks, this time gently pressing on her rosebud with a finger, rubbing it firmly around the rim before proceding downward between her spread pussy lips. She moaned out loud when I let two fingers slide into her, in and out, in and out, before continuing down between her pussy lips to rub her clit.

She was vibrating on the table as I worked my way back down her leg to her foot. As I started my third and final turn up her leg, I could see her pussy juices dripping onto the table. This time when I got to the junction of her leg and pelvis, I let three fingers just slide up and into her pussy, all the way to the knuckles.

Denise was panting as I pumped my fingers in and out of her pussy. She then let out a long moan when I pulled my fingers from her pussy and let them slide to her rosebud where I pushed one finger into her ass. I could feel her lifting to meet my finger as I pumped it in and out a couple of times before withdrawing it.

I finished her left leg and then repeated the entire procedure on her right leg. Her pussy was wetter and wetter and I pushed two fingers into her ass this time before finishing.

"Time to turn over," I said.

"This is amazing," Denise panted as she rolled over onto her back.

"You okay with everything so far?" I asked. "Any requests?"

"Just don't stop," she sighed as she settled herself on her back, the bolster beneath her knees which were spread to the width of the table, totally opening her pussy to my view.

Starting with her right leg this time, I repeated the same basic procedure, then did the left leg. After finished both legs, I removed the bolster from beneath her knees and pulled her down on the table until her ass just overhung the edge. Pushing her knees up towards her chest and totally opening her up, I leaned down and dragged my tongue up between her spread pussy lips, tasting her, then let my tongue slide into her.

Gluing my mouth to her pussy, I drank, literally drank at the fountain of her pussy as her juices flowed. Her pussy was great eating, the long pussy lips fun to chew and suck on. Sucking on her clit released a cascade of juices each time as her body vibrated in orgasm.

Finally standing up, I dropped my shorts to the floor as Denise's legs rested on my shoulders. Pumping a couple of fingers in and out of her pussy, I rubbed the head of my cock up and down between her spread pussy lips, then placed it at the entrance to her hole.

"Now for some deep massage," I said, pressing forward and sinking my cock into her.

"Oh, god, oh, god," Denise moaned as I filled her pussy with my cock.

As wet as she was, her pussy was tight as I began to fuck her. Reaching over for one of my toys, Denise cried out, writhing on my cock as I used the electric vibrator directly on her clit. I could feel her juices flowing as I continued to fuck her, not relenting in the least with the vibrator on her clit.

When I felt my balls approaching that point of no return, I pulled my cock from her pussy and let her legs down, moving around to the side of the table near her head where she lay gasping for breath. Turning her head towards me, I stuck my glistening, gooey cock into her open mouth. She hesitated for only a second before locking her lips on my cock and beginning to suck on it. It was only a few seconds before I lost control and began to pump cum into her mouth.

Denise had both hands wrapped around the shaft of my cock as she sucked on the head, her tongue probing the slit of my cock as cum continued to gush into her mouth. When she finally succeeded in sucking me dry, I stepped back and watched her gasping for breath as she continued to swallow, trying to clear her mouth of all of the cum that I had put there.

"This...is...amazing," she gasped, sprawled on the table.

I moved back to the bottom of the table and lifted her legs again, unceremoniously plunging my cock back into her pussy. Now I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock as I plunged it in and out several times. Then I pulled it out and lowered it just a bit and pressed against her rosebud.

Denise actually lifted her ass to meet me as I fed my cock into her ass. Because I had just cum, I was able to fuck her ass for a good 10 minutes before I felt my balls getting ready to blow. Pulling my cock from her ass, I went to the other end of the table and pulled her back onto it totally before moving to the side next to her face.

Furiously jacking my cock, it took but a few seconds before a stream of cum shot from my cock onto her upper lip. Denise's mouth opened and her tongue extended as I continued to come on her face, on her tongue, in her mouth, on her hard nipples, until there was no more cum.

Now I started massaging her arm, moving up to the shoulder, then onto her chest. Denise lifted her hands to my head when she felt me fasten my teeth onto her hard, cum-covered nipple and suck, first one, then the other, until they were both clean of cum.

I did the other arm then moved up to her head and neck. She hesitated for a moment when I rubbed my cock on her lips, then opened her mouth and sucked it in, not stopping until her nose was pressed up against my stomach.

After a couple of minutes, I withdrew my cock from her mouth and bent over and kissed her, a soft kiss that turned into a deep, passionate kiss.

"That was a total massage," I said as I stood up.

"I should never have done it," Denise said as she removed the eye mask. "I'll never be satisfied by any other massage ever again."

"Sounds good to me," I said, a sardonic grin on my face.

"Thank you so much," she said after she had dressed. "That is by far the best massage I've ever had. I can't wait for the next one."

"I'm looking forward to it myself," I assured her.

"Do you charge more for a total massage?" she asked.

"I've never charged for one," I replied.

"Well, it's worth more," she said, reaching into her bag and pulling out a $100 bill. "What a bargain," she said as she handed it to me.

"Wow," I said. "That's really generous. I mean, I had as much pleasure from it as you did."

"I like the idea of paying for it," she said with a laugh. "See you Monday."


The next few months were crazy great with Denise coming over twice a week for a total massage. She was absolutely cock crazy and I loved the totally free sex without any hangups or attachments. It was strictly massage and sex.

"Sometimes during the day I find myself spacing out, dreaming about sucking your cock," Denise said one day as she was finishing doing just that.

"I hope that's a good thing," I said.

"Well, it is and it isn't," she said with a laugh. "It is because it makes me so horny and it isn't because you're not right there so I can do it. Gary's been enjoying his resurgent sex life," she said. "I fuck his brains out all the time now."

"Gary's a lucky guy," I told her.

"One of the nurses asked me why I seemed to be in such a good mood lately," Denise said as she dressed.

"What did you tell her?" I asked.

"I told her I had found the best massage on the planet," she replied. "We were having lunch and she sort of dragged it out of me."

"You told her?" I asked.

"Well, yes, but not who or anything, just what it was like," she replied.

"How did she react to that?" I asked.

"Oh, her eyes got real big," Denise said with a laugh, "then she blew my mind by asking me if I thought it would be okay if she contacted you herself for a massage."

"You're kidding!" I said, truly amazed.

"What is she, fat and ugly?" I asked.

"Actually, she's 28, really pretty with long red hair, very happily married with 2 small kids," she replied.

"Well, I'll be damned," was all I could think to say.

"You want me to make the introductions?" she asked.

"How do you feel about that?" I asked.

"It's fine with me," she replied. "Think you can handle another total massage client?" she asked with a grin, reaching out to cup and fondle my cock and balls.

"I could handle a dozen of them," I assured her with an obviously exaggerated bravado.

"How should I do it?" Denise asked, laughing. "You want me to give her your phone number or just bring her over?"

"Either way is fine," I said. "Does this make you my pimp?" I asked.

"You can give me a freebie for every new client I bring you," she suggested.

"You're on!" I replied.


"Becky wants to come see me get a massage," Denise said the next time she came over as she was dressing.

"Really!" I said. "How do you feel about that?"

"I've never had sex in front of anyone before," she replied. "I'm not sure, though a part of me likes the idea of someone seeing how much fun I'm having. Would you mind an audience?" she asked.

"I guess not," I replied, "though it would be sort of weird. It's up to you."

"Well, we'll see," she said, kissing me softly as she left.


I was totally unprepared for Becky when she showed up with Denise a few days later. Stunning would be the best word; 5'9", slender with larger breasts, long, ringletted red hair hanging in waves almost to her waist, pale freckled skin with bright green eyes.

Denise had brought a couple of bottles of Cakebread and I opened one and poured us all a glass, then sat on the massage table facing the sofa where the two of them sat.

"You're really interested in this type of a massage?" I asked.

"Mmm, I think so," Becky replied, licking her lips after taking a sip of the wine. "Denise makes it sounds like the best thing this side of heaven. I appreciate it that you let me watch."

"That's a hell of a billing to try to live up to," I replied as Denise laughed.

"Shall we get started?" Denise asked, draining her glass.

"Where should I be?" Becky asked.

"Whever you'd like," I replied as Denise stood and just dropped her clothes right there to stand naked.

"And you do this twice a week?" Becky asked as Denise adjusted the eye mask as she settled onto the massage table.

"Yes, though I'm seriously considering making it three times a week," she said with a laugh. "When I win the lottery, I'll have at least one a day."

I tried to focus on the massage, but the presence of Becky was distracting. I was having a difficult time being around such a phenomenally gorgeous woman, especially when I thought about her being on the table where Denise was now.

When I started working Denise's upper thigh and ass, Becky moved around the table to be able to see better, her eyes growing wide when she saw my fingers sliding in and out of Denise's spread pussy.

When I had Denise turned over on her back, her knees pushed up against her chest as I bent over to glue my mouth to her pussy as my tongue slid into her, I could hear a slight moan from Becky.

When I glanced over at her as I was fucking Denise, I could see that her eyes were glazed as she stared slack-jawed at my cock sliding in and out of Denise's pussy.

"Oh, god, what a massage," Becky breathed when she saw my cock pumping cum onto Denise's extended tongue and into her mouth.

When I started feeding my cock into Denise's ass, I saw that Becky had a white-knuckled grip on the edge of the table as she watched.

"Fantastic," Denise breathed after I had kissed her cum-covered mouth at the end of the massage. "You are just amazing."

"I've never seen anything like that," Becky said, sitting down on the sofa. "I am so turned on."

"You want to try it?" Denise asked as she got up from the table.

"If you both agree that it's okay, then yes, definitely," Becky said.

"Go for it," Denise said as she dressed.


The next few days were the longest of my life as I dreamed of getting my hands and mouth and cock on and into Becky. I was therefore stunned when she showed up.

"Hi, Ronen," she said as she entered. "This is my husband, Mark," she introduced. "He wants to watch."

"Hi, Mark," I said, shaking his outstretched hand, my mind blown and blowing. He was 6'4", short crew-cut hair, and a sculpted, athlete's body.

"Becky tells me that you have an unusual technique," he said.

"That's a pretty fair description," I replied. "Did she tell you any of the details?" I asked.

"No, she just said that she was sure that I'd enjoy seeing it," he replied.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked Becky, who stood grinning at me.

"We share everything," she said. "He'll love it."

"Okay," I said, not really sure how to proceed.

"Where shall I change?" she asked.

"There's a bathroom there," I said, pointing.

"Where should I be?" Mark asked.

"Wherever you'd like," I replied.

"She's been excited as hell the past few days waiting for this," he said, sitting on the sofa. "I can't wait to see what's got her so worked up."

My breath caught in my throat when the bathroom door opened and a naked Becky stepped out. Her breasts were C-cup with large, hard, cherry nipples topping them. Her pussy was shaved bare and I could just make out a hint of her delicate inner lips protruding from between her outer lips.

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