tagFetishTotal Narcissism Ch. 01

Total Narcissism Ch. 01


My name is Steven, I'm 24, and I am a narcissist. Not in the psychological disorder way, but in the "I really want to fuck myself" way. I absolutely worship myself because I know I'm incredibly sexy. When I'm alone (which is most of the time) I like to jerk off in front of the mirror, admiring my gorgeous body and cock. I even take pictures and videos of myself and jerk off to those. I'm my own personal porn star.

I have a foot fetish too, and I of course love worshipping my own feet along with the rest of my body. I'm so flexible that I can lick and smell my gorgeous size 12s all over very easily...one of my many talents. One of my favorite things to do is to get home after a long day at work, take off my sneakers, and deeply inhale the smell of my sweaty feet. That's usually enough to get my dick hard right there.

The other night I was in the process of making one of my videos. Sitting at my desk, rock hard 9-inch cock in hand, clicking through the many photos of my face, my body, my cock and my feet on my computer. Oh, about my face...god damn I'm hot. I am without a doubt the sexiest guy I've ever seen. Hell, the sexiest PERSON I've ever seen. My short, blonde hair...my cute, kissable lips...my beautiful blue eyes, begging me to stare into them forever. My body is slim and smooth, perfectly chiseled but not overly jacked. I naturally take great care of my body because I worship it. Those mirrors in the gym are amazing.

A picture of my sweaty feet flashes across the monitor and I start jerking faster. I stare into the camera's red light. "Keep jerking, Steven," I moan to my future self. Saying my own name is so fucking hot. "I know you love this big cock. You fucking love yourself, don't you Steven?" I imagined myself responding yes, as I inevitably would. "You can't wait to shoot that big load staring at yourself. You worship yourself, you dirty fucking narcissist." That word always turns me on. It's the perfect description of what I am...totally devoted to myself.

Everything I was saying was incredibly sexy, and I knew it'd be even sexier when I watched it back. I knew my future self would be turned on immensely, and the knowledge that I could do that to myself made me even hornier. I know exactly what makes my cock hard. "Are you gonna swallow that big load Steven?" I asked knowingly. "I know you want to shoot that hot cum right in your mouth." Oh yeah, there's that too. A side-effect of my natural flexibility, physical wellness and having a big hot cock is that I can suck myself off. Not just the tip either...I can get at least halfway down usually. I don't do it all that often 'cause it is still kind of painful, but I don't think I need to explain how great it is having this amazing dick in my mouth. Jealous yet?

For now though, I was content staring into my future self's eyes, stroking my perfect dick to pictures of myself. I opened my Facebook page and scrolled through my photos. I insist on having a picture taken of myself on virtually every outing I go on. I don't have a lot of friends; I don't need more than a few; but I value the ones I do have, more or less. Most of them don't know what I am. They stand next to me smiling, totally irrelevant to this photo as far as I'm concerned. I've opened these pictures so I could see my smiling face, the embodiment of perfection. Something about jerking to myself during these more "normal" moments feels so much dirtier.

On the wall in front of me, at a very carefully chosen height, is a tall mirror so I can admire myself in real time. Many times have I made out with the reflection in that mirror and cum all over it. I'm in bliss, surrounded by my perfection. Alternating my gaze between the mirror and the monitor, I start to become overwhelmed by my beauty. I divert all attention away from my recording and lose myself in myself.

"Oh god, Steven," I gasp, tilting my head back while I stroke my full nine inches. "I love you so much...I love you, Steven...I love myself." I look back down at the image on the monitor; my college graduation. I was an amazing student. It's not just my appearance I love; it's everything. Seeing myself beaming proudly, diploma in one hand, was indescribable. "God I'm amazing," I said loudly, getting off on my own physical and mental perfection. My self-worship is truly limitless.

"Fuck, Steven...I am so perfect," I said breathlessly as I approached climax. I rapidly jerked my cock, camera still recording, staring at my sexy face. "No one is sexier than me...I love myself." I began to feel my orgasm welling up inside my dick. Unable to resist, I leaned my head down just far enough and pointed my shaft in the right direction, careful to make sure every moment would be recorded satisfactorily. I didn't want to miss out on watching this moment over and over again.

My delicious cum exploded out of my perfect dick, several blasts landing perfectly on my tongue and supple lips, others staining the perfect skin on my handsome face, and a few more landing on my hard abs. I licked my tongue as far across my lips as it would go, pooling as much of my cum in my mouth as I could before gratefully swallowing it all. Watching the video back later, I noticed a subconscious look of pleased euphoria on my face as I swallowed my own load. What a privilege to swallow such a gorgeous guy's cum.

I spent the next few minutes guiding the cum to my mouth so it could be properly savored. Just another part of me subject to unconditional worship. I looked into the camera once more and licked my lips; partly to seduce myself, and partly in hopes of more cum to taste. I winked at myself (that always drives me crazy) and stopped the recording.

After a minute or two of recovery, I watched the video back. As soon as I heard my sexy voice, my dick started to get hard again. Immediately I knew I'd have to cum again. I'm just too hot to resist. I also have incredible sexual stamina. I once came five times in a row over the course of three hours just worshipping myself. God I'm incredible.

"You fucking love yourself, don't you Steven?" the video asked. "Fuck yes," I replied. "I love worshipping myself. I am the hottest person in the fucking world." I jerked my hard cock, already prepared to shoot my second load. I looked in the mirror and lifted my feet up, showing myself my gorgeous soles. Unable to resist them, I pulled one foot up to my face and ran my tongue from my heel to my toes (I told you I was flexible). My feet were still sweaty from getting home from work an hour earlier; just the way I like them. The sweetly bitter taste of my own sweat seemed to make my cock even harder.

I took all four of my lower toes in my mouth at once and flicked my tongue across them wildly. I slid my tongue in between my toes, licking up even more of my sweat. "Are you gonna swallow that big load Steven?" my recording asked. I took my toes out of my mouth to respond, "Fuck yeah Steven. I can't get enough of my fucking cum." I continued licking all across my sole, enjoying every bit of sweat I could taste. I made sure to examine my foot to see any remaining dry spots so I knew where to lick...and also because my feet are stunningly sexy. Within seconds my entire sole was covered in my saliva. I shoved my size 12 foot in my face and rubbed its moisture all over me until my face was equally covered in spit. Every part of my perfection was coming together in a symphony of narcissism.

By this point in the video my past self had started focusing on his own orgasm...as I often do. Seeing myself so engorged in my own sexiness never fails to make me want to cum. I'm perfect and I deserve to be worshipped, and as far as I'm concerned I'm the best man for the job. Nobody could possibly worship me as thoroughly as I do myself. I turn myself on, and that fact in itself turns me on even more. It's a beautiful cycle of self-lust that I never want to break. I'm a narcissist, and I have an insatiable fetish for my own narcissism.

I was close to cumming again; only about seven or eight minutes after the last time. How can anyone be this fucking sexy? I lifted my foot up level with my dick, and slapped my cock against my sole in a sexual frenzy. "Fuck, Steven," I moaned to myself. "Shoot that cum all over your own feet. Cover those big, sexy feet in your cum, Steven." As I looked up to the video, my recording said, "No one is sexier than me...I love myself." As I sensed his orgasm approaching, I was subconsciously encouraged to reach mine. Our orgasms were in perfect synchronicity. I blasted my cum across my sole in three long bursts as my recording tasted his cum on his lips. Without hesitation, I leaned down and began licking my delicious semen from my feet. This time I could sense that look of self-satisfaction as I swallowed. How could I not be satisfied with myself?

A lot of people feel guilt or embarrassment after they masturbate, especially in such a passionate way. Not me. These two hard orgasms back to back made me feel so wonderfully close to myself. As I sucked up and swallowed the last bits of my cum from my cute toes, I leaned back, closed my eyes, and quietly breathed, "I love you, Steven."

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