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Total Woman Academy 05 Redux


Ned awoke from his deep sleep feeling refreshed and ready to face another day of duty at the Total Woman Academy senior facility. Yesterday, he had solved Destiny's dilemma but along with the previous days of facilitating Brooke maximum impact at the fund raiser, he was worn out. He wandered the grounds which were unusually alive with excitement.

There was a whirr of activity throughout the facility. The kitchen was bustling to prepare the banquet meal for this evening's annual event. The students were scooting around getting ready as well. This was a special networking event that had maximum potential to change their futures.

Tonight would be the annual Total Woman Academy Executive Assistant Fashion Show.

Each spring, the resident seniors, regardless of projected graduation date, were given this networking opportunity. Elite Pledge Contributors donated a substantial gift for the opportunity of meeting the seniors before they graduated into the larger world. It was a business dress affair with career centered fashions. Special members of the previous year's seniors were also invited back. There was a cocktail hour, the banquet dinner and an after-dinner fashion show.

Each young woman wore her best and most elegant office wear, hoping the catch the eye of the corporate moguls in attendance. This was the graduating seniors' opportunity to sparkle in a semi-public event. They were not allowed to display or tell their name. At their waists, a small placard stated her student number, her major, her GPA and her cumulative score from Poise evaluation assessments.

Upon arrival, the pledge contributor deposited three business cards with the housemother and received a request card with three fill-in boxes. The business cards were counter-stamped with the TWA logo. During the cocktail hour and subsequent dinner, pledge contributors chatted with the students and identified the three young females he wished to receive his business card upon graduation. They could use them as entreponts to secure interviews at the highest level in his organization.

Conversation droned as the group of elite males and dynamic ladies mingled and got acquainted. Banquet Tables of Eight gave further variety so that four nattily dressed seniors were sprinkled among pledge contributors in a group setting. After dinner, the pledge contributor request cards were collected. The award envelopes would be distributed to each senior at her formal graduation in the future. The top requested students would return next year for their second opportunity as alumni.

After dinner, the crowd retired to the TWA In-house theatre. It was a special room with plush recliners arrayed before a low stage. The pledge contributors settled in for the fashion show. Some seniors attended to cocktails and hors d'oeuvres while their classmate models went behind the scenes to prepare for their roles.

Ms. Smith was the evening's MC and started with an introduction of this year's foremost request winner. Destiny was called forth. Ned sat up and took notice. He remembered how good her naked beauty looked while mounted on his cock. She was nearly as attractive now, even fully dressed. Her hair, makeup and glamorous business suit exuded powerful attraction. Her placard listed her Electrical Engineering honors student status and a GPA of 3.9. Her poise score was an unusual 10, reflecting all "excellents".

Ms. Smith handed Destiny an envelope and addressed the audience.

"Destiny graduates tomorrow so it seemed appropriate to give her the Academy's graduation gift this evening."

She addressed the graduating award winner.

"Destiny, the pledge contributors were invited to provide three business cards to the young ladies they hoped to interview in the future for openings at their corporations. This year, you received the highest number of business card requests. This envelope contains those eight business cards counter-stamped with the Academy logo. Five cards are from executives at international electronics firms. You can use any or all of them like letters of introduction to highest level connections in the worldwide business community. Few other educational institutions can offer this kind of launch to a graduate's career. Good Luck."

Destiny thanked Ms. Smith and the audience. She pranced off the stage with a big smile as she clutched the envelope to her chest. This was the prize Destiny had earned for her senior year efforts at becoming the best Total Woman she could be. Her dream of a prosperous life was another step closer.

Next on the evening's agenda was the Executive Assistant Fashion Show. The stage was pre-set with a typical office layout: the boss's large wooden power desk, a high backed leather executive chair, a side couch with guest chairs, carpet, lamps and bookcase. Ms. Smith stood on the red Oriental carpet at center stage and began the show with an introduction.

"This year's show will feature our Executive Assistant Easy Access Collection. All the outfits have been designed by the students and certified lust satisfying by our coach tutors. All of these and more are for sale in our catalog. However, as a special promotion, if you purchase the apparel showcased by one of our student models, she will host you overnight in her dorm room where you can personally tryout the functions of the designs. All proceeds benefit the TWA Scholarship Fund. Let's begin with our first item of the evening."

An elegantly dressed senior entered from stage left. Her steps were short, inhibited by the knee length tight pencil skirt. She stood statuesque before her onlookers. She was dressed in a short-waist businesswoman's wool suit. Her broad model smile beamed beneath her brunette secretary-bun hairdo. The jacket lapels were clenched across extensive cleavage. The matching grey skirt hugged her magnificently shaped ass. Hose and heels completed the outfit.

"Evelyn is wearing our first showcase item, a standard business suit with some very useful features. The jacket provides public decorum. Please remove it, my dear."

Evelyn unbuttoned the single front catch and shrugged the coat off her shoulders. Beneath she wore a body tight black satin bustiere. Her nipples were half exposed above the supportive cups. She placed hands on hips and assumed a model pose with bright smile. After the assembly got an eyeful, Ms. Smith reached to Evelyn's bust and yanked some snaps. The half cups fell away to fully uncover Evelyn's beautiful boobs.

"I believe you will find this look quite attractive during closed door consultations with your Executive Assistant. We expect you will seek some hurried stress relief. Let us demonstrate the next feature. Lay down on the desk, Evelyn."

Evelyn faced the desk and leaned forward, compressing her exposed tits on the cold wood surface. She gripped the desk edges for stability. Her tight skirt rounded over her magnificent ass but it pencil skirt design cramped her heels close together. Ms. Smith pointed to Evelyn's grey wool covered hips.

"You and your Executive Assistant should really love this next feature" said Ms. Smith as she stooped to rummage at the back hem and drew up a barely perceivable zipper. She stopped it at its limit: the waist band. The skirt panels slipped aside, exposing Evelyn's two firm ass cheeks above her hose. Ms. Smith smartly tapped the pseudo-secretary's inner thighs and the bent over model obediently spread her legs wider.

"As you can see, the female is now positioned for an easy rear vaginal entry. We recommend a split crotch panty for less delay. We sell those separately in our catalog. If you are not using the over-the-desk position that day, unclipping the waist catch allows her to completely remove the skirt and be suitably available for oral, nipple or pussy play."

On cue, Evelyn rose and removed the skirt. With her ever-present model style and smile, she flourished a display of the three piece costume: skirt and jacket held aloft in each hand and bustiere hugging her torso below her bare breasts.

"We will start the bidding at the suggested retail price but remember our special promotional add-on this evening of being Evelyn's guest overnight."

The bidding quickly climbed to a high value before Ms. Smith finally announced "SOLD!" Evelyn strode confidently offstage. She laid the skirt and jacket alongside her benefactor's lounger, crawled in next to him and joined him to watch the remainder of the fashion show. His arm cuddled her shoulder while he played with her easily available tit.


Ms. Smith motioned stage right as Eve entered. The black student model was a confectioner's erotic fantasy. Her skin was chocolate brown; her lips dark chocolate and her eyes pools of expresso. The sparkly diamond earrings and matching choker necklace were outshone by the whiteness of her broad smile.

Ms. Smith asked her to toe her mark center stage.

"Eve, you do look lovely tonight. Gentleman, Eve is wearing a more casual office look. As you can see, it's pieces include a deluxe pearl button blouse and our full flouncy pleated skirt. Eve, please lie back on the desk."

Eve flipped up her skirt behind, perched her exposed butt on the far edge and gracefully descended, leaning her head over the near side of the desktop. She smiled at her audience from her inverted face. Ms. Smith lifted Eve's ankles and hooked her heels on the desktop. She flipped the loose skirt onto her belly. Eve laid her thighs wide open. Ms. Smith stood between her knees as she addressed her audience.

"We promised easy access and we have developed an appropriate piece of fashion to meet your hurried needs."

Ms. Smith gripped the lapels of the blouse and burst it wide open. There were loud pops as the buttons gave way. Dropping the flaps aside, Ms. Smith gripped the bra cups and yanked downward. They also made a sound; the tear of Velcro ripping open. Eve's boobs bounced and then settled into luscious mounds of mammary. The men saw that her milk chocolate breasts had the predictable dark chocolate caps. All over the room, taste buds salivated, longing for a nibble.

"See that, my eager gentlemen, our collection delivers Easy Access. The pearl buttons are decorative and there are easy release snaps beneath. The bra cups are detachable. Nothing has been torn or ruined."

Ms. Smith stepped aside as if to begin the bidding. Eve had other ideas; she was not finished with her demonstration. Her heels lifted gracefully airborne. She scissored her lithe mocha-toned legs slowly aloft. Her bent legs folded in, simulating a leg capture of her imaginary lover standing between them. It was a great example of how the flip up skirt cleared the way for a fervent desktop cunt pounding. It was not lost on the attentive gentlemen that their faces would inevitably be buried in her exposed cleavage.

Eve was still not finished. She found a silver dildo conveniently lying on the desk. She played the imaginary penis over and through her inverted lips, another illustration of how her current posture could entertain a boss's firm cock. After a deep cheek-hollowing suck, she pulled out the penile pretender with an audible 'pop' and resumed her sparkly smile.

A bemused Ms. Smith began the bidding and it was another spectacular sale, many times the retail price of the fashionable and functional outfit.


The next business attire for sale was modelled by Emma. The fabric was blue-black iridescent and expensive looking. As Emma strode to center stage, the tailor-fit wrap hugged her hour glass figure and echoed every ripple of muscle and flesh of her body underneath. Only one item accented the otherwise orderly smooth contours: a narrow white front zipper from neck to mid-calf hem.

In stride, Emma flipped her full blonde waves and gave the men her big wave of stage-craft hello, creating the mischievous stir of flesh beneath the dress. Ms. Smith pointed Emma to her mark. The student model stood radiant, waiting for the show to begin. It didn't take long.

The dress was simple to operate. Ms. Smith took hold of the front zipper and pulled it all the way down, stooping to finish the last bit at the bottom. Smiling Emma did the honors. She drew back the shoulders and held the fabric by the crook of her elbows. It opened the dress to a full frontal nude view of her body. There was not a lick of anything under the dress.

Pink and ivory were the dominant colors, stark against the rich blue of cloaking fabric. Her skin tone and feminine areas were pale pastels, harmonious to her true blonde status. Emma waggled her hips to draw attention to her display. The dress flaps cascaded a shimmer behind her form.

Ms. Smith rolled out the stage prop office chair. Emma sat sideways to the audience with her crossed heels propped on the desktop. The dress hung open and low, concealing none of her profiled features. She rose and changed position, seated astraddle backwards in the chair, modulating her hips in a classic cowgirl romp on an imaginary boss. The dress fluttered behind her back, keeping her jogging breasts fully available for suckling. Her model smile was ever present throughout the Easy Access demonstration.

Emma stood face forward with the dress still open as Ms. Smith began the auction. It ended with another astronomical figure. Emma pranced to her winning bidder and climbed into the gent's lounger.

Ms. Smith took a briefcase from underneath the desk and laid it on the surface. She popped the catches and the lid pneumatically lifted open.

"Gentlemen, although I am sure your Executive Assistants are fully capable of attending to your comfort and needs, it is only fitting that a well-mannered gentleman like yourself would reciprocate in an appropriate manner. Therefore, we have assembled the perfect accessory for your office: the Total Woman Executive Assistant Comfort and Dignity kit.

"First off, as you can see, it comes packaged in a classic looking briefcase, an item anyone would expect to find in your office."

Ms. Smith began removing articles from the attaché and described them one at a time as she arrayed them on the desk.

"The first item is a silky seat cushion pillow. It can be used as a kneepad while your Executive Assistant kneels on the floor giving you a standing or seated blowjob. Or you can place it under her butt for support and comfort when you lay her on the desk and poke her charming mouth or pussy.

"Next are cum wipes. The tissues have been designed and tested by our students for maximum absorption of your sticky stuff; they are perfect for mopping up the milky fluids which you splattered on her tits and face or which might drain from her cunt. They will also handle smudged makeup. Sperm clinging to her hair is much more difficult to remove but the tissues can help.

"Then we include an emergency makeup and hair restorer kit. It has three shades of lipstick and three shades of eye shadow. There are several types of hairpins. It is not meant as a complete solution but can offer some offsetting dignity until she recovers her makeup kit from her desk and re-preens properly in the ladies room.

"Knowing how excited and rough you macho bosses can become, we provide a small sewing kit for repair of torn clothing. Even the breakaway snaps in our signature 'ripped bodice' blouses which were demonstrated here tonight can get damaged in your fervor.

"And if you've torn her top beyond speedy repair, the kit contains this stretchy white cotton tank-top, again meant for transitory cover up.

"Our overnight guests will find a kit conveniently waiting in their host student's dorm room. Please try it out along with your host. Each of our other pledge contributors will receive a complementary kit on departure and replacement kits and refills are sold exclusively in the Total Woman Academy catalog. We recommend you buy additional ones and keep one handy in regional offices, limousines and corporate jets for serendipitous occasions."

Ms. Smith thanked them all for coming and wished them a very 'Good Night'.

Three lucky pledge contributors had secured a guest night in the dorm. Their nearly naked debutante hostesses led them away. The remaining crowd exchanged their farewells and assured the students and each other that they would return for the final Free-Will Weekend before graduation.

One of the pledge contributors was preparing to leave when his peripheral vision sensed a young woman boldly approaching. His guard went up; this was usually the scene when he was harried by 'gold-diggers'. He tried to keep up survival techniques against the constant pestering but at the moment he was trapped in the throng without handlers or bodyguards. She was polite but firm in her address.

"I am having difficulty getting past your circle of gate keepers to get a job interview. Please, sir, when would you be available?"

It was obvious this woman was an alumni; a student would not be so presumptuous with a pledge contributor. Besides, her apparel was a sleeveless gold lame cocktail dress that hugged her fabulous short figure and set off her wavy blonde hair. That was not Executive Assistant wear in any office. He decided to play it cool and standoffish.

"Do you have a card with your contact information? Maybe I can arrange some time next month."

"No... but I have one of yours" she said.

She popped up his business card and he saw the TWA counter-stamped logo on it. Suddenly, he recalled last year when he was fascinated by a bright young blonde with a Physics degree and superb tits and ass. The pledge contributor's eyes slowly scanned his potential interviewee from her diamond hairpins down to her sparkly shoe straps and savored every expensively clad cove and hillock of the curvaceous terrain in between. He smiled and extended his hand in greeting.

"As you know from my card, I'm Jeffery. And you might be?"

"Esther... and charmed to meet you" she said. His handshake was firm and warm; hers was delicate but it gave his palm a tingling.

"Would now be convenient for you?" he asked extending his arm. She circled her arms around his proffered elbow, hugging her spongy grand cleavage to his arm and sauntered beside him to his waiting limousine.

On the limo ride to the hotel suite, Esther delivered her resume, responded well to Jeffery's probing questions and exhibited her intelligence. Jeffery was impressed and felt assured that she could succeed professionally in his corporation.

In the hotel suite, Esther responded well to Jeffery's probing of another kind and exhibited her Poise. She let things proceed slowly. She sat on Jeffery's lap still fully clothed and let him toy with the cool silkiness of the gold lame as they petted. He roamed her body over the slippery fabric, feeling her curvaceous warm form underneath. They slowly and sensuously undressed each other, one zipper and button at a time, playing kissing games, drawing out the foreplay. Jeffery roamed her naked body, now feeling her curvaceous warm form bare in his arms.

The follow-on love-making was relaxed, inspired and gentle. Jeffery wanted Esther to enjoy his attentions. They sampled various caresses. He licked her juicy pussy; she licked and sucked his prick before embracing his firm meat vaginally. They lolled about the luxurious bed during the brief interims. Their joint orgasms were harmonized and fulfilling.

Jeffery offered Esther a position on his executive staff. She merrily accepted and they sealed the deal with a soul-stirring cowgirl fuck.


Evelyn guided her pledge contributor guest through the hallways to her dorm room. They passed other chicly dressed students who politely welcomed the pair, unconcerned by Evelyn's semi-nudity and the well-dressed gentleman she had in tow. She was wearing just her heels, hose and bustiere. Her man had already collected her panties when they were cuddling in the lounger. He carried the purchased jacket and skirt in a clothing bag over his shoulder, her souvenir panties in his pocket. Later he would add the bustiere to the clothing bag. Next week, he would gift the entire set to one of his existing office temps when he broke her in and promoted her status to Executive Assistant.

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