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Total Woman Academy 03


Ned opened the car door and Brooke alighted in the driveway of a standard structural design Academy facility. He escorted her through the entrance into the hallway. Mrs. Frank approached them. "Brooke, my dear, you look so lovely and so grown up since we last saw you two years ago. Our teaching suits you. Your ride to the event will arrive at 6 PM. You will be returned tomorrow by noon. You can use your old room to prepare yourself. Just ask any student for help if you need anything."

Mrs. Frank watched Brooke walk off to get ready and said "Brooke looks just like her mother did when we were classmates here. Her mother has prospered and wants those same opportunities for Brooke. "

Mrs. Frank was a Total Woman Academy alumnus and housemother of the freshman facility. She was tasked with initiating newly enrolled candidates into the Academy. The freshman year was all about basics and firsts. The intellectual education began with the usual college core courses in basic math and science delivered online. The beauty system introduced the improved diet and exercise programs. Poise initiated the freshmen to sensual anatomy. Students mapped the human nervous system, paying special attention to exterior sensory locations, erogenous zones and massage points. In addition to the obvious sensory points around nipples and groin, lessons included lesser recognized areas of the body.

The Academy was often a candidate's first sojourn away from home. Freshmen accommodations were four to a room with one common shower area, their first in group living. Classes were small groups by subject. Cross tutoring was encouraged for all three Academy goals. To promote a desire to succeed, the Academy had adopted a dress code for freshmen. The maximum uniform allowed inside the house and adjacent grounds was a bikini brief or thong and appropriate shoes. Students constantly on display encouraged them to get in shape and provided live examples to follow in their beauty and poise studies. They were motivated to achieve excellence with team esprit and fair competition. Secrets were nearly impossible with constant nakedness.

Ned learned that he had a transport assignment for a freshman being promoted to sophomore. The promotee would be ready to leave at noon and Ned was welcome to wander the house and grounds until then. Ned always enjoyed these informal inspection tours.

Downstairs, Ned watched a group yoga session. He recalled the vignette about a school test requesting three advantages of breast feeding. Response: Breast milk gave the baby nutrients for growth, antibodies for defense and was packaged in a delightful array of sizes, shapes and colors. As Ned watched the students move through the yoga poses, he decided that the female body position added variety to the perceived sizes and shapes. Lying prone, the breasts were torus shaped. Standing, they assumed various fruit shapes and bent over, became elongated cones. He wandered by the rear sliding doors and glanced out at the familiar sight of topless sunbathers. He entered the dining room where the group meals were served. The evening meals were formal affairs and required the students to wear high heels. Ned lamented his early departure. Topless diners jiggled appealingly wobbling in the unfamiliar shoes. Ned loved watching it.

Upstairs, students were studying and lounging much like the other facility houses. Each one stopped what they were doing, stood to face him and greeted Ned politely. The Academy taught that courtesy was a welcome trait in any situation. This situation of repetitive frontal nudity on display was starting to work on Ned. Luckily, it was almost noon and he could leave with his transportee for the overnight stay.

Ned waited in the front entranceway as Mrs. Frank escorted his transportee to him. She conducted the introductions and gave the final instructions. "Ned, this is Caterina. She has completed her freshman curriculum in our three goal areas and is being recommended to become a sophomore. Caterina, this is Ned. Ned will be driving you to the sophomore facility while assessing your progress to date. The journey normally lasts two days. If the results of his evaluation assessment are satisfactory, he will deliver you there. If not, you will be returned here for reconfirmation of your commitment to be a Total Woman Academy graduate. I trust you understand this and will do everything needed to pass." Caterina nodded and thanked Mrs. Frank for everything the Academy had done to prepare her for Ned's evaluation assessment. Caterina turned to Ned who guided her out the door and into the car.

During the drive, Ned went through his standard technical questions and Caterina was eager to show her intelligence. Ned could see she had aced the beauty regimen. Though wearing clothes was required for the journey, Caterina had chosen minimal silky running shorts, sneakers and a slender tube top which molded her breasts into large round masses high on her chest. The shorts stretched across a broader butt than Ned preferred and hugged her cunt into a cameltoe. Caterina's toned arms and legs and her taut midriff were bare. She had classic Hispanic coloring with brown eyes. Her straight hair fell low on her back in a ponytail. Ned would perform the poise portion of the assessment this evening at the hotel and take that opportunity to further evaluate her beauty.

Ned and Caterina would stay at an uptrend chain hotel an hour from the sophomore facility. The hotel company CEO was a pledge contributor and his wife an Academy graduate. The hotel always provided Ned a large suite with additional furnishings. The local management was unaware of the CEO's links to Ned but understood from conversations with headquarters that Ned was a special quest and they employed special care for his comfort and privacy.

Ned showed Caterina the layout of the suite. "Caterina, while we are inside this suite, please follow the freshman facility dress code until completion of your evaluation assessment tomorrow morning." Caterina popped off her top and shorts. Her thong was bright teal blue and still showed the cameltoe. Ned's attention was drawn elsewhere. Caterina's unconstrained breasts were a combination of globular bases topped by broad cones, referred to as nosecone boobs. They were firm and rode high on her chest, youthfully defying the eventual effects of gravity and age.

Ned was ready to get started with the testing. "Caterina, help me undress." She worked his buttons and zippers, hung and folded his clothes into the closet and returned to the center of the suite.

Ned sat naked on a stool blindfolded in front of a tripod mounted video camera. Caterina was very familiar with this freshman level game. She removed her shoes and stalked close to Ned. She silently reached out towards Ned but he pointed at her. Sighing, she retreated, circled around and approached Ned from a different direction. She reached out again and was successful this time in touching her finger to Ned's earlobe before he sensed her proximate location. The score stood at 1:1. The game continued for an hour, Caterina touching all the sensitive body nerve points she had learned in sensory anatomy classes. Ned could have simply closed his eyes during the exercise but the blindfold and camera gave Caterina the assurance that he was playing fair. Her score surpassed the required 75% during which she succeeded in identifying all the exterior points. In the coming sophomore year, she would learn to find and use her portal and interior vaginal nerves and muscles.

Ned set up a massage table and laid face down. The table was a premium model with scissoring limb extensions so that Ned could lay with legs and arms spread. Caterina would have access to all of Ned's body including his inside thighs. After his long drive, Ned gratefully received Caterina's thorough back, arm and leg muscle massage. Ned rolled over and Caterina continued the muscle massage on his front. She paused when that was completed. Ned looked at her and nodded. She began the sensuous phase with a scalp massage. She continued down Ned's body, using her knowledge of sensory anatomy to arouse him. Sometimes she moved around the table, other times she leaned across and brushed her nipples against his skin. Caterina could see by his erection that she was succeeding in this test as well. Bypassing the groin, she stimulated the remaining points ending at his feet. She returned to his center.

With her hands well lubricated, she caressed Ned's organ. Long slow strokes intermixed with short stuttered ones to add a little variance to his excitement. Ned breathed deeply but lay placidly and then erupted with gasps and closed eyes. She held his cock until it deflated then used a moist towel to clean him. She hoped that she had passed this test also.

The night was filled with mutual exploration during which they caressed each other into several orgasms. In one, Caterina lay on her back and helped Ned rub his cock through her compressed cleavage. Another time, Ned kissed and licked her nipples as she squirmed and moaned into multiple orgasms. Mild tickling was the wakeup call from intermittent slumbers to begin again.

Caterina was majoring in finance so at dawn Ned and Caterina were propped up in bed with pillows watching a TV stock channel. Ned probed Caterina's knowledge of financial current events with questions about the topics being discussed on the TV. Caterina's head rested high on Ned's upper left arm as his hand reached around to manipulate her plump left tit. Her hair fanned across his arm. He would occasionally reach for the right one to cop a feel there also. Caterina's right hand was cupped under Ned's softened semi-erection and she used her thumb pad to stroke under the cock's crown. Her left hand was massaging her own clit. Lotion was close at hand for relubrication if needed.

A redheaded money-honey showing lots of cleavage appeared on screen. Caterina felt Ned's cock twitch. She supposed Ned was a "breast-man" and knew this fetish was to her advantage. In opposition was her butt. It was still a bit fleshy. This year she would ask the exercise trainers to help her get it toned and tight.

Another cleavage showing money-honey appeared onscreen and Ned twitched again. With a Mona Lisa smile, Caterina increased her attention to his cock to match his renewed vigor. Another money-honey appeared and Ned grew very hard. Caterina's hand increased the tempo on Ned's cock as her other hand moved in the same tempo on her clit. Within minutes, Ned's full hand grip on her boob tightened. Caterina knew what was coming. She worked her hands quicker. They peaked and came simultaneously.

Caterina got up and prepared Ned's bath. She would clean Ned thoroughly after their all night multiples. Ned lowered himself into the warm bathwater and lay back beneath the floral scented bubbles. Caterina knelt beside the tub and leaned in as she washed him. Her long hair was back in a ponytail. Her breasts dangled teasingly below her chest. When she moved to sweep Ned's body with water and bubbles, her nipples dragged in the suds. Ned gazed at them fondly and reached over to hold and squeeze the proffered globes.

Caterina's hand obediently moved to his cock. She paused and looked Ned in the face. "Before enrolling in the Academy, I had a boyfriend. This past year I have had orgasms but only through external manipulations. I like the feel of a cock ejaculating deep in my cunt. Would you fuck me before we leave the hotel? Please!"

Caterina's face showed a mixture of hope and dread as she waited Ned's answer. Ned kept his face nondescript while he considered the ramifications. The sophomore facility was only an hour's drive and hotel checkout time was noon. There was enough time. Ned didn't bother to evaluate vaginal sex with freshmen. That was a skill learned by sophomores but apparently Caterina had gained experience before enrolling. She had passed all Ned's freshman level assessment tests and he would soon deliver her to the sophomore facility. Technically she was a sophomore. And he had missed two of her freshman assessment steps and could use this last opportunity to perform them.

Ned said "Okay, but...." Caterina let out a yip and didn't wait for the rest of the answer. She vaulted over the tubside landing with her feet stride Ned's legs near his feet. She sat with a small splash on his ankles and began to scrunch her butt up his legs to his groin. Initially startled, Ned recovered and put up his palms to signal STOP. Misinterpreting this move, Caterina leaned in and mashed her boobs into his palms. Ned's hands closed in reflex and squeezed the masses.

Ned said "Slowdown, we have two more tests to perform. After that we will see if you have earned the prize of my cock and ejaculate." Caterina pouted a little but remained attentive for Ned's instructions. Ned's hands released her boobs.

Ned explained "First, we will test your ability to become aroused by nipple play. Balance your hands on my shoulders and brush your nipples around my chest." Caterina placed her hands as directed, leaned over and brushed his chest. She moved in large and small circles, back and forth, side to side and little twitches of her nipples against his nipples. Caterina made a low purring sound and her breathing quickened. The bath was deep enough to cover their hips and navels. Caterina's swaying butt stirred the water. Ned reached between Caterina's legs and felt her cunt lips. They were oily. She was juicing nicely, producing more than the stirring water could remove. Mission accomplished.

Ned removed his hand and said "Now use your cunt lips to stroke the length of my cock. Get it hard and slippery but do not touch it with your hands. I will position it for insertion if I think you passed the test."

Caterina lowered her cunt lips to his cock. She roofed the length of it again and again. She slowly drew down his length, pausing where her clitoris bumped his knob, reversed a tad then continued down. She reversed direction and stuttered again at the base of the knob. Ned felt her oily warmth and his cock hardened to its full extent. Caterina had passed her final test and Ned's assessment of her abilities was complete.

Ned would now fulfill Caterina's entreaty. Ned reached between them and pressed his palm on Caterina's groin. As Caterina rose, Ned used his hand to position his erection upright under her cunt. Caterina moaned as she dropped down the vertical probe and buried it completely.

Ned locked eyes with Caterina as she moved up and down in long strokes. She leaned in and gave Ned a passionate kiss. Caterina drove steadily towards her reward. Before long Ned felt the end approaching. The prickly tingling started in his toes, spread up the nerves in his legs and crashed into his groin. His breathing shortened and gusted. He leaned his head back and growled low as the initial pulse jetted up and out of his cock. His eyes screwed shut. Caterina saw Ned tilt back his head, heard his pre-orgasmic sounds and prepared herself for the impending fulfillment of her labors.

Caterina halted at full depth and clenched hard with her velvety tube. That should make Ned's ejaculate spring harder inside her. She trusted her squeeze would enhance Ned's climax and maximize his satisfaction with her as well. It would be her Thank You gift to him. As his male essence discharged into her female receptacle, she felt his pelvis strain upward as his back arched. She clamped her cunt tighter and held on. Her core sensed the pulse and she joined him in a gut wrenching orgasm.

Falling forward she hugged Ned's neck. Her breasts were crushed against his chest. Hazy consciousness slowly returned. Caterina whispered "That...was...so...wonderful. Thank...you." She kissed his earlobe then his lips. She unsheathed Ned's shrinking flesh and returned to kneeling beside the tub. She rewashed him where needed and toweled Ned dry. They dressed and packed for the remaining journey.

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