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The bell had just rang and the children had been dismissed from their classroom. She sat down at her desk, tired, the week had just ended, She felt her cell phone vibrate in her pocket.

"Hello," she answered.

The mans voice at the other end was soft and raspy. "Come to me now." were the only words he spoke. The connection was broken. She gasped. It was going to happen. She had dreamed of being the submissive. She had written her fantasies and sent them to him. She had thought that it was just a game to him. She knew he masturbated when he read her stories and he told her how much she excited him with her words. They had talked of a meeting place several days ago, but neither had mentioned it again and she really thought that it would never come to pass.

She called her husband and said she was going out with some of the other teachers to celebrate the end of the week and wouldn't be home until late. She dearly loved her husband but they hadn't made love in months and when they did she seldom reached orgasm. She faked it well enough for him though, and he really didn't seem to care one way or the other if she was satisfied.

She got into her car and drove to the prearranged place. She was surprised to find it seemed to be an old warehouse, or something of the sort. There were no other people around and she worried a bit as she got out of the car. She pushed the door to the warehouse open and entered. There was no furnishing at all save a mat with a silk sheet strewn across it and two tables. The larger table had several pillows in all shapes and sizes on it. The smaller one held soft cotton cording, and a cloth that covered several other items that she could only see the outline of.

"Do not touch anything, my slave" she heard him say,"These are all instruments for your pleasure, and I will use them as such as long as you do what I tell you."

"You will not speak unless I tell you that you may, you are mine now. You no longer have a will of your own. You will address me as Master". He stepped from the shadows and for the first time she could see the person who had been addressing her. She breathed a slight sigh of relief as she recognized him. Thoughts had raced through her mind that she was alone with a total stranger. Then she gasped in reality , in many ways, that was the truth.

He laid a pair of lace top stocking on the table and a short black lace gown. It was cut low at the bodice and would reveal more than it concealed.

"Disrobe slave, and put on the clothing I have provided for you."

She was a bit surprised that everything fit. She was not a small lady and had lumps and rolls that she wished was smooth skin. She could tell by looking down at herself the gown flattered her. It showed off her fair freckled skin, her hard muscled legs, silky shoulders and neck and covered the belly that she loathed. She smoothed the stockings on her legs, feeling his eyes on her as she put them on.

"Nice, very nice, slave, come to me and kneel" he whispered.

She kneeled at his feet, placing her head inches from his toes. He began to unclothe himself. His cock standing tall showing his arousal. She knew that this was a new experience for him as well and he had studied his role well. "Rise, slave" he said to her. "Tell me, do you like what you see?"

He stood naked before her, cock throbbing, as he held it in his hands for her inspection. The head was engorged with blood and the shaft rock hard.

"Oh yes, Master, you are beautiful" she answered.

"Very good answer slave" he intoned as he fastened a black velvet collar around her neck. He used a small velvet leash to lead her to the large table. He tied the leash to a knob at the top of the table tilting her head to the side. He arranged the pillows so that she rested comfortably on her stomach, but was bending over the table opening her ass and pussy for his easy viewing and access. Using the cotton cording he tied her hands and feet to the legs of the table.

"Are you comfortable dear slave?" he questioned.

"Yes Master", she replied blushing as she thought about how she looked, nearly naked and stead out before him.

He moved the small table so it was within her view, uncovering the items on it. There was a bottle of honey, several large ripe strawberries, a variety of vibrators, lotions and a bottle of wine setting in ice.

He leaned over her, gently kissing her neck for the first time. "Your safe word is Guardian. Any time you wish to stop all you have to do is say that word I promise to do nothing to hurt you, this night is for our pleasure, do you want to continue or stop now" he asked.

"Please Master," she breathed, I wish to continue"

"Very good," he answered. "To whom do you belong slave?" he queried.

" To you Master", she replied.

"And what is your heart's desire?"

"Only to please my Master."

He picked up the bottle of honey and poured it over his cock, "Lick me clean" he commanded, as he stationed his cock close to her mouth.

She was able to lift her head enough to take him in her mouth, she sucked and licked at his cock and felt it grow even thicker and harder in her mouth. She licked the underside of the head of his cock and he moaned his delight. Her tongue made little circles under his balls and she in turn took each one into her mouth to gently suck and tongue it. His body stiffened and jerked, exploding his hot cum into her mouth.

"Drink it all down, my slave, yes, that's the way, good slave" He knew that he needed to release himself first quickly, so that he could bring her the most pleasure.

"You have pleased me slave", he told her gently, "it is time for your reward. but dearest slave, you may not cum until I tell you to, if you do you will be punished, let me show you just a little of what could happen to you."

He stood behind her and suddenly she felt the stinging of the palm of his hand as he spanked her bare bottom. The blows were not hard and would not leave marks, but the embarrassment of having her ass exposed and spanked left a stinging on her ego. He raised his hand to smack her ass again when she felt an odd sense of excitement beginning to build inside of her. Her pussy began to get wet, the lips opening to reveal her swollen clit, moisture was starting to drip down her legs as she grew hotter and wetter.

The spanking stopped and she felt a cooling lotion being applied to her ass. His hands were all over her backside, smoothing the lotion onto her hips. His fingers dipped into her tight asshole, the lotion acting as a lubricant. He began to finger-fuck her ass, moving slowly in and out of her. Low moans came from her throat as she raised her hips to meet his fingers. He began to move his fingers in and out of her tight asshole faster and faster, when he knew she was about to explode he stopped, not letting her complete her orgasm but leaving her moaning and wanting.

His hands slipped beneath her and cupped her breasts. He lay on top of her and she could feel the hardness of his cock against her backside. He began to kiss her neck and shoulders as he pinched and rolled her nipples in his hands. Her body completely relaxed beneath his as she gave herself over to him completely.

"That's it my slave, let your Master take care of all your needs." He said as he continued to stroke her body.

He returned to the small table removing a small piece of ice and a ripe strawberry. Her body shuddered as she came to know what he was about to do. She felt his hands on her again. This time stroking her pussy lips and dipping inside of her to rub his thumb in circles on her clit. He continued his petting until he could feel her hot wetness on his fingertips. the next sensation she felt was the piece of ice being pushed up inside her pussy. The shock was unbelievable, but she couldn't help herself from pushing against him, moaning her pleasure as the ice melted inside of her.

"Mmmmm, such a good slave, my slave" he moaned as he stoked his cock with his hand watching the ice melt inside of her. He knew he had never been harder than he was right now, though the role of Master was new to him, he could tell it would bring him great enjoyment.

The ice melted and he looked at her swollen pink pussy. and continued to handle himself. He watched as her pussy lips opened and spread themselves open inviting him to taste her inner sweetness. He stopped stoking himself and picked up the strawberry He began to finger her pussy making sure she was wet inside. He shoved the strawberry up inside her pussy, as he kneeled in back of her.

"Do you taste as sweet as you sound, slave?" He said as he dipped his tongue inside of her. Her moan filled the air as his tongue brushed her clit. Then he stopped.

"Tell me what you want." he spoke.

"Suck me, Master, and then put your cock inside of me and fuck me. Oh please Master let me cum" she begged.

His tongue went back into her pussy, slowly moving in and out drawing the strawberry close to her pussy lips. With one final flick of his tongue he pulled it out of her. Her hips rose wanting more but again he had stopped . He walked around to the front of the table and held the strawberry to her lips, she took a bite of it. Tasting herself on the fruit. He watched as she chewed and swallowed, and then popped the rest of the strawberry into his mouth. For the first time he leaned down to kiss her. He tasted a mixture of his own cum, strawberry and her own sweet juices. After a long kiss he walked behind he again.

He put his hands on her hips and spread her ass wide. Her pink asshole was just to tempting and he had to fuck her in the ass for just a while. The tip of his cock pushed against her asshole. Wetness from her sodden pussy had helped to moisten her and with one stroke he was inside her. Her ass wrapped around him tightly. It would take all of his self control not to cum in her ass. He stood completely still for a minute until he was able to grasp onto some sort of control, before he began to move his cock slowly in and out, feeling the muscles in her ass stroke his cock, squeezing it, like she was milking him.

She bucked beneath him, a guttural sound coming from her throat. He could tell she was almost to the point of no return.

"Tell me again, sweet slave, What do you want?"

"Oh Master, fuck me hard, please let me cum" she once again begged.

He pushed himself into her pussy, his cock throbbing and jumping. He rammed her hard and she moved with him. His cock felt like it was in a stealth of satin as he pumped into her again and again.

"Now" was all he said as he released himself into her. His cum shooting in spurts, filling her pussy and dripping outside of her running between her legs. He didn't think that he would ever stop cumming as wave after wave of intense orgasm took them both. He could feel her cumming on his cock and the sensation continued his pleasure.

When they had caught their breath, he untied her and took her to the mat. Letting her lay in his arms as they rested.

It had been everything they had hoped for and more.

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